Nikon D3S - a new professional camera from Nikon

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nikon has announced the release of the camera D3S, which, in her words, allows professionals to manage unexpected events and enhances active photographers around the world. Built around the camera Nikon D3, camera D3S designed to provide a new level of photography in low light, and offers new creative possibilities of multimedia video.

The camera is equipped with fully processed D3S matrix with a resolution of 12.1 million effective pixels. As producer declares, due to the large step between pixels, with a fully modified internal structure that allows D3S camera to take pictures in low light conditions. The sensitivity range from 200 to 12 800 units of ISO with the four stages provides an opportunity to perform photo and video in conditions of insufficient ambient light to the implementation of the minimum amount of processing to ensure the sharpness and detail that, according to the company, it is important to take reports and sports competitions.

In addition, Nikon D3S is the first camera that provides at least three levels of increasing ISO sensitivity to the level of Hi-3 (equivalent to ISO 102 400 units).

D3S equipped with a new feature video with digital SLR cameras, which use creative effects. Videos are recorded in 720p and 24 frames per second in Motion JPEG format with stereo sound.

As an autofocus system used a proprietary Nikon Multi-CAM3500 from 51 focus point of high density and 15 sensitive points of intersection. System of Contrast-detect autofocus camera D3S configured to support autofocus during video recording mode and framing on the monitor.

Key features of Nikon D3S:

  • CMOS sensor FX format 12.1 megapixel resolution (in full-frame)
  • 200 - 12 800 units of ISO
  • Sequential shooting at 9 frames per second (11 frames per second in framing DX)
  • D-Movie function that captures HD video with stereo sound
  • AF System of Multi-CAM3500FX with 51-point
  • EXPEED image processing system with 14-bit ADC and 16-bit image processing
  • 3-inch LCD monitor VGA resolution (920 thousand pixels)
  • Three modes of framing
  • The built-in processing images in RAW format
  • Silent shooting mode
  • The closure of an alloy of carbon fiber and Kevlar
  • Housing made of magnesium alloy
  • Support for wireless local area networks and Ethernet (opt. optional)
  • Dimensions: 159,5 h157h87, 5 mm
  • Weight: 1240 gr.

Samsung announced the commencement of sales of its environmental phone with touch screen and solar panels - Samsung "Blue Earth"

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced sales for the month of October (first in Sweden, and more - France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and other European and Asian countries), its environmental phone Samsung Blue Earth with the touch screen and solar panels. For the first time this model was shown at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2009, held in February this year in Barcelona (Spain), who proposed the concept of environmental phone with a pleasant design and advanced multimedia functions.

With the launch of Samsung "Blue Earth" in the sale, the company said that the way it reaffirms its commitment to strengthen environmental protection by developing environmentally friendly products and promote the program sredis their clients.

Samsung "Blue Earth" is made from recycled materials, which constitute the bulk of the former plastic bottles of water, according to Samsung helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide in the production process. In addition, highlights the fact that the phone itself and its charger does not contain harmful substances such as bromine-containing flame retardants, polyvinyl chloride, phthalates.

Technical characteristics of the "Blue Planet" from Samsung:

  • Support communications standards: 3G/HSDPA 3.6 Mbps 900/2100 MHz; GSM / EDGE / GPRS S850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Dimensions: 108x53, 6x14, 2 mm
  • Weight: 119 gr.
  • Display: touchscreen, 3-inch, TFT, resolution WQVGA, displaying more than 16 million colors
  • Camera: 3.2 MP, CMOS (CMOS)
  • Audio formats: MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA
  • Supported video formats: H.263, WMV, MPEG4
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Communication: Bluetooth v 2.1 / USB 2.0 HS / Wi-Fi
  • Memory: 130 MB internal, expandable microSDHC memory cards (up to 16 GB)
  • Battery: 1080 mAh

Acer announced Android-smartphone Acer Liquid

Company Acer announced its first smartphone running Android - Liquid. This model was formerly known as Acer A1. The device is based on a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1 GHz and the operating system, Android 1.6. Official release from Acer, on Liquid, contains almost no details about the technical characteristics of a smartphone. Referred to only support the standard HSPA, touchscreen WVGA-display and 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, timer functions and settings geotegirovaniya rate sensitivity ISO.

In addition, Acer Liquid implements integration with social networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Picasa and Flickr, including notification in real time about changing the status or the appearance of new entries. A new application Spinlets, available exclusively for Acer Liquid, allows free listening to music or watch video streamed, as well as share content with other users via the web or email. At the same time, the company has not announced when the Acer Liquid goes on sale and how much it cost.

