Updated line of laptops HP Pavilion dv2, dv6 and dv3

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The company introduced several new HP notebook PCs: Pavilion dv2z, dv6t, dv6z Artist Edition 2 and dv3t. These are new representatives of existing series, mostly quite inexpensive. In addition to HP Pavilion dv6z Artist Edition 2 cost $ 949, designer versions of 16-inch dv6z with patterns on the shell and pre-package graphics applications Corel.

New notebooks HP Pavilion:
  • dv2z - 12,1-inch display, processor, AMD Athlon Neo, graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, an optical drive. Ultra-solution for students, the cost - from $ 599.
  • dv3t - a thin and lightweight 13.3-inch notebook based on Intel Core 2 Duo (up to 2.66 GHz), Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics or NVIDIA GeForce G 105M, up to 8 GB of RAM, hard drive capacity up to 500 GB drive DVD / Blu-ray, mobile broadband adapter (optional). Cost - from $ 649.
  • dv6t - 16-inch display, Intel Core 2 Duo (up to 2.2 GHz), up to 8 GB of RAM, Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics or ATI Radeon HD 4530/4650, to 500 GB hard drive, DVD or Blu-ray drive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, TV tuner (optional). Cost - from $ 649.

Mexican operator Telcel will receive a mobile phone with TV receiver

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the mobile phone, a Mexican company Zonda Corporation - ZMTFTV20, which, if judged to have the logo designed for the mobile operator Telcel.

The main "chip" of this model is non-standard keyboard layout, as well as a built-in TV tuner, in addition to the FM-radio. In addition, mobile phone ZONDA has an "arsenal" the following features:

  • Integrated camera with support for the regime webcam
  • Media with the ability to play audio and video clips with dedicated touch keys
  • Support for Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Support for external memory cards
  • Embedded games
  • Messaging: SMS / MMS / E-Mail
  • Built in WAP-browser
  • Other applications: Voice recorder, Alarm clock, calendar, do list, Calculator, Currency Converter and values, World Clock, Stopwatch, EBOOK READER

A new powerful laptop for entertainment Toshiba Satellite A500

The company introduced a universal model of Toshiba Satellite A500 in the new lineup of laptops Satellite. As the manufacturer states that this notebook is designed to perform multimedia tasks, and offers users a full range of functions for audio and video.

C Satellite A500 users can enjoy computer games, watch movies and TV programs both at home and during travel. A laptop equipped with a screen diagonal of 16''with the ratio 16:9. Screen resolution is 1366x768 pixels, a brightness of 200 cd / m ². Thanks to the built-in TV tuner, the user will be able to watch both analog and digital channels via DVB-T. High Harman Kardon speakers provide good sound quality.

Elegant black cap Toshiba Satellite A500 has the endurance IMR-coating. Toshiba offers users two options for registration of the screen - the first provides silver frame and hinges, the second - a glass frame, creating the effect of screen «from edge to edge», and chrome-plated hinges. Lit keypad with flat keys and matte coating gives elegant laptop.

Satellite A500 has a full-size keyboard with a digital unit. Tachped with Multi Touch Control function makes it easy to manage appliance. Through the interface REGZA-Link (HDMI CEC) Satellite A500 notebook can be controlled using the remote control used for other electronic devices.

Eight touch keys provide direct access to audio and video, as well as to the program of Eco, which allows you to choose a laptop for optimal energy-saving mode. Utility Toshiba ConigFree simplifies the process of connecting to the network.

Satellite A500 has a built-DVD-drive DVD Super Multi, slot for memory cards 5-in-1 Media Bridge, three USB 2.0 ports and one combined port eSATA / USB feature Sleep-and-Charge, to charge mobile devices even when turned off your laptop .

Depending on the configuration of laptops equipped with Satellite A500 Processor Intel (up to Core 2 Duo) and AMD (and Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Processor), have up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 500 gigabytes of disk space. In addition, Satellite A500 can be equipped with a capacity of 64 GB SSD. Work with the graphics card provides the ATI Mobility Radeon HD video with up to 1 GB. The laptop has a built HD webcam.

Samsung introduces a new portable media players YP-CP3

The company Samsung introduced a new portable media players YP-CP3. The model has a fairly complete set of multimedia features: playback of many of today's music and video formats, view images and pictures, read text documents in the format. Txt, FM-radio and voice recorder. The battery provides four hours of video and up to 24 hours of music playback on one battery. A 4 or 8 GB of internal memory and slot for microSD cards provide an opportunity to bring a collection of music, movies, books or pictures.

Wide trehdyuymovy display has a resolution of WQVGA (400h240 points), and support technology provides a simple XviD video playback without the need for prior conversion.

Player YP-CP3 is available in black and white with memory 4 and 8 GB. He will go on sale in late June 2009 on the recommended price of 4 990 rubles 5 990 rubles, respectively.

Notebook Acer Aspire One 751 will be replaced by a model series Timeline

Company Acer plans to curtail production of 11.6-inch Aspire One netbukov 751. Prior to this, has been reported that the delivery model AO 751 contract by Quanta were reduced because of poor sales. From sources in Taiwan, it became known that netbuk AB 751 will replace the model with the same display, but issued a series of Ultra-Timeline.
Low sales volume model Aspire One was caused by insufficient capacity of the processor Intel Atom Z520, which does not provide opportunities 720r screen. As a result, users prefer to buy a cheaper netbuki with a smaller diagonal or classic notebook with a greater capacity.
Timeline Ultra Series notebooks now includes the 13,3 -, 14 - and 15.6-inch model at a price of $ 598. 11.6-inch Timeline should appear as early as this month, but its price and performance is not reported.

iPhone OS 3.0 will be released June 17

This week Apple has announced not only a phone iPhone 3G S, but also a new operating system iPhone OS 3.0. An updated version was shown at the WWDC conference in 2009 and will be available for download from 17 June.

