Nintendo Power Glove Updated With Accelerometer, Bluetooth, Irony [Power Glove]

Sunday, April 5, 2009

 Nintendo Power Glove Updated With Accelerometer, Bluetooth, Irony [Power Glove] Instructables has a great hack to turn an old Power Glove , that triumph of silliness, into an Arduino-controlled, Bluetooth-and-accelerometer-sporting modern peripheral. The new and much-improved Power Glove is positioned as kind of a 20th anniversary present to the original Glove. The video ...

Nintendo Power Glove Updated With Accelerometer, Bluetooth, Irony [Power Glove]

Apples iPhone emerges as major competitor to hand held gaming devices

 Apples iPhone emerges as major competitor to hand held gaming devices Gaming on mobile phones is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and could pose a serious threat to hand held gaming devices. Apple is undoubtedly the leader in mobile phone gaming and now the Apple iPhone has emerged as a serious videogame platform and a major competitor to ...

Apples iPhone emerges as major competitor to hand held gaming devices

Wistron's Snapdragon-powered PurseBook gets demoed

NVIDIA is showing that wacky Mini 1000 / Tegra mashup at CTIA, but Qualcomm's not far behind with its own creative ways to repurpose smartphone silicon into MID and netbook-class devices. Making an appearance at Qualcomm's booth was a prototype PurseBook from Taiwan's Wistron, which stuffs a Snapdragon chipset into a device looking (and weighing) a little bit like a VAIO P. That's where the similarities to the Sony box ends, though, because Qualcomm sees the PurseBook (and devices like it) hitting in the $299 to $499 range -- we'd like to see them even cheaper, truth be told -- and you won't be running Vista here. Instead, you've got a pretty slick Linux distro from ThunderSoft that'll edit Office docs, give you a desktop-class web experience, and connect with social networks, which are the three things most of us spend 90 percent of our PC face time doing anyhow. It's not going to replace your laptop by any stretch, but with a claimed 8 hours of battery life, we could totally see packing this thing as an ultra-lightweight alternative for day trips. Qualcomm expects the PurseBook and devices like it to ship in 2009 -- as does NVIDIA, so we're definitely lining up for a sweet battle royale here. Follow the break for video.

Next-gen iPod touch, iPhone to support low-power 802.11n

Wireless radio component specifications contained within beta distributions of iPhone 3.0 firmware reveal support for a new chip enabling low power 802.11n that's bound for Apple's third-generation iPod touch. It's therefore also likely to be included with new iPhone models.

The version of the existing Broadcom chip that supplies WiFi and Bluetooth on existing models jumps from BCM4325 to BCM4329, according to resource files reserved for a third-generation iPod touch. The component upgrade adds new support for 802.11n features, including the ability to find and join 5GHz networks.

Existing iPhone and iPod touch models only support 5GHz 802.11a networks, or 2.4GHz 802.11b/g networks, forcing users who want the top speed of 802.11n (available on all MacBooks) but compatibility with 802.11b/g networks (to use the existing iPhone) to set up a 2.4GHz compatible network. That compromise forces the wireless network to deal with interference from other networks on the often crowded 2.4GHz band.

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COOLP9000 dual sim dual standby dual TV phone

 COOLP9000 dual sim dual standby dual TV phone This phone will only work with GSM network 900/1800/1900MHz mHz. 1 unique appearance--auto horizontal screen 2 powerful function-- dual SIM dual standby dual bluetooth, analogy TV,FM, e-book, zoomer lens size: 116x52x24mm

COOLP9000 dual sim dual standby dual TV phone

Matt Mechtley on Vimeo

Matt Mechtley on Vimeo

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AT&T hurrying massive network update for new iPhone launch

AT&T hurrying massive network update for new iPhone launch

AT&T is rushing to rollout a major upgrade to its 3G mobile data service in anticipation of a tenfold increase in network traffic from new iPhone hardware expected to go on sale in June, according to a vendor source.

What is the Samsung Valencia?

What is the Samsung Valencia?

 #CTIA09: What is the Samsung Valencia? Here's a mystery. It seems rather odd to me that certain phones are outed by Microsoft at its booth instead of the manufacturer itself. If Samsung is going to come out with a new device, wouldn't it be nice to show that device off in Samsung's own booth? This is exactly what happened at the ...

Apple to enable iTunes account creation via iPhone software

As part of its upcoming release of iPhone Software 3.0, Apple may is preparing to allow customers to sign up for and manage their iTunes accounts directly from their handset or iPod touch.

As we noted earlier this week, the second beta of iPhone Software 3.0 included a new preference panel labeled "Store" that's located within the global Settings application. Initial reports suggested that this panel was bare, yielding no additional clues as to its function.

