Completed the formation of a business unit of Sky Link Regional

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mobile operator «Sky Link» declared the formation of Business units «Sky Link Regional», brings together 27 regional operating companies, which share ownership of JSC «Sky Link» is 100%. There are currently formed branches «Sky Link» in the following cities: Vladimir, Voronezh, Kaluga, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, Tver, Ulyanovsk, Volgograd, Omsk, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Vladikavkaz, Izhevsk.

Director-General of Business unit «Sky Link Regional» Khanenko appointed Sergey, General Director «Sky Link - Moscow», which will be headed by both companies.

Combining the regional companies in a single operator is in line with the strategy of development «Sky Link». Formation of a single operator is one of the main objectives of the company in 2009 and is aimed at optimizing the structure of the company in order to more effectively manage the business.

Formation of Business Units «Sky Link Regional», by the Board of Directors of JSC «Sky Link» of 20 October 2008, proceeded on the basis of JSC «Astarta» (100% subsidiary company «Sky Link»). FAS permission received on 12 November 2008. The goal is that the formation of a single operator «Sky Link» completed in 2009, the merger of four companies: «Sky Link - Moscow» (JSC «Moscow Cellular Communications»), «Sky Link - North-West» (JSC «Delta Telecom»), « Sky Link Regional »(JSC« Astarta ») and CJSC« Sky Link ».

As part of the operating companies in 2008, the regions «Sky Link» implemented a unified system of financial planning and reporting, a unified technical policy, the overall tariff and food policy. In August 2008, organized by a single contact center to service subscribers in December formed a single line calling plans, which are currently introduced in stages in all regions. The unification of the business procedures and the pooling of resources helps to improve the quality of services, as well as to simplify the roaming proposal and to ensure uniform high standards of service throughout the present.

New Game Carnival Hammer of Zed for iPhone

The company Zed has released to market its new gaming product Carnival Hammer. This is the second game for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch from the company.

Game Carnival Hammer is a simulator arcade type, appear the words of the company, as a result of the desire to create a fun, rollicking and exciting game for the iPhone. The players are using the device (iPhone 3G and iPod Touch) as a hammer, simulating strikes to demonstrate their strength. Managing the game simple and understandable, that test is used in retro-style accelerometer. This is the second product from Zed game designed for iPhone / iPod. Recall that the first product under the name Bubble Boom was presented last month.

Phone GoldVish Revolution - gold, diamonds and Swiss watches

At Baselworld 2009 the Swiss company GoldVish introduced a unique mobile phone under the name Revolution. This luxury model in the case of precious materials, there will be only 9 of these phones. Revolution is a single elongated shape with rounded corners. At the bottom of the device are well-known Swiss watch assembly master Frederik Zhuveno (Frederic Jouvenot) with a patented dial and mechanism under a glass lid, leaving visible the movement of its elements.

The phone is covered with 18-carat white and pink gold and encrust diamonds weighing a total of 29 carats. On the characteristics of the model are not reported in detail (probably, it is anticipated that potential owners more interested in luxury vehicle registration). Only a relatively vague mention of using "the latest mobile technology." Buy GoldVish Revolution is possible only by special request. The cost of the phone is 369000 Euro.

BlackBerry Internet Service will soon have MTS

The operator MTS has announced that in the near future the company will offer all its subscribers a new service - BlackBerry Internet Service from MTS.

BlackBerry Internet Service from MTS - is a complete solution that allows to combine in one device BlackBerry to 10 email accounts free email services. Until more detailed information about the service is not provided, can only wait for the official announcement. Recall that until the BlackBerry services are only available to corporate customers of MTS.

Innovative WiMAX network in Silicon Valley

Clearwire Corp. is planning to create an innovative network of WiMAX in the heart of Silicon Valley, where the concentrated resources of the leading information technology companies. In the first phase of the network will be deployed over an area exceeding 50 square meters. km. It will offer 4G wireless services based in Silicon Valley the leading IT companies, including Google and Intel, and a number of educational institutions. Cisco will provide the backbone for the network infrastructure of IP NGN. It is anticipated that in the summer of 2009, the new network will benefit the developers of applications that will allow the operator to gain sufficient experience to the next, 2010, to introduce commercial WiMAX services in the area of the San Francisco Bay. Within one year of the new network will be free to provide WiMAX services to a limited group of developers.

