Communicator HTC will interface as a virtual book

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It was learned that the company High Tech Computer (HTC) is developing a new generation touch interface, organized as a virtual book. At least, she filed an application with the Patent Office of the United States. This interface is designed for electronic devices, obviously, one of them will be smart phones and communicators. Apparently, the new interface eventually will replace ToucFlo and HTC Sense, which are now used in mobile devices, HTC.

This interface is described in patent documents as follows: applications, widgets and web-page forms the page virtual book. Each page displays a service or function, "turning" pages, you can choose different elements. The interface is easy to customize, says HTC: both users and operators or service providers can add to it the required components. It is not clear whether this concept is implemented, but given the positive experience of the company to create sensory interfaces, "virtual book" may soon appear on communicators and smartphones HTC.

ASUS Smartbook will be released in the first quarter of 2010

ASUSTeK Computer president Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen) said at a meeting with investors that the company plans to release smartbook worth $ 180. Home sales device is expected in the first quarter of next year. Details about the characteristics of the device Shen did not say. This may be the same model that was shown as a prototype in June: thin smartbook based hardware platform Qualcomm Snapdragon with 1 GHz processor and operating system Android.

Initially, ASUS renounced the development of this project, opining that the prospects smartbook on the market of mobile computers is very uncertain. However, recently more and more companies pay attention to this segment of low-cost compact solutions with a broad communication capabilities. Obviously, and ASUS has decided not to stand aside and resume the development smartbook.

NVIDIA GeForce GT240 will be on November 17

While AMD has already introduced several series of video cards Radeon HD 5000 on 40 nm chips, equipped with support for DirectX 11, NVIDIA has continued to develop its line of Fermi. The chips promise a significant increase in the number of processor cores, as well as increasing the speed of their work. In addition, the video processor Fermi first time among the GPU should be implemented this hierarchical cache design, as well as the present technology of parallel computing GigaThread and memory ECC.

However, all this while in the future. This also appeared to-date information about the video card entry-level GeForce GT240, built on the basis of 40 nm video chip GT215 and equipped with technology to support DirectX 10.1. Resource Fudzilla informs that release of this adapter to be held on November 17, but it will cost about the same as the model GeForce 9600GSO/GT, to replace that and come this accelerator. In addition, NVIDIA GeForce GT240 is equipped with 96 stream processors and supports PhysX. It may be represented by two models of GeForce GT240 - with GDDR3 memory and a faster GDDR5.

Acer T230H - 23-inch monitor with multi-touch

Acer is presented T230H LCD-monitor with a diagonal of 23 inches. He has a touch screen display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, ie, supported by high-definition video format Full HD. In this case, the screen supports the multisensory control, and therefore well suited for use with the new operating system Windows 7, which has realized opportunities multi-touch. The touch screen Acer T230H is able to recognize pressing one or two fingers, as well as various gestures. It means you can implement, for example, rotation and scaling of the image.

Of the other characteristics of Acer T230H can note the level of 80 000:1 contrast ratio, brightness of 300 cd / sq. m and response time of 2 ms. The screen can display up to 16M colors and 72% color gamut NTSC. The monitor is equipped with ports, VGA, HDMI, DVI and USB, as well as built-in 1.5 watt speakers. Dimensions Acer T230H constitute 567,3 x404x216, 9 mm, weight - 8,5 kg. The new Acer monitor that supports multi-touch is already sold in Europe, its cost is 349 euros.

Sony Alpha A750 - semi-full-frame SLRs

Company Sony, apparently preparing to release a digital SLR Alpha A750. It takes an intermediate position between the high-end Alpha A850 and consumer Alpha A550. That is, Sony Alpha A750 can be considered a semi-solution in the segment of DSLR. It is assumed that permission will be 14.6 megapixel sensor. The new camera will be full frame, like the Alpha A850.

There is no information about other characteristics of the Sony Alpha A750. It is worth noting that the price of a new full-frame SLRs will probably be lower than the A850, but higher than the A550. It is hoped that the novelty will be presented at CES 2010, which will be held in early January next year in Las Vegas.