GB210 - another budget monoblock from LG

Friday, April 3, 2009

Company LG continues to replenish its portfolio of entry-level mobile phones. And the latest device of its kind from the Korean manufacturer has been GB210. This single has already been presented in Ukraine, which will be sold at a price of $ 120. Official information regarding whether this unit in the markets of other countries in Eastern Europe, has not yet been. But it can be assumed that, over time, so in any case take place.

Unlike his fellow budget GM200, which was presented earlier, GB210 no supporting Dolby Mobile. But, nevertheless, has a built-in loudspeaker, which is able to reproduce the sound quality. And this phone can play media formats MP3, AAC, AAC +, MPEG4 and H.263.

Specifications GB210 is fully consistent with the primary level. It supports work in two-frequency GSM / GPRS-bands, has 1.77 "LCD with a resolution 128h160 points, Bluetooth, WAP 2.0, 4 MB of internal memory slot, microSD, which supports card capacities up to 4 GB.

Bluetooth-stereo headphones Jabra HALO

Catch-up to the one described earlier Jabra SP200 also reported, and the Jabra HALO - are also Bluetooth-accessories, this time - stereo headphones. Interestingly, it should be noted they do not, but how about them written on the site Mobileburn - "can work with any Bluetooth-device with audio and 3.5 mm audiodzhek. So I do not understand something in the principles of the Bluetooth-devices, whether the news pervoaprelskaya. In the event that it is just a typo, adding that the headphones are trained to adequately respond to the incoming call and have the function Zirene Power Bass, improves sound. Sales headphones will be available in May, the price of $ 129.99.

Jabra SP200 - Bluetooth-speaker

Do not boggle when they look at the picture, it is not strange device attached to the ear, but on the sun visor in your car. The new Bluetooth-devays Jabra - SP200 - it spikerfon, providing behind the wheel before a man can talk on the phone, not clinging to the ears with this. SP200 is equipped with a mechanism to deal with noise and echo effects, can provide up to 10 hours of conversation and can survive up to 23 days without charge. It can "mate" with several devaysami. The kit includes car charge, and pay for this fun offer to $ 60.

The first information on the phone Samsung B5712C

InsideWeb the first information on the mobile phone Samsung B5712C.

According to available data, fitted with new slots for two SIM cards and supports the work in networks GSM / EDGE 900/1800/1900 MHz, the two mobile operators at the same time.

In addition, the unit is equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen, home interface TouchWIZ, optimized to control the fingers and supporting widgets, 50 MB of embedded flash memory slot for microSD cards of size up to a capacity of 4 GB, FM-Tuner, and 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.

The battery device 1 has a capacity of 200 mA • h.

Dimensions B5712C - 101x57, 2x16, 3 mm.

It is possible that a new heir, or a new modification of the model Samsung D980 Duos, which looks very similar and have virtually the same functionality.

Prepared based on materials Mobil.Cz.

Samsung B5712C touch screen and two SIM-cards

Chinese resource IT168 has published photos of the new mobile phone Samsung B5712C (under the brand Anycall). According to some sources, the device has support for two SIM-cards and is equipped with a large touch screen (which means no hardware keyboard). It appears that the device is a successor to D980, but without the support networks of 3G.

Specifications B5712C:

• Network: GSM / EDGE 900/1800/1900 MHz • Display: 2.8 ", 262 thousand colors • Interface: TouchWiz • Camera: 5 MP with dual LED-flash • Memory: 50 MB, slot for SD-cards ( up to 4 GB) • FM-receiver • Battery: 1200 mAh • Dimensions: 101x57, 2x16, 3 mm

Time to market (especially Asian), and the price is currently unknown.

Skype for the iPhone does not work in the German network of T-Mobile

While Skype-client for the iPhone platform is here and proposed for download, not all owners of Apple phones can use it. But this is not to blame for the manufacturer of vehicles - T-Mobile Germany, the exclusive distributor of iPhone in Germany, prohibits the use of VoIP-applications (including the most famous of them) on your network.

The representative of Deutsche Telecom, Alexander von Shmettou offered this explanation of the ban: «Skype too can download the network operator T-Mobile». The real reason seems to be somewhat different - namely, the loss of the operator considerable share of profits from international calls.

Unfortunately, Skype, it can not do anything. One of the leaders of the company, Robert Miller, only expressed the hope that in the future, consumers should not be restricted in access to networks and services, wherever they are and what they might enjoy.