Sales of LG Viewty 2 from Orange to start in June

Thursday, April 9, 2009

From 9 to 12 April 2009 in Moscow at the Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo» will be the ninth international exhibition «PhotoForum-2009». This is one of the most significant events of the Russian fotoindustrii determining trends in the development of industry in the coming year. It expresses the company Kodak, in 2009 she went to a new, fast-growing market in Russia handheld video cameras. Heroes Kodak stand will be two generations of the camcorder - Kodak Zi6 and Kodak Zx1.

Thanks to video format 720p HD, large LCD monitor 2.4 inches, and simple software, stylish, bright HD-camcorder Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video makes it easy to make high-quality videos, watch them on TVs, HDTV format, and quickly spread to YouTube. The camcorder Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video was created to meet all these needs with one mouse click - no need to either remove the cover from the lens, or rotate the wheels settings or choose the parameters of shooting.

Kodak will also introduce a new digital camera Kodak Zx1, announced at CES-2009. This compact and reliable digital device that allows you to shoot video in the resolution of HD (720r at a frequency of 60 frames / sec.) Anywhere and under any circumstances - pogodoustoychivaya construction protects the camera from splashes of water, mud, etc. The model is equipped with a built-in microphone and LCD screen with a diagonal of 2 inches. Kodak Zx1 comes in five colors: black, red, pink, blue and yellow.

Traditionally, the company demonstrates at the Kodak PhotoForum new camera. This year's special interest is the Z-series, represented by two flagship models - Kodak EasyShare Z980 and the Kodak EasyShare Z915.

Kodak EasyShare Z980, presented at CES-2009 - is a powerful and versatile 12-megapixel digital camera equipped with a unique 24-fold zoom-lens SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON with optical image stabilization and a minimum focal length of 26 mm, the vertical trigger button and a jack for flash. Z980 camera will allow to easily withdraw as general plans, as well as remote objects. It is equipped with a «hot shoes» - a jack for an additional zoom, flash Kodak P20 and innovative feature Kodak «intelligent survey» (Smart Capture), which automatically sets shooting parameters.

Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare Z915 was first presented a month ago at the PMA-2009 in Las Vegas. The 10-times zoom lens with optical image stabilization, it makes it easy to make sharp photographs of distant objects. Camera Z915 carries out shooting video in HD format. Lightweight and compact, it comes in different colors: red, blue, black and gray.

In addition to a series of cells Z, Kodak Company will present new models of digital cameras in the family of M series, led by the Kodak EasyShare M380. Subtle, but powerful digital camera for the tracking of fashion and style consumers, M380 is equipped with a number of innovative features, including original feature Kodak «intelligent survey». Novelty has a 10-megapixel matrix, a 5-fold zoom-lens and the LCD screen diagonal of 2.7 inches. Digital camera Kodak EasyShare M340 - also equipped with the function of «intelligent mode» and matrix resolution of 10 MP. Camera Kodak EasyShare M320 uses Kodak Perfect Touch, which provides an automatic effect of reducing the «red eye», elaborate shading, and many others, is a matrix with a resolution of 9-MP and 3-fold zoom lens. All three new items in the resolution of the video filmed HD, which is branded with the click of a button «Share» available for download on YouTube. M-Series Cameras are available in bright colors - black, red, blue, silver or the color of the sea waves.

Junior C-Line Kodak Camera allows you to make great images - simply and affordably. This year's series were added to the two models - Kodak EasyShare Kodak EasyShare S180 and S140. They are equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 10.2 MP, 3 times optical zoom, high sensitivity up to 1000 ISO. Cameras have advanced video processing and features to improve the quality of the images have a lot of shooting modes, and easily synchronized with YouTube.

LG KP500 phone sales exceeded 2 million

Company LG Electronics announced today that the sale of affordable "touch" phone LG KP500 exceeded the international market of two million copies. Recall that since its release in October 2008, five months have passed and the sales results were achieved despite the world economic crisis.

As the producer, KP500 sold at an affordable price, while its functionality and technical characteristics is not inferior to the phone with full touch screen premium segment. The advantages of KP500 benefited more than 1.2 million Europeans, 600 thousand devices have been sold in Asia and in emerging markets, including Latin America. This phone has become the most popular phone in Korea, where in March 2009 have been sold around 100 thousand units, while the average sales in one day reached record numbers - 4 500 units.

