Top 10 - Top phones in April

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Swedish company Krusell, which is engaged in the production of covers for the portable electronics, has published rating the most popular mobile phones of April. Traditionally, a dozen is based on sales of covers for mobile devices. Krusell said that data collected from 50 countries from all six continents. The more blankets for the device purchased, the more popular it is considered in the rating Krusell.

Top 10 best-selling mobile version Krusell (in parentheses indicate position in the past month):
  1. (2) Nokia 3109
  2. (1) Samsung SGH-i900/i910 Omnia
  3. (8) Nokia 5800
  4. (5) Nokia E71
  5. (4) HTC Touch HD
  6. (7) Nokia 3120
  7. (3) Nokia 6300
  8. (6) Nokia E51
  9. (-) Sony Ericsson C702
  10. (-) Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia

Commenting on the latest top ten, chapter Krusell Ulf Sandberg (Ulf Sandberg) noted that 6 out of 10 devices - devices that Nokia. This is a strong brand in many markets. At the same time, quite unexpectedly to see in the first position is a simple model of Nokia 3109. This is a phone, not a smartphone or a communicator, even though it is usually such devices, users prefer to protect cover. Although, according to Sandberg, most recently on the list have increasingly appeared budgetary decisions. Interesting that the last two positions in the April dozen models took Krusell Sony Ericsson, which in the March ratings were not provided.

Camera zoom: zoom up to 4x zoom of the iPhone

Zoom camera offers a digital zoom up to 4x. Can 'be a good alternative to the optical zoom for iPhone 6x.

The application allows you to have a 'real-time preview of the result thanks to the bar that adjusts the zoom and the ability' to zoom in on points of the dit a. In addition to shoot and 'enough to press on any point of the display.

Here is the operation in this video:

LG GB125 - compact cot

Company LG Electronics announced that Russia's announcement of new mobile phone LG GB125. Building new items is an interesting mix of matte and glossy materials: the external panel of the folding phone colors beige metallic successfully combined with the internal dark brown finish. Bright blue backlight provides clear markings on the buttons.

LG GB125 has a complete set of necessary functions. There is a notebook with 300 rooms, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, stopwatch, currency converter, the definition of time, depending on the time zone. Ability to set the OSD menu in many ways facilitates the management of keys shortcuts. LED-indicator, located on the outer panel informs about incoming calls or messages. The external speaker allows you to enjoy listening without headphones favorite radio.


  • Dimensions: 97 x 45 x 19 mm;
  • Battery: 1000 mAh;
  • Time autonomous work: 400 hours standby, 4 hours of talk;
  • Display: 1,5 "CSTN;
  • Memory: 1 MB;
  • Download JAVA (version): MIDP 2.0;
  • Predictive input (Russian): T9;
  • Price: 2290 rub.

Plantronics Voyager PRO - funktsionalynaya Bluetooth-headset

The company introduced the new Plantronics Bluetooth headset - Voyager PRO. According to the manufacturer, first introduced in the new technology AudioIQ, which is the next generation of proprietary technology AudioIQ, implementing a digital sound processing - DSP. AudioIQ ² processed signal by removing extraneous noise, including wind noise, and provides a clear audible and natural sounding voices for you and your interlocutor.

With the Multipoint, the headset can be connected simultaneously to the two mobile phones, allowing you to easily switch between devices and not miss a single call. Voyager PRO works up to 6 hours of talktime and up to 5 days in standby mode.

Start selling new items on the territory of Russia is expected in the 3 quarter of 2009, the price is not yet known.

Acer million smartphones in 2010

Despite the difficult economic situation in the world, sales of smart phones do not fall. This is largely due to an increase in popularity of smartphones - more and more users prefer to buy mnogofukntsionalnoe device instead of the usual phone. That's the company Acer with optimism in the future, hoping the next year to cross the mark of 1 million set by the market of smartphones.

Such plans said the head of the mobile unit company. The company intends to take in the future, 6-7% of the world market of smartphones. In 2011, the mobile unit must provide 10% of total sales. Regarding the plans for this year, the producer is going to 700-800 thousand smartphones.

The new MP3-player iriver E50

Company iriver introduced a novelty in the elegant thin metal case - iriver E50. The main feature of Iriver E50 - so 52 hours of continuous high-quality playback of music in lossless-format. Supported formats: MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, WMA, SMV, as well as JPEG, BMP, and GIF.

Novelty is equipped with a 1.8-inch display with a resolution 176h220 points, displays 262 thousand colors, FM-tuner, voice recorder and microphone. Player Management System is implemented through the usual iriver D-Click - the front of the appliance is an easy-to-use navigation key for the administration menu.

New product is available in two versions: with memory 2 and 4 GB. The estimated retail price of new items to the memory 2 GB - $ 90, with memory 4 GB - $ 105.

The Russian market player to appear in the May 2009 year.

