Motorola H800 Bluetooth Headset Black - 89114N for $14.98

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Motorola H800/ 89125N/ 81925 Bluetooth Slider headset in Gray is Motorola's first RapidConnect headset. The Gray Slider shaped boom form gives better performance and more style than one might expect. Motorola H800/ 89125N/ 81925 RapidConnect headset is ready to take calls when it smoothly extends the Slider with the touch of a button powering it on and pairing with the cell phone. Distinctive intricately etched designs catch the eye. Interchangeable ear hooks and an elevated speaker provide high performing audio with superior comfort during quick calls or extended use. Full featured: The Motorola H800/ 89125N/ 81925 Bluetooth Slider headset handles call volume send end mute call reject redial voice-dial and more depending upon your cell phone model. Glowing blue indicator light (with option to disable) makes visual status easy. Compact size at 61 mm x 27 mm x 17 mm this headset weighs 17.5 grams. Bluetooth Hands-free profile(HF) and Headset profile(HSP) are supported on this Bluetooth version 2.0 class 2 device for fast secure connectivity up to 30 feet away. Click here to determine if your cell phone model is Bluetooth enabled AND which Bluetooth profiles it can support. Motorola H800/ 89125N/ 81925 Bluetooth Slider headset is Bluetooth version 2.0 for better battery life secure connections and faster connections. Bluetooth Class 2 device has a range of up to 30 feet. Talk time is nearly 5.5 hours OR standby time of 200 hours before recharging. Optional Mini USB car charging cord can also recharge this headset when used with the included Mini USB (EMU) to Micro USB adapter. Adapter allows the included Mini USB AC charger to charge both many phones and newer Micro USB devices. Motorola Factory original warranty of one year applies. Supported Models and Categories:Apple iPhone Cell Phone AccessoriesApple iPhone 3G AccessoriesApple iPod Touch AccessoriesUTStarcom CDM1450/ Super Slice Cell Phone AccessoriesAudiovox SMT-5600 / SPV-C500 (HTC Typhoon) Cell Phone

20.0 MEGA Pixel USB Web Cam Webcam PC Video Camera 20M

Powerful 20.0 Mega Pixel - 6 LED - USB2.0 Webcam for Laptop PC - No Driver (ES-2232) (SMQ012)

Powerful 20.0 Mega Pixel - 6 LED - USB2.0 Webcam for Laptop PC - No Driver (ES-2232) (SMQ012)

Powerful 20.0 Mega Pixel - 6 LED - USB2.0 Webcam for Laptop PC


* This item, made by our professional Webcam Factory which maintains "customer first" business purpose, is the latest Hiquality Night Demons Webcam with Static 20.0 mega pixels (software interpolated with CD driver), Dynamic 3.0 mega pixels and 5G Lens Set , worthy of the top in the business.


* It comes with the original A+ grade Micron sensor to ensure pictures smooth and lifelike.
* With Static 20.0 megapixels and Dynamic 3.0 megapixels by our Driver Software gift, it is comparable to a digital camera and brings intimate and convenient life experience with your distant friends and families!


UVC Webcam

No driver


USB2.0 interface

Power supply

Through the USB port of the PC



Focus manual


CMOS chip type

Color CMOS image sensor

Dynamic pixel

3.0 mega pixel

Static pixel

20.0 mega pixel (software interpolated with CD driver)

Data format


Video format

24-bit RGB

Video image rate

320 x 240 till 30frame/sec (CIF), 640 x 480 till 15 frame / sec (VGA)

S/N Ratio



5G Lens Set ( ST2P2GM12 )




2in x 3in x 5.5in

Packing box Dimension

8in x 6.1in x 2.8in

Cable length

Approx. 150cm

System requirement

XPSP2/VISTA(Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP with CD driver)


crystal with orange

Net weight


Shipping weight


Ultra-slim notebook Dell Adamo XPS

Resource Engadget posted some pictures, apparently, closed demonstrate a new laptop Dell Adamo XPS. Recall, September 9 (just one of the three nines - 9.09.09) appeared tizerny site finest laptop Dell Adamo XPS thickness of only 9.99 mm. Known that this 13.4-inch model with a solid state drive. More about the laptop yet nothing is known. We can assume that it will use energy-efficient Intel ULV processor and running the operating system Windows 7.