Clearwire is building a mobile WiMAX network, not only in the vicinity of the San Francisco Bay. During 2010, the company intends to offer mobile Internet access CLEAR 4G more than 120 million residents of 80 U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Philadelphia and Seattle.

Ericsson and Telenor plans to bring to market new services to corporate communications

The company Ericsson and the Swedish unit of Telenor announced a conclusion of the first contract for the provision of a service package of corporate communications (Business Communication Suite, BCS), which, from the words of the companies will expand the multimedia capabilities of corporate clients Telenor in Sweden at the expense of services of collective work. Ericsson will also ensure the expansion, modernization and system integration of IMS-network of Telenor.

States Ericsson, Business Communication Suite - this is the first service of its kind, based on a use of the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). It allows you to implement a corporate system of unified mobile communications and increase efficiency of communications through user-friendly means of work in social networks, such as the status of presence, messaging, chat, video, managing incoming calls, file sharing and the corporate directory. Such a system can be used for communication with employees and business partners.

Under the terms of the contract, Ericsson will act as the main integrator of IMS, which among others includes the provision of services of system integration. Multimedia solutions based on Ericsson IMS will enable Telenor to provide additional services, but will focus on mobile applications, corporate destination. Supply and integration of base stations controllers, as well as extended IMS-networks have already begun.

Pilot Nokia Life Tools in India has shown its high attractiveness

The company Nokia has announced the completion of the pilot phase of its service Nokia Life Tools in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This service, as the company has shown positive results for its subscribers. The company plans to launch this service to all regions of India in the first half of 2009, starting with the use of devices, Nokia 2320 classic and Nokia 2330 classic. Before the end of the year, Nokia plans to expand the list of mobile phones able to "understand" service Nokia Life Tools.

Recall that a service Nokia Life Tools was conceived as a series of mobile educational services, which included the best information on agriculture, specifically for rural areas and populations of small cities in emerging markets. Nokia Life Tools allows farmers and students to overcome the information barrier and ensures their timely and important information. These services use intuitive user interface with a set of related images, with available tables and the ability to display only once in two languages. Important information is delivered text messages, which allows the use of services, when enabled mobile device, without additional configuration and the need for a GPRS coverage.

Zoom 2 of TI has become refrens design platform for Symbian Foundation

Organization Symbian Foundation announced that it has chosen the platform 2 Zoom (Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP) from Texas Instruments as the first refrens design for the new operating system Symbian. The developers will test the operating system Symbian ^ 3 on the device, reporting the results. In the blog Symbian Foundation will publish the codes, scripts and tools for creating software for Symbian ^ 3. They will be able to use third-party developers of applications for the operating system Symbian Foundation.

Platform Zoom 2 from Texas Instruments exhibited at MWC this year. This model is fairly standard design: wide and short. It is equipped capacitive touch screen horizontal orientation with a resolution WVGA, integrated QWERTY-keyboard, supports 3G cellular network and is based on the processor OMAP3430. Also among the features of Zoom 2 - wireless module Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, FM-transmitter and HDMI-output.

Designer collection of mobile phones from Yaei Kusama

Japanese mobile carrier AU kddi introduced to his new brand of mobile phones iida series of Art Edition on which worked well-known Japanese artist avangardistka Yaei Kusama (Yayoi Kusama), known primarily for its motives in the peas (and often red or pink). This motif seen in all three artistic reincarnation mobile Toshiba T001. It should be noted that all mobile phones signed by the author, whose paintings, incidentally, is one of the most expensive in the world (among the living artists).

Obsessive point:

The above concept inspired by the author's work in 1965 - "Room of endless mirrors." This phone is "lost" in the box, and its owner can enjoy the energy of red spots.

My dog RingRing:

The roots of this work are from an exhibition in 2004 in Tokyo's Museum of Mori Art Museum and the author's song "Hi, Konnichiwa (Hello!)". As can be seen, the mobile phone is "resting" on the back of the dog.


This is probably the most interesting and most likely more natural to our perception of the decision, where the folding phone is presented in the form of ... handbags (and why so far no one guessed as to provide the phone?) and of course all in the same red and white spots.

