Leaf Trombone: playing with the iPhone

Thursday, April 16, 2009

By the authors of Ocarina arrives Leaf Trombone application that allows you to play this instrument so much fun and also share your creations.

Just blow into the microphone and move your fingers up and down 'to produce the notes.


Industrial Tablet kompyyuter AAEON RTC-840

Company AAEON Announces Industrial Tablet PC RTC-840. It is equipped with 8.4-inch screen and put in a solid block, protected from water and dust. One side of the display is a digital keypad and programmable function keys. It is anticipated that AAEON RTC-840 will be used in military, transportation and medical sectors, in industry, as well as employees of government or security services. Wherever you may be confronted with adverse weather conditions. On the starting dates of sales and cost of industrial planshetnika yet nothing is reported.

Specifications AAEON RTC-840:
  • Operating System Windows XP Embedded
  • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo ULV U2500 with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz
  • Up to 2 GB of RAM DDRII 533/667 MHz
  • Intel 945GME Chipset
  • 8.4-inch touch display with a resolution of 800x600 pixels
  • Didzhitayzer (optional)
  • Communications - Gigabit Ethernet, modem, 56 Kbps V.92/K56, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / g, Bluetooth 2.0 (optional)
  • Connectors - RS-232, USB2.0x2, MiniUSBx1, for the docking station, microphone, headphone, RJ-45, RJ-11
  • 2.5-inch bay for hard drive or solid state drive
  • Expansion Slot - PCMCIA, Mini Cardx2, CompactFlash
  • Dimensions - 270x184x51 mm
  • Weight - 2.15 kg

Bluetooth-headset Plantronics Voyager 835 postupila in prodazhu

Company Plantronics has announced the release in Russia Bluetooth-headset Plantronics Voyager 835. The main feature of this headset - the existence of three technologies for noise reduction, high clarity and a natural sounding voice in both directions.

The essence of technology Dual-Mic AudioIQ to have two microphones and DSP processor, processing the signals of both microphones and the sound coming from the other person. The first words of the owner takes the microphone headset, the second - is located on the outer side of the device and is intended to capture the various background noises. Both the signal sent to the DSP processor, based on proprietary technology AudioIQ, which is able to almost completely clear voice stream from the background noise.

Additional microphone serves another important role in the headset. Depending on the intensity of the background noise removed this microphone, the processor automatically adjusts the volume level of the dynamics of the headset, making communication in noisy places much more comfortable. Also in headset technology WindSmart - passive protection from the noise generated by wind.

Multipoint technology allows you to use the headset to work immediately with two Bluetooth devices, switching between the touch of a button (for example, with two mobile phones). Function QuickPair makes the process of connecting the headset simple: when you first switch on the headset automatically enters pairing mode.

Voyager 835 is executed in the streamlined body, combines with a gloss black metal frame. Ear hook allows you to wear the headset on both right and left ear, without a sense of discomfort. Talk time is 5 hours and standby times - 7 days (160 hours). Weight is 12 grams of new items. Supported Interface Bluetooth 2.0 EDR.

Thin and light notebook MSI X-Slim X340 officially presented

The company officially introduced the MSI laptop X340 series X-Slim, a detailed description of its capabilities and read out the full list of features. The main feature of MSI X340 is ultrathin, lightweight corpus: its thickness is 6 mm at the thin spot and 20 mm - in the very thick and the weight does not exceed 1.3 kg, together with the battery. MSI pretentious claims that this makes the X340 the most light and thin 13-inch notebook in the world. In addition, the company emphasizes the elegant design of the device: the original shape, pleasant to the touch surface and bright decoration, luminous in the ultraviolet light. As previously reported, the value of MSI X-Slim X340 will be about $ 1000, a laptop will go on sale in May.

