Lenovo has created two new units

Friday, April 10, 2009

The company Lenovo recently announced the establishment of two new business units in the structure of the company. One of the units will work with the consumer sector of the developed markets, and the second-charge of the consumer sector in developing countries. The new structure, which will replace an existing company in order to work with regions to ensure better customer service, as well as more accurately reflect the development strategy of Lenovo and the current market dynamics.

«Russia is a very important market for Lenovo, showing great growth prospects. With the new structure, we can more effectively collaborate with colleagues from other countries that have much in common with our situation, and initiate a process of rapid and efficient development of the company in the region - said Denis Reshin, CEO of Lenovo in Russia ».

Unit to work with developed markets, chaired by Milko Van Duzhil (Milko Van Duijl), senior vice president of the company in the region EMEA (Europe / Middle East / Asia). At the head of the work in the emerging markets will Shaopeng Chen (Chen Shaopeng), senior vice president and president of the company in the APR (Asia-Pacific region and Russia). Milko Van Duzhil and Chen Shaopeng will guide the work of the new units from Paris and Beijing, respectively.

As a unit of work in the developed markets will include countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Japan, United States, Western Europe, as well as international clients of the company Lenovo. In the conduct of the work of emerging markets would be Africa and Asia Pacific, China, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Middle East, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey. The countries of Latin America, including Mexico, will directly oversee the Rory Reid (Rory Read), President and Chief Operating Officer of Lenovo, which recently also acting manager of the Americas, Japan, Australia / New Zealand.

Besides, Lenovo announce the changes in industrial structure of the company that will help Lenovo to focus on innovation and improvement of services as business customers and end users. The new Think Product Group will focus mainly on the segment of commercial customers, to build relations with customers, as well as links to the premium market segment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Think Product Group headed by Freni O'Salivan (Fran O'Sullivan), is currently holding the position of senior vice president, Product Group company Lenovo. New Idea Product Group focuses on working with end users, customers of small and medium-sized businesses in both developed and developing markets, as well as entry-level products such as the Lenovo 3000 series notebooks. Idea Product Group headed by Liu Jian (Liu Jun), currently holding the position of Senior Vice President and President of Consumer Business Group company Lenovo.

Canon: 10 million issued DSLR-camera entry-level

Another milestone comes one of the leaders fotorynka. The Company Canon has announced that since the appearance of the model EOS 300D in 2003, saw the light for more than 10 million digital SLR cameras consumer class. Since 2004, this segment of the products of the company always takes the first line in a rating of GfK. The era of leadership began with the camera, Canon EOS 300D, in 2005, first place belonged EOS 350D, in the 2006-meters - EOS 400D, and 2008-m - EOS 450D.

Increased demand for digital SLR cameras consumer class also contributed to an increase in sales volume objectives. Canon EF Series is now the widest and most popular line of lenses for digital SLR cameras: it presents more than 60 models, sold in quantities of more than 40 million copies.

Recall that recently Canon Corporation said 50-year anniversary of SLR cameras, the first of which - Canon Flex - appeared in May 1959. To date, our customers have already found more than 50 million SLR cameras Canon.

Cheap players RoverMedia Aria - in Euroset

The three new MP3-player brand RoverMedia price less than 1000 rubles can be bought only in salons Euroset.

Among the main functions RoverMedia Aria C7 - play audio formats MP3, WMA audio with the effect of 3D, FM-radio (87.5 - 108 MHz), with recording, and voice recorder. In addition, the model has a USB plug that allows you to quickly and easily connect it to your computer and use as flash-memory 2 or 4 GB. Thus, to fill the tracks do not need to use wire-adapter, you can simply connect the C7 to the USB port on your computer.

RoverMedia Aria C7 ensures long even from one battery - up to 12 hours of music playback. Small black-and-orange shell player (92h29h20mm) to mount to the shoelaces, energy-saving LCD display and the available battery (battery type AAA) make use of RoverMedia Aria C7 not only convenient, but also enjoyable.