MOTOBLUR from Motorola - video interface and DEXT

Interface, social networking on Android-smartphone from Motorola.

The official announcement of WM-communicators Acer

Information on the latest generation of communicators Acer running Windows Mobile 6.5 in the network has already more than enough. Our site has already posted reviews of models of Acer F1 (S200) and Acer E1 (E101), of which the latter had already been formally announced its "Eldorado" and goes on sale in Russia with the market on October 16. However, the entire series was officially announced just today in Britain.

Communicators are divided into two lines - beTouch and neoTouch. In a series beTouch includes two (or three, depending how to read) models: Acer beTouch E100/101 and beTouch E200. Models E100 and E101 differ only support third-generation networks, while officially delivered to Russia will only version of E101 (previously known as E1) and E100 (previously known as C1) with support for 3G will be sold in Europe. Both models are a budget communicator with a fairly rich set of features for relatively little money (in Russia, Acer beTouch E101 will sell for 10 000 rubles). Slightly more expensive Acer beTouch E200 is a remarkable communicator for the form factor - a slider. In the rest of its characteristics are similar to the model E100.

In line neoTouch included only one device - Acer neoTouch S200. Previously, he was known as Acer F1. This new flagship phone series Acer. The model is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1 GHz. In addition, the communicator has 3.8-inch touch screen with a WVGA-resolution 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. The device supports networks of third generation and has modules WiFi b / g, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and GPS.

The declared cost of communicators in the UK is (excluding taxes) £ 210 ($ 335) for Acer beTouch E100 and £ 159 ($ 253) for the E101. Models Acer beTouch E200 and Acer neoTouch S200 will cost £ 225 ($ 358) and £ 295 ($ 470), respectively.

Video: Samsung Giorgio Armani

Annex Nokia HealthRadar help fight the spread of disease

Controlling the disease in remote parts of the world is an important factor in managing and understanding the spread of infection. That is why Nokia has created an application Nokia HealthRadar, designed to speed up the tracking of diseases through mobile devices. As a means of gathering information, which helps people on the ground to control the spread of infection from a mobile phone, HealthRadar also allows for almost real-time access to information.

The first and most significant stage in the implementation of the software is to collect data. Fast and accurate collection of information, which is then sent straight to a central server, will accelerate the current time-consuming paperwork. At the second stage is the aggregation of data, which allows you to recreate the picture of what is happening and where. Getting the information being processed by local practitioners is the third and final stage, which allows them to take appropriate action.

In addition, described the program has a corresponding control panel that allows users to receive software quick access to key information, including daily updates, map GeoHealth, which highlighted the intensity of the disease in the local clinics, as well as to compare the current picture with the previous dates in the form of statistical schedule.

Here is the software:

Panel HealthRadar:

Toolkit for compiling and sending reports to the server using the SMS:

Inbox with daily reports on diseases:

GeoHealth: map visualization of intensity distribution of the disease by area:


HP Pavilion dv8 officially announced in Britain

HP Notebook, released in the leak "winter" catalog companies were officially announced. In addition to multimedia Pavilion dv8 was announced and the release of updated versions of entertainment dv7 and dv6. All laptops are different not only high performance but also the original design. 15.6-inch dv6 and 17.3-inch dv7 can now be equipped with Intel Core i7 processors and AMD Turion II ultra Dual Core, as well as the graphics adapter from NVIDIA and the main memory DDR3 SDRAM.

Notebook HP Pavilion dv8 has 18.4-inch screen, built-in TV tuner, Blu-Ray drive and built-in subwoofer belongs to the upper class of today's mobile computers. In addition to the characteristics of high performance and functionality, it also has low power consumption and concise batteries that are capable of withstanding more than 1000 charge / discharge cycles, that is 2-3 times higher than conventional batteries show.

In the sale of laptops, HP received October 22, and their value will be 1300 pounds for the HP Pavilion dv8 and HP Pavilion dv8 £ 600 and £ 450 for the model dv7 and dv6 respectively.

Epson has launched in the mass production of ultra-compact, high-resolution color HTPS TFT LCD panels for electronic viewfinders

Of Seiko Epson Corporation announced that it has begun mass production of new high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT color LCD panels for electronic viewfinders. Its dimensions are only 0.47 inches (1.2 cm) diagonally and has a SVGA resolution (800hRGBx600).

