Panasonic has created a 50-inch plasma display with 3D FullHD resolution

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Panasonic Corporation has decided to contribute in the coming 3D revolution, developing 50-inch plasma FullHD 3D panel (PDP). In addition, the Japanese company has created a special high-points, equipped with active shields. With this system, as claimed, you can see a realistic three-dimensional images in high quality, without leaving your living room.

The new Panasonic is able to demonstrate the development of 3D images as 1080p. It uses a proprietary technology for high-speed demonstration of three-dimensional content, which used a fast illumination of pixels while maintaining brightness. In addition, this design feature used to reduce crosstalk, which leads to the emergence of so-called double (ghost) images. Such moments are typical for displaying three-dimensional images, where each frame is displayed at slightly different angles - for the left and right eye.

Delete crosstalk when viewing 3D images help and developed by glasses. Used in these technology allows a high degree of precision to open the shutter for the left and right eye simultaneously with the corresponding images, alternately appearing on the plasma panel. Panasonic intends to demonstrate a prototype of their 3D plasma TV with FullHD resolution and special glasses to him at the exhibition CEATEC JAPAN 2009 which will be held next week. Sales of these products is scheduled to begin next year.

Elpida makes The new 2-Gigabit Mobile RAM

Japanese company Elpida announced that its experts managed to create the world's first wireless memory DDR2 Mobile RAM, whose density is 2 Gbps. Dvuhgigabitny memory chip is built on standards of 50 nm process technology and operates at the level of tension in the 1.2 volts. The rate of data transmission from him is 800 Mbps. Such chips can be used in high-end mobile phones, as well as netbooks and mobile Internet devices (MID).

According to Elpida, the first samples of a new mobile memory with high density will be shipped to partners in the next month, and its mass production should start in the first half of 2010. The device memory will be available in a frameless chip for use in package SiP (System in Package), MCP (Multi-chip Package) and other multi-packs, and may also join in the configuration of PoP (Package on Package).

Multi PMP - ILuv I1166

iLuv has announced a new model of mobile media player - i1166. For the first time the player was presented at the CES show in March this year.

I1166 PMP has a 9-inch TFT LCD display, built-in drive can play CD and DVD disks and any media content company's iPod line of Apple (iPod touch 2G, nano 5G, nano 4G, original touch, nano 3G and iPod classic). The player also can play media files from SD / MMC memory cards or USB-flash drives. Supported formats: Video - DivX, VCD, SVCD, Audio - MP3, WMA and graphics - JPEG.

You can control your player using the OSD menu or via remote control. iLuv i1166 can be powered via AC and car adapters, as well as Li-polymer battery. Rechargeable Apple players while finding them in a docking station.

Shipping players will start in mid-October and costs $ 270.

Four new models of headphones Sven

Sven company introduced four new models of headphones SVEN: AP-600, AP-620, AP-640 and AP-660. One of the distinguishing features of new products in this series is a system of passive noise reduction SVEN PNC, which are truncated by external sounds. All new models are equipped with high-strength cable, and adjustable headband, which allows each user to find and fix the optimal landing headphones.

Created on a single technology platform, each of the four new products has its own characteristics:

- So turning the microphone AP-600, 620 and 660 provides the convenience of using online headset and listen to music;
- Rectangular shape embouchure AP-600 - is not only design but also the ergonomics of special comfort. A chrome-plated inserts give an additional model refinement;
- In the SVEN AP-620 bowl lip painted ruby red color that gives them a delicacy. Elegant headband adjusts for ease of multimedia communication, and enhanced dynamics out rich, rich bass, balanced sound;
ambushyury SVEN AP-640 are made of anti-allergenic materials, which can increase the time of their use. For added convenience, unit volume control is located on the body of the left cup headphones. The combination of red and black design complements the exclusivity of the model;
SVEN AP-660 is distinguished by its compactness due to the hinged mounting cup headphones to the headband and microphone mute function makes the model more universal.

New GPS-navigators Lexand

Lexand announced sales of the fifth and sixth models of its product line - 4.3 inch car navigator Lexand Si-512 and 5-inch Lexand Si-515 series Touch.

Lexand Si-515 is equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal 5 "(12.7 cm). The screen is not recessed into the body, that is located on one level with the bumpers. Rear panel is made of rubberized plastic (soft touch). The thickness of the device - only 13 mm. Lexand Si-515 and Si-512-one of the finest navigators on the market. There is also a FM-transmitter, support for Bluetooth, light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness depending on weather conditions and external lighting.

Lexand Si-515 - the only car navigator on the market with this combination of characteristics. Lexand Si-512 functionality is identical Si-515, but has a screen diagonal of 4.3 inches. Automotive GPS-navigators Lexand supplied with the navigation package "Navitel Navigator" Russia's developer CJSC "CNT". In the North-West region of new items are also available with a navigation package "City Guide" from Company "MIT".

Lexand Si-512 Touch series available in retail chains and costs 8 990 rubles, Si-515 - 9 990 rubles. Devices are available in stores network IES, White Wind-Digital, MediaMarkt and several others. By the end of 2009 the company Lexand plans to further expand its product line - up to 10 different models of the three form factors: 3,5, 4,3 and 5 " .

Canyon combined headset and webcam

Canyon introduced a new category of devices - set for Internet communications. Combined solutions, consisting of a full-featured web cameras and high-grade stereo, will turn your computer into a complete tool for communication and negotiation with all the benefits of VoIP-telephony. Two new sets, CNR-CP7G and CNR-CP8 have a bold design, good technical performance and affordable cost, thus have every chance to become best sellers in this market segment.

Buying a webcam and headset separately, users will spend more money than selecting a single set of Canyon. On average, the savings reach 10-12% of the total cost of individual devices. Sets are equipped with current models of headsets capable of providing high-quality sound, so necessary for meaningful communication. The set of CNR-CP7G included headset CNR-HS8, a set of CNR-CP8 - Model CNR-HS11. Both headsets have a closed acoustic design and equipped with fixed microphones. Both headsets have a headband to adjust the position of the loudspeakers. Thanks to ear pads headset CNR-HS8 made of fabric, while the CNR-HS11 can boast inserts made of genuine leather.

Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 convertible tablet with multitouch LCD

Fujitsu has announced that the model Lifebook T5010 appeared multatich. Now customers can choose the LIFEBOOK T5010 with dual-digitizer, which combines the functions of an active digitiser, and a recently developed by Fujitsu TouchScreen technology to control the computer through the movement of fingers across the screen. With this technology transformer LIFEBOOK T5010 enables intuitive data entry. It automatically "learns" Are you going to use the active stylus or just your fingers when you hold them at a certain distance to the screen, and thus works as either an active digitizer, or as a TouchScreen. The most interesting - this screen is also a multi-sensory, that is, through technology Windows 7 Touch, supports dual digitizer, identifies simultaneous touch on two points.

In addition, a few days ago, Fujitsu announced two new notebook models, Transformers - LIFEBOOK T4310 and LIFEBOOK T4410 - also a dual digitizer allowing support multipoint input. These models will be available after the release of Windows 7 in late October this year.

WebOS 1.2.0 has been finally released

The company has updated its Palm operating system webOS to version 1.2 in about two months after the release of webOS 1.1. The new version has several features that were not represented in the previous release webOS. Perhaps the most important innovations included the emergence of paid applications in e-shop App Catalog and the opportunity to purchase them using a credit card number. Besides, you can now download music from the online store Amazon MP3, not only through Wi-Fi, and cellular networks. Several new features have received and the browser, among them - downloading files, copying and pasting. Of the remaining innovations webOS 1.2 can be noted in support of LinkedIn Palm Synergy, filtering e-mail from your search query and the ability to call a phone number from the calendar.

Another change in Palm webOS 1.2 was the lack of synchronization with iTunes. Apple has always blocked the opportunity for devices Palm, but each time releasing updates the firmware, where the function returns. Now there is no support for synchronization and it is unclear whether she will ever again. Within a few weeks Palm Pre receive automatic updates to webOS 1.2, with respect to Palm Pixi, then it obviously will come out soon with a new version of the platform.

The official announcement of 12 megapixel mobile phone Samsung SCH-W880 with 3x optical zoom

South Korean company Samsung Electronics has officially announced its new mobile phone model equipped with a lens with a 3-fold optical zoom, 12 megapixel matrix and a widescreen 3.3-inch touchscreen display, VGA resolution (800x480 pixels) - AMOLED 12M, also known as SCH-index W880.

SCH-W880 has autofocus, touch autofocus (focusing on the object specified on the touch screen), automatic shooting modes, xenon flash, mode of determining who in the frame, 4 GB of internal memory and image stabilizer. In addition to the possibility of still pictures, the new product from Samsung is able to carry HD-filming (1280h720p).

Home sales fototelefona Samsung AMOLED 12M identifies the manufacturer at the following month.

Brief technical specifications of Samsung AMOLED 12M (SCH-W880):

  • Support communications standards: WCDMA 2100 MHz, GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Dimensions: 115,8 h56, 9h16, 3 mm
  • Display: touch-sensitive 3.3-inch, AMOLED, a resolution of 800x480 pixels
  • Opportunities cameras: 12 megapixel sensor, a lens with 3x optical zoom, xenon flash and LED-backlit
  • Support HD video: 1280x720/30fps
  • Audio support: MP3, AAC, AAC +, AAC + e, WMA
  • Built-in TV receiver: T-DMB
  • Communication: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 HS (micro USB)
  • Memory: 4 GB internal, expandable through microSD memory cards up to 32 GB
  • Battery: 1100 mAh

Get three free games with PSPgo Rewards

In anticipation of beginning sales of portable game console PSP go the company Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced special promotions that will allow PSP owners with a UMD (Universal Media Discs) games when purchasing a new model immediately proceed to the download of digital games PSPgo. It is planned that in Russia the new console will go on sale Oct. 10, 2009

PSP go has 16 GB of internal memory for storing games, photos and other information. In order to initiate the collection of games PSP go, the company offers a three games to choose from for free. It is worth mentioning that the PSP go does not support the UMD.

To take action, do the following:
  • On PSP go
  • Connect to PlayStation Network and create or activate an account to receive the bonus in shares PSPgo Rewards.
  • On the old PSP console and connect to the PlayStation Network.
  • Enter PlayStation Network under the same login, and then to the PlayStation Store.
  • Insert a UMD-discs in the PSP and to register shares PSPgo Rewards.
  • Download the theme PSP go.
  • Receive e-mail with the voucher codes for three free games.

Promo campaign begins October 1, 2009 and will run until March 31, 2010 in promotions can include all the owners of consoles PSP-1000, 2000 and 3000 and at least one UMD-disc, bought new PSPgo. Games can vary depending on region and age of users.

Final details of the specifications and design of HTC Imagio

An anonymous source told the resource phoneArena new information about the communicator HTC XV6975 Imagio, who previously also been known as the Whitestone and Diamond 2. Recall that this model is rumored to appear at the operator Verzion Wireless in early October. On the information provided, HTC Imagio will still work under OS Windows Mobile 6.5, although previously had received information that he receives an older version 6.1. Also reported that this unit the first to support mobile TV VCast MobileTV, built on technology-based Qualcomm MediaFLO network.

Among other characteristics can be noted the support of most modern mobile communications networks, including but not quad-band GSM and CDMA (CDMA2000 and EV-DO) standard with support for UMTS high-speed data HSDPA. Large 3.6-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of pixels 480h800 supports handwriting recognition and stylus. In stock has a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, memory card slot microSD / microSDHC, GPS-navigator and 3.5-mm audio jack. Communicative possibilities HTC Imagio presented modules WiFi 802.11b / g, Bluetooth v.2.0 and miniUSB port.