China launched supercomputer Tianhe, the 4th fastest ever

Sunday, November 1, 2009

China has gradually become not only a world factory, but also one of the world's intellectual and scientific centers. No coincidence that the PRC was created and launched one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world with a symbolic name Tianhe (Milky Way). Of course, this is not the fastest computer in our galaxy, but its capabilities are impressive - Tianhe has a speed of 563.1 teraflops, and its ability to reach the peak performance of 1.2 petaflops.

With such indicators Tianhe new supercomputer was the fastest computing system in China and is able to claim fourth place in the current rating of 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world. China National University of Defense Technology (National University of Defense Technology), which was developed Tianhe, argues that the work that this system can be completed within one day of a conventional computer with dual-core processor will take about 160 years.

Computational complex Tianhe weighs 155 tons and covers an area of about one thousand square meters. It is built on the basis of several thousands of Intel Xeon processors and graphics chips AMD, including a set of the Radeon HD 4870 X2. By the way, it is the massive use of ATI graphics, among other things, allowed supercomputer to achieve such high performance. At the same time, Tianhe is the fifth energy supercomputer in the world.

In addition, the creators of Tianhe going to improve its supercomputer, including in its composition thousands of CPU, developed by Chinese experts. This will allow the system to exceed the threshold performance of 800 teraflops.

Fotoframes Motorola LS - two displays and support for Wi-Fi

Motorola has introduced a series of photo frames Motorola LS. Series presented by several models: LS1000W, LS420 Duo, LS700, LS720D and LS1000.

PhotoFrame LS420 Duo has two 4.2-inch screen with a resolution of 234 x 202 pixels, one of which can display a calendar and clock. PhotoFrame is equipped with a slot for memory cards format SD, MMC, MS, and also has mini-USB port. Model LS720D also has two screens, but they have a 7-inch. Also, this model has an MP3 player, speakers and remote control. LS700 was just one 7-inch screen. LS1000 - 10-inch display, 512 MB of internal memory, MP3 player and speakers. She also has alarm clock and calendar. PhotoFrame LS1000W similar to the LS1000, but it supports the wireless Wi-Fi and can connect to online channels FrameChannel and Internet radio.

Cost Frames Motorola is $ 132 for model LS420 Duo, LS700 worth $ 83, LS720D - $ 214, LS1000 - $ 247 and the cost of photo frames LS1000W is $ 330.

Silicone Protection for Apple iPhone

On Russia's market covers come in a series Bone Collection production company Fruitshop International for phones Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, as well as a novelty for MP3-Player Apple iPod shuffle3. Carry case designed for those who care about their mobile devices and does not want to shell your favorite gadget from Apple appeared scratches and dents from accidental drops or damage the display.

In a case Bone Phone Bubble with convex edges of the iPhone very comfortable grip. This is important especially true in autumn, when the phone and strives to slip straight into a puddle. Model of Bone Phone Wrap likely to appeal to lovers of music on the go: the back of the cover has a compartment for headphones and coil the cable and ribbed sides Phone Wrap will not drop the phone while jogging. Finally, Bone Phone Wave changes the appearance beyond recognition - to determine that, under a bright shell is hiding the familiar iPhone is not so easy. Pouch relieves the owner from all experiences: because of the ribbed surface Phone Wave does not slide and perfectly protects the phone from external influences.

Pouch Bone iPod Shuffle3 Doggy for MP3-player iPod shuffle3 from Apple fans just like the original - a compact player into a miniature bone. All new items are made from environmentally friendly materials and antistatic properties. Carry case are supplied with a protective coating on the screen. Recommended value - to 220 rubles for Phone Bubble, Phone Wrap and for Phone Wave 3GS and 170 rubles for iPod Shuffle3 Doggy.

Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Headset for gaming

SAITEK announced new headphone Cyborg 5.1 Headset - Universal portable accessory for gamers and computer users. Detachable noise-canceling microphone allows you to communicate with friends online or to negotiate in network battles for VoIP, and built-in sound card provides the most realistic surround sound.

Headphones Saitek Cyborg effect Real Surround Sound reproduce sound that is comparable to a full multi-channel speaker system: six sound emitters (three from each side of the headphones) provide a qualitative Channel Separation, improving directional, spatial and realistic effects.

Headphones are equipped with standard inputs for audio and microphone, as well as a USB connector to connect the sound card. The control unit is placed on the connecting audio cable: You can adjust the volume, select the "silent" mode or Stereo 5.1 (with the outer side of the speaker lights logo Cyborg). The headset is made in a stylish black-and-gray case with a shiny surface. Adjustable headband and soft leatherette lining makes the headphones very comfortable for prolonged wearing. For transportation and storage accessory has a durable convenient carrying case (included).

40-GB SSD Kingston Digital

Kingston Digita Company announced the release of Accelerator Drive solutions on the basis of solid-state drive SSDNow V-Series capacity of 40 GB, the latest model in the family of cost-effective solid-state drives. Solutions Accelerator Drive-based solid state drives SSDNow V-Series capacity of 40 GB is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to speed up boot time desktop and run applications.

Solutions Accelerator Drive-based solid state disk SSDNow V-Series capacity of 40 GB designed for beginning users who want to increase the productivity of their existing desktop systems. In addition, the bundle includes software for cloning, brackets for drives from 2,5 to 3,5 inch SATA data cable and extension cords for power cable. As a result, users receive all the necessary accessories for the transition to a new decision. Solutions Accelerator Drive-based solid state drives SSDNow V-Series capacity of 40 GB designed for use in desktop PCs with installed hard drives in them. Thus, the operating system and key applications are transferred to the solid-state drive, and other data such as documents, music and photos, etc., remain on your hard disk.

Decisions Accelerator Drive-based solid state drives SSDNow V-Series capacity of 40 GB distributed three-year warranty and free technical support 24 / 7.