New designed for camera manufacturers for use as an electronic viewfinder in digital SLR cameras and medium Hi-End level.

Epson causes the release of the device so that the recent competition in the market of digital cameras has reached the boiling point, where companies offer customers new products with higher resolution and the additional functionality while reducing the cost of the cells themselves. In recent years, more and more consumers make the transition from compact to SLR cameras in search of better productivity and better quality of the images, which led to increased demand for compact and slim digital SLR camera with video recording. Here is everything described above and is intended to meet the new LCD panel Epson.

The main features of new items:

  • Compact
  • High resolution
  • Color filter

Smartbook Mobinnova elan come under a new title Beam in the next year

We have already mentioned in the news about smartbooke Mobinnova elan, which is based on the processor NVIDIA Tegra. This 8.9-inch model on the basis of the operating system Windows CE. It can play HD-video (720p), while in offline mode when displaying video works from 5 to 10 hours. When playing an audio device can work up to days without recharging. Moreover, the Mobinnova elan, as befits smartbuku, there is support for 3G-networks.

And we now know that this device will be released in the U.S. under the name Mobinnova Beam. Previously it was thought that this would happen closer to the end of this year, but seem to wait until the smartbuka is already in the next year. At least, the announcement of this should take place at CES 2010 in January. It is assumed that Mobinnova Beam will be sold by American operators with contract and rebates.

Acer Aspire easyStore H340 - a home server for advanced users

Corporation Acer introduced in Russia market Aspire easyStore H340 - compact file server for home networks. Aspire easyStore - solution for storing personal information, which can be installed at home, setting it available for all computers on your home network. It is based on the system logic Intel 945GC Express and power saving Intel Atom processor 230 with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. It can be set up to 2 GB of RAM DDR2.

Novelty is equipped with four bays for hard drives, network cards, ports, five USB 2.0, one of which is put on the front panel and can be used to quickly back up data from flash drives, an External SATA port and one slot PCI Express x4. Four hard drive bays support the installation of drives with SATA interface in the form factor 3.5-inch total capacity of up to 6 terabytes. Three of the four compartments allow necessary to produce "hot" installation and replacement of drives. Additional high-speed eSATA port enables to connect an external disk drive.

Aspire easyStore automatically creates backup copies of important files from any computer on your home network. Photos, music and files have the added protection for Aspire easyStore thanks to a system fault tolerance for each of the four disks installed on a file server. The device runs under Windows operating system Microsoft Windows Home Server. The first installment Acer Aspire easyStore H340, raised in Russia, will be sold exclusively in the computer center "KEJ" at the price of 19990 rubles.

Deimos X-10 SLI Gaming Notebook

Company BFG Technologies announced a new gaming notebook Deimos X-10, which can be a companion for the mobile gamer. 18.4-inch notebook has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and can be equipped with Intel Core 2 P8700 (frequency 2.53 GHz), Q9000 (2 GHz) or QX9300 (2,53 GHz) on the user's choice.

Hardware accessories Deimos X-10 can consist of up to 8 GB of RAM, SSD or HDD drives up to a maximum capacity of 1.5 terabytes, and up to two video card GeForce GTX 280M with 1 GB of memory each, combined in SLI-mode. In addition, optional optical drive Blu-ray, webcam with a resolution of 2 megapixels and eight special gaming keys.

Notebook Deimos X-10 also can get a card reader 7 in 1, five built-in speakers plus a subwoofer, an HDMI port and fingerprint reader. The operating system used by Windows 7. Supply laptop Deimos X-10 will begin on October 30, a starting configuration price of 1859 dollars.

NVIDIA claims Fermi could run highly optimized Linux

Chip Fermi can be used to work with the operating system. This resource in an interview Fudzilla said senior vice president of NVIDIA Tony Tamasi (Tony Tamasi), corresponding to the company's strategy with regard to graphics processors.

Of course, this does not mean that the graphics chip-based architecture Fermi able to replace conventional CPU and run, for example, of Windows. However, if you develop a special distribution of Linux, seriously optimized for this architecture, the chip Fermi potentially able to work with such a software platform.

Thus, we can conclude that the graphics chips Fermi receive a lot of interesting and useful features that will be needed in the field of computing. However, Fermi, of course, will not be replacing traditional central processors, although it definitely is more than a standard GPU. Would be more correct to call these chips CGPU, where the letter C indicates Somputation (calculation). In other words, Fermi is a peculiar hybrid of central and graphics chip.

