Samsung presents a new design mini-notebook N310

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Samsung Electronics introduced the designer mini-laptop N310, the appearance of which has developed Fukasava Naoto (Naoto Fukasawa), designer of world-class, won more than 40-ty reputable awards in Europe, America and Asia. With a standard 4-yacheechnoy battery, this model works up to five hours, while the optional 6-yacheechnaya battery provides up to 11-hours of autonomous work. N310 Weight with standard battery is 1.23 kg, making it one of the lightest in its class. With its built-in microphone, headphone output and built 1.3-MP web camera, this mini-notebook is a solution for videoconferencing. In addition, N310 allows you to easily share data through the card reader 3-in-1, three USB-ports and the module Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. Samsung N310 will come in retail sales in May of 2009 at an estimated retail value of 20,990 rubles.

Specifications mini laptop Samsung N310:
  • Processor - Intel Atom N270 (1,60 GHz, 533 MHz, 512 KB)
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows XP Home (SP3)
  • Memory - 1 GB (DDR2 / 1GB x 1)
  • Display - 10.1-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600 pixels) SuperBright
  • Hard drive - 80 Gb/160 GB (5400 rpm. SATA) or 16 GB (SSD)
  • 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate, 10/100 Ethernet
  • 3-in-1 card reader (SD, SDHC, MMC), 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x headphone output, 1 x Microphone input, 1 x built-in microphone, 1 x VGA, 1 x RJ45
  • 1,3-IP web-camera
  • Battery time - 4-yacheechnaya (4400 mAh) - up to 5 hours to 2.7 hours of video, 6-yacheechnaya (8850 mAh) - up to 11.5 hours to 6.2 hours of video
  • Speakers - 1.5 W x 2
  • Sizes - 262x184, 5x28 mm
  • Weight - 1.23 kg (with 4-yacheechnoy battery) 1.35 kg (with 6-yacheechnoy battery)

Samsung GT-B5702: Duos for all continents

Samsung Electronics Company presented another phone that works with two SIM cards. Model GT-B5702 was designed specifically for the Russian market. As the manufacturer, the phone Samsung B5702 is designed for business users who require mobility and secure communications worldwide.

The black casing is made in the slider form factor, reliability attached edging of flat steel and navigation button from the same material. The thickness of the phone is 17.5 mm, the display has a diagonal of 2.4 inches. At the front of the phone above the display are two LED. When an incoming call is activated, one of them, indicating to which of the SIM cards received the call. In addition, the user can designate a name for each SIM card, and personalize their interface (themes, ringtones, wallpapers) so that at first glance to understand what a SIM card he had been working at the moment. The device supports the work of four frequency ranges networks GSM / EDGE. Built in the English-Russian Dictionary makes working with documents lightweight, and support for memory cards up to 8 GB allows you to have at your fingertips important documents. The model B5702 also has multimedia functions: audio player with support for the main digital music formats, video recording, photographing 3-MP camera, FM-radio with RDS. In addition, the phone is multitasking implemented: for example, write an SMS-message or the Internet could not switching to music.

On the Russian market Samsung GT-B5702 is in May of this year at an estimated retail price of 14 000 rubles. After Russia's new premier will be placed on the global market.

LG GD330 - already on sale for 6990 rubles

A few days ago we reported on the flow in the sale of new mobile phone LG GD330 Ukraine. Now, new, and reached up to Russia - LG Electronics announced the launch of sales staff.

The success of LG Secret has inspired developers of the company to create a new refined model. LG GD330 - this slider phone with a 2-MP camera, 2.2-inch LCD display which is activated when disclosure slider. Silver edging top of the well-connected with a black finish body, simulating the skin.

LG GD330 continues a series of mobile devices with sensor technology. Sensitive to the touch navigation buttons GD330 react to user commands and the effect is made by white lights. Light sensor analyzes the external environment and ensures optimum illumination of your screen. This saves up to 30% of energy. In addition to automatically reducing the brightness of the display in a dark room does not weary eyes.

Built-in 30 MB memory and support for MicroSD memory cards up to 8 GB provides ample opportunities for information storage, and Bluetooth with A2DP support will allow you to transfer data and listen to MP3 in stereo.

Recommended retail price is 6990 rubles.

New firmware 2.70 for the Sony PS3

Recently the company Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced the release of a new firmware for the PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) version 2.70, which enhances the PS3, providing users with new features. Now the owners of the console to communicate in text chat and listen to music becomes more convenient, and use of the Internet - more than simple. Upgrades can be downloaded free of charge through the System Update option on the menu XMB (Xross Media Bar).