More recently, however, we were provided with an image from one tester who claims to have had (some) success identifying Apple's intentions for the panel. Apparently, it will allow users to sign into their iTunes account outside of the embedded App Store and mobile iTunes Store applications.

Additionally, the image suggests customers new to the iTunes ecosystem will be able to sign up for an iTunes account -- which also facilities App Store purchases -- directly from their multi-touch devices, forgoing the need to do so on a Mac or PC running iTunes.

Just how feasible this process may be, and what information Apple will require, remains unclear. That's because neither the login function nor the account creation function are operable at this time, and instead produce a popup dialog saying, "Cannot connect to iTunes Store."


Apple has said that it plans to release iPhone Software 3.0 sometime this "summer." The release will be a free upgrade for all iPhone owners but will cost $9.95 iPod touch users.

Update: iTunes account creation was actually mentioned during Apple's preview of iPhone Software 3.0 last month, some readers have pointed out.

3.2MP next-gen iPhone, new 5MP Apple device later this year?

 3.2MP next-gen iPhone, new 5MP Apple device later this year? iphone_camera Apple will upgrade the next-gen iPhone's camera to 3.2-megapixels, according to market sources in Asia. Manufacturer OmniVision is believed to have won the Apple contract to supply the 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor used in the smartphone, which would be a step up from the ...


A closer look: Qualcomm's eZone wireless charger

Qualcomm at CTIA demonstrated its upcoming eZone system that will provide wireless charging across a wide range of devices from a variety of manufacturers. The technology utilizes near-field magnetic resonance to eliminate the need for a direct electrical contact. Devices can also be placed anywhere on the charging pad, regardless of positioning. A relatively small size area will simultaneously charge several batteries. The use of near-field magnetic resonance provides several advantages over other wireless charging technologies. A coil is contained in the charging base, creating a magnetic field, while small coils are built into each device. The technology preview showed cellphones with an attachment similar in appearance to an extended battery. Ultimately the small coils could be molded into plastic housings, eliminating the need for to attach an external component.

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Apple, Stanford Teaching iPhone Development for Free


Apple and Stanford University this week will begin offering free videos and course materials on iPhone application development.

Video recordings of Stanford's 10-week computer science class, taught by two Apple employees, will be freely downloadable through Apple's iTunes U educational channel. The course's syllabus and slides will be freely available on iTunes as well.

This move toward open, free information is particularly surprising coming from Apple. The tight-lipped corporation is especially peculiar about guarding its secrets, and its products are designed under a restricted, closed platform. However, as Apple continues to expand its product line and partnerships, the corporation has recently been forced to open up — just a peep.

"Stanford is very interested in not just creating knowledge but in sharing that knowledge with anyone who seeks it," said Brent Izutsu, product manager of Stanford's iTunes U program. "I think there definitely is a little modification at Apple, at least within the education realm, to open up a little bit."

Apple did indeed modify its modus operandi for its iPhone 2.0 software development kit — under the pressure of widespread scrutiny. Previously, Apple imposed a non-disclosure agreement on iPhone developers, which prohibited them from making public any information on coding software for the iPhone.

Most notably, the NDA barred programmers from exchanging tips with one another on iPhone coding — and critics said this was antithetical to how a scientific community works. The NDA also blocked publishers from releasing books on iPhone software development.

Finally in October, Apple lifted its NDA, agreeing that it was only stifling the iPhone's potential.

"We put the NDA in place because the iPhone OS includes many Apple inventions and innovations that we would like to protect," Apple wrote in a letter published on its developer site. "However, the NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success, so we are dropping it for released software."

The removal of the NDA led to the launch of Apple's iPhone University program, giving instructors and students all the software needed to code for the iPhone for free. This program made Stanford's iPhone development course possible, and other universities have plans to offer iPhone classes as well.

Universities could teach courses on competing mobile platforms as well. But the unique, attractive factor about the iPhone is its phenomenally successful App Store, which made some independent developers rich. For example, independent developer Steve Demeter announced earning $250,000 in just two months with his game Trism. And Ethan Nicholas, developer of the iPhone game iShoot, raked in $600,000 in a single month with sales of his app.

"We really wanted to highlight the iPhone course because currently there's a ton of interest around it," Izutsu said. "We thought it was the perfect opportunity to ride that wave of interest."

Stanford is posting its first video of this quarter's iPhone development course Friday at iTunes U.

1 Hour Design Challenge Highlight: 'Inside Job' Free iPhone Earbud Winder

The entries are starting to flow in for this month's 1 Hour Design Challenge: Business Card Hacks, where designers and makers are invited to create ingenious items out of ordinary business cards. Core77's own Shaggy submitted this awesome iphone earbud cord winding device -- perfect for organizing your MP3 in-ear headphones. Why waste money on expensive iphone and iPod Touch accessories when you can make your own D.I.Y. version from your business card in minutes! Works with Android headphones as well (if you're rocking a Gphone), or if you're out-of-control excited about your new Skype mobile app. Also Palm and Windows CE friendly. Got a netbook? Listen to your favorite tunes with your now snag-free headphones! Okay, enough SEO action for you in there? We thought so.