Amazon Kindle E-book - in Russia from October 19

A representative of Amazon Christine Heger told RIA Novosti that since October 19, Amazon Kindle e-book will be on sale in Russia. Specifically, Russia will be one of the 100 countries that will be an international version of the device. Content for the Amazon Kindle can be downloaded in a vast special catalog, which includes more than 290 thousand books in English, as well as periodicals, including international. In the U.S., load is carried on the networks of EV-DO, in Russia it will apparently, GPRS / EDGE or 3G.

Kindle price is $ 279 (excluding taxes), and the price of electronic books - about $ 6 - $ 12. According to Christine Heger, Amazon is to "reach out to everyone who loves to read in English in Russia - and to foreigners living in Russia, to Russians - for everyone who loves English books." While it is not clear if it would somehow get to the Amazon Kindle book in Russian. Heger also noted that Russia's readers will be available to all services, except for blogging and some pilot sites, but later they will. In addition, the Amazon Kindle has a built-in New Oxford American Dictionary.

ATI already won next gen Xbox deal

According to the resource Fudzilla, AMD has already negotiated with Microsoft to develop a new GPU for next-generation console, Xbox. Current game console Xbox 360 is equipped with graphics ATI Xenos, based on R580 chip with some distinctive features of R600 (Radeon HD 2900), for example, architecture Unified Shader. Despite the fact that since the release of the Xbox 360 was a year, drawing Xenos is more powerful than its analogue RSX, based on the chip NVIDIA NV47 (GeForce 7800) and works in the console Sony PlayStation 3. Originally Xenos GPU produced by the 90-nm technology, but now it is released under the 65 nm TSMC.

Was assumed that Microsoft will release the next generation Xbox console in 2010, but recent rumors mentioned already in 2012. It is obvious that for such a long period of time may be replaced by one or two generations of GPU. It is likely that after more than two years appear 28 nm or 22 nm video chip technology to support next-generation DirectX 12. It is hoped that Microsoft has learned from its previous mistakes and will work closely with AMD, in order to avoid problems with overheating, leading to breakdown Xbox 360.

Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A - the first camcorders to support iFrame

Japanese company Sanyo has released two new camcorder VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A, who became the first such devices with the format support iFrame. This technology simplifies the importing, editing and posting of diverse video content. Each of the new camera has a special recording mode, which supports the same format iFrame, which then used a computer for editing.

As for the cameras, then, as you can see, VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A have different form factors - vertical and horizontal respectively. With the exception of the camcorders are very similar in their functions and capabilities. For example, Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A FullHD allow you to shoot video at 60 frames per second, and make pictures with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Record format iFrame carried out with resolution of 960 x 540, in addition, there is support for video formats H.263 (MPEG-4), and MOV, as well as the audio format AAC. Content is stored on SD cards or SDHC.

Camcorder Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A equipped with LCD screens with a diagonal of 2,7 and 3 inches respectively, and the function of the digital image stabilizer and support of technology Face Chaser, which allows to monitor up to 12 faces in the frame. In addition, provides HDMI, and camcorder VPC-HD2000A equipped with a connector for an external microphone and mount for external flash, or the same microphone. Deliveries camcorders Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A already begun, and they cost 600 and 500 dollars respectively.

Hitachi Ultrastar C15K147 and 15K600 - high-speed enterprise-class hard drives

Company Hitachi GST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) announced sales of two new Ultrastar hard drives with a spindle speed 15000 rpm for enterprise storage zero and first level (Tier 0 / 1). New models include the Ultrastar C15K147 and Ultrastar 15K600.

Ultrastar 15K600 offers a volume of 600 GB maximum storage capacity in a 3.5-inch form factor with a spindle speed 15000 rpm, which provides 33% more memory compared to the previous version. Equipped with a SAS 6 Gb / FCAL or 4 Gb /, Ultrastar 15K600 offers the reliability and performance necessary for intensive applications input / output, such as data processing, decision support, transaction processing and multi-user applications. Productivity, Hitachi has consistently increased from generation to generation, so, Ultrastar 23% faster than its predecessor. The disc also has the largest in the industry cache to 64 MB. -Family Ultrastar 15K600 presented in three versions with a storage capacity of 300, 450 and 600 GB.