Access to the multimedia features through the lively, colorful icons on a 3-inch display. Phone, available on the world market in four colors - black, brown, silver and gold - looks stylish and has a total thickness of the shell 11.9 mm. The manufacturer plans to expand the range of up to ten colors and may not be limited to these. The company intends to expand sales of KP500 for another 40-60 countries and intends to reach the 10 millionth sales figures.

Sidekick 2009 smartphone FCC approved

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified the Sidekick a new generation. As often happens, the FCC published the site is not complete documentation for the device, do not even have pictures. However, according to the label, which is "Works on the basis of Danger", this is Sidekick. Smartphone made by Sharp, the number - PV300. Perhaps this unit is already known to the earlier rumored as the Sidekick LX Sidekick 2009 or 2009.

From the records of the tests in files FCC became aware that Sidekick Sharp PV300 supports 1700/2100 MHz bands American 3G network operators T-Mobile. Also, it can work in networks GSM / EDGE. On the characteristics of the new Sidekick so far nothing is known. It is anticipated that the issuance of a smartphone with T-Mobile May 13, the model will be offered in two colors.

Nokia is preparing three new phones with touch screens and support VibeTonz

According to the resource of, the company Nokia is developing at least three smart phones with touch screens. It declares "a source familiar with the situation, the fall in the market will be three different models of Nokia, sensor-equipped displays. All of them will be placed in the thin shell. Recall at this point in the portfolio of only two S60-smartphone with touch screen - a model 5800 XpressMusic and the flagship N97.

Also, the source reported that the three new Nokia phones will support technology for tactile feedback VibeTonz, developed by Immersion. It makes clicking on the touch screen more visible. This became necessary after the era ended stylus and a new era of tactile control. Through VibeTonz, when pressed on the surface of the touch screen you hear soft sounds and feels a slight vibration, approximately as it would use it the normal hardware keyboard. It should be noted that Nokia has developed its own technology for tactile feedback, and it is not entirely clear why the company chose for its smartphones VibeTonz of Immersion.

ASUS Notebook series P: Now, with protection against theft

Company ASUS plans to add features to their notebooks Anti-Theft technology from Intel. It helps protect information stored on your laptop, in case it is lost or stolen. Support for Intel Anti-Theft has received business notebooks ASUS P30 and P80. This is understandable: such products are needed to protect the information more than others, because there are usually corporate documents, mail, design and other important data. Notebooks ASUS P Series was announced in early March. These portable computers are geared for use in small and medium business.

Technology Intel Anti-Theft will close unauthorized access to information stored in computer memory. Moreover, the device simply will not be included without a special key that establishes the bearer. Thus, the computer will simply useless to other users. Run Anti-Theft mechanism can be remotely the same, the technology allows you to locate missing.

Sales of LG Viewty 2 from Orange to start in June

The network appeared rumors about the timing of release of the mobile phone LG Viewty 2. Recall information about the characteristics of this model and its "live" pictures have been published on the Internet. Presumably, LG Viewty 2 or GC900 - this phone with 3-inch touch screen in the front panel, high-8-MP camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics and a mass setting, 32 GB internal memory and have become classics of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. At the LG Viewty 2, in addition, you can view the video formats DivX and XVid.

Several foreign sources said that LG Viewty Issue 2 operator Orange in the UK in June. Probably about the same time the model will appear in other regions. It is also known that officials from the company LG to comment on rumors about the June 2 edition LG Viewty in Orange refused.

Spider-Phone - the phone for the Chinese real spaydermenov! (photos)

And here is an example of what the Chinese can not just clone the existing phones, but sometimes even invent something. Yes even a! :) You TV98 + or so-called Spider-Phone! Pautinka on top of folding beds, pautinka around the camera, Toby Maguayr on the box ... and here it is, Spider-Phone:) phone has a 2-megapixel camera, a rotating display, microSD-slot, and support for two SIM-cards, designed to work in GSM 800/900/1800/1900 networks and will cost HK $ 1180 or 152 American.

Chinese ayfonoklon the size of a credit card (+ video)

Chinese craftsmen once again surpassed the hopes and expectations that Apple will ever produce a iPhone Nano, and iPhone have introduced a miniature-sized credit card. CECT m188 has the dimensions 86 x 48 x 11 mm, has a 2.6-inch QVGA touch screen, designed to work stylus supports two SIM-cards, has a built-MP3-and MP4-player, FM-radio, 0.3-megapixel camera. Cost - $ 100. If anyone interested, see it on video, you can continue.

TouchVIVA - the Chinese version of HTC Touch VIVA ( photos)

Continuing the theme of telephone clones - a Chinese copy of the budget smartphone HTC Touch VIVA, which, surprisingly, no less interesting in terms of functionality than the original. Chinese assistants TouchVIVAdazhe processor (624 MHz instead of 201 MHz in the original version) and 8 GB card in the set, while he has the same 2.8-inch touch display, 2-megapixel camera (although on the phone says 3.2 MP but the description is the 2 MP), supported by WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, mass reproduced audio and video formats, and it works on Windows 6.1. In short, it's a clone, but very decent, well as externally - almost an exact copy. The cost - 209 dollars.

In a series of Acer Aspire One will be 11.6-inch netbuki

The company Acer has announced a new 11.6-inch format in a series of netbukov Aspire One. How will the manufacturer, it will be stylish solutions in a thin metal case and the bright colors - red, dark blue, white and black. New Aspire One will not be the same "aerodynamic" form of the shell and attractive design that will enable them to become its owner's fashion accessories. 11.6-inch Acer netbuki processors built on Intel Atom chipset and the Intel US15W Express, they are equipped with 160-GB hard drive, support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth and 3G. Models equipped with a display resolution of 1366h768 points, web-camera, Acer Crystal Eye, and 6-element battery.

Acer is also noted that to reduce the thickness of the shell (as it does not exceed 25 mm) of new netbukov LAN and VGA connectors are located on the corners at the rear of the hull, below the display. Weight netbukov 11.6-inch Aspire One will be a little more than a kilogram. A feature of these stylish new products is tachpad supporting management through various movements. With fingers on the surface in various combinations can, for example, move from page to page, or increase / decrease the image

Acer Aspire Timeline- thin and light notebooks with long-time autonomous work

The company announced a new series of Acer laptops Aspire Timeline. It will include computers in the thin light body, which, while able to come to work in standalone mode without a recharge.

To optimize power consumption in laptops Aspire Timeline feature Acer Smart Power, a quick access to its settings can be obtained using a special button. Also, the manufacturer notes tenuity shell laptop data: they do not exceed 29 mm. Weight is also a small device - from 1,6 to 2,4 kg. In the lineup will be presented to the model with 13.3, 14 and 15.6-inch display.

With regard to performance notebooks Aspire Timeline, they are based on Intel Core 2 Duo processors with low power consumption (Ultra Low Voltage), resolution of the display 1366h768 points are the hard drives of up to 500 GB solid state drives, or up to 64 GB. In addition, laptops equipped with wireless adapters Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G.

Acer is also the new keyboard design for comfortable FineTip press and tachpad support multi-gesture, which allows you to scroll web-page that lists the files and photo albums by using circular motions finger clockwise or counter-clockwise, resize the image using the motion of two fingers and etc.

Car Bluetooth-spikerfon Jabra SP200, soon for sale

Company GN Netcom has announced the imminent release of a new car in Russia spikerfona Jabra SP200. This wireless model with a Bluetooth 2.0 interface is mounted to the sun visor in your car and does not require special wiring. Spikerfon fairly easy to handle, it automatically connects to your mobile phone at the first turn, the management of the principal functions carried out by a large, easily accessible buttons answer / end call, volume wheel and a switch.

Jabra SP200 is used in the DSP, as a result eliminates echo and suppresses background noise, even on a busy highway at rush hour. How will the manufacturer, due to high quality microphone and speakers to conduct telephone conversations can be with an open window or a car radio included.

Spikerfon Jabra SP200 is equipped with a battery, which provides a standalone work up to 10 hours of talktime and up to 550 hours - in standby mode. The size of device is 124x56x24 mm and weight - 84 grams. Bluetooth-spikerfon Jabra SP200 will go on sale in late April on the recommended retail price of 2000 rubles.