Owners of Xbox Live Gold account will be able to use Facebook and Twitter from 17 November

Monday, October 12, 2009

In the UK Xbox site, it was reported, which undoubtedly will please owners of this gaming console. It states that in the Xbox Live service will soon become available functions work with social networks Facebook and Twitter. The official launch of the service work with Facebook and Twitter will be held in Britain on November 17, and seize new opportunities (at least at first) could only account holders of Xbox Live Gold.

This service will allow gambling amateur communication in social networks do the same, only the Xbox 360 console, and refuse to use a computer. Happy owners of Xbox Live Gold account will be the first to evaluate some exclusive features, including Friend Linker, which allows invite their friends on Facebook to network game on Xbox. A gamer's picture will appear in his mikroblog in Twitter. In addition, according to rumors, Xbox Live subscribers will have access to the service Last.FM, which will enable them to enjoy new music.

Beta versions of these social networks for UK Xbox users will be presented in October. On launching similar projects in other countries is not reported.

Samsung Giorgio Armani Full list of specifications

With the publication of the official press release about the withdrawal joint product of Samsung and fashion house Giorgio Armani, it was decided that for the image product does not necessarily make themselves known characteristics. And not because they are below average. And just in Samsung felt that information about the diagonal of the screen, the number of pixels in the built-in camera, built-in memory capacity and the availability of physical QWERTY-keyboard will be enough. If we add the size and weight - if not the perfect backdrop for admiring designer delights.

For those who Armani logo, and Microsoft is not enough to make a decision about spending 700 euros, not enough resources Slash Gear has published a full list of the characteristics of the communicator Samsung Giorgio Armani:

Standards Networks: UMTS 900/1900/2100 MHz (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps) and GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Camera: 5 megapixel with autofocus
Screen: 3.5-inch AMOLED c WVGA-resolution (480h800 points)
Supported audio standards: SP-Midi, SMAF, MP3, AAC, AAC +, WMA
Supported video standards: H.263, MPEG4, WMV, MMV, DivX, XviD
- Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
- USB 2.0HS, microUSB
- Wi-Fi
- TV-out
Memory: 8 GB internal memory, slot for memory cards microSD-size up to 32 GB
Programs: Opera 9.5, On-line widgets, Mobile SNS, MS Office
Dimensions: 118,5 x 58,3 x 16,4 mm
Weight: 164 g
Battery: 1500 mAh

Nokia N97 mini RAOUL Limited Edition

Company Nokia has decided to keep up with Korean manufacturers, and also released a fashion model. But still very limited circulation. Also, unlike the Samsung Giorgio Armani and LG BL-40 Chocolate, which are separate developments in the role of the stylish solutions will address already submitted smartphone Nokia N97 Mini. In addition to his name he will get more postscript RAOUL Limited Edition and will be released in an edition of 1000 copies.

In terms of specifications of Nokia N97 Mini RAOUL Limited Edition from the production model is no different. All the changes affected only the exterior. The apparatus was adorned with the logo RAOUL the rear cover and a stylish leather carrying case with strap, also decorated with embossed RAOUL. All this is packaged in a large gift type box, covered with skin. Minor changes have affected and software - smartphone received pre widget Fashion Asia.

At the moment, this limited edition is only available for pre-order (until 29 October) in Singapore. Cost exclusive version of Nokia N97 Mini is about 400 euros. On the issue of similar episodes in other markets are not reported.

Media player Lisse Q10 retro

At a time when the number of models of media players from different manufacturers in the hundreds, and the presence of a touch screen will not surprise anybody, options to attract attention is not so much. If you do not take into account the possibility of significant expansion opportunities for the player by giving it new technologies, which inevitably leads to increased cost, it remains the only field - Design. And while some manufacturers boldly and blindly copy the leaders, while others create a very original thing. This proposal relates to those of the Korean company MyRacer, received the name Lisse Q10.

This multimedia player has little role to stand out in a number of their own kind. But the developers have given it quite a memorable design, which bears the stamp of the appearance of "transistor radio" 1970-80-ies. Its 3-inch frameless touch screen with a resolution 400h240 points could easily pass for a panel speaker, and "chrome" circular knob is very, very similar to the tuning knob or volume range. For a complete similarity not only enough retractable or collapsible antenna with a chromium coating.