Specifications MSI X-Slim X340:
  • Processor Intel Core 2 Solo ULV
  • Operating system Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Chipset Intel GS45 + ICH9M-SFF
  • Display - 13-inch
  • Graphics GMA 4500MDH
  • Memory DDR2 667/800 MHz up to 2 GB
  • 1,3-IP web-camera
  • Communications - LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR (optional), Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g
  • I / O port - HDMI, microphone input / output for headphones, USB 2.0h2, RJ45, D-Sub
  • Card 2-in-1 (SD / SDHC / MMC)
  • 2.5-inch hard drive 250/320/500 GB SATA
  • Optical Drive DVD Super-Multi (external)
  • Battery 4 / 8 items
  • Dimensions - 330h224x6-19, 8 mm
  • Total weight - 1.3 kg (with 4-element battery)

New Audio Steno AU380 from Apacer

The company introduced a new Apacer MP3 Player Audio Steno AU380, combining style and quality sound, at least so alleges producer. This player has a golden body wash, boat-tailed with a 1.1 inch CSTN color screen, which you can view digital images. Activities device while listening to music is determined by a special blue LED illumination LEDs on the main body, where convenience and reliability when carrying the player on a belt, purse or pocket, there is a clip.

AU380 built in FM radio with memory for 30 radio stations, allowing you to listen to and record music at the same time. The seven different equalizer modes allow you to listen to the appropriate mood and taste of music: Pop, Classical, Rock or Jazz.

In the sales model will AU380 capacity 2GB, 4 GB and 8 GB. The set - headphones and built, removable lithium-polymer battery.

Nintendo DSi postupila in prodazhu

In Russia have started selling a new portable game console, Nintendo DSi. She inherited the main features of its predecessor, Nintendo DS, which added new features. Now available to users of the two built-in camera, improved quality of music, increased speed of the internet and the slot with support for memory cards format SD.

Library of more than 1000 games available for Nintendo DS owners DSi - the format of the game cartridge is not changed. As the manufacturer, so far the total worldwide sales of Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi exceeded 100 million copies.

In Russia, the beginning of sales is accompanied by two bonus shares: 1000 points DSiWare as a gift to each kupivshemu Nintendo DSi "and" The second game as a gift. " Each kupivshemu Nintendo DSi and registered in the online store DSiWare 1 September, 2009 to 1000 points is given as a gift. Major applications such as browser Nintendo DSi, can be downloaded free of charge, the rest can be purchased at the feed store for the Nintendo DSi points Nintendo DSi. In addition, until May 31, 2009 while buying a Nintendo DSi, and any game platform for a family of DS user receives a second game as a gift.
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MOTOROKR W6: sports and musical cot

The company Motorola announced a mobile phone in Mexico MOTOROKR W6. As the manufacturer, it is aimed at fans of music and sports. MOTOROKR W6 - this cot middle class. Among its features - 1.3-MP camera, 20 MB internal memory, microSD-slot, as well as interface with the Bluetooth profile A2DP. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the special training software, which will draw up a schedule classes (you can then export the tables in Excel), and stopwatch function.

With regard to musical opportunities MOTOROKR W6, is for quick access to the players and management of special keys. In addition, the unit supports MOTOID, you can find out the name and artist of musical composition. New product will be marketed in Mexico in the near future.

This year in Europe will be issued three Android-smartphone Samsung

As the resource Android Arena, with reference to a reliable source, the company Samsung will release its first mobile operating system Android is already in June. The model will be sold in the European market. In addition, until the end of this year sales in Europe will have two Android-smartphone Samsung.

Details about the characteristics of these models is a source not provided. According to rumors, it would be fine with sensory devices AMOLED-display and a built-5, and 8-MP camera. As already appear renii information from DigiTimes, at least one of the Samsung smartphone will be a single besklaviaturny touch screen-based Qualcomm chipset with support for networks of 3,5 G.

Android 1.5 version has received an improved interface

Developers Android operating system, reported in his blog about the new features of version 1.5 interface. Remember, recently published a test version of Android 1.5 SDK, it can already download and test software. The appearance of the interface Android 1.5, in turn, was slightly reworked and polished. " It now looks the other buttons and lists. For example, this screenshot shows the comparison of the creation of a new contact in Android 1.1, and Android 1.5:

In addition, the minimum size has been modified several components of the interface. For example, change the minimum size of the buttons: the Android 1.1, it was 44x48 pixels, as in Android 1.5 - 24x48 pixels. Therefore, developers should take into account that their application in the updated operating system may look for another way. Android developers also note that version 1.5 has been fixed some interface bugs.