Mastercard issuing ATM Hunter to find the nearest ATMs anywhere in the world

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mastercard has issued a 'free ATM Hunter allows to find the ATMs closest to your location worldwide. A very similar iBancomat but works only for Italy.

The application drawing the immense database mastercard detects your position by GPS and mark all these ATM near you. Now you can filter by several options such as open 24 hours, accessibility for disabled people etc. ..

You can also filter the list by name the bank. For every ATM you can see the distance, the exact address and all of the dell'ATM. E 'possible to locate the ATM on Google maps and even the' road route to be followed to reach it.

E 'can also search for an ATM according to a precise address in the world.

Excellent also the search function of ATMs around airports. Just enter the IATA code eg JFK and application will provide you with all the cash inside or near the main airport in New York.

Preview Video 7 Days of Apocalypse: 3D shooter

7 Days of Apocalypse is a 3D game in first person shooters.


  • intense 3D action
  • many different types of weapons: from the rifle saw.
  • Survival mode
  • different views
  • self-point game

History offr 7 days (levels) with different goals increasingly difficult.

The price should be 1.56 euros.

Here is the introductory video:


Notebook Cooler NC-09 from Lian-Li

Taiwanese company Lian Li Industrial has released a cooling stand, notebook cooler for the NC-09. Case cooler is made of anodized aluminum in black and has a large 220-mm silent fan with LED backlight and a steel mesh, which provides additional air flow under the laptop.

Cooler has two USB-connector and the miniUSB connector, which can be used for charging and power supply as the most base, and connected to the device.

Stand NC-09 has three levels of height adjustment. Smooth the main panel can be conveniently placed on a flat surface or even on his knees. NC-09 is well suited for use with laptops Class High End. NC-09 was designed for laptops with a diagonal of 12.1, 14, 15 and 17 inches. It was expected that NC-09 will go on sale in late May and it will cost about $ 70.

iGuerilla: adventure shooters in Africa

iGuerilla and 'a game similar to Metal Gear, where you must eliminate as many enemies as possible. Your objective is to kill all "terrorists" and threats that exist in some parts of Africa.

The game consists of 9 missions, where the number of enemies will increase gradually.

As for the atmosphere of the game, you can appreciate the use of certain sounds to immerse the player in a country at war.

The game is aimed at people who enjoy the 'adventure and the "shooters." But before any decision can try the Lite version which is available here [AppStore].

Otherwise you can find the version of iGuerilla on AppStore at this [link] to € 0.79 on the iPhone and iTouch.