If we talk about the characteristics, they are fully up to date. Lisse Q10 player supports files standard AVI, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, DAP, MPEG, MP4, VOB, 3GP, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG and FLAC. To store music and video model has 8 GB of internal memory, which can be supplemented with memory cards microSD-format with up to 32 GB. The battery capacity of 900 mAh battery provides up to 20 hours of music playback or 8 hours of video. There is also a built-in FM-radio, voice recorder and TV-out.

Dell Adamo XPS is Under 1cm Thick

Dell has demonstrated the concept of a device called the Dell Adamo XPS. With what right and in the form of computer graphics and "live". The demonstration was intended to impress, and she was impressed. The thickness of this model is only 9.99 mm. For comparison, a commercially available laptop Dell Adamo has a thickness of 16.51 mm, while its competitor, MacBook Air and does a 19.3 mm in the thickest part.

There is, of course, a question: what Dell engineers have managed to put in this building, which is thin even by the standards-clamshell phone? For him no answer. At a presentation was shown only the body but not a word was said about the fact that inside it.

Bone Collection: USB-accessories with an unusual design

On Russia's market fall Adapter USB Link and funny USB-hub Doggy Link to us Fruitshop International. Adapter USB Link will connect an external hard drive, camera, cell phone to a laptop or desktop computer through the USB connector on one side and mini-USB on the other. At the same time to clear the place is constantly busy on the table do not have - a flexible cable enables convenient to place the hook technique. Owners of laptops will be able to take the USB Link with me, he weighs just 13 grams and fits in your pocket.

Splitter Doggy Link, equipped with LED-indicator, is ideal for those who do not have enough free USB-port - the problem is particularly acute for owners of laptops and netbooks. An unusual and pleasing to the touch splitter allows two devices to connect directly to a USB-port. Doggy Link looks like an original - in the traditional style of Bone. Recommended cost will be - 75 rubles for USB Link and 258 rubles for Doggy Link.

12-inch netbook ASUS Eee PC 1201N and 1201HA in detail

We have already mentioned in the news about the two netbooks from ASUSTeK Computer, which is now ready for release - ASUS Eee PC 1201N and 1201HA. This large 12-inch model, it is expected that they will come out in October. Since both netbook running the operating system, they can be released no earlier than October 22. And now these updates have become aware of the new details: Italian Resource Eee PC Italia has posted their specifications, stating that they are taken from the documentation ASUSTeK. ASUS Eee PC 1201N is based on NVIDIA ION, and 1201HA - on the Intel Atom processor and integrated Intel GMA 500 graphics.

Features ASUS Eee PC 1201N:

* 12.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels
* Intel Atom N330 processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz
* Graphics NVIDIA ION (GeForce 9400M)
* Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
* 3 GB DDR2 memory
* Hard Drive 320 GB
* Communications - Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth, Ethernet
* 0.3 megapixel web camera
* Ports - HDMI, VGA, 3hUSB 2.0, microphone, headphones, SD slot
* The touchpad supports multi-touch
* 6-cell battery
* Time of battery life - up to 8 hours
* Dimensions - 296h208h27 ,3-33, 3
* Weight - 1.4 kg
* Color - black, blue, red

Features ASUS Eee PC 1201HA:

* 12.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels
* Intel Atom Z520 processor with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz
Chipset - Intel US15W
* Graphics - Intel GMA 500
* Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
* 2 GB of DDR2 memory
* Hard Drive 250 GB
* Communications - Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth, Ethernet
* 0.3 megapixel web camera
* Ports - VGA, 3hUSB 2.0, microphone, headphones, SD slot
* The touchpad supports multi-touch
* 6-cell battery
* Time of battery life - up to 8 hours
* Dimensions - 296h208h27 ,3-33, 3
* Weight - 1.4 kg
* Color - black, blue, red

The third generation of the Philips Aurea edge-lit LED HDTV was announced

Philips has introduced to Russia's market a new generation of the Aurea. The premiere of this model was held in September in Berlin in the framework of international exhibition IFA2009. As the producer, although in the commercial model name has changed only the index, Aurea III has fundamental differences from its predecessors.

The main difference is the screen - it is a 40-inch, and its illumination of the matrix is based on LED technology, which allows to achieve image quality comparable to the quality which is inherent to plasma TVs. In this model 40PFL9904H (or Aurea III) retained proprietary features - active frame technology Ambilight, which creates a glow around the TV display for the screen; algorithm Perfect Natural Motion, whereby even the dynamic scenes are displayed on-screen without jerks, and 100-Gertsev display with 2 ms response time, providing high clarity. In this dynamic contrast was equal to the index 500000:1, which ensures correct display of shades of black.