Here are some of the new firmware:
Text chat: the new version of the system can easily create new chat rooms and invite them to your friends. All guests receive notification that appears in the corner of the screen. At the same time in the chat, which supports the use of controllers, wired and wireless keyboards can be up to 16 people.

Dynamic Normalizers sound: the problem of varying the volume of the music tracks - is not a problem. Dynamic Normalizers reduces the difference in volume, providing a comfortable listening to music.

New features in the use of the Internet: if you want to get more information on just loaded the game, simply select its name in the menu and use the option Internet Search. With firmware 2.70 you can also copy and paste text from a Web browser, and the maximum amount of application is reported to now is 3 MB.

Language Options: Update 2.70 especially enjoy holders Polish, Greek, Czech, Slovak and Turkish - with the Internet browser displays all the letters of these languages.

New Samsung SSD kamkodery Series H

Samsung Electronics announced the release in Russia of three new camcorder, equipped with SSD-drive. Flagship model of HMX-H106 got built solid drive 64 GB. Models of HMX-H105, and HMX-H104 SSD drives are equipped with 32 GB and 16 GB respectively, but the amount of memory as a model of HMX-H106, could be expanded at the expense of cards SD / SDHC.

The new kamkoderah this series is used for compression codec H.264, which significantly increases the time of recording. When shooting in fine in the settlement of HD you can record up to three hours on a 16 GB drive model H104, up to six hours for 32 GB HMXH105 and up to twelve hours at 64 Gb HMX-H106.

In kamkoderah N series lens uses Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD with 10x optical zoom. Wide-angle Schneider lens with focal length of 37 mm gives the models a series of N number of advantages over other kamkoderami, which uses lenses with a focal length of 40-50 mm. Thanks to wide-angle optics frame borders are expanding, which makes shooting different subjects (eg, large groups of people, landscapes, athletic matches) more convenient.

All kamkodery this series are equipped with 2.2 MP 1/4.5 "CMOS-matrix, they can directly connect to your TV using a standard HDMI cable without the use of docking stations or adapters. In addition to recording high definition video, kamkodery and work in the photo. In addition, the N series models are feature-lapse in HD-resolution.

SSD kamkodery H series will go on sale in late April 2009 on the following estimated retail prices: N106 - 29990 rubles, N105 - 24990 rubles, N104 - 21990 rubles.

Nokia goes to the market of South Korea

Nokia Company officially announced today that the market is beginning to sell its South Korean mobile phones. The first model, which goes on sale will be Nokia 6210s, an almost complete analogy Nokia 6210 Navigator, known to European users.

Despite the fact that Nokia 6210s is the first appliance company, which will be sold at the South Korean market, the Finnish company has its manufacturing facilities are located in the city of Masan, where since 1984 had been issued for the export of more than 400 million mobile devices under the Nokia brand, and with the stamp "Made in Korea." With this same stamp would go, and Nokia 6210s, offering users all the capabilities of smartphones with an S60, GPS navigation, 3.2 MP camera, stereo FM-radio, 1 GB memory card in the delivery. The price for Nokia 6210s, which will be sold at the local operator KTF, will be 396,000 won.

Style Tucano in miniature

The Italian company Tucano expanded collection of their most popular accessories for bags netbukov. In anticipation of the summer season Milanese designer brands offering to pay attention to the news series Work Out and Finatex, suitable for travel, recreation and walks through the city.

Models are made from practical, waterproof and pleasant to the touch nylon. Despite the tiny size and big accessories are functional: they provide a lot of pockets and sections for storing papers, writing materials and any melochevki. The Russian retail compact new items will appear in May this year at a cost of approximately EUR 1790.

Models Finatex Extra Small (23h28h4 cm) designed for carrying netbukov with a diagonal of 9 / 10 inch or a DVD-player in a protective compartment with special seals Anti-Shock. They are placed through the head and placed on the chest or on the side, adjustable strap length. Front zip pocket for convenient mobile phone, iPod and MP3-players. Headphone and headset has a conclusion: all of the wires is completely imperceptible to hide the strap fastened with lightning, and extend to the level of leverage that they are not confused in the hands. Accessories available in two universal colors - black and coffee.

New Work Out a popular line of 911 (30,5 x24x4 cm) - tidy bags netbukov with a diagonal of 9 / 11 inch. Compartment to the Laptop (or DVD-player) has a more secure AS PLUS. Colors can match the tone of netbuku: black or silver. Convenient shoulder strap tight regulated in length and So using carbines. In addition to the main office for netbuka in the bag has three external, one of which vshit polyester extra pocket for accessories - if necessary it can pull out.