RoverMedia Aria E3 - is not just a player that supports all major audio and video formats (MP3, WMA, WMV, AVI) with easy touchscreen navigation, touch button, it is a fashionable accessory music. Contrast and bright 1.5 "screen display 65 thousand colors. Thanks to the powerful processor can quick view video without converting the files and photos. The player has to navigate through folders, which allows comfortable and quickly navigate through a music catalog. Embedded 8 / 16 GB of memory enough to store not only a solid music collection, but also a collection of video clips and photos. Player supports an external USB-storage device, so all the important information is always at hand. Enjoy listening to the music built in battery will allow up to 6 hours or watch video of up to 3 hours.

The stylish black and red MP3 player RoverMedia Aria C9 through miniature ergonomic shell with rounded outlines (81 * 30 * 12mm) are pleased to keep in his hand. In addition, the player is easy to manage through 5 elemental joystick. RoverMedia Aria C9 plays major audio file formats - MP3, WMA, WAV, has a built-FM-tuner and voice recorder. The player includes a variety of functions: FM-radio with the possibility of recording, voice recorder, support for ID3-Tag (information that is added to each MP3-file, and contains data on the title track, album, artist name), as well as the function of a flash drive to 2 or 4 GB.

Pocket Navigator 7050 Exclusive

In the market of GPS-navigation, a new model line of Pocket Navigator. This is the third vehicle in the lineup semidyuymovyh devices issued under the name Pocket Navigator (previously released model PN-7000 and PN-7020). Model Name, Pocket Navigator 7050 Exclusive, reflects the nature of the device. The point is that this is the first, according to the manufacturer, GPS-navigator, featuring a screen with color True color (more than 16.7 million colors).

Processor Exclusive Pocket Navigator 7050 is clocked 600 MHz, which allows for quick and comfortable to work with maps and multimedia. You can connect DVD-player and rear-view camera. Navigator is able to play videos and music, not in vain in the device is implemented with external USB-bearers. Although the model and is equipped with polyphonic stereo speakers, the producers took care of the existence of FM-transmitter to broadcast audio to a regular car sound system. All this is complemented by a remote control.

In the Navigator has a navigation program AVTOSPUTNIK, which opened the route not only because of the congestion and traffic rules, accompanied by voice prompts, and is equipped with a smart search. The main advantages are its wide range of interactive services in a private room at, the maximum coverage of Russia (more than 150 cities), more than 100 000 POI (gas stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, ATMs, car, etc.), regularly updated Road POI (cameras, radars, bumps, etc.). Users also can specify more detailed maps of Russia, CIS countries and Europe (soon for sale).


  • Operating system: Windows CE 5.0
  • Processor: 600 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM (RAM), 128 MB ROM (ROM)
  • Display: Diagonal 7 "800h480, True color
  • Connectors memory cards: SD
  • Dimensions: 186 x 120 x 24 mm
  • GPS-receiver: SiRF Star III, up to 20 channels
  • Expansion Slot: 1 slot with support for PSd / MMC / MMCplus / SD, USB-Host
  • Support for standard mini USB technology to connect to the PC
  • Connector for external GPS-antenna
  • Serial port for connection of GPRS-modem for more information about "traffic jams"
  • 1 AV-input for connecting DVD-player (stereo) rear-view camera (mono)
  • FM-transmitter to broadcast audio from the device to the radio, c FM-band
  • Polyphonic stereo speakers
  • Audio
  • Video Player
  • Stereo
  • Hardware Buttons
  • Touch screen / stylus
  • Remote control

Two new Intel Atom processor

At the Beijing IDF, which program because of the economic crisis has been reduced to one day, the company introduced several new products Intel. Thus, celebrating the first anniversary of the issuance of an incredibly popular processor Intel Atom, Intel vice president and general director of Ultra Mobility Group Anand Chandraseher (Anand Chandrasekher) introduced two new processors for mobile Internet devices (Mobile Internet Devices - MIDs).

So, the models were announced Z550 and Z515. Intel Atom Z550 - the most powerful ruler (2 GHz clock speed). It implemented the technology Intel Hyperthreading, allowing to increase productivity in the energy consumption of less than 3 Watts. Intel Atom Z515 supports Intel Burst Performance (BPT), which dynamically controls the clock frequency of the nuclei, depending on current needs.