Processor Perfect Pixel HD Engine creates a clear image, each pixel is processed in such a way as to conform to the neighboring pixels, and the resulting image becomes more natural. The changes were made and the remote control, his body resembles a modern mobile phone in the slider form factor.

Another improvement was the presence of function Aurea Net TV and built-in module Wi-Fi. Users can surf the Internet using the TV screen and remote control. TV can be connected to a home network using a wireless connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The menu has all the popular services Net TV, the image corresponding to the format of the TV screen. In addition, the connection to the PC lets you watch videos or images stored on your PC, via the remote network.

Hynix announces a 54 nm 1 Gbit DDR3 memory

Company Hynix Semiconductor announced the second generation DDR3 memory chips with a density of 1 Gbps, which is used when creating a 54 nm manufacturing process. The new chip is available in configurations x4 and x8, and its mass production began this month.

The second-generation DDR3 memory with a density of 1 Gbit manufactured by Hynix, running on the same level of tension in the 1.5 volts, and that the previous generation of chips. At the same time new solutions consume 30 percent less energy. As expected the manufacturer, it will reduce the power consumption of systems such as data centers, servers and supercomputers, as well as longer battery life for mobile devices.

NVIDIA releases their new GeForce GT 220 and GeForce G 210

Hardly had time NVIDIA provide to the consumer market a new graphics card GeForce G210 and GeForce GT220, as the company's partners have begun to announce their own versions based on these models. Perhaps one of the most prolific was the company Palit, who presented for five adapters. This four cards are created on the basis of the chip GT216 (GeForce GT220), and only one - on a chip GT218 (GeForce G210).

Four models based on the GeForce GT220 is a map Palit GT 220 1GB DDR3, GT 220 1GB DDR2, GT 220 512MB DDR2, as well as the 220 GT Sonic. As the name cards, we can assume that the first three versions differ only in the level and type of memory, while the GT Sonic 220 is a solution with a factory overclocked, whose GPU clocked at 650 MHz. In addition, this card has 512 MB of memory GDDR3.

As for the video card Palit G210, it has 16 stream processors and 512 MB of DDR2 memory with 64-bit interface, and the frequency of its video core is equal to 589 MHz. Among other things, Palit has decided to equip the majority of new accelerators OS-CON capacitors to enhance stability and reduce the rate ESR.

ASUS Eee Keyboard approved by FCC

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified the ASUS Eee Keyboard - an unusual Nettop form factor keyboard. This device is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen and, in fact, is a full-fledged desktop-Nettop, but at the keyboard. ASUS Eee Keyboard deliveries scheduled to begin in Europe and the U.S. later this month, tentatively - 22 October. Documentation nettop-keyboard with FCC site includes several photographs and specifications.

Some characteristics of the ASUS Eee Keyboard has been known previously, but now they have almost an official confirmation. Nettop is based on the processor Intel Atom N270, is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB solid state drive. Also it has a wireless support Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, and UWB. Among the ports - HDMI, VGA, 3hUSB, audio input and output, plus there are built-in stereo speakers and microphone. An interesting feature is the presence of a special receiver that connects to an HDTV and you can send high-definition video and high-quality sound with the Eee Keyboard to the TV wirelessly. It is assumed that the price of ASUS Eee Keyboard range from $ 400 to $ 500.

Fresh Apple / Palm / BlackBerry clone from China

All the good from the IT industry, sooner or later acquires a clone of the Celestial Empire.

So now the Chinese market came device, much like whether Apple iPhone, whether Palm Pre, whether BlackBerry. Released communicator has a similar size and sliding QWERTY-keyboard with a Palm. Clone is running under the touch screen (most likely Linux oPhone OS), equipped with an analog TV-receiver, FM-radio, and for the best work the above two functions - a telescopic antenna. Who is interested in this device, look at the Chinese shelves now for only $ 88.

Nokia camera phones will be able to recognize and translate the text with photos

According to the resource Intomobile, the company Nokia is working on improving the technology OCR (Optical Character Recognition - OCR) for their mobile devices. Now at an early stage of development is a project whose goal is to recognize and transfer footage to the camera cell phone or smartphone text. This may be particularly relevant for those users who frequently visit other countries. With this technology they can get the converted version of the pictures of signboards, road signs and any other textual information, and then translate it.