Samsung introduces new digital photo frames SPF-107H and SPF-87N

Samsung Electronics announced the Russian market for new digital photo frames Samsung SPF-107H and SPF-87N. Appearance of the new framework has changed compared to previous products. The surface around the display is executed on a special technology TOC (Transparent Opaque Color), and consists of two segments: coal and iron framework and a transparent top layer. Building a thin device: its thickness is 23 mm, that in 2 times thinner than previous models of Samsung. Designers are not left unattended and the back of the unit by taking out her ornaments.
Display SPF-87N has a resolution 800h480 points, and SPF-107N - 1024h600 points. The amount of embedded memory of the two frameworks is 1 GB. This downloadable images can be automatically adapted according to the screen for more efficient use of internal memory. Move the image on the device can be computer by USB, with USB-drive or memory card format SD.

To demonstrate the photographs provided by the five modes slide show, a variety of effects of transition from one photo to another, and the timer is switched on or off. The frame can operate as a desktop clock or calendar, and the background, you can set any photo. Another interesting feature is the new photo mode «mini-monitor». Using the USB-cable box, you can connect to a computer - and it will work in a second monitor, which can show any application, such as internet messenger window, a browser or widget.

Model SPF-87N will be on sale in May of 2009 at an estimated retail price of 6000 rubles, and SPF-107N - in June.

Sony Ericsson S312: a simple and affordable mobile phone photos

Swedish-Japanese company Sony Ericsson today introduced a new model of mobile phone - S312, which is executed in a classical form-factor "monoblock" and will move as a producer of inexpensive fotoreshenie with the 2 MP camera. Even despite the fact that this model - and the budget will move primarily as a device for shooting photos and video, he has a musical component, including a built-FM-radio, MP3 player with support for memory cards and the opportunity to listen to music through Bluetooth wireless headsets, thanks to Bluetooth profile A2DP.

Home sales two band GSM (GPRS / EDGE) mobile phone Sony Ericsson S312 is scheduled by the second quarter of this year.

Other technical features of Sony Ericsson S312:

  • Support communications standards: GSM / GPRS / EDGE 900/1800 MHz (for North American market - GSM / GPRS 850/1900 MHz)
  • Dimensions: 100x46x12, 5 mm
  • Weight: 80,1 gr.
  • Display: 2-inch, resolution 176h220 pixels, TFT, displaying more than 262 thousand colors
  • Memory: 15 MB, expandable through memory card Memory Stick Micro
  • Camera: 2 MP
  • Entertainment: 3D and Java games, watching video, FM-radio with RDS support
  • Music player with built-in equalizer and support functions of the expansion of the stereo base, PlayNow, TrackID
  • Communications: USB, Bluetooth (including profiles A2DP)
  • Other applications: Alarm clock, Calendar, Calculator, Stopwatch, Timer, Tasks

Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman: affordable and musical

Company Sony Ericsson today introduced a low-cost musical phone in a series of Walkman - W205, which was made in the form-factor "slider." As it should be a music phone, this model is equipped with a player Walkman, as well as FM-radio, supporting the definition of music TrackID, wireless data and music through Bluetooth. In addition to the above, W205 Walkman is equipped with a 1.3 MP camera and a function of several telephone books notebooks, when the user is a total of four individual titles.

Home Sales Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman is scheduled for the manufacturer of tritium quarter.

Specifications Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman:

  • Support communications standards: GSM / GPRS 900/1800 MHz (for North American market - GSM / GPRS 850/1900 MHz)
  • Dimensions: 92x47x16, 4 mm
  • Weight: 96 gr.
  • Display: 1.8-inch, resolution 128h160 pixels, TFT, displaying more than 65 thousand colors
  • Memory: 5 MB, expandable through memory card Memory Stick Micro
  • Camera: 1.3 MP
  • Entertainment: Games embedded, Java, video viewing, FM-radio with RDS support and record radio broadcasts
  • Walkman music player with built-in equalizer and support functions, Album art, playlists, TrackID
  • Communications: USB, Bluetooth
  • Web: Opera Mini, WAP 2.0XHTML
  • Other applications: Alarm clock, Calendar, Calculator, Notes, Stopwatch, Timer, Tasks, few notebooks books

The new external drive LG GP08 N / L is compatible with Apple computers

Company LG Electronics announced the release of the Ukrainian market elegant portable external optical drive GP08 N / L Slim Portable Super Multi. As the manufacturer states, the main difference from the other new drive - compatible with computers from Apple (Macintosh).

