QuickOffice: easily manipulate Word and Excel files on the iPhone

Sunday, April 19, 2009

QuickOffice is available now in App Store, offering a suite for manipulating Microsoft Office files.

It consists of 3 elements:

  • Quickword that allows creating, viewing and editing documents in Microsoft Word format.
  • Quicksheet that allows the creation, viewing and editing documents in Microsoft Excel.
  • Files QuickOffice which allows the transfer of files between an iPhone / iPod Touch and a desktop computer, and viewing of PDF documents and Powerpoint.

Here is a review of QuickOffice vide:


Website producer

Price 15.99 Euro

Who has the biggest brain?: The famous game of Facebook on the iPhone

Who has the biggest brain (Who is the biggest brain) is one of the most popular games on Facebook Platform that allows you to compare the size of your brain with your friends. In particular, Who has the biggest brain is a series of visual quiz that can test your cognitive abilities in all forms:
  • memory,
  • Intellectual speed

There are 25 mini-games, 12 different types of brains and levels to unlock.

The concept is very well developed and executed, with animations that give the game a certain character.

Finally, compare the size of your brain with that of your friends (via Facebook Connect - a little 'slow and laborious to say the truth), it is a pleasure and is very funny .. Available for iPhone and iPod Touch at a price of 0.79 euros

RunKeeper track your sports activities in real-time voice feedback

RunKeeper is a very useful tuttigli sport that uses GPS to track your sports activities. The special features compared to other similar applications such MotionX-GPS version that contains the fee even voice feedback in real time. It means that you can use headphones without the need every minute to see the display.

You can view many real-time information:

  • Duration of the trip / activity
  • Distance
  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • vs altitude / speed
  • walking path on the map

Available in 2 versions:

  • Pro: no ads, voice feedback of mileage and time spent. Price 0.79 euros.
  • Free with ads, no voice feedack.

Other features:

  • Viewing the route on the map and history of their races / activities on the iPhone via Web or creating an account on the site
  • There is also the chance to share performances with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • simulate a race already in place for several minutes to see your performance by clicking on the bars of a histogram.

runkeeper pro download

Developer Runkeeper run the marathon in Boston dressed up as iPhone

What there is to do marketing of its iPhone application?

Jason Jacobs will run the Boston Marathon (April 20 2009) dressed as a iPhone with its application Runkeeper loaded on the screen.

Runkeeper is an application that tracks your trips and sports activities in real time.

This will make our hero to finish the marathon?

Here is the preparation to the event.

via mashable