Such technology could be implemented earlier, but it makes a poor quality image, which can be obtained by using camera phones. But now, some mobile devices are 8 and even 12 megapixel integrated camera, a 5 megapixel camera is already widespread. Therefore, in the near future, obviously, with phones and Nokia smartphones will be free to travel without fear of getting lost in the country with another language. After all, they can easily transfer all encountered the name.

LG Solar E-book - E-book with a solar battery

Company LG Electronics will demonstrate at the next exhibition IMID 2009 in Korea its new development - a prototype e-book with a solar battery Solar E-book. The basis of the decision taken by Sony Reader PRS-505, complete with 10-centimeter solar panel thickness of 0,7 mm and weighing 20 grams. That is, it does not greatly increase the size and weight of the device. To charge the solar battery enough 4-5 hours, after this e-book will work for a whole day.

According to LG, now the efficiency of the solar battery is 9,6%, but the company does not intend to stop there. The following year, the effectiveness of technology will be brought up to 12%, and in 2012, according to the manufacturer's plan, it will reach 14%. After that, LG is going to release a commercial product based on this prototype.

Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular

Company Xilence submitted to Russia's market PSU Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular, designed for use in high-performance gaming systems with multiple graphics cards that meet the requirements and expectations of technology enthusiasts.

Power supply compatible with all components size ATX 2.2. Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W corresponds to the standard EPS 12V 2.92. To address the specific challenges gamers, overclockers and fans of high-performance PC has different types of connectors, allowing to feed a large number of modern peripherals. Power supplies come with two video card power connectors 6 +2 PCI-Express and a few 6-pin power connectors PCI-Express (two for Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 4 in Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W), which enables the use of modern graphics system the basis of one or more cards of last generation.

In addition, the power supply can be connected to a large number of SATA connectors (6 in Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 12 in Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W), which allows not limit yourself to connect devices with interface SATA (hard disks, CD and DVD drives ). Xilence The company also provides users connectors needed to connect other modern components. For the motherboard power than the standard 24 (20 +4) pin ATX connector provides an additional 4 +4 PIN 12V (MB), to supply the hard disks and disk drives (HDD, FDD) connectors are Small 4PIN (1 oz Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W and 2 in Xilence Gaming Edition 750) and connectors Big 4PIN (6 in 750-watt power supply and 7 in tysyachivattnogo BP).

Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular have a modular structure, whereby the power cables are connected through a special additional connectors. For high-quality cooling has a large 135-milimmitrovy fan, which, despite the high productivity remains low. Also, good cooling and noise reduction contributes to the use of technology to control the work of the fan depending on temperature. In addition, the power supply 750 W Gaming Edition provides a connector 3Pin Fan Detector and wires for the transmission of signals by which the operating system can monitor the status of the fan and react to failure, as this power supply has three connectors 3Pin Case Fan for fan power.

Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W and 1000 W modular have an active PFC (switching power supply), which achieves close to the ideal power factor, and significantly improves the function of BP. Active PFC possible to additionally stabilize the input voltage and improve the response of the power supply during short-term (milliseconds) line voltage dips. In addition, PSU Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W has a multi-stage system of protection against unforeseen circumstances - a short circuit, overvoltage, overload current, or power, also provides sverhtemperaturnaya protection. The power supply Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W implemented automatic support a range of input voltages Full Range, component 115/230V.

Stable stress distribution in the power supply provides multiple 12V circuits. Xilence Gaming Edition 750 W has three separate lines of 12V, which provide a current of 20 A on two lines and 36 A on the other. More powerful Xilence Gaming Edition 1000 W has had six 12-volt lines, where the four force withstand current 20 A, the other two - 33 A. Both have independent power supply circuit for tires +5 V and +3.3 V, allowing the voltage at one bus does not depend on the load on the other. PSU Xilence 750 W and 750 certified program 80 PLUS, which confirms that the power supply has a high efficiency (over 80%).

Silent Power Supply Antec Basiq BP-430

Antec company announced sales in the territory of Russia PSUs Antec Basiq BP-430. Cheap power supplies Antec Basiq BP-430 with active PFC circuit are positioned as a good choice for a modern desktop systems, entry-level. High stability of supply is achieved by using two tires +12 V, which guarantees the total load to 360 Tues Cable system power supply provides power PCI-E graphics card and SATA connectors for today's drives Serial ATA.