Slim and stylish external drive GP08 Super Multi is able to record DVD and CD discs without connecting the AC adapter because of the integrated functions of USB BUS Power, to connect power from a laptop or PC via USB.

The drive is write speed to 8x for DVD + R and DVD-R discs, but for CD-R and CD-RW - up to 24x. New product also supports 8.5 GB dual layer media.

Drive GP08 N / L is available in two versions - a black glossy, with the ability to cause the inscriptions and images on a special surface of optical discs embedded laser (LightScribe), and white - without this option.

New items can be purchased at the dealership networks already this month. Recommended retail price for a drive with the option GP08L LightScribe - $ 80, GP08N without LightScribe - $ 78.

Sony Ericsson VH300: ocherednaya Bluetooth headset

Company Sony Ericsson today, in addition to mobile phones, also submitted a number of enhancements, including a mono Bluetooth headset and Sony Ericsson VH300. The basic unit of the headset has a latch (clips), so that it can be secured to the garment so that the headset is very low.

Brief specifications Sony Ericsson VH300:

  • Dimensions: 48x18x18 mm
  • Weight: 20 gr.
  • Bluetooth v.2.0 + EDR
  • Support functions Bluetooth simple pairing

Home Sales Sony Ericsson VH300 planned producer for the third quarter of this year.

Smartphone BlackBerry Storm 2 will be released in September

Resource SlashGear, with reference to a reliable insider source reported that in September this year will release a smartphone BlackBerry Storm 2, the American operator Verizon. As you know, the first Storm, which was released last year, became the first company RIM Smartphone with touch screen, and even more so - with a fully touch tactile control. It was expected that he will be able to make a decent competition iPhone: BlackBerry Storm interface includes elements of multi-touch.

According to sources, the new BlackBerry Storm 2 will be taken into account and corrected the major weaknesses predecessor. Reportedly, the BlackBerry Storm 2 sure will support Wi-Fi. In addition, the smartphone will be an improved display. More detailed information about the characteristics of the new Storm, and other differences between the new items from the previous model yet.

AU iida G9 - a new design of Japanese phone operator

Japanese mobile operator KDDI today presented its new trademark iida, which is, in essence, the embodiment of the design development company under the "au design project". The abbreviation "iida" rasshifrovuetsya as "innovation", "imagination", "design", "art", ie as "innovation," "Fantasy", "design" and "art." Among the new products that go into selling a new brand, has become a mobile phone G9.

This model is designed designer Ichiro Iwasaki (Ichiro Iwasaki) and rasshifruetsya as GRAPPA 2009 (with the designer of the projects were in the "au design project" 2001: cot GRAPPA GRAPPA 001 and slider 002). During the Iron stuffing "responsible company Sony Ericsson.

As you can see the photos, AU iida G9 is made in the form-factor "slider", but the basic idea, which stood in front of designers - comfortable telephone.

Brief technical characteristics of AU iida G9:

  • Jobs at CDMA / GSM networks
  • Dimensions: 115h50h17, 4 mm
  • Weight: 128 gr.
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 770 mA / h
  • Display: Large 3-inch, TFT, resolution WVGA (480x854), displaying more than 262 thousand colors
  • Camera: 3.2 MP, CMOS, with autofocus
  • Memory: 70 MB available to user, microSD memory card
  • Support service au Smart Sports Run & Walk
  • Communications: USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, TV-Out
  • Support for reception of digital TV programs in the standard "one-segment"
  • Support for navigation services

HTC profit in the first quarter significantly decreased

HTC Company reported for the first quarter of 2009. You can see that the economic crisis has not bypassed her side. Profit for the period under review, the company has declined very substantially over the same period last year. In the first quarter of this year, HTC's net profit was $ 4.89 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 148 million U.S. dollars), while in the first quarter of 2008 the figure was 6.95 billion New Taiwan dollars (about 210 million U.S. dollars) . And compared to the fourth quarter of last year, profits of the company and is dropped very significantly: whereas this figure reached NT $ 8,14 billion.

With regard to the overall revenue HTC, is the year it fell not on the lot: from NT $ 32,7 billion (US $ 988 million) in the first quarter of 2008 to NT $ 31,59 billion (US $ 954 million). The company argues that such a sizeable reduction in net profits associated with the delayed deliveries of new products. However, the optimistic forecasts for the entire 2009 HTC refuse not in a hurry. Increased profits for the year, according to the company, will be expressed to two significant figures.

