TwitterFon: A Twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch

Saturday, April 11, 2009

There are several programs for Twitter client on iPhone. TwitterFon is distinguished by several features:

  • simple search engine
  • good navigation
  • profile of all users
  • clean and simple

Yahoo! The Messenger instant messaging software available in App Store

Yahoo has finally decided and made an excellent messenger on iPhone chefunziona via wi-fi network and data.

Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone allows you to:

  • chat with friends
  • set an avatar
  • set status
  • share photos and links.
  • create accounts within the

Chopper: port operations out of helicopter rescue

Chopper is a very nice game and it's free where you will have to perform rescue missions in various scenarios and weather conditions driving a helicopter. You have to be careful to avoid air-ground missiles fired with bazooka and obstacles of the trail at the base to bring the healthy persons and salve.

Cutting prices for Nintendo Wii?

There will be a price cut for the Nintendo Wii? It seems no ... Nintendo has no plan on a 'hypothetical cuts in selling prices for Nintendo Wii console or in the newborn ISD.

This assertion comes from a number of Japanese companies that has Satoru Iwata continued by announcing the launch of Wii Sports Resort in Japan in June that we will arrive the following month (July).

Wii Sports Resort is the evolving sophistication of Wii Sports, which will among the various games contained inside, to launch the frisbee to a virtual dog, or fencing matches.

Video del Twilight Hack per Firmware 4.0E

Nintendo Wii

Now all the waiting ...

After the firmware update 4.0 by Nintendo, which enables the launching of games / channels directly from SD memory, the SDHC support for memory and up to 32GB but disables the ability to perform Review Twilight Hack that allows us to use the Homebrew channel and our backup copies of games, good news finally arrives ...

TehSkeen comes directly from a video of a hypothetical Exploit that allows you to install The Homebrew Channel directly from SD and then, even the much-sought-Zelda Twilight Princess could no longer be necessary for procedure Hack.

Basically, this exploit loading our SD, going in the settings of our Nintendo Wii console, accessing the data management and selecting the SD memory, the console will ask us if "Run from SD" ... confirming on SI, automatically restarts the console and we install our much desired and hoped Homebrew Channel and then, perhaps in the short, we would have the Twilight Hack for Firmware 4.0 we could now ribatezzare Firmware 4.0 Exploit (not seen by now the need for Zelda Twilight Princess).

MindBerry version 1.0.91

We present you a few days ago a Beta version of MindBerry, it seems that the final version has already seen the light. Better look at the video to know more about her:


You can download a demo from the shop: MindBerry
More information:

Source: Visual mapping

Create avatars for your contacts with iPhone eMees Avatar Creator

Avatar Creator eMees is an application to create avatars for your contacts on iPhone. It has an interface to select and edit the various elements of the face of 'avatar.

You have access to the various accessories (sunglasses, etc.).. Once you have completed the avatars can be sent via e-mail, saving as photos in the library or associate them with contacts on your iPhone.

The application and 'excellent. You can do cartoons pretty accurate reflection of your contacts. The idea and 'like MIIS on Wii.