Update Gmail and Google Calendar for iPhone and Android

The developers said in a Google blog that made improvements in the mobile versions of Gmail and Calendar service to iPhone and Android. Gmail also has been updated user interface, which is easier to send messages directly to the fly. In addition, a pop-up panel to facilitate activities such as archiving or deleting a few messages, now they can be, literally, in one click. Get started with the service, for example, a letter or browse recent messages, you can have in an offline mode. The developers note that the new Gmail works only on iPhone and iPod touch with firmware 2.2.1 and higher. Regarding Android-smartphone, it has no restrictions. New mobile Gmail is still in English only.

The new version of Google Calendar for iPhone and Android, you can also edit the events calendar and to access recently viewed items, even without connecting to the network. As the new Gmail, Calendar only works in the iPhone OS 2.2.1, and any device based on Android. Application submitted in English only, but soon the developers plan to expand the list of supported languages. Get mobile access to Gmail and Calendar, you can from your browser smartphone or communicator.

WiMAX-MID dmedia M0 debyutiruet of Computex

Dmedia company reported that its new mobile internet device M0 will be demonstrated at Computex, which will be held in June this year in Taipei. MID dmedia M0 is an improved version of an earlier version - G400. This model was to be shown at CES in January and at the Mobile World Congress in February, but this did not happen.

Novelty is equipped with 4.3-inch touch screen, 5-MP camera with autofocus, GPS-receiver, supports mobile TV and VoIP. An important feature of dmedia M0 is embedded adapter wireless WiMAX (using a module from Fujitsu). Mobile Internet device is based on the processor Samsung. Dimensions MID constitute 137x74x14, 5 mm, weight - 200 grams.

dmedia has not yet announced when the sale of its mobile Internet devices with support for WiMAX. Obviously, this will happen shortly after the demonstration of Computex, where dmedia will represent your product in the section WiMAX & Communication.

AU Mobile pico projector: a compact projector for mobile phones

Japanese operator AU kddi presented as part of its new brand iida proctorship compact model, which will connect to a number of its mobile phones with video output. These mobile phones are the models as G9, Cyber-shot S001, CA001, Wooo Keitai H001, EXILIM Keitai W63CA, Wooo Keitai W63H, G'zOne W62CA, Wooo Keitai W62H.

Naturally, this projector is not intended for use as home theater systems, but primarily - for small presentations, when, for example, want to quickly express their ideas not only in words but also to match their audio-visual series.

Technical characteristics of mobile projector from AU look like this:

  • Dimensions: 50h112h18, 3 mm (at the widest part - 19 mm)
  • Weight: about 128 gr.
  • Duration: about 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Charging Time: 110 minutes
  • Battery: 3.7 V / 1200 mA / h (4.5 W)
  • LCD panel: DLP, resolution of 153600 pixels (480h320), ratio 3:2 (4:3)
  • Lens: F = 1.9, manual focus
  • LED backlight
  • The size of the projected image: from 6 to 63 inches
  • Projection Distance: 0,25-2,5 m
  • Connectors: Video (Ø3, 5mm), audio output (Ø3, 5 mm), connector for the charger, miniVGA

MTS final leave of the Euroset

The operator MTS has announced the termination of the admission fees for services of MTS with a network of stores «Euroset». As explained by the company, this step has been made in connection with the default terms of the agreement on the transfer of payments from subscribers on the current account of the MTS.

Remember, April 4, the MTS has ceased to accept payments through stores «Euroset» in all regions of the MTS, as the company «Euroset» not fulfilled the terms of the contract and not paid in arrears on payments generated subscribers. In its press release of the MTS also argues that the spread of the message «Euroset» admission to restore the payments of subscribers of MTS is untrue and misleading subscribers.

MTS subscribers can pay for services in all stores MTS, as well as in various stores, such as the «connected», «Telefon.Ru», «Eldorado», through the various systems and terminals self at the offices of banks, trade and service enterprises, including through the offices of Sberbank, Russia Post Offices, with the help card payment via credit card through an ATM or from the site of the MTS. The total number of outlets in Russia, where subscribers can pay for services of MTS, is over 300 thousand.