Casio G'zOne CA002: phone for travelers

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Company Casio, known in the mobile world for its "brutal" mobile phones with aggressive urban design, does not depart from these traditions and provided for the Japanese mobile operator au KDDI regular folding model - G'zOne CA002, which was announced yesterday in the summer of operator collection of mobile phones.

This new model is the successor of last year's G'zOne W62CA, with the same protected against external influences corps, including strikes, falling and hitting the water. The presence of CA002 in built GPS navigator, an electronic compass, accelerometer, altimeter and temperature sensor, resulting in the emergence of a number of functions, including:

  • CUSTOMIZED COMPASS: "adjustable compass, which displays the direction of movement to advance the objectives set on the map.
  • TRIP MEMORY: remember the importance of temperature when traveling to Japan with the values of latitude and longitude
  • EARTH COMPASS: In addition to the visual compass, which uses an embedded sensor directions and the GPS information, determine the distance to (and between) the surrounding objects
  • EARTH LOCATOR: GPS displays your current location and altitude (real and recorded in the charts)
  • HEAT GAUGE: Displays the current temperature, and thanks to GPS - and even the maximum / minimum temperature for the current location since 1975
  • SEA TIDE: Displays for hundreds of places in Japan of tide
  • SUNRIS E SUNSET: In fact - to display the situation of the sun for the selected location on earth
  • ASTRO CALENDAR: Astronomical Calendar, which takes into account your location and phase of the moon and sun.

Casio G'zOne CA002 also has a number of sporting features, built-in TV tuner card, a contactless payment card Felica, 2 MP camera and support for wireless technology Bluetooth.

Other technical features Casio G'zOne CA002:

  • Support communications standards: CDMA1X WIN
  • Dimensions: 50h107h20 mm
  • Weight: 134 gr.
  • Main display: 2.7-inch touch-sensitive, IPS, permission 240h400 points, displaying more than 262 thousand colors
  • External Display: 1.1-inch, based on electronic paper, 128 segment, Monochrome
  • Camera: CMOS (CMOS), with a 2 MP autofocus
  • Memory: 800 MB available to user, support for microSD memory cards (up to 2 GB)
  • Support for GPS navigation
  • Built-in digital TV tuner (one-segment)
  • Communications: Bluetooth, Infrared
  • Water: IPX5/IPX7

Diamond Nokia E71 by Continental Mobiles

The company Continental Mobiles, which specializes in creating exclusive versions of mobile devices with the use of precious materials, worked on a Smartphone Nokia E71. Obviously, this business smartphone with diamond finishing the shell is designed for senior executives. For Nokia E71 inlaid diamonds used high levels of purity - VS1, they are located around the perimeter of the front panel of the device and the two sides of the battery cover. Each copy is made to order by hand. The works occupy from 14 to 21 days, they are manufactured in the UK. Nokia E71 Price in the diamond body is 6000 pounds sterling (about $ 9546).

It should be noted that the company Continental Mobiles has already released an iPhone with a wide range of finishes from a variety of precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies), Diamond version of Nokia N95, various Blackberry, Nokia Arte, and other devices. Regarding Nokia E71, then another in the past year demanding business users can order this smartphone in the shell with a gold coating.

Samsung S6700 and C5510: sliders middle class

In the Internet information on the two updates from Samsung - S6700 and C5510. This model of mid-level, most likely, they will be fairly inexpensive. In the sale of Samsung S6700 and C551 come summer. Samsung S6700 - this is more "advanced" of the two new device support networks 3G, Bluetooth 2.1, and 3 MP camera. This model is a variation of the phone Samsung S7350 with a "weak" features. Regarding the Samsung C5510, this is a budget device, which works only in the second-generation cellular networks. Several unusual for such a simple device is to have 512 MB of internal memory, if a source of reliable information.

Specifications Samsung S6700:
  • Cellular GSM (4 range), 3G/HSDPA
  • 120 MB internal memory
  • microSD-slot
  • 2.4-inch display with a resolution 240h400 points and support up to 16m colors
  • 3 MP camera
  • MP3-Player
  • FM-radio with RDS
  • Interfaces Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP profile, and USB 2.0

Specifications Samsung C5510:

  • Cellular GSM (4 band)
  • Built-in 512 MB memory
  • Slot for microSD cards
  • 2.2-inch display with QVGA resolution and support for up to 262K colors
  • 2 MP camera
  • MP3-Player
  • FM-radio with RDS

Microsoft Zune HD shows ofitsialyno

The company officially introduced the Microsoft media Zune HD. This device with touch screen in almost the entire front panel. Zune HD - the first line of Zune player with touch screen. It should be noted that capacitive screen, it is adapted to control fingering and supports multi-touch. In addition, Zune HD, the first models of this series, you can use Wi-Fi for full internet access, not only for access to online music store Zune. In media, even a browser. The device also supports the Xbox LIVE service with a catalog of videos and Zune music store - with music.

Designation HD in the name of the player points to support high definition, the truth, you see the Zune HD it can not be supported by only a direct connection to HDTV. In addition, the new receiver is equipped with HD Radio. Zune HD media sales will begin in North America this fall. The important point is that before the European release is planned.

Features Zune HD:
  • 3.3-inch touch-sensitive OLED-display, resolution 480x272 points, with support for multitouch capacitive
  • Support for HD Radio - built in HD-radio, access to HD Radio stations with high quality sound
  • Viewing HD-Video (720p) with the player on HDTV, via HDMI connection through the dock
  • Internet browser, optimized for the management of multi-touch
  • Wireless Wi-Fi for Internet access and service to the Zune music store with a catalog of 5 million songs

Samsung SCH-u440 Gloss: QWERTY-cot for CDMA networks

The company Samsung and the U.S. operator of US Cellular announced the release of mobile phone form factor folding beds Samsung SCH-u440 Gloss. The device is designed for CDMA cellular networks and is equipped with a 2.2-inch display with a resolution of 220x176 pixels. For photographs with the 1.3 MP camera, it is, incidentally, is located on the top cover folding beds, over the monochrome external display. Because the characteristics can also be noted microSD-slot Interface Bluetooth, MP3-player and GPS.

Mobile Phone Samsung SCH-u440 Gloss allocated from the total weight of such products, the average in terms of features, its form factor. As mentioned above, this cot, but not normal, but with the QWERTY-keyboard inside. With this device has a square, not stretched, as usual, the form. Thus, Samsung SCH-u440 is suitable for messaging. The model proposed in dark gray and pink colors. The cost of the device from a US Cellular ranges from $ 159.95 to $ 29.95 depending on the presence or absence of a contract and rebates.