- Memory: 2 / 4 GB.
- Size: 38.8mm * 88.0 * 7.7 mm.
- Weight: 40.2 grams.
- Interface: USB 2.0
- Time autonomous work: 52 hours when listening to music and 5 hours when watching video.
- Display: 1.8 inch (TFT LCD)
- Resolution: 176 * 220.
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
- Audio: MP3, APE / FLAC, WAV, WMA
- Video: SMV
- Photo: JPEG, BMP

Nero Gold: a new smartphone from Bellperre with gold or silver buttons

Company Bellperre presented a smartphone in a new design - Nero Gold. The model is in black steel casing with a finish of black alligator skin from the back and buttons of polished gold or silver. The device is running Windows Mobile 6. Among its features - Support for second-generation networks, 2-inch display with a resolution 176h220 points coating sapphire glass interface Bluetooth (with the profile A2DP). Dimensions Nero Gold account 100x44x15, 5 mm, weight - 120 grams.

Price smartphone Bellperre Nero Gold will be 1620 or 1180 euro, depending on the selected modifications (with silver or gold buttons). Besides Nero Gold, in a collection of smartphones from a luxury Bellperre there are many different solutions with leather trim different colors and types, using various expensive metals and 6 kinds of precious stones.

Canon holds the largest number of patents in the field of digital photos

According to Japanese Patent Organization, more than 80% of patents in the field of digital cameras owned by Japanese companies. This is a DSLR, compact cameras, camcorder and mobile phones, as well as specialized medical cameras. Thus, for the period from 1998 to 2006 he was granted 32,804 patents in the field of digital photos, and 83.5% were Japanese companies. If we talk only about a SLR-cameras, the figure is even more impressive - 98.4%.

Most of all patents obtained by Canon (4544), then goes Fujifilm (4067), Olympus (2894), Sony (2609), Konica Minolta (1772), Nikon (1536), Casio (1389), Panasonic (1199), Hoya ( 1137) and Ricoh (1040). If we talk about companies from other countries, it is possible to Samsung (11 seats), HP (12 seat), Kodak (14 seats).

Release Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 is not far off

It became known that Sony Ericsson is now working on a new Communicator Xperia X2. This was mentioned in his interviews (among other applications), the head of the company Skyhook Ted Morgan (Ted Morgan). Skyhook Wireless is engaged in the production of base stations (WPS). Ted Morgan said that "communicator Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 (based on Windows Mobile) geolokatsionnye uses data from Google".

Thus, it is clear that the second model series Xperia already developed and it is based on the operating system, Windows Mobile (probably version 6.5). Previously, it was assumed that Xperia X2 can be built on Android. At the same time, there is no certainty about the characteristics and timing of the release apparatus. Perhaps these data will also be available in the near future. It is hoped that the issue of Communicator by the end of the year.

Android-smartphone HTC Magic already sold in Spain

Began selling the second smartphone based on Android operating system from HTC. Model HTC Magic is out now in Spain, where he was spread on an exclusive basis is the operator Vodafone. While the new can be found in the company's online store, and next week will be in sales.

Earlier reported that sales of HTC Magic will start in Britain on May 5. It was assumed that this is the first country, which will be available new, but first, Vodafone decided to please the Spanish people. The cost of a smartphone in Spain starting from Euro 19 and reached 199 euros, depending on the chosen method of connection. The value of the minimum mandatory service plan for this model is 12 euro per month. In Britain, by the way, the minimum value of 0 will be HTC Magic euro, but obviously with a fairly expensive rate in the set.

The operator KTF has developed a 1-GB USIM-card

KTF, the second largest mobile operator in South Korea, announced the creation of a USIM-card (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) high capacity. Such cards are used in mobile phones that support 3G networks, instead of the traditional SIM-cards. The decision of KTF to store large amounts of data without using an additional memory card. The company has developed 256-Mb and 512-MB USIM-cards, in the future, the memory will be increased to 1 GB. Commercial production USIM 256-Mb and 512-MB is expected in the second half of this year, and 1-GB version will appear later.

At the USIM can be used to store not only phone book, and other personal data, as well as music, games and the like. If you change the mobile phone USIM, of course, you can move to the transfer of all information. USIM, according to KTF, interacts with the device in more than 100 times faster than conventional flash cards.

Genius introduced a new compact HD camcorder

Company KYE Systems Corp., Which produces products under the brand Genius, introduced another compact camera G-Shot HD520, to shoot video in HD resolution (5 MP format MPEG-4/H.264) and pictures with a resolution of 11 MP.

This model, which is the words of the manufacturer, is a convenient and easy with her, and is ideal for creating video and photographic material at any time and anywhere: whether it's summer vacation in nature, or family celebrations. G-Shot HD520 supports OS Windows (Vista/XP/2000) and Mac (OS10 or higher), equipped with, in addition to the above and still turning (at 270 ⁰) bright 2.5-inch LCD screens manufactured by technology LTPS.

In addition, new technology has found people in the frame, Z-Lighting (to increase the level of brightness in a poorly lit field), an electronic image stabilizer, 32 MB internal memory, which can be expanded HCSD memory cards up to 8 GB. Additionally, the HD520 has a HDMI output.

The price at which the manufacturer wants to sell the G-Shot HD520, equals $ 149.

