On the Russian market is Acer X960 - the first smartphone line of Tempo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Acer Inc. announced the start of sales on the Russian market Acer X960, the first line of Acer Tempo compact multifunctional smartphone based operating system Windows Mobile, equipped (as claimed proivzoditel) intuitive user interface Acer, a fast updates Acer Notification Manager and user-friendly control system with through your fingers.

Casing Acer UI is a draw the desktop, which are located in a variety of widgets, usually present at this, the non-virtual desktop. All the elements are active: you can move and arrange in a user-friendly place and order on the table for quick access to frequently used functions.

According to the manufacturer, Acer X960 - multifunction smartphone, designed for those who need different communication functions, but does not want to carry multiple devices. 2.8-inch VGA touch screen with high resolution and navigation key make it easy to find the desired application. Pre-program Microsoft Outlook Mobile and Office mobile gives quick access to e-mail and makes it easy to open and read the attached files.

Built-in GPS device module enables easy navigation with software from the respective manufacturers. In Acer X960 has a 3.2-megapixel VGA camera with autofocus and flash, and camera for video conferencing on the front panel. X960 is a stylish design in black and silver colors.

Acer X960 smartphone already entered the market in the Russian retail chains on the recommended price of 17 990 rubles.

Motorola Heron and Sawgrass: vertical sliders with QWERTY

The company Motorola is also preparing for the AT & T, two new items. And both are implemented in the form factor of a vertical slider with a sliding QWERTY-keyboard. The first model is called the Heron, before it appeared in the rumor as Iron Man. As expected, the device is based on a software platform Android. It is equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen, GPS-receiver, 3 MP camera, microSD-slot, and supports the network of 3G (including HSDPA and HSUPA), as well as the Bluetooth interface and USB. Start selling Motorola Heron is scheduled for November 2.

The second device is called Sawgrass. The shape of the shell, it resembles a well-known already rumored Motorola Alexander. However, it is likely that different models, because Alexander is based on Windows Mobile, and in the specification Sawgrass this operating system is not mentioned, as well as no mention is made, and Android. Among the features of Motorola Sawgrass - 2,4-inch QVGA-display, 2 MP camera, network, 3G/HSDPA, interface Bluetooth, AGPS and slot microSD. The date of issue of roadmape stated on April 13, but the novelty has not yet been released, probably it will be presented later.

Q-Sound - Bluetooth-headset with solar panels

The topic of alternative energy sources for mobile devices is still valid. On the market there, for example, audio, working on solar energy, but the number of such products is very low. Another device introduced Romanian designer Stephen Shepeleff (Shepeleff Stephen) - is a wireless Bluetooth-headphones are equipped with solar panels.

Headphones called Q-Sound has a stylish appearance and can be used with any player or mobile phone that supports Bluetooth. In addition, it is possible to connect wired devices through conventional audio with 3.5-mm jack.

Q-Sound equipped with two removable nickel-metal battery capacity 800 mAh, and can provide up to 40 hours of uninterrupted operation. In addition, one hour of headphones in direct sunlight, enough for nearly three hours of the headphones.

Information that will be interesting whether the development of the Romanian design into serial production, are not yet available.

In the list of new models of Japanese operator au KDDI, which was today presented to them in the announcement of its summer collection of mobile phon

In the list of new models of Japanese operator au KDDI, which was today presented to them in the announcement of its summer collection of mobile phones, there is a phone Sportio water beat, produced by Sharp. This model is implemented in the form factor bezklaviaturnogo "monoblock" with full touch control.

However, sensor management is not the only "feature" of the phone - he also has a small size and weight (the keyboard does not), sports oriented, thanks to waterproof shell and a variety of sporting functions, based on the use of the accelerometer and GPS navigation.

