Samsung patented aromatized mobile phone

Monday, April 20, 2009

Samsung Company filed in the Patent Office an application describing the mobile device with odor. The technology provides for the existence of the phone tapes with special flavors. And the smell is beginning to spread under the influence of the friction of one part of the hull flavored tape. Thus, this method is suitable only for machines designed to accommodate the moving elements, or, in other words, disclosure mechanisms - folding beds and sliders. For aromatic monoblocks, obviously, would have to invent something else.

It is unclear whether the company Samsung will soon release a commercial product based on this development or it will remain only on paper, as well as many other patents. But, quite possibly, the day will come when the stores will be Samsung phones with a floral aroma, the smell of pine needles, sea freshness and others - for every taste.

Waterproof phone solar from Sharp

Japanese operator au KDDI today disclosed partial information about its future mobile phone models manufactured by Sharp, which will go down in the summer collection of mobile phone operator.

The main advantage of this phone, made under the program "Green Road Project" and has a folding form factor - the existence of the shell and waterproof solar panels that provide the phone while in the sun for 10 minutes additional minutes of talk for its owner.

LitPhone: phone proektorom from SCT Optronics

In Hong Kong, from 13 to 16 April, the exhibition Hong Kong Electronics Fair. There, a Chinese company SCT Optronics has demonstrated a mobile phone LitPhone. This is a device for cellular networks GSM, it is equipped with touch screen and built-projector. In addition, the model supports the Chinese standard CMMB digital mobile TV and is equipped with a slot for memory cards format miniSD. Dimensions LitPhone constitute 122,4 x59, 2x21, 1 mm, and weight - 190 grams. The cost of the device for OEM-partners is $ 250 when ordering a batch of 1000 pieces.

Together with SCT Optronics Company LitPhone presented PCLit, ultra-projector, which creates an image from your computer via USB-interface. The device has no built-battery, its power is also via USB-interface. Images from such a miniature projector can also be used instead of an additional display, displaying a picture that is different from the one that shows a computer display. SCT Optronics projector designed with the use of technology LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon).

Panasonic provides a professional line of products for 3D video

The company Panasonic has announced the beginning of the development of its line of professional products for creating and playing three-dimensional Full-HD video. This system, which will be the first of its kind, will include dvuhobektivnuyu professional P2 camera and compatible with the 3D plasma display. The concept of this system, the company will demonstrate at NAB 2009 exhibition, which opens today in Las Vegas (USA).

According to the Panasonic, in conjunction with the Hollywood studios, which create 3D entertainment content, she successfully made her debut at the CEATEC exhibition in September last year (Japan) for its 3D Full-HD home cinema system, which included a plasma display and the player is based on technology Blu-ray Disc. In addition, Panasonic has established a Center for Contemporary authoring (Advanced Authoring Center), in its Hollywood laboratory, designed to help Hollywood studios in the creation of 3D Full-HD Blu-ray discs.

Also, the Japanese manufacturer said that currently requires the production of three films from their creators a lot more time and effort in contrast to the conventional, and for the establishment of the content they have to deal with their own adaptation of existing 2D video systems by 3D imaging. This is just the new Panasonic and must solve this problem, with rapid control of the quality of captured material.

iMetro: global maps of meters on the iPhone

iMetro and 'application for major tenants: contains maps of 28 major metro cities' of the world.

Here are all the cities' support:

  • USA - Washington, Chicago
  • Italy - Rome
  • Grèce - Athènes
  • France - Paris
  • China - Beijing / Pékin
  • Espagne - Barcelone
  • Pologne - Varsovie (Warsaw)
  • UK - London
  • Czech Republic - Prague
  • Finland - Helsinki
  • Russie - Moscou (Moscow), Saint-Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Volgograd
  • Belarus - Minsk
  • Ukraine - Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoi Rog
  • Azerbaijan - Baku (Baku)
  • Armenia - Yerevan (Yerevan)
  • Georgia - Tbilisi (Tbilisi)
  • Ouzbékistan - Tachkent (Tashkent)

The application lets in a few simple steps to select the map and zoom in at will. price 3.99 euro

Fujitsu will make self-destructing USB

Japanese company Fujitsu announced the development of its two new technologies aimed at preventing unwanted disclosure of data stored on various types of external storage devices with USB interface. One of these technologies is aimed at the destruction of information stored on the device after a certain time, and the second - to ensure that confidential files from the device will be recorded only on certain servers. The application of these technologies, according to the manufacturer, will create a safe environment within the enterprise using external USB storage media, leaving the possibility of easy exchange of information, and at the same time - have an adequate level of safety in case of loss, theft or misuse of the data carriers.

The prototype of such a device, developed by Fujitsu, for what would be the first to translate the technology into practice, embedded in a separate processor and battery. After some time, if such a device was inserted in unauthorized computer, all data stored on it will be deleted. The essence is the second technology is that to avoid "drain" of sensitive information, making data "exist" only on the storage device, or on certain servers, preventing the accidental or deliberate leakage of information.

May 11, will be submitted to SDK for Windows Mobile 6.5?

According to a report in the blog developers Windows Mobile, May 11, may be submitted for application development kit (SDK) for the operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. May 11, will host Tech Ed 2009 conference, aimed, mainly at software developers. As reported in my blog, at Tech Ed 2009 conference, Stephanie Ferguson (Stephanie Ferguson), General Manager Business Experiences unit direction Microsoft Mobile Communications Business will hold a presentation of Windows Mobile 6.5.

However, the announcement of updated operating system has already taken place in February and the first mobile device based on version 6.5 will be released, likely not until September of this year. So, presumably, is the presentation of SDK and possibly Emulator Windows Mobile 6.5. No details of what will be demonstrated at Tech Ed 2009, has not yet been reported.

Head of Sony Ericsson: the establishment of Android-smartphone will take time

According to the Reuters agency, referring to General Director of Sony Ericsson Hideki Komiyamu (Hideki Komiyama), Android-smartphone this supplier is unlikely to be expected in the near future. Remember, at the end of last year, we already wrote that Sony Ericsson joined the Open Handset Alliance and announced its plans to produce models based on Android. Company representative Bryuzevits Gustaf (Gustaf Brusewitz) reported then that the unit will be the summer of 2009.

However, in a recent interview with Reuters the general director of Sony Ericsson was more cautious in the statements. He recognized the dignity of the operating system, Android, and said that one day the mobile device based on it will be released by. However, the assessment of the profitability of the business, a survey of users, developing and testing devices require a lot of time, concluded Komiyama. It is possible that this summer release Android-smartphone Sony Ericsson has not yet been held.

LG Viewty Smart: high kamerafon new generation

The company officially introduced the LG Viewty Smart mobile phone or LG-GC900. This besklaviaturny single sensor with a fully managed, facilitated by 3-inch touch display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels and a three-dimensional interface of S-Class for tactile control. Like his predecessor, he is oriented to a greater extent on the picture. The unit has a built-8-MP camera, which supports functions such as recognition of individuals in the picture, shooting under low lighting conditions (ISO 1600), geotegirovanie, several shooting modes, video recording as a DVD. Intelligent Shot mode makes it possible to obtain high-quality photos, given the shooting conditions.

Complete list of features LG Viewty Smart did not provide. However, it mentions support for HSDPA (data transfer rate up to 7.2 Mbps) and Wi-Fi, embedded GPS-receiver, the embedded memory and 1.5 Gb microSD-slot (supports cards up to 32 GB). The device, moreover, is a small thickness - just 12.4 mm. 8-MOP kamerafon LG Viewty Smart will go on sale in Europe in May. After that novelty will be released in other countries.