New fully compliant with the standard ATX12V version 2.2. Effective cooling system, made on the basis of 80-mm fan with intelligent, provides a minimum level of noise at any level of loading system.

Construction of the power supply Basiq BP-430 provides professional protection system in case of short circuits, overloading and power surges. Make notes as high reliability Basiq BP-430, normalizing the operating time to first failure at not less than 100 thousand hours. Dimensions of power supply unit are 86 x 150 x 140 mm, weight 1,45 kg. Supply Antec Basiq BP-430 on Russia's market has already begun.

New BlackBerry - soon at T-Mobile USA and Vodafone

American operator T-Mobile will soon introduce a new smartphone BlackBerry. The company already sends invitations to its corporate customers. The event will be held in New York on November 5. The invitation said only that the new BlackBerry will allow to make calls on the networks of Wi-Fi, and the model name is not disclosed. It assumes Boy Genius Report, published an invitation to be a new model BlackBerry 9700 series.

Also learned that this week will be released a new BlackBerry with a touch screen - Storm 2. As the name implies, this long-awaited successor to the first tachfona BlackBerry. He goes on sale in the UK operator Vodafone. According to preliminary data, the index 2 for BlackBerry Storm Vodafone - 9520, a GSM / UMTS-model to support Wi-Fi and 3.2 megapixel camera. By the way, in the U.S. BlackBerry Storm 2 will be sold at the operator Verizon Wireless, this modification will be dual-mode - CDMA and GSM / UMTS. According to the Guardian, the cost of BlackBerry Storm 2 at Vodafone will be 30 pounds ($ 48) per month, subject to long term contracts.

iRiver N20 pendant MP3 player with PMOLED screen

Company iRiver has announced the imminent withdrawal of miniature MP3-player iRiver N20. Its 4-line display is made on technology PMOLED, and can display various shades of gray. The screen resolution is 128 × 56 pixels. Available versions of the player with 2 and 4 GB of internal memory. N20 supports most digital music formats: MP3, WMA, APE and WAV, including Lossless FLAC and OGG. There is also a FM-tuner. The player is implemented technology to improve sound IESE (iRiver Extreme Sound Engine).

According to the manufacturer, one battery will last for 5 hours of continuous music playback. The device weighs 35 grams. Player size small - 26x55, 5x13 mm. Time of occurrence in the sale has not officially announced, however, it is expected that the price will be $ 95 or $ 110, depending on the amount of internal memory.

Scientists develop a nuclear battery for mobile phone

Scientists from the University of Missouri (University of Missouri) have demonstrated the so-called nuclear batteries, which receives energy from radioactive isotopes. Energy decay of these substances are collected and converted into electricity. Such batteries, incidentally, are already used in military and aerospace industries, but they are usually much more. A new battery, created at the University of Missouri, is comparable in size only normal coin. Battery life, which it provides, is a million times more than standard batteries. This is, in fact hundreds of years.

Peculiarity of the compact nuclear batteries is the use of liquid semiconductor environments, as solid can collapse under the influence of the isotopes. Therefore, the battery needs to do more in size. But when it comes to miniaturization, then this method does not work and the developers found another way - the use of liquids. In the future, these batteries can be used for portable electronics such as mobile phones. Moreover, scientists convince them of full security, despite the use of nuclear technology. And yet, despite this, the prospect of wearing in his pocket a small nuclear power is unlikely to please the casual users, far from science.

New karaoke DVD players from BBK

The company BBK Electronics announced the launch of a sale of two new models of DVD players have a series of In `Ergo - DV214SI and DV216SI. Among the playable DVD players formats - MPEG-4, WMA, Kodak Picture CD and JPEG.

For convenient playback of content directly from external devices such as digital camera, external hard drive or quests, conundrums, in front of the DVD-players has a high-speed USB 2.0 port. Connecting an external device to a player, you can transfer files from data discs player on this device without coding (Copy Function). In this type of media must be formatted with a file system FAT/FAT32. Also provides feature updates to CD-RIP, which allows in a compressed format to transfer music from CDs CD-DA (Audio-CD) on the flash player BBK, connected to the USB-port DVD-player.

Models DV214SI and DV216SI equipped with karaoke function and the microphone output. In addition, updates to implement their own development company BBK - function «Q-Play», lets you skip commercials on the disc, recorded before the movie. DVD Karaoke Players DV214SI and DV216SI have gone on sale.