Basically, iPhone OS 3.0 is a revised version of the original system, a number of new features. First, with version 3.0 you can use 3G-link to access the Internet - it is enough to connect the iPhone to a computer (via USB or Bluetooth). Secondly, the phone receives the option «Locate my iPhone». In the event of loss of device it can be found via GPS, while, if the phone is in silent mode, it still starts to make sounds. If the iPhone is stolen, the information stored on it can be removed remotely. Finally, the iPhone OS 3.0 includes an updated Web browser Safari. According to the developers, it is three times faster with JavaScript and HTML 5 support, including video and audio tags.
Also, Apple has reported that iPhone owners can buy and download movies and audio directly to your phone. For users of iPhone the third version of operating system will be free, but owners of iPod touch will cost $ 9.95.

First photos of Olympus E-P1

Rumors about the release by Olympus digital camera standard Micro 4 / 3 running on the network is already pretty long. According to the latest camera will be presented to the world on 16 June. And now, just a week before the official announcement, the Internet, the first photos of models.

According to him, the camera will be carried out in retro style. Design is clearly designed by the film cameras the second half of last century. All buttons are located on top, as well as the attachment of external flash. But the availability of built-in flash photos are not visible. The camera is equipped with a removable lens with focal length of 17 mm and aperture f / 2,8. No technical specifications have not yet been reported, but some of the resources pointed to the use of 12 MT matrix similar to the Panasonic Lumix G1.

LG 3G Watch Phone: countdown to start selling the phone-clock started

Company LG Electronics announced the launch of sales of its touch-hours phone Watch Phone (LG GD910), scheduled for mid-July. The first country where it will be sold to LG Watch Phone, will be France.

As the company is LG, a compact touch screen was not the only task with which she coped with the establishment of LG Watch Phone. Miniaturization of components is also required innovative solutions. As a result, get the phone number, hours, which not only has a small size, but also includes the functions available to advanced mobile devices: support 3G HSDPA networks, videophone, MP3 player, car kit, water, and Bluetooth. Function Bluetooth LG Watch Phone is distinguished from other miniature devices developed earlier.

Support for same hours Bluetooth wireless technology makes calls on the LG Watch Phone is very easy. Open-phone from LG also equipped with features voice recognition and Text to Speech, which lets you use voice commands and audio messages. What is very convenient when driving, when the driver's eyes focused on the road.

After the LG Watch Phone debuted in France, it would be introduced in other markets. Details will be published as appearance.


Designer Ilshat Gapirov (Ilshat Gapirov), based on the latest technologies, has created a concept phone «Kambala». Application of multi-layer polymer and a flexible display created a model, indeed reminiscent of the marine fish.

By задумке author, thin and lightweight phone thanks to its small size can be used as a headset. If the pressure in a certain place, the node with the dynamics depart from the main part of the body, and it can be secure in the ear.

As a real fluke, the phone knows how good camouflage. Polymeric materials have the potential chameleon body: if wearing a headset, they become the owner of color. This effect is achieved by transferring images from one side of your phone to another.

Concept «Kambala» - another look at how mobile phones might look like in the future. Nothing about a serial production of speech is not, yet this can be seen except in some fantasy movie.

Acer Aspire 7738 notebook provides 5738 and

The new line of notebook Acer - Aspire 7738 and 5738, according to the description of the manufacturer, different interesting designs and are designed to provide high quality entertainment and high productivity. Stylish appearance Aspire 7738 notebook line and 5738 highlights the glossy sapphire-blue lid, made in the design of Gemstone. The touch panel technology with the Multi-touch enables scrolling, zooming, and Paging, as well as equipped with a lock to protect from accidental clicks.

The new laptops are equipped with wide 16:9 17.3-inch or 15.6-inch HD displays higher brightness. There is a wide choice of fixed or discrete graphics cards. They are also equipped with drive Blu-ray, have been optimized Dolby Home Theater system to the third generation. For more convenient access to entertainment, Aspire 7738 is equipped with a touch of multimedia console CineDash Lite.

Aspire 7738 and 5738 use Intel Centrino 2 platform. Dual DDR3 memory up to 4 GB provides convenience, as well as more rapid and efficient concurrent execution of several tasks. On the front panel is a device for reading maps «5-in-1». Notebook Aspire 7738 equipped with network connection Intel Wireless WiFi Link (chetyrehrezhimnoe dvuhdiapazonnoe 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N) Wi-Fi CERTIFIED with the use of MIMO technology with support for wireless technology with Acer SignalUp Nplify, Gigabit Ethernet and advanced Bluetooth 2.0. Depending on the modification, Series 5738 notebooks can be equipped with built 3G, Wi-Fi/WiMAX module and Bluetooth 2.0.

For maximum data security Aspire 7738 and 5738 are equipped with built-user identification system using fingerprints. In addition, Acer Backup button allows you to easily create backup copies of your files. Notebooks Aspire 7738 series and 5738 are supplied with pre-installed system, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Home Basic.