Also in the report Chandraseher first demonstrated a working platform for the new generation, code-named Moorestown, based on Intel Atom processors and designed for mobile Internet devices. Specialist Intel highlighted the energy potential of this platform, which requires 10 times less power in standby mode compared to a similar platform based on Intel Atom, which is currently in use. This breakthrough was made possible by the fabrication of transistors with dielectrics Hi-k, the development of 45-nanometer manufacturing process and application of new power management technology.

In 2010, the Moorestown platform will be a «system on a chip» (System on Chip, SoC), code-named Lincroft, which incorporate the kernel processor Intel Atom, produced by 45-nm technology, graphics subsystem, memory controller and input / the withdrawal, code-named Langwell. Complementing the platform operating environment with the open source Moblin, manufacturers will have the possibility of creating devices that offer rich opportunities to work on the Internet that are comparable to the capacity of the PC. However, such devices could easily be adapted for mobile voice communications.

Media players iriver P7: best video

Company iriver has announced the release of its new portable media players P7. The device is positioned as the optimal solution in a compact form factor for watching video. Player iriver P7 is equipped with 4.3-inch touch screen and built-media converter, which allows you to convert video into a compatible format directly in the view, therefore, no need to pre-long process of conversion. iriver P7 supported formats MPEG, DivX, RM, RMVB and H.264, as well as audio formats MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, FLAC, APE and WAV. In addition, the model is equipped with an FM-receiver and slot for memory card format MicroSD, and the interface is USB 2.0.

Media players iriver P7 is offered in two versions - with 8 and 16 GB of internal memory. Cost 8-GB model is $ 180, and 16-GB - $ 210.

New 8.1 MP phone Foma P-07A approved by FCC

This week, U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a number of new models of Japanese operator NTT DOCOMO of his future years of the collection. Among them were the model Foma F-08A, manufactured by Fujitsu and the P-07A is powered by Panasonic, which is what would have in their arsenal 8.1 MP camera with autofocus, as well as to support the three GSM / GPRS band (900/1800 / 1900 MHz), two HSDPA (2000/800 MHz), and two UMTS (850/1700 MHz).

Foxconn is preparing a rival Amazon Kindle 2

According to data from insider sources, the Taiwanese company Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is developing its own device for reading electronic books. Reported that it now employs specialists in the field of software that can run on E-book. This message is all the more interesting (and plausible) that Foxconn is the ODM-producing Amazon Kindle e-Book 2. It was presented in February, and it should be noted, quite successfully sold.

Now, Foxconn, according to insiders, is preparing a rival Amazon Kindle 2. No details about the characteristics and timing of release of E-book from Foxconn yet. In addition, the company refused to comment on rumors of the development of their own electronic books.

OS 5.0 on a Curve 8900

Last week from CrackBerry Kevin published a video of the BlackBerry 9630 Niagara displaying its user interface. The OS was running version 4.7.1, and it was a hybrid between the current 4.5 and 4.7 that the Storm is much more careful graphically selecting the drop-down lists of the era such as Storm, with a touch of the trackball is pretended photos ... Now Kevin has released a new video that shows us a Curve 8900 running OS version 5.0, which has the same features graphic version 4.7.1 running at 9630 Niagara:


Hopefully that will not delay in leaving the system update.

Skype on BlackBerry smartphones in May

Las Vegas, Nevada - April 2, 2009 - Skype today announced that the version of SkypeLite, a version of the Skype application for mobile phones, may soon be free to download for BlackBerry ® smartphones. May be available in a beta version for smartphones BlackBerry ® Bold ™ and BlackBerry ® Curve ™, compatible with other future BlackBerry smartphones.

The Lite version of Skype allows you to use the main functions of Skype on BlackBerry smartphones, including:

- Make calls from Skype to other Skype users anywhere in the world
- Send / receive instant messages to / from individuals or groups
- Make calls by taking advantage of low prices of a Skype or mobile phones
- Receive calls to your Skype online number
- See when you are online / available to your contacts from Skype chat

Users of BlackBerry smartphones to download Skype can save money on your calls to landlines and mobile foreigners, besides being connected with friends and family via Skype. Whenever you can use your mobile phone can use the application without the need for a Wi-Fi. Use one time a local call and mobile internet connection to log on to Skype, the list of contacts and their status and to send / receive calls or messages. Therefore, the user must have a calling plan and a data plan to use the Lite version of Skype.

