LG GT810H - thin smartphone with touch screen

Friday, May 1, 2009

The official site of LG Electronics introduced a new smartphone based on the operating system Windows Mobile. New remarkable large 3 "touch screen (240h400 points), support for HSDPA, 3-MP camera and a compact size - 106,95 x 55 x 13,9 mm. LG GT810H will be debuted on the U.S. market, however an exact date has not yet been named.

256 MB of flash memory can be expanded via Micro SD memory cards up to 8 GB. Also worth noting support for Wi-Fi, Blutooth, FM-radio and light smartphone - only 105 grams.

ICY BOX IB-224StU-B: a stylish case for mobile storage

The company introduced Raidsonic ICY BOX IB-224StU-B, housing for 2.5-inch SATA hard drives with interface USB. News from ICY BOX - this is an external drive, is entirely consistent with the definition of "elegant accessory business, thanks to light aluminum case with decorative overlays of leather. IB-224StU-B is designed to work with any 2.5-inch SATA hard disks up to 9.5 mm. With it you can carry in your pocket of up to 500 GB of information.

According to the manufacturer, the use of a modern chipset Sunplus SPIF225A allowing developers new drive ICY BOX to put into practice all the advantages interface USB 2.0: the exchange of data at speeds up to 480 Mbps, backward compatible with standard USB 1.1; support for "hot" connection; bezdrayvernuyu Plug & Play with systems that are running Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and MAC OS versions older than 9.1.

Among the undoubted advantages of the new IB-224StU-B also include silent operation - through the use of passive cooling system with fans, as well as food storage directly through a cable USB, which eliminates the need for an autonomous power source. For the convenience of the user drive is equipped with a LED to provide visual control of the process of connecting and transferring data.

Rumors: Palm is developing a new communicator based WebOS

The network has information that the company is preparing a new Palm Communicator platform WebOS. Details on the form factor and features news source has not yet been provided. We know only that the model will be more compact, the source of "baptized" her Mini-Pre. The rest can only speculate: is the new WebOS-communicator besklaviaturnym solution, or is equipped with a hardware keyboard, what are its functional capabilities, etc.

Remember, while Palm has announced only one communicator is running WebOS - Palm Pre. It is to be nominated by the bottom slider QWERTY-keyboard in the opened state of the receiving curved shape. Among its features - the touch screen with support for multi-touch, 3-MP camera, GPS-receiver, Bluetooth wireless and Wi-Fi. Sales of Palm Pre, probably will start closer to June. And just a few months on the market, you may receive a new device based WebOS.

The head of the mobile unit Motorola confirmed release Android-smartphone

We already mentioned in the news that the network appeared rumors of several Android-Smartphones Motorola, which is now ready for release. And now, during the last quarter announcement, the head of Motorola Mobile Devices unit Sanjay Jha (Sannjay Jha), in fact, confirmed the release of these devices to the holiday season later this year. According to Sanjay Jha, the company plans to present various models that are running Android in the fourth quarter. Thus, at least two devices may be released in November.

Based on preliminary information is already known, the first Motorola smartphones based on Android will be Calgary and Ironman. The first one was made in the style of Sidekick, and the second - a vertical slider with a sliding QWERTY-keyboard. It is possible, thanks to innovations based on Android, the company Motorola will be able to further improve its financial performance, which in the first quarter of this year has become less a failure than before.