Other specifications Sportio water beat:

  • Dimensions: 51h98h14, 8 mm
  • Weight: 108 gr.
  • Main display: touch-sensitive 3-inch, NEW Mobile ASV, permission 480h854 points, showing more than 262 thousand colors
  • Camera: CMOS (CMOS), 3.2 MP autofocus with, the image stabilizer
  • Memory: 900 MB available to user, support for microSD memory cards (up to 2 GB)
  • Support for GPS navigation
  • Built-in digital TV tuner (one-segment)
  • Communications: Bluetooth, Infrared
  • Water: IPX5/IPX7

SOLAR PHONE SH002: Another mobile phone, solar from Sharp

For the Japanese operator au KDDI Sharp company also introduced its version of CDMA mobile phone with solar panels, which actually can happen submunitions built battery. This model, which is executed in the form-factor "cot" with turning the screen and be known as SOLAR PHONE SH002.

Besides the fact that this phone is equipped with solar panels, it can also be used in more humid climates or environments, such as the bathroom, thanks to waterproof the hull. Holders of the new items can also take advantage of the navigation features built-in digital TV tuner and a 5.2 MP camera.

Specifications SOLAR PHONE SH002:

  • Dimensions: 51h111h17, 4 mm
  • Weight: 142 gr.
  • Main display: touch-sensitive 3-inch, NEW Mobile ASV, permission 480h854 points, showing more than 262 thousand colors
  • External display: 1-inch, based on electronic paper, monochrome
  • Camera: CMOS (CMOS), 5.2 MP autofocus with, the image stabilizer
  • Memory: 900 MB available to user, support for microSD memory cards (up to 2 GB)
  • Support for GPS navigation
  • Built-in digital TV tuner (one-segment)
  • Communications: Bluetooth, Infrared
  • Water: IPX5/IPX7

KDDI T002: dvuhstandartny CDMA / GSM waterproof phone from Toshiba

As is known, the mobile GSM networks are most common in the world today that actually can not but worry the Japanese operators of mobile networks, where its coverage is not as Many residents "rising sun" go beyond its limits and should liaise with the family walls. That is precisely for this purpose and set up mobile phones such as T002, manufactured by Toshiba, announced today the Japanese operator au KDDI, which provides native walls "mobile phone in the standard CDMA. The point is that the T002 can operate not only at home for the operator of CDMA network, but also in the more common GSM networks.

This model is implemented in a folding form factor, has a pleasant, "soft" forms of design and waterproof shell, a contactless payment card FeliCa, and supports GPS navigation services and receiving digital TV broadcasts.

Other technical features Toshiba T002:

  • Dimensions: 50h110h16, 2 mm
  • Weight: 131 gr.
  • Main display: touch-sensitive 3-inch, TFT, permission 480h854 point, showing a 262 thousand colors
  • External Display: 0.5-inch, OLED, 60h32 point resolution, monochrome
  • Camera: CMOS (CMOS), 3.2 MP autofocus with, the image stabilizer
  • Memory: 100 MB available to user, support for microSDHC memory cards (up to 8 GB)
  • Support for GPS navigation
  • Built-in digital TV tuner (one-segment)
  • Communications: IR
  • Water: IPX5/IPX7

Samsung introduced a 30-nm technology

Samsung Electronics has announced the beginning of the supply module 32 GB moviNAND - embedded memory cards with the highest to date, density, produced by 30-nanometer NAND technology. Using high-density memory cards is justified for the hi-end phones and other mobile devices, which require large amounts of memory for storing multimedia content: video, photos, games, etc.

32-GB card moviNAND - first built the map, based on 30-nanometer technology. Samsung New modules have double the density compared to previous generation cards moviNAND, which are produced on 40-nanometer technology and have a volume of 16 GB.

Each 32-Gb device moviNAND consists of eight 32Gb NAND chip, and controller cards MMC firmware. 30-nanometer devices Samsung is also available a 16, 8 and 4 GB. Own moviNAND Samsung modules support the standard built-MMC (eMMC) and use high-speed interface, jointly developed by JEDEC and MMCA (MultiMediaCard Association). The latest specification (eMMC v4.3) has a quick download and reduced time of transition in the sleep mode that reduces power consumption.

