Digma insomnia: a new line of multimedia players

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brand Digma represents a new line of multimedia players insomnia. It consists of three models, differing in functionality. Each model series has its own digital code, depending on screen size and functionality of the device.

insomnia1 - the most compact and easiest to feature in the line of insomnia MP3-player with OLED-display and touch-sensitive control buttons with backlight. Retractable USB-port is retracted into the shell. The player can be used as a normal USB-stick for storing and transferring information. There are FM-radio with the ability to record radio, voice recorder and support for reading text files. Like all players a series of insomnia, insomnia1 model comes in two body variants - white and black.

insomnia2 - this is more a functional model with a color 2.4-inch TFT-screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, playback of audio, video, photo and text files. Navigation on the menus by using 4-way joystick. MP3-player supports most of the currently available audio and video formats. To play the video does not require conversion, including clips from broadcasts in the format flv. The player is implemented simultaneous operation of multiple applications, you can use the built-in applications and other voice recorder, calculator, calendar, clock.

insomnia3 - the top model in the line of insomnia with a 3-inch screen, displaying up to 262K colors. Player has functions such as playback of audio, video and photos, connect to TV, radio in the FM-band, record in the recorder mode (supports simultaneous operation of multiple applications). On the road you can use the clock, use the player as an electronic book or play preinstalled games. In insomnia3 supports the majority of currently available audio and video formats. When playing a long time audio books, the system automatically remembers the place where the user stopped.

Kingmax is a USB flash drive Super Stick Mini

he company introduced a new version of the Kingmax Super Stick mini in black. Super Stick Mini series Kingmax USB Classic is available in black finish with gold elements.

PIP packaging technology makes the Super Stick mini not only provides a compact size with more memory, but also protection from moisture and dust and the exposure of high and low temperatures (100 º C ~ -40 º C) without the threat of lower data rates. Kingmax has certificates of CE, FCC and BSMI, and satisfies the requirements of RoHS, Halogen Free and PFOS / PFOA.

Flash Drives Kingmax Super Stick Mini USB is available in versions capacity of 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB. Dimensions are 31,5 x 12,4 x 2,2 mm. Deliveries of these models in Russia has already begun. Price for 4-GB model is $ 15, at 8-GB - $ 25.

Communicator Garmin-Asus nuvifone M20 presented in Ukraine

Alliance Garmin-Asus introduced in Ukraine nuvifone M20 - communicator operating system Windows Mobile. nuvifone M20 - the first device Garmin-Asus nuvifone running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, aimed at a wide range of users who want a stylish and functional communicator to address business and personal goals. Communicator works in the networks 3,5 G (UMTS 900/2100) and 2G (GSM 900/1800/1900), supports the wireless Wi-Fi standards and the Bluetooth, and also has a full-featured Internet browser, the client Push E-mail, a means for viewing instruments and navigation software Garmin.

The central idea around which created nuvifone M20, steel-based positioning technologies (Location Based Services - LBS). Communicator provides rich opportunities on the use of LBS among all the available devices based on the operating system Windows Mobile. Navigation functions are integrated with the most frequently used programs, such as calendar, contacts, e-mail, Internet applications and other programs.

The device is equipped with navigation software Garmin premium and comes with preloaded map of Ukraine, which suffered tens of thousands of points of interest (POI), including hotels, restaurants, shops, service stations and other facilities. Select the endpoint of the route is easy and requires a minimum of user input. For example, a search for an endpoint can be done by entering the name of the object or its address, selecting a specific category of sites, or go to the right address in a database of contacts stored in the nuvifone M20 or on the website. To reach the endpoint of the route will help the user voice instructions, and if the motion is omitted in turn, the route will be recalculated automatically.

Thanks to a package of geoinformation services Connected Services, which combines online applications and dynamic data from the Garmin-Asus, increasing opportunities for navigation, communications and Internet work, the owners of nuvifone M20 on currently available information on weather in the seat, as well as the status of flights. This list can be expanded in the future.

The set of features nuvifone also includes Ciao!, LBS-based application that allows users to be aware of the location of your friends and receive information regarding their availability due to the interaction with social networks, support-based positioning technologies.

nuvifone M20 combines a 2.8-inch touch screen TFT-screen with a resolution VGA (640x480 pixels), built-in memory My Storage 4 GB, 3 megapixel camera with auto-referenced to the photographs of geographic coordinates - latitude and longitude. Model nuvifone M20 has already entered the retail partners ASUS and specialized sites selling Garmin products in Ukraine. Its recommended retail price is $ 645.