View all the 1 Hour Design Challenge Business Card Hacks right here, and upload your own. The 5 top designs will win 1000 free business cards from our sponsor,

OmniVision lands CIS orders for next-generation iPhone

OmniVision has received 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) orders for Apple's next-generation iPhone, according to market sources. The company is also said to have secured 5-megapixel CIS orders for another Apple product expected to be launched later in the year.

OmniVision beat out STMicroelectronics and Aptina Imaging for the Apple orders, the sources added.

Group Prods FCC to Defend Skype on iPhone

An open-Internet advocacy group asked the Federal Communications Commission Friday to investigate whether Apple Inc. and AT&T Inc. are violating federal rules by limiting use of a new low-cost Skype voice service on iPhones.

Since its release on Tuesday, Skype's iPhone service has become the most popular download at Apple's iPhone software store. Skype users can call each other free or can place calls to traditional landline and mobile phones for a small fee.

The request by Free Press, a group that has a history of attacking efforts by cable and wireless companies to restrict usage of their networks, could open up a broader review of the ways in which wireless companies control the use of their networks.

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'Fast & Furious' Racer with YouTube Replays

I-play and Firemint have released a new Fast & Furious [App Store] iPhone game to the App Store this morning. This racing game is a tie-in to the Fast & Furious movie that is also opening today.

The game is more of an arcade racer than a traditional sim racer. It ties in with scenes inspired by the actual movie and offers a story mode that takes you through the different races. The game offers 36 different vehicles, 18 levels with 4 unique environments.

Most interesting, however, is the fact that Firemint seems to have developed the game with some of the technologies that are also coming in Real Racing. For example: Fast & Furious integrates the CloudCell technology, allowing players to compete against others in online and upload replays of your races to YouTube.

A sample replay video is embedded here. No other cars are shown since you are simply trying for the best time to rank on the leaderboard against others.

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Samsung Mondi video walk-through

Samsung's new Samsung Mondi has hit the scene as Samsung's first WiMAX device. The Samsung Mondi sports a giant 4.3-inch touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, WiMAX and WiFi to bring mobile broadband goodness to the masses.

The Samsung Mondi is being prepared for Clearwire's WiMAX-based Clear network and may just prove to be the road-warrior's ultimate accessory.

Samsung's Android Phone Plans

Despite a fanatical amount of interest from the tech media and early adopters, Samsung has mostly kept quiet about its plans to develop phones using Google's mobile platform, Android. But at the CTIA Wireless trade show, an executive shared with Forbes some details about the company's Android strategy.

Samsung plans to release several Android devices this year. Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, executive vice president of global product strategy in the company's mobile communication division, said Samsung's first Android phone is slated to launch in June outside the U.S.

U.S. consumers will have their pick of two other Android devices sometime in the second half of the year, Hong said. The two U.S. phones will go to two different carriers. The U.S. operators are likely to be Sprint ( S - news - people ) and T-Mobile, the only two U.S. carriers that have signed on to Google's ( GOOG - news - people ) Android working group, the Open Handset Alliance.

Due to operator preferences, the two U.S. Android phones will look "totally different," Hong said. In contrast, Samsung plans to deliver one Android phone, at least initially, to European consumers. "In Europe, you can launch one common device with several carriers," he noted.

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Verizon Wireless announces its app store

Verizon Wireless

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) is joining the app store craze with its own offering. At the CTIA, the carrier announced its fairly hard to remember “Mobile Web Games and Apps Store,” which works across multiple platforms, supported by the carrier.

And while we’ve no much details at this stage, we know that Mobile Web Games and Apps Store features “cool graphics” and an “easy-to-navigate menu” to guide customers to the wide variety of titles and tools. Users can preview, sample and order popular games and applications - “quickly and simply.” Moreover, there’s a keyword search tool for customers to find games and apps they already know about…

If anyone of you had a chance to try out the new Verizon’s store, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Comments form is all yours…

RIM moves fast to fix BlackBerry App World problems

RIM moves fast to fix BlackBerry App World problems 0

With new software release BlackBerry's App World didn't exactly get off to a flying start when it launched on Wednesday, with users running into problems with the new service.

Whilst for many the process was a quick download and installation, some BlackBerry owners were left seeing frustrating messages, for example that their device was incompatible.

However, RIM was quick to issue a new version of the App World software, replacing version with, which for many resolved the problem.

So hats off to RIM for moving fast and fixing the problem. If you failed to install the new service on Wednesday, it is worth trying again, link below.