Judging from the photos from Engadget, Laptop Dell Adamo XPS, indeed, extremely thin. He certainly does not have built-in optical drive, but that the most surprising, with such a thickness somewhere must be placed connectors. It's not clear when the finest novelty will go on sale, but probably not until the end of October.

Bright laptops Sony VAIO CW with Windows 7

Sony has announced a new series of notebook VAIO CW. All of them are equipped with 14-inch displays and running the operating system, Windows 7. This series includes several different models. They are based on Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz and using graphics adapters NVIDIA GeForce G210M or GT230M. The amount of RAM this laptop is 4 GB (can be expanded up to 8 GB) and hard drive - up to 500 GB.

There are also wireless modules Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, DVD drive, and optical drive Blu-ray offered as options. In addition, a series laptops Sony VAIO CW equipped with an HDMI connector to display high-definition video to external HD monitors and televisions.

Notebook Sony VAIO CW will be offered in several bright colors, so it is not difficult to choose a model to taste. There are variations in red, pink, white, black and purple body with a glossy surface. Cost notebooks starts at $ 780, they go on sale in late October.

MSI GeForce GT 220 with a factory overclocked - photos and details

As previously reported, NVIDIA should release its video card GeForce GT 220 next week. By tradition, the company partners are prepared for that date their own versions of the new 3D-accelerator. Among those who are now busy developing their models based on GeForce GT 220, and found the Taiwanese company MSI, create a version of the adapter with a factory overclocked.

The new video is called N220GT-MD1G-OC and executed based on 40 nm chip GT216. It has 48 stream processors, 1 GB of GDDR3 memory with 128-bit interface and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Clock frequency maps are not yet known, but they must not exceed the reference value of approximately 615, 1335, 1580 MHz for the GPU, shader, and memory, respectively, cooling system adapter is built on a single fan is surrounded by radiator fins. The cost of the graphics card MSI N220GT-MD1G-OC should be below 80 euros.

Windows operating system 8: 128-bit Operating System

No sooner had the new operating system Windows 7 be on store shelves, as the network began to appear information about its immediate and remote successors. For example, Robert Morgan (Robert Morgan), who is head of the department of research and development at Microsoft, said in his profile in the business social network LinkedIn, the corporation is working on the future implementation of Windows 8 and Windows 9 compatibility with 128-bit architecture. In this latest version of the software platform for sure will support IA-128.

Now a team of developers of future operating systems employed in the implementation of IA-128 full binary compatibility with existing 64-bit instructions. In addition, to build relationships with leading manufacturers of processors and other hardware, including the companies Intel, AMD, HP and IBM.

Previously it was thought that Windows 8 will receive a 64-bit version, since the server running Windows Server 2008 R2 is just a 64-bit. At the same time, according to Morgan, they are only working on full binary compatibility, so in Windows 8 128-bit architecture can not be realized until the end. But without it for the end users of this platform will be many new and interesting, for example, an improved system of hibernation and recovery, as well as new security features, including modification of PatchGuard.

However, those who are already interested in the new operating system will have to be patient. The appearance of Windows 8 we promise not before 2011, but most likely in 2012.

WD released new My Book Elite external drives

Western Digital today announced the launch of new desktop external hard drive My Book Elite. They are equipped with a personalized label e-label, reminiscent of that stored on the drive and showing the amount of free space, even when the drive is off. New drives My Book Elite also completed a program of continuous automatic backup WD SmartWare and support hardware encryption with 256-bit encryption. Production of three new versions drive My Book Elite 1 TB, 1.5 TB and 2 TB.

Appearance predictive indicator of e-label, located on the spine drive My Book, can be easily changed as needed. It is made of technology e-paper looks like an inscription in ink on paper. With the included WD SmartWare can easily create labels with the names of drives or a reminder that they are stored. Check e-label also shows how much free space on your drive is locked and whether it reliable password protection and hardware encryption program WD SmartWare. Thanks to the use of technology e-paper image on the display remains clearly visible even when the drive is off.

My Book Elite drives also have the function of protecting the contents of a password chosen by the user, and hardware encryption with 256-bit encryption, encoding files before saving. To connect to a computer interface using USB 2.0.

11.1-inch business notebook Sony VAIO X - easy to record and up to 16 hours battery life

Sony has announced the upcoming release of a new VAIO notebook business-series X, which combines the mobility and functionality. As the producer, this notebook is currently the lightest in the world: its weight starts at 655 grams. The thickness of the shell of the model at any point does not exceed 13.9 millimeters. The thin and almost weightless chassis has high reliability: lightweight carbon fibers provide exceptional durability and light weight. Aluminum palm rest not inadvertently slipping fingers and creates a firm foundation for the work. Additional comfort in the work adds a touchpad that supports multi-touch.

11.1-inch widescreen X-black LCD screen with LED backlight provides a clear display. With energy-saving LCD screen and a processor running on low voltage, the notebook VAIO X Series, will run the whole working day (approximately 8 hours) after just one charge enhanced 4-cell lithium polymer battery. And extra battery LL (8 items) extend the life of a laptop up to 16 hours.

When the user is away from the points of Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g), VAIO Everywair WWAN technology will maintain high-speed wireless mobile broadband 3G HSPA networks with download speeds of up to 7.2 megabits per second. It also provides ports 2x USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and VGA, support for Bluetooth, microphone, headphones and memory card slots for Memory Stick and SD.

VAIO Business Notebook X Series is equipped with Intel Atom Z550 protsesssorom 2 GHz, energy-efficient solid state drive (SSD), operating system Windows 7 Professional. Notebook VAIO X series will be available in Russia from November 2009 to an estimated price of 70 - 90 thousand rubles (depending on configuration). It is presented in three finishes: graphite, gold and matte black. The specified weight corresponds to the model with battery S Battery (VGP-BPS19), without built-in WWAN and SSD 64GB. This configuration is available when ordering the system 'VAIO by you' in the Sony Style store in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Gartner: Android can overtake on the popularity of iPhone OS in 2012

According to a study conducted by Gartner, Google Android operating system is the most promising market of mobile software platforms. Currently, its share is less than two percent, but in 2012 this figure will exceed 14 percent. Thus, the popularity of Android will grow seven times ahead for this indicator iPhone OS, which will allow the platform to take second place in the market behind Symbian. Such a rapid growth in popularity of Android related to market development of mobile applications for this platform, believed to Gartner.

In fact, this means that the end of 2012 operating system Android will be approximately 76 million smartphones sold during the year. Similar rates iPhone OS will amount to 71.5 million units, equivalent to 13.7 per cent of the market. At the same share of market leader mobile platforms Symbian declined to 39 percent. This means that the operating system will be on 203 million smartphones were sold.

Regarding the two other major market participants, the Windows Mobile platform and the BlackBerry OS will have to fight to preserve their positions. In 2012, their share according to analysts Gartner amount to 12.8 percent (66.8 million units sold) and 12.5 per cent (65.25 million units), respectively. In this device based on Linux, for example, internet tablet Nokia N900, using OS Maemo, win 5.4 percent of total market (28 million units), while the share of webOS, developed by Palm, remains 2.1 per cent (11 million units ).

European will Be Able to Choose Internet Browser in Windows 7

Microsoft and the European Union finally reached an agreement on the inclusion of a web browser Internet Explorer to a new operating system Windows 7. Under the agreement, Microsoft will give European consumers a choice between Internet Explorer and other popular browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

The procedure will take place as follows. After installing the operating system, Windows 7 appears on the display so-called selection screen (Ballot Screen), where the user will be prompted to choose a list of several browsers. It is gratifying that the same option will be implemented and updates to existing operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Inclusion of Microsoft browser choice functions into its operating system has already caused a positive reaction to the EU Commission. Earlier, the European Commission has repeatedly criticized the American softoproizvoditelya attempts to monopolize the market for Web browsers, reflected in the fact that in the most popular Windows operating system by default and embedded Internet Explorer.

Laptop of the future

It will look like a laptop, tablet PC, Media Center or a fashionable and stylish IT contraption future?

We offer you a couple of year secondary look ahead and get acquainted with the concept notebook of the future:

notebooks ThinkPad SL410 and SL510

Lenovo is reported on the imminent appearance in the sale of two new laptops for small and medium-sized businesses: 14-inch ThinkPad SL410 and 15-inch ThinkPad SL510. Widescreen display with high resolution capabilities for voice communication over Internet Protocol VoIP and sensor control - customers will appreciate these features, the prisoners, in addition, a convenient opaque case.

ThinkPad SL410 and SL510 weigh from 2.3 kg to 10% lighter than previous models, and their thickness is 3,2-3,6 cm These laptops run on Intel Core2 Duo processor and, optionally, users are equipped with high-end graphics accelerator ATI Mobility Radeon 4570. In addition, ThinkPad SL410 and ThinkPad SL510 supports both VGA, and HDMI interfaces. This ensures compatibility as standard displays, and with a high resolution monitor.

Touchpad technology to support MultiTouch allows for many standard operations without using the mouse, implementing gestures with tasks such as zoom in and out of windows, scroll documents and web pages, rotate images, and so on. Consumers configurations are available with support for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth.

Notebooks ThinkPad SL410 and SL510 are available for order from Lenovo business partners at a price of 17000 rubles. ThinkPad SL410 and SL510 will ship with Microsoft Windows 7 starting from the date of its receipt of the official sale.

Multimedia Notebooks Fujitsu AMILO Pi 3560/3660

Fujitsu Corporation announced the release of new notebooks AMILO Pi 3560 and 3660, equipped with bright widescreen display. Optionally you can set the drive Blu-ray. The HDMI interface allows you to connect other home entertainment devices, and built-in Bluetooth adapter enables wireless connectivity at work and on the road.

Notebook AMILO Pi 3560/3660 graphics card equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M with 1 GB of dedicated video memory DDR3. BrilliantView widescreen display with 16:9 aspect ratio lets you watch movies on DVD in their original widescreen. Built-in Webcam 1.3 megapixel digital microphone and suitable for video conferencing and Internet telephony (VoIP) with high quality sound transmission.

The only difference is the amount of the display. The AMILO 3660 is equipped with high-definition display with a diagonal of 46.7 cm (18.4 inches), and the AMILO Pi 3560 - high-definition display with a diagonal of 39,6 or 40,6 cm (15.6 or 16 inches). LCD AMILO Pi 3560 also has energy-saving backlight technology, which provides high contrast, sharp images even when working on the street.

Toshiba K01, K02 and L01 at CEATEC 2009 in Japan

The exhibition CEATEC 2009 in Japan, Toshiba is demonstrated mobile devices, K01, K02 and L01. They already know a little bit of spyware roadmap of the company. Toshiba K01 - a communicator operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. It features a large 4.1-inch touch screen with WVGA resolution and sliding QWERTY-keyboard. The thickness of the device is 15 mm. Most likely, it will be announced before the end of this year.

Toshiba K02, as expected, the horizontal clamshell, but instead of QWERTY-keyboard with her, despite the image in the roadmap, the second display. Diagonal display is 3,5 inches, resolution - WVGA. Outside, a communicator has a small screen and 10-button keypad. Toshiba K02 also works on Windows Mobile 6.5, machine will come next year.

And, finally, Toshiba L01 - rather, it is a mobile internet device (MID), since it is equipped with a large 7-inch touch screen. But it is also based on Windows Mobile 6.5. Apparently, Toshiba L01 will go on sale in 2010.

Official images of Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700

The network has official images smartphone Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700. This model is already known by hearsay, it is simpler and cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy I7500. Source mentions another name of the device - Galaxy Spica. This smartphone is made in the form-factor besklaviaturnogo monbloka with 3-inch touch screen and is based on the operating system, Android 1.5. Also among its features - 3.2-megapixel camera, wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS-receiver and microSD-slot.

According to the source, Samsung Galaxy I7500 will be announced this month and will be sold in the following. Its cost will be 350 euros, the smartphone will be able to compete, such as HTC Tattoo.

Dell notebooks and paint OPI nail polish

Dell Design Studio in the near future will join the palette colors, which can be painted netbooks and notebooks. 26 new variants of coloring models series Dell Mini, Inspiron and Studio developed in conjunction with the manufacturer of nail polish by OPI. This choice of partner for the computer manufacturer does not seem strange, since the collection of colors is based on the developments nail polishes. According to Dell, with the color names "Actually I'm not a waitress» ( "I'm Not Really a Waitress"), «The large red apple» ( "Big Apple Red"), «Strawberry Margarita» ( "Strawberry Margarita") "Pink Future» ( "Rosy Future") and "Pearl of the Kyoto» ( "Kyoto Pearl") will help to more clearly express individuality.

As part of the "fusion of style and power, color and technology» Dell and OPI will provide 20 standard colors from OPI and six more will be specially designed as a "Holiday Collection", with a focus on the coming New Year holidays. This focus is expressed in the names of colors: "Dear Santa» ( "Dear Santa"), «The Merry midnight» ( "Merry Midnight") and others. Is also planned to vary the offer depending on the season.

Buy a Dell Laptop with the coloring of the OPI will be a month, but at the first stage in the U.S. only. The rest of the world, this option will be available a little later and not only as an option for pre-order, but as standard equipment model.

Netbook Acer D250 on Android debuts in Russia in November

Acer Corporation announced soon receive a new netbook Aspire One D250 with preinstalled operating system, Android on counters Russian stores. In Russia's market offers four models of Acer Aspire One, tailored to the interests of different categories of users - AO 751, AO 531h, AO Pro 531, AOD 250. Now, in the company's portfolio will Netbook Aspire D250 c OS Android.

The operating system Android, developed by Google, is an open source platform based on Linux. Its use in Acer D250 provides almost instant booting netbook and easy connection to the Internet to enhance mobility and optimization of wireless communications.

Aspire One D250 is equipped with 10.1-inch LED-display with CrystalBrite technology, high brightness and a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Touchpad with the function of multiple simultaneous detection of touches (Multi-Gesture), allows "to scroll, zoom, or turning the pages with just one touch. New available in 4 colors: white, black, red and blue.

Acer Aspire One D250 with Android OS will go on sale in the Russian retail chains in November 2009.

Samsung introduced the model of Guru GT-E 2120, 2130 and 1160 in India

Samsung has updated the line of budget phones Guru. All models were represented in the Indian market. Apparatuses Guru GT-E 2120 and 2130 - the first in the series, got built-in camera, and Guru GT-E1160 - Budget vehicle with a very capacious battery.

Models Guru GT-E 2120 and 2130 have very rich functionality for its price range. In addition to completing their VGA-camera includes a music player (with an additional control button), FM-radio, card slot for microSD-format (up to 2 GB) and module Bluetooth. Both models have 1.5-inch CSTN display, a good set of additional functions and modes, and the GT-E2130 is also double the dynamics for high volume. Cost models in the Indian market will be from 3240 to 3600 rupees, respectively (approximately 2000-2300 rubles).

Phone Guru GT-E1160 - extremely simple apparatus. Of the additional features it has only FM-radio, dual speakers and a flashlight. Its main feature - providing up to 12 hours talk time.

browser Firefox Mobile beta 4 for Maemo

Has been released the fourth beta version of mobile browser Fennec (Firefox Mobile) operating system Maemo. As we know, based on this platform working internet tablet from Nokia. The new beta version works much more smoothly, and also received a number of improvements and bug fixes. Special attention was paid to additions (add-on), bookmarks and download manager. By the way, the company is concurrently working on Mozilla Firefox Mobile operating system, Windows Mobile, but this browser still at the stage of Alpha 3.

Innovations and improvements in Firefox Mobile beta 4 for:

  • Improved touch control
  • Improved zooming and moving the page
  • Simplified the work of a download manager (deleted file search on the disk)
  • Completed the process of work with bookmarks
  • Simplified management bookmarks
  • Added pop-up warning when tabs are open in the background
  • Bookmark List now displays the URL and tags associated with the bookmark
  • Page added information about the product
  • Support Additions Update
  • A number of other possibilities