According to forecasts of demand for high-memory modules will increase. Projected research company iSuppli says that the supply of 32Gb and larger NAND modules will grow eight-fold: from 120 million units in 16Gb equivalent set in 2009 (13% of global shipments of memory card) to 950 million, or 72% of the total market in 2013.

Nortel's innovative technology for corporate networks

Company Nortel introduced new products for data transfer - a fast, efficient and secure, and attractive in price than similar competitors' solutions. They are specifically designed to support advanced business applications working in real time. A variety of new Nortel solution enables companies to build more efficient and productive network. Recent technological developments and methods, energy-efficient equipment and innovative features - all this allows you to build a network that minimizes the cost of equipment and maintenance, optimizing all available resources and reduce operating costs and expenses, while at the same time laying the foundation for the introduction of unified communications.

Nortel solutions for data transmission designed for applications working in real time, allowing companies to make easier and faster than their operating processes. On the basis of conventional products for data transmission of redundancy, efficiency, productivity, security and compatibility with the products of other suppliers, the company Nortel introduced new products that are designed to optimize the work of the organization, thereby giving it additional competitive advantages. All this is based on the company's commitment to innovative development Nortel product line for data transmission, which not so long ago, updated and which are estimated independent experts, provides performance up to 20 times higher reliability to 7 times better, and the total cost of ownership up to 50% lower than with other similar decisions.

So, for example, Virtual Services Platform 9000 (VSP 9000) - is the latest high-performance solution for the base of Nortel data network. By ensuring the performance of two times higher than that of similar solutions, it is specially designed for critical campus networks and data centers where reliability, flexibility and support functions of a virtual network. VSP 9000 allows companies to realize the benefits of a simplified infrastructure that is able to virtualize the network elements for the full and efficient use of servers and network capabilities, thus reducing the burden on staff and resources.

Unified Communications Management (UCM) - This new solution is Nortel, which brings together the management, configuration, maintenance and deployment of unified communications solutions for centralized and integrated infrastructure management of voice and data. The decision to centralize management of UCM performs heterogeneous network resources to make the process of a network is easier, resulting in reduced costs and a more effective system of unified communications.

New headphones KOSS Race Traker

KOSS American company had a significant expansion of the model range of headphones. One of the most interesting new products have become the only, as the producer of its kind professional headsets for riders, and extreme - KOSS Race Traker.

Construction of new items is original: the dual mounting (rigid and flexible back ogolovnoe) reliably record KOSS Race Traker user on the head. Thanks to this feature, the headphones do not slide off and not «fly» with fast driving, and in performing complex tricks.

New headphones have a pronounced emphasis on low frequencies, provide deep bass and volume. For the convenience of user KOSS Race Traker switch volume, in addition there is a switch mono / stereo, which is located in the cord.

Another significant and enjoyable part of headphones - their design. KOSS Race Traker justify its clear title and in this way: construction is a combination of throws in the red and black, the dish - the symbolic start checkered flag.

Lenovo S12 - the world's first notebook based on NVIDIA ION

Done! Today, the company NVIDIA and Lenovo introduced a low-cost, compact laptop, which provides 10 times more graphics performance compared to other modern laptops based on Intel Atom. Lenovo IdeaPad S12-based graphics processor NVIDIA ION also provides improved support for applications with long battery life work.

Lenovo used the platform NVIDIA ION, to create a thin lightweight notebook with an economical 12-inch screen and improved compatibility with applications. Lenovo IdeaPad S12 has enough graphics power to support high-definition content, and many games that do not work on other small low-cost PCs. NVIDIA ION provides such opportunities in the industry thanks to a better schedule for the cost CPU.