"With Skype on BlackBerry smartphones can do that Skype is available in briefcases and pockets of users of BlackBerry smartphones around the world," says Scott Durchslag, director of operations for Skype. "We heard loud and clear that our users want Skype on any of the smartphones that choose to use. In this way we fulfill our promise of making Skype available in the major smartphones to consumers and mobile professionals can connect to Skype, such as, when and where they wish. "

The Lite version of Skype available to BlackBerry users around the globe. The function call will be available in 10 countries: Australia, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, USA and United Kingdom. The application will be available initially in English other languages added later. Those downloading the beta may provide information on the application through an online survey.

The Lite version of Skype on BlackBerry smartphones is the latest offering from Skype that allows users to talk to Skype wherever they are. Skype recently announced the availability of the Skype application for iPhone, the Lite version of Skype for Android devices with technology and more than 100 mobile phones with Java technology and its strategic partnership with Nokia. Skype has released Skype for Windows Mobile, an application with more than 12 million downloads around the world.

Users of BlackBerry smartphones can download the beta version of Skype Lite for free from early May through using your BlackBerry Browser.

* Costs for the use of the Lite version of Skype:

Your operator will charge the amount corresponding to the time of local call and use of data based on the type of service calls and data plan contract. The Lite version of Skype uses a mobile data connection to log on to Skype, update your contacts list and status, and send / receive messages, so your mobile operator will charge the amount corresponding to the service utilization data. Skype does not charge any amount when you make calls or send instant messages to friends on Skype, but fees may apply from mobile calls in because of the use of local airtime. Skype will apply its usual low rates when making a call to landlines and mobile phones using Skype or receive calls on your mobile phone, whether from other Skype users or people who call from your personal online number. We recommend a plan for unlimited data use the Lite version of Skype. The longer the session, having more contacts or more instant messages send / receive more data will be used.

BlackBerry Storm 2 - Para el 2010

Go ... if we have already said many times that RIM is not, has already reached the 50 million terminals sold and that the sales manager Alain Segond von Banchet says that by the end of 2009 and early 2010 reached a New Storm with a "new way to enter text, the haptic display has not been what we all expected ....

We hope to improve and to stop giving trouble to the users, just you have to go through the forum to see that some are sold ...

Finally we will inform you when we know more things ... and yet look forward to this new device!

User Pearl Flip 8220 for a few days

Perhaps one of the great unknown, so willing to try and test their strengths and virtues I have a BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 for a few days of testing.

Abandoning my current device, a Storm, and I will go with the Pearl Flip 8220 for all the good and bad.

I now appeal to current users of Pearl Flip 8220, tell your tips, your feelings, your despair, what you love and what odiáis him, things that you know and want to share, we will be very useful.

The external display is the second novel in this device. And the fact that folding is a new theme, I've never had before a terminal folding do you acostumbraré?. The SureType keyboard is not new to me, before he had a Pearl 8100.

First impressions, both visual and initial contact has been very positive. One gets the feeling that weighs almost nothing, well in fact if I compare with the Storm, it's like comparing a brick with a pen, gives the impression of being very, very lightweight (102 gr). Your keyboard compared to the Pearl 8100 gives the feeling of being much bigger and wider and therefore more comfortable I guess. The display is also distinguished by their size and in resolution (240 x 320).

So for a few days I will be a user terminal with SureType keyboard. In a few days I count more than the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. So I hope your suggestions.

Amazon App para BlackBerry

Amazon has just announced an application designed for BlackBerry devices which will have its extensive catalog available.

That it will prove the functionality of an image to any object and automatically search the catalog of Amazon products like the picture:


OTA Download:
More Information:


Custodia in Silicone (Apple 3G iPod shuffle) for Proporta

The new iPod Shuffle is really one of the most brilliant and smallest ever created: the extent to half of its predecessor, can hold thousands of songs, and can even talk! Application VoiceOver tells you what song is playing, and pressing a button also tells you who the singer.

An accessory so small must be protected in the best possible way, and then Proporta recommends the enclosure Silicone (Apple 3G iPod shuffle). This mini-custody adheres perfectly to the device, offering superb protection against ultra-thin but bumps and scratches newspapers. Available in red, gray and fuchsia, the enclosure Silicone (Apple iPod Shuffle 3G) allows you to use your iPod directly from within the open access to ports and controls. A brilliant way to protect your jewelry, and proof that there is little nell'accessorio the product good.

And since the market's new technology out there, Proporta has designed to celebrate Easter in style by offering a 15% discount on all products on-line on the very day of Passover.

Blue Xbox 360 and gays in the Microsoft

The Conference Game Developers Conference 2009 company Microsoft intends to submit a new set of developer Blue Tinted Xbox 360. The new girls are 2 times more RAM (up to 1 GB).

Blue Tinted Xbox 360

Developers will be able to «change» for the Blue Tinted Xbox 360 already this summer. Cost devkita is not yet known.

It is difficult to resist, that also does not tell you about a recent scandal involving the company Microsoft. A former designer Jamie Dyurran (Jamie Durrant) filed a court action on Microsoft for £ 45000 in compensation for damage caused by bullying staff. Jamie Dyurran (Jamie Durrant) argues that, after former colleagues learned of his non-traditional orientation, they were constantly on the game and apply to him «fairy Jim» or «blue». The designer was not able to endure it, resigned from the company and did not work 7 months due to depression.

Fritz Chess: The best game of chess now on iPhone

Fritz Chess, the chess game for the PC that beat world champions like Gary Kasparov can now be played on iPhone.


  • many levels of difficulty depending on your level and ELO.
  • recommendations within the game completely customizable
  • suggestions for each step
  • 3 game modes: standard, Blitz for quick matches to be completed within a certain period of time, along with a limited number of moves or time available, no clock to play without any limits.
  • games can be saved and analyzed at a later time

Price 7.99 euros

City Traffic: the social network to avoid traffic on the iPhone

City Traffic and 'an all-Italian project that allows to use the iPhone to avoid traffic and accidents. The program proposes to create a community 'indicates that the traffic accidents or slowdowns around the world in real time.

It is based on the concept of sharing for sending real-time the traffic jam reported by each user across the community 'benefits.


  • signaling event type
  • reporting of gravity '
  • map with all the events in the territory according to our position detected by GPS

Price 0.79 cents.

Rattler: A snake with rattles on the iPhone

Here is a curious that simulates a real snake to rattle.

The snake follows the movements of the fingers on the touchscreen.

Google Voice: VOIP calls over WiFi

Google Voice for iPhone is a VOIP to make calls at low cost or through WiFi or network data.

With Google Voice may be the:

  • call via internet
  • send SMS
  • voicemail
  • route incoming calls as a PBX switchboard.

Currently, the application must be accepted by Apple for the U.S. market. Italy will have to wait and then again for a bit.

Samsung P2370L ultrathin Monitor

The next replenishment Series monitors Samsung Touch of Color.

Model Samsung P2370L, announced last week.

Samsung P2370L uses a new system of lights - instead of the customary lights for fluorescent lamps with cold cathode is used LED backlighting, which gives a more realistic color reproduction and a high level of contrast, the device consumes less power.

Declared level of contrast fantastichen - 2000000:1.

23-inch matrix has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, suitable for watching movies, and games, as well as the stated response time 2 ms (GTG).

The thickness of the display is only 16.5 mm.

Samsung P2370L Deliveries will begin at the end of the first quarter.

Provisional price - 399 dollars.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 was a quiet cooler and GDDR4 memory

Sapphire, elated by success videocards HIS, which are targeted for use in media centers, has decided to consolidate the success and to develop original news for this market niche.

New make a good - Radeon HD 4670 is very low noise at 20 dBA.

Application Type GDDR4 memory has reduced power consumption and heat dissipation. The frequency of memory is 2.2 GHz. The kernel runs on a standard frequency of 750 MHz.

As the Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 GDDR4 is oriented on the market HTPC, it is equipped with an HDMI output in addition to the standard D-Sub and DVI.

New items are already available. In Europe, the price for it begins with palnki 73 euro.

Intel cuts back production, closing businesses and is preparing for cuts

Intel Corporation unveiled its plans to restructure production. The measures are dictated by the financial crisis and the need to «balance output with current market conditions».