New conditions for the bonus program «Sky Club»

Recently mobile operator «Sky Link» in Nizhniy Novgorod to change the system of charging and spending bonus points in the program «Ski Club». Now you can receive bonus points, not only for self-services «Sky Link», but also for their friends who have also become members of «Sky Club» within the framework of «Drive Friends».

Participants in the program «Ski Club» All subscribers can become «Sky Link» in Nizhniy Novgorod, enjoying commercial tariff plans (except for corporate clients and corporate clients). To do this you must first register for a service portal Sky Point. Then, selecting at the mobile portal section «Sky Club», the subscriber automatically becomes a party to the action.

The accumulation of bonus points for making occurs and the expenditure of funds from personal account of the subscriber, as well as for participation in the action «Drive Friends». If a new subscriber you are connected to the «Sky Link» benefited from a recommendation of his friend and became a member of «Ski Club», both accrued bonus points. New subscriber, in turn, can connect to the «Sky Link» your friends and receive packets bonus points for each of them. In addition, a member of «Sky Club» may receive some bonus points, which accrue to each of them connected friends for their active use of «Sky Link».

In addition, from 1 April 2009 the conditions changed and the name of the action «Refer a friend», acting for the subscribers of the network «Sky Link» in Nizhniy Novgorod. Now the action is called the «Friends of Drive», the participants can become members only «Ski Club», but as a promotion will not rubles, but bonus points. And points are assessed to all participants in the campaign: and a member of «Ski Club», recommend connect to the «Sky Link», and given them each receive 250 bonus points. In addition, a member of «Ski Club», connect their friends in the future may receive some bonus points, which accrue to them out to friends for their active use of «Sky Link».

Hitachi has completed a deal to acquire Fabrik

Company Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced the completion of the acquisition of private company Fabrik, Inc. Business Fabrik will be the basis of a new Branded Business of Hitachi GST. Fabrik manufactures products under leading brands in the field of data storage - G-Technology and SimpleTech. Under the brand G-Technology external hard drives are offered premium-class computers for Apple Mac, professional devices for the market of audio and video products, is developing content.

Hitachi GST will provide full support products under the brand G-Technology, and SimpleTech, based on their popularity and market specialization. Brands have a clearly differentiated product lines that complement and broaden the portfolio of hard disks of Hitachi GST.

The two new SSD-drive Apacer

Apacer Technology Company presented two solutions for information storage: hard disk, made in the form factor 2.5-inch, equipped with the interface, Serial ATA (SATA) and SSD-disk from the two memory cards (CF ² SSD). Products from Apacer conform to high standards and demands of modern technology the industry. In particular, the number of defects per million products (DPPM) minimized the time and mean time between failures (MTBF) increased to two million hours of uninterrupted work. In addition, products from Apacer environmentally safe and meet the requirements and standards of the European RoHS directive, aimed at protecting the environment.

High-speed and large SSD-drive 2.5-inch SATA interface presented to the market models with capacity 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Speed reading is 150 MB per second, recording speed - 90 MB / sec. The new 2.5 inch model with a hard disk interface SATA from Apacer is equipped with an exclusive, specially designed by the program Apacer SSD + Optimizer. This software is capable of preventing the fragmentation of files and supports long-term operational efficiency at the maximum level, at times equal to 40%. SSD + Optimizer is running in the background, providing high-speed characteristics of reading / writing and improving product durability.

The new hard drive, made in the form factor 2.5-inch, SATA interface from Apacer udaroustoychiv and not prone to mechanical damage that prevents erasure of valuable stored data. In addition to the standard package, a new hard drive, made in the form factor 2.5-inch, Interface SATA, in a limited number available in special packaging, in a set of Smart DIY Kit. What does the software Acronis True Image, SATA-to-USB-adapter and HDD rubber sheath. DIY Kit provides safety and security of databases in the crash.

SSD-disk from the two memory cards (CF ² SSD) from Apacer - the first product of its kind on the market. SSD-disk from the two memory cards (CF ² SSD) combines two 16-card gigabaytnyh in one single RAID array. The user can set the size of the disk, in accordance with his individual needs. The first mode (RAID 0 array) to store data as on a large drive, reducing the time necessary for the preservation of information. SSD-disk from the two memory cards provides excellent speed and security of data transmission. RAID1 mode allows you to create a mirror copy, ensuring data integrity and consistency after the transfer, or processing information.