Aimed at high-speed work on a small area of the new 2.5-inch Ultrastar C15K147 at 70% efficiency standard 3.5-inch enterprise-class drives, allowing system integrators and OEM-manufacturers put more drives in a compact high-performance servers, designed for limited - area data centers. Ultrastar C15K147 with spindle speed 15000 rpm offers 11% more consistent performance and 23% less time searching compared with the version of the hard drive at a speed of 10000 rpm. Equipped with a patented energy-saving technology, Hitachi Advanced Power Management Ultrastar C15K147 consumes 50% less energy than other 3.5-inch drives, Hitachi. Ultrastar C15K147 comes in models of 73 GB and 147 GB and has a 64MB cache.

Each drive has a MTBF 1.6 million hours and developed using proven technologies, such as the patented sensor technology vibration protection RVS (Rotational Vibration Safeguard) and detection technology workload (Workload Detection Technology). The entire line of Hitachi Ultrastar drive supports power saving technologies.

Data loss can be irreparable, especially when the result is lost credibility with your customers and damage the reputation of the company. This is one of the reasons that Hitachi now offers a full line of enterprise-class drives with the technology samoshifrovaniya and spindle speed 10000 and 15000 rpm with full disk encryption, which allows the system designer and OEM-partners to protect the data on their customers. Each disk corresponds to the specification Ultrastar Trusted Computing Group's Enterprise A Security Subsystem Class to facilitate the integration and implementation. System performance does not suffer, because encryption is regulated at the level of the disk, but not at the level of the processor or operating system. Wheels Ultrastar C15K147 and 15K600 to five-year warranty.

Amino Develops IPTV Based on Intel's New Atom CE4100

Well-known European manufacturer of consoles and decoders for receiving a cable television company Amino Communications has announced a new set-top box to receive IPTV. The most interesting is that this attachment is based on media processors Intel Atom CE4100, which was presented at September's IDF, 2009.

Processor Intel Atom CE4100, previously known as Sodaville, is a solution of class "system on a chip" (SoC) and manufactured on the 45 nm technology. It is designed for consumer devices, consumer electronics, including set-top box. In addition, media processors Intel Atom CE4100 supports dual channel DDR2 800 and DDR3 1333, and also allows you to decode video in multithreaded mode.

Amino yet does not disclose details about the new set-top boxes that use the platform Intel Atom CE4100. However, the company hopes that these solutions is the best suited for hybrid services, allow you to view programs online television

New Nintendo DS console will be built around Nvidia's Tegra chipset

Resource BSN, citing its own sources inform that NVIDIA has won a contract to develop graphics for the new version of the portable game console Nintendo DS. It is reported that in the future, Nintendo product can be used modification of the mobile platform NVIDIA Tegra, already proven to be sufficiently powerful solution.

While it is not known exactly what version of NVIDIA Tegra will work in the new console. It is likely that this will be the second-generation mobile platform, built on 40 nm process technology. However, experts believe that it will retain its previous joint architecture "system on a chip" and would be powerful enough.

Using NVIDIA Tegra platform can allow for future portable console Nintendo DS to run old games while maintaining the existing design with two screens and touch control. Recall that in the current version of the console are two slow ARM CPU ARM946E-S and ARM7TDMI with clock speeds of 67 and 33 MHz respectively.

In addition, the NVIDIA Tegra platform will reduce the size and cost of the entire system through the use of a ARM chip. There will be improved and 3D functions, as well as the ability to view high-definition video. By the way, all these features are present in the media player, Zune HD, became the first widely used device on the platform Tegra.

15.6-inch Acer Aspire 5738 PG with touchscreen

Company Acer observed replenishment in the line of Aspire-Notebook. Taiwan company on Oct. 22 launched the sale of its new laptop called the Acer Aspire 5738 PG, equipped with Multi-Touch display. The device will be sold already preloaded with the new 64-bit operating system Windows 7 Home Premium with improved support for touch screens.

With the ability to recognize commands entered with one or two fingers, a laptop equipped with a touchpad, which supports the entry of more complex gestures. Fingering can run the player, edit photos, browse websites, etc.

Acer Aspire 5738 PG Specifications:

  • 15.6-inch widescreen LED display with a resolution of 1366 × 768 resolution and LED backlight
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2 GHz
  • OS Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 4570 with 512 MB of RAM
  • 4 GB of DDR2 memory
  • Winchester at 320 GB
  • HDMI-connector, 4-port USB 2.0, controller, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N)
  • Full digital keyboard
  • Webcam

The cost of new items in the U.S. will be $ 800.