Graphics NVIDIA ION supports:

  • All versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Full HD video, including 1080p movies and Blu-ray
  • Full HD video on an external monitor to HDMI
  • Most popular games, including Spore and Battlefield Heroes
  • Graphics DirectX 10 support with advanced digital displays
  • Accelerated and enhanced video, as well as the conversion with the help of NVIDIA CUDA technology

Specifications Lenovo S12: Processor: Intel Atom N270 with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz;

  • Display: 12.1 ", 1280h800, LED-illuminated;
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR2;
  • Winchester: hard disk capacity of 160-320 GB;
  • Communication capabilities: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2-port USB 2.0, card reader 4-in-1 connector HDMI;
  • Battery: 6-element;
  • Weight: 1.25 kg.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 with a graphic processor NVIDIA ION will go on sale this summer, the indicative price - from $ 450.

Logitech support Microsoft unified communications

The branch of solutions for business Logitech, Logitech for Business, announced that four webcams Logitech for Business now have the status of «Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator». Webcams Logitech for Business, for medium and large businesses, helping to unleash the potential of unified communications. Videoconferencing using web cameras to significantly increase business efficiency and reduce costs associated with the telephone conferences and in normal format, as well as reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Combined communication allows the combination into a single platform, many channels of communication medium and large businesses operating in the global economy - phone, fax, email, instant messaging and videoconferencing. Logitech for Business offers computer peripherals and accessories that help companies follow the latest trends in joint work. These include the full series of ready to work in an enterprise-wide web-cameras, designed for professionals working in the office or at the exit. Among the already available web cameras are Logitech: Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 for Business, Logitech QuickCam Communicate MP for Business, Logitech QuickCam Pro for Business Notebook and Logitech QuickCam 3000 for Business.

Long netbuk MSI Wind U115 Hybrid appeared Sales

The vast majority of modern and not a laptop can not boast a long time offline. In the best cases, this figure is 4-5 hours, and only certain devices can work out without a recharge day. So if your self-time work laptop is a defining characteristic, it is possible to draw attention to the now in the UK netbuk MSI Wind U115 Hybrid.

Netbuk completed the six-or devyatielementnoy battery charge which last for 13 or 25 (!) Hours of autonomous work, respectively. The other characteristics of MSI Wind U115 Hybrid look like this: Intel Atom Z500 processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive and 8-GB SSD-drive. The cost will be new from $ 715 to $ 800. Cheap, but the competitors at this netbuka has not yet been observed.

Arena for LG ARENA

Dear readers, on our website within one month will be a special section dedicated to the phone LG ARENA. Within this section you can learn interesting facts about the main functions of the device, its design, materials, technologies, especially the use of LG ARENA as a music player, camera. In general, it is better to see once, so we invite you to the world of LG ARENA!

XPAL iPower2: extending the life of Apple iPhone

On the Russian market is an additional battery for the Apple iPhone - iPower2 production company XPAL Power. This accessory can double the time of the phone Apple, it does not close access to the display, buttons or ports and does not interfere with work. Charge XPAL iPower2 enough for 4 additional hours of surfing the web, 6 hours of voice communication, 20 hours listening to music or 255 hours of operation in standby mode. iPower2 equipped with an indicator showing the level of battery charge, as well as electrical and thermal protection system. Capacity battery is 1200 mAh. To recharge the device using USB-meals. XPAL iPower2 will go on sale to the Russian market. Estimated retail price of new items - $ 82.

Specifications XPAL iPower2
  • Body material: plastic
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Capacity: 1200 mAh / 5
  • Hours: 6 hrs / 255 hrs (talk / standby)
  • Charging: on USB-port
  • Dimensions: 117x67x21 mm
  • Color: Black and White
  • Weight: 68 grams

Pictures of the Future Internet tablet from Nokia platform Maemo 5

Yesterday, in our news, we already wrote that the network got the details on the future heir to Nokia N810 (with the filing of MobileCrunch), which has several code names, including "N900", "Rover", or "Maemo Flagship". However, as these pictures of the device - was not. And now, the site CellPassion contends that he just has this missing link, which we own and hasten to share: