A new roadmap AMD: Scorpius Platform appears in 2011

Saturday, October 10, 2009

On the Chinese site Inpai appeared information about the new roadmap AMD, which contains information about the plans of the company in the segment of desktop processors. For example, next in line is production platforms Leo and chips Thuban, is a 6-nuclear version of the current processor Phenom II X4 and based on server CPU Istanbul.

Will also be presented chipset RD890, which is expected to be called AMD 890FX, as well as the south bridge SB850. The graphical component of the platform will be provided with the ATI Radeon HD 5000 supports DirectX 11 technology.

In the segment of mass solutions AMD plans to introduce a platform Dorado, which will be based on processors Athlon II, as well as the new chipset RS880P, equipped with integrated graphics Radeon HD 4000 supports DirectX 10.1. In this new chipset will only support memory DDR3.

Moving further in 2011, we see the emergence of a new AMD processor architecture Bulldozer and the transition to 32 nm process technology. In the sector of the enthusiast platform will be presented Scorpius, based on the chip Zambezi. It is expected that this CPU will be from 4 to 8 cores.

Interesting that a new socket for this chip is marked as AM3r2. However, it is unlikely that it is simply an updated version of an existing socket AM3, because the architecture Bulldozer, is believed to contain in itself the biggest change since the K8. Graphic component platform Scorpius will become the next generation of chips ATI, which will appear at the end of 2010.

With regard to the mass of decisions in 2011 should see a platform Lynx with a long-awaited chip Fusion, which is the first solution based on the architecture of Llano and unite in a single chip CPU and GPU.

Panasonic introduced new PT-AE4000U HD projector

Panasonic has announced a new HD projector PT-AE4000U, intended for enthusiasts of home video preview. The projector has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, the luminous flux of 1600 lumens and dynamic contrast 100000:1. The projector was calibrated Panasonic Hollywood, which provides high quality images, is provided as a function Lens Memory, for the preservation and reproduction of previously defined settings to increase and focus.

The new projector is also compatible with VIERA Link, for simplified connectivity, and has a programmable 12 V trigger. The projector supports display modes 2,35:1, 16:9 and 4:3. Among the communications capabilities the device is also worth noting 3 HDMI inputs.

Other features include support for displaying the incoming signal at 24, 60 or 120 frames per second. There is a remote control. The projector offers an image size of 120 inches diagonal at a distance of 11 meters. Dimensions are 460 x 130 x 300 mm, and weight - 7,3 kg. The appearance of the projector Panasonic PT-AE4000U in sales expected this month for $ 2499.

Mellanox ConnectX-2 40G - the first 40Gb Ethernet adapter

Company DSCon, the official distributor of Mellanox Technologies, introduced the first in the industry card 40Gb Ethernet - Mellanox ConnectX-2 40G. Adapters for converged networks Mellanox ConnectX-2 40G will increase the efficiency of the use of modern multi-core processors in data centers, to achieve an unprecedented level of Ethernet connections between servers and storage.

Today's data centers (DPC), to maximize the number of transactions per second, support the increasing demands for network environments of virtual environments and real consolidation of the water / O, network solutions are required with a capacity of more than 10 gigabits per second. Adapter 40 Gigabit Ethernet Mellanox ConnectX-2 40G provides IT-managers of network-based solution for building a more efficient and streamlined data center.

Available now adapters ConnectX-2 40G support hardware visualization I / O, including the Single Root I / O Visualization (SR-IOV), and provide the funding necessary to create a converged network to support Data Center Bridging (DCB). 40 Gigabit Ethernet adapters from Mellanox simplify the implementation of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) due to unloading and support hardware encapsulation frame T11 Fibre Channel. Single-port ConnectX-2 EN 40G comes with one connector QSFP, suitable for use with copper or optical cables, which ensures a high level of flexibility in use. Adapters ConnectX-2 EN 40G supports continuous discharge and fully compatible with standard-stack TCP / UDP / IP.

Canyon CNR-HS8 - ergonomic headset for IP telephony

Canyon company introduced a new ergonomic headset for IP telephony. Unlike the majority of the market-making, model CNR-HS8 distinguished by the presence of a compact microphone mounted on a short guide of the left speaker. Model CNR-HS8 - a combination of portable stereo headphones and compact microphone located on the body of the left speaker. Good sensitivity in combination with a spherical radiation pattern provides reliable transmission of speech. This product is suitable for communication over the Internet, and for listening to music.

Housing headphones built on the classical scheme, they are firmly fixed on the head of the listener and displaced as a result of prolonged use. Adjustable shackle head allows to choose the optimum length, in accordance with user preference. Headphone speakers are equipped with open-ear cups are made from pleasant to the touch of soft tissue. They almost completely cover the ears, without creating excess pressure.

Headset Canyon CNR-HS8 is suitable for personal computers and laptops, it is fully compatible with all known programs such as Skype, and SipNet. Headset Canyon CNR-HS8 is available now. Suggested retail price is 399 rubles. At the Canyon is available proprietary products warranty duration of 24 months.

Hitachi creates a 56-inch projection screen with touch capabilities

The Japanese company Hitachi has created a desktop system to realize the function of the touch screen in the projected image. The system consists of completely normal room projector Hitachi CP-A100J, as well as special wireless interactive panel UPIC 56-M. It allows you to identify and track the movement of digital stylus on a huge projection screen with a diagonal of 56 inches

This system works as follows. Interactive panel UPIC 56-M is covered by multiple nearly invisible microdots, which, despite the tiny size, well recognized electronic "pen". In addition, the stylus is able to recognize and eight levels of clicking on the surface. All data transmitted over the Bluetooth channel to the control computer, which is also connected and the projector. Thus, using the stylus touches can manage the projected image.

Actually, the principle of this system is nothing new. Almost as work and so-called "smart boards" used in schools and colleges. However, the undoubted plus of the Hitachi is that it is fairly compact. The projector is easy to put on the table, and an interactive panel may roll in a roll, do without the wires, and the magnetization back makes it easy to hang it on the wall.

Adobe also introduced Adobe Mobile for iPhone

Company Adobe Systems Incorporated introduced its version of Mobile mobile application for the owners of iPhone, which is called Mobile for iPhone. This application allows users to directly to your phone a quick way to edit photos, apply effects and instant photos with friends - and all this slight movement of your finger. The new application offers seamless integration with their free user accounts, sharing photos, backing up your data and preserving the valuable contents of their iPhone.

Following personal changes in the photographs with this application, users can upload photos to their accounts in further to view them from a computer anywhere in the world, using internet access. In addition, the manufacturer notes that the Mobile for iPhone is a digital and fotobumazhnik, giving users access to their library on, directly from the iPhone.