In these difficult times, the corporation decided to liquidate some old lines of production.

Particularly emphasized that the cuts would not affect the new line, which produces technology for the 45 and 32 nm.

Intel announced that the 2 companies will be closed for testing assemblies. One company is in Malaysia, the second to the Philippines.

Reported changes affect 5000-6000 jobs. How many people will be forced to look for other jobs yet unknown, because the number of employees the corporation expects to employ at its other plants. Full restructuring should be carried out before the end of the year.

Netbuk from Hewlett-Packard - HP Mini 2140

Hewlett-Packard announced a new release netbuka - HP Mini 2140

HP Mini 2140 - is reported on the official site - this latest addition to the line of miniature laptops companies.

Netbuk works on the basis of processor Intel Atom.

New and interesting so that it can be staffed with 2 GB Memory type DDR2 and 160 GB HDD 7200 (rpm), it is great, and the possibility of greatly improve the attractiveness of this model.

TTH netbuka HP Mini 2140:

- Processor Intel Atom N270 (1.60 GHz)

- 10.1-inch display with LED-backlit

- 2 GB of RAM type DDR2

- HDD 160 GB (5400 or 7200 rpm)

- Graphic chip Mobile Intel GMA 950

- Built in VGA-camera

- Built in module Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth 2.0

- Windows Vista / XP

With regard to the price of HP Mini 2140, it starts from $ 499.

The first photo HTC G2

The network published the first photos of the new communicator HTC G2, which is running OS Google Android.

New HTC G2 becomes thinner, because he was denied the nominated QWERTY-keyboard.

But by and large designed by HTC G2 is not much different from the parent HTC G1.

Also, judging by the pictures HTC G2 and will be equipped with 3.2-megapixel camera.

MacBook change your skin

Company Universal Electronic Accessories (UNIEA) has launched a product called Haptique. This is a hard case for laptop brand Apple MacBook, despite the rigidity case obladae soft and pleasant to the touch surface.

Haptique Covers are made from ABS plastic and are durable enough to protect delicate MacBook, and the surface is too mellow and feelings similar to leather.

Soft inner surface of the shell cover protects the MacBook from scratches while Haptique does not preclude access to all ports of a laptop and do not cover the ventilation otverstiya.Poslednee important because overheating normal for babies.

Advertised price for Haptique for MacBook - $ 59,99. Covers made of different colors - white, black, blue, pink, green and orange. A little later, will launch similar products, but for the MacBook Pro.

Acer Ferrari 1200 - laptop image

Updated series of Acer notebooks elite Ferrari. Innovation is the name of Acer Ferrari 1200.

Notebook represents the third generation of notebooks, and according to tradition the body is made of carbon fiber with the arrangement in the style of «Formula 1».

The heart of new items is a new processor AMD Turion X2 Ultra on a new motherboard with integrated video Mobility Radeon.

The display is equipped with LED backlight, and the greatest possible amount of RAM is DDR2-memory is 4 GB.

Ferrari 1200 is equipped with a webcam and built-supported VoIP-telephony on the Bluetooth-connection, so calls such as Skype and other services is not a problem.

Price has not yet been reported. Sales of the new baby (he has a screen 12 inches), Ferrari 1200 will begin in the UK, and then a laptop will do to the markets of other countries.

Pantech Matrix Pro will be in AT & T

American mobile operator AT & T announced a new communicator called Pantech Matrix Pro.

Communicator powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and is aimed for use in networks GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA (850/1900/2100 MHz).

Pantech Matrix Pro is made in the form factor dual slider.

Pantech Matrix Pro is supplied with 128 megabytes of RAM, 256 MB ROM, 2,4-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, slot for MicroSD memory cards and offers QWERTY-keyboard.

Battery Lithium Polymer 320 mAh capacity of 1, and it is enough for 3 hours of the Pantech Matrix Pro of talk and 10 days of standby.

Dimensions communicator 105, 9 x 50.8 x 21.6 millimeters and weight of 121.9 grams.

February 24, Pantech Matrix Pro will be on sale in the AT & T. Subject to the 2-year contact with the operator of the price will be 179.99 dollars communicator.