Ultra Notebook Averatec N2700, already on sale

TriGem Company announced the release of the U.S. compact laptop Averatec N2700. This Ultra model with a 12-inch display. As the manufacturer, the model is more mobile than larger notebooks, but its performance was sufficient to perform basic operational and recreational activities such as playing music and video, Internet access, work with records and e-mail. Averatec N2700, focused mainly on students and business users. Its recommended price is $ 699.

Specifications Averatec N2700:
  • 12.1-inch display with WXGA resolution
  • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 with clock frequency of 2 GHz
  • Chipset Intel GM45
  • Graphics Intel GMA X4500HD
  • Operating system Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 4 GB RAM DDR2
  • 250-GB hard disk
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / g
  • 1,3-IP web-camera
  • Optical drive Super Multi 8X DVD / CD
  • 2.0h3 USB, IEEE 1384, microphone input, headphone out, VGA, RJ45, card reader 4-in-1 (MS / MS PRO / MMC / SD)
  • Dimensions - 295x226h30, 5 mm
  • Weight - 1.8 kg

HP ProBook: new line of business notebooks

The company announced a new series of HP laptops for business - ProBook. According to her, it is convenient and reliable notebook with a number of specialized functions that will please business users. In doing so, the cost model will be quite affordable. Also, and this underlines the manufacturer, the components of notebook PCs HP ProBook does not include mercury. Also, these models are characterized by innovative design of the keyboard: it is large enough size and buttons, located at increasing distances from each other and raised above the surface. This design is more convenient for typing and less prone to contamination, as in the case of dust or dirt, its easier to clean.

In addition, some model series are equipped with wireless adapter ProBook Qualcomm Gobi, which can connect to different networks of various mobile broadband operators. Laptops ProBook come with a preloaded operating system Windows Vista (available daungreyd to XP), or Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, as well as special software from HP, simplify and make safe to work with corporate information.

In a series of ProBook includes models with 14, 15.6 and 17.3-inch displays. Notebooks HP ProBook 4410s and 4415s are equipped with a display diagonal of 14 inches, optical drives (proposed option Blu-ray), graphics, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 or Intel GMA X4500 HD, wireless adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (optional). Devices equipped with HDMI-connectors and processors based on Intel (4410s) and AMD (4415s). HP ProBook 4510s and 4515s, in turn, are equipped with 15.6-inch displays. The keypad of these models includes a digital module. 4510s laptop processors based on Intel, and 4515s - AMD. Realized to the various wireless options.

And finally, older model HP ProBook 4710s is equipped with 17.3-inch display, video card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 with 512 MB GDDR2, based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processors and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (optional). HDMI-port and a digital keypad module is also present. It is also worth noting that all laptops HP ProBook support up to 8 GB of RAM and hard drive are supplied with different capacity. The devices can already be bought in the United States at a cost of $ 529.

Wireless stereo Sony DR-BT100CX and DR-BT101 with Noise Reduction

The European division of Sony has announced the release of new Bluetooth-Stereo DR-BT100CX and DR-BT101. Model DR-BT100CX - this is the decision to insert a miniature earphones (used 9-mm neodymium speakers) and the clip that attaches to clothing, there are control buttons. Sony notes that the DR-BT100CX may be the best complement to a compact mobile phone or MP3-PLERIN. The headset provides up to 8 hours without recharging in playback mode (charge the accessory is available with USB). The device is completed with silicone inserts of three different sizes.

Sony DR-BT101, in turn, is a nagolovnuyu model with 30-mm neodymium drivers. This headset is designed primarily for listening to music, and provides high quality transmission of sound. It may work out to 12 hours of audio playback on one battery charge. Both headsets support Bluetooth 2.1 interface with profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP. In addition, the DR-BT100CX and DR-BT101 implemented Sony technology suppression of ambient noise and echo effect, which ensures clean voice. In both sets we can keep a provisional booking on a European online company store.

Budget slider from Motorola W7 sports bias

The network has information about a new mobile phone Motorola W7. This entry-level slider, intended, apparently, for a new network of third-generation Chinese operator China Unicom. It is quite possible, judging by the somewhat unusual design, which Motorola W7 is water telephones, aimed at fans of sports and active recreation. Sales of the device in China to start in May. A value system and its possible occurrence in other markets, except China, the information yet.

Specifications Motorola W7:
  • 2.2-inch display with QVGA resolution
  • 2-MP camera
  • Front camera for videophone
  • FM-radio
  • Music player
  • MicroSD-slot

The new strategy of Nokia to develop services

The company Nokia today announced its plans to change the strategy unit to develop services, which is in closer cooperation with third parties, and narrowing the range of initiatives, which the company operates. All this should, according to Nokia, except for more opportunities for third-party companies to create better and more simple in terms of interaction with their own projects. As part of the announced changes, all mobile games are now available on-line service companies - Ovi Store in addition to existing marketing channels.

These changes, as the Finnish manufacturer of mobile phones will help it reduce costs in some of its activities and thus to rationalize the work of many of its service units. Reorganization will also be subjected to and the IT sector companies which will be followed by reductions of approximately 450 employees worldwide.