MID Soyea Z5 based on Intel Atom with 3G and Windows XP or Linux

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chinese company Soyea introduced a new mobile internet device called Soyea Z5. MID is based on 1.2 GHz processor Intel Atom Z515, has 1 GB of RAM, solid-state drive 8 GB and an integrated 3G module with connection to China Telecom. Z5 is equipped with 5-inch WSVGA touch screen (800x480 pixels). At the user's choice is invited to the operating system Windows XP or Linux.

Communication device capabilities include Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g), slot for memory cards format microSD, port mini-USB, VGA output. There are also stereo speakers, microphone and webcam. Dimensions Soyea Z5 are 155h94h22, 6 mm. Weight - about 350 grams. Somewhat unusually for a device of this kind is the price which is currently on Amazon China is 5999 yuan ($ 878). Typically, the cost of such Chinese gadget is about half that, but maybe the high price - a sign that the MID is the product of high quality.

DEPO Neos 440 and DEPO Neos 640 - ultra-office PCs

Company DEPO Somputers announced the commencement of sales of computers for office DEPO Neos 440 and DEPO Neos 640 in the new Ultra-compact design. Thus, computers for business DEPO Neos 440 and DEPO Neos 640 now available for order in four variants of execution: MidiTower, MiniTower, Small Form Factor, Ultra Small Factor. New ultra-compact body size USF has 88h254h219 mm (less than 5 dm).

Ultra PC DEPO Neos 440USF is based on Intel G41 chipset and supports a wide range of modern processors - Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Core 2 Duo. In the model set-channel memory controller, DDR2-800MHz, the maximum memory capacity 4 GB. Hard disk from 80 GB to 320 GB SATA. Computer features an integrated Gigabit Ethernet adapter, 6 USB 2.0 ports and six-channel sound. On the back panel connectors, VGA and DVI-D, which allows the user to simultaneously connect and work on two monitors.

Productive model DEPO Neos 640USF built on the Intel Q45 chipset with the means of protection and control with support for Intel vPro technology processors and Intel Pentium, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad (TDP 65W). In the PC DEPO Neos 640USF can be set up to 4 GB of DDR2-800 Dual Channel. Hard disk from 80 GB to 500 GB SATA. Computer features an integrated Gigabit Ethernet adapter, 8 USB 2.0 ports and eight-channel sound. Both new models come with an optical drive DVD-RW.

Samsung prepares Android smartphone i6500 Saturn

Company Samsung Electronics, obviously, will soon replenish its portfolio with a new smartphone based on Android - Samsung i6500 or Saturn. The model will be the fifth after Samsung Galaxy i7500, Spica i5700, Moment and Behold II. Samsung i6500 has already been approved certification organization Wi-Fi Alliance, a resource Tweakers revealed some details about the characteristics of this smartphone.

According to him, Samsung i6500 can take a position between Samsung Galaxy i7500 and i5700 Spica. Smartphone is built on the processor with a clock speed of 528 or 800 MHz. Samsung i6500 runs on the operating system Android 1.5, but will be released, apparently, already with the latest version of the platform - Android 2.0. The source reports that the new product will hit the market in 2010, it will be sold for around 300 euros.

MSI P55-GD55 - inexpensive motherboard chips under the LGA1156 Core i5/i7

The company MSI, is developing a motherboard Big Bang Fuzion chip Hydra, do not forget about the more affordable solutions. The network has information about the new model MSI P55-GD55, release of which take place in the near future. This fee is based on Intel P55 chipset and is designed to interface with processors Core i5/i7 performed by LGA 1156.

Motherboard MSI P55-GD55 is equipped with four slots for DDR3 memory modules 2133, and two expansion slots for PCI-Express x16 (CrossFireX mode is supported, SLI is not yet confirmed). Addition, there are six ports SATA 3.0 Gbps, two ports eSATA, slot Gigabit Ethernet, Power button and built-in 7.1-channel audiochip.

Among other things, the motherboard P55-GD55 supports the latest technologies MSI, including a 4-phase DrMOS, APS (Active Phase Switching), lung function overclocking OC Genie, as well as the operating system of the instantaneous load Winki 2.0. The fee should appear on sale in the coming weeks and costs about 100 euros.

NVIDIA will introduce ExaScale Machine in 2017

NVIDIA Corporation has already tried to convince everyone that the union power graphics and central processors will achieve maximum computing power. And recently, head of research and experimental units NVIDIA Bill Dally (Bill Dally) has learned that the company engaged in the development of a powerful solution called ExaScale Machine, which is scheduled for release in 2017.

At the same time on the resource HPC Tech started the slide, from which some details are known about this promising development. According to information posted there, the graphics processor ExaScale will include 2,400 productive nuclei (7200 block of floating point, FPU) and 16 CPU on one chip.

This total TDP of such a decision would be 300 watts, and its performance will be up to 40 teraflops in operation single-precision floating-point and 13 teraflops - when similar calculations double precision. Each node of the GPU will have 128 GB of memory and bandwidth capacity of 2 TB / s, and also receive a 512 GB flash memory to implement the functions of the checkpoint and temporary memory.

Genius Trio Racer F1 - Racing wheel for active players

In Russia market comes new gaming wheel Genius Trio Racer F1. As the producer, playing new Genius allows everyone to feel like a real pilot a Formula 1 car. Ergonomic steering wheel diameter of 8.6 inches (about 21.5 cm), designed in such a way that the player's hand is not tired during the long run.

The steering wheel are 11 programmable buttons: the user himself can decide how it is more convenient to accelerate, change the camera mode, include lights, display the route map or signals. Novelty is equipped with two pedals (gas and brake). Two lever at the base of steering will quickly switch the speed of the car.

C-shaped mount securely fixes the steering wheel on the desktop and does not allow him to fall into the most crucial moment of arrival. To connect the device to a computer does not require installation of drivers and other software. One of the features of the new steering is the ability to connect to different platforms: PC, PS3, Wii (USB) and GameCube. At Russia's new market will appear in November 2009, and its estimated retail price of 1,900 rubles.

Microsoft is gathering experts to work in Windows 8

Quite a bit of time passed since the release of Windows 7, but Microsoft is taking the first congratulations. Indeed, the new software platform has already set a record for advance orders of popularity in the UK and has been quite successful in terms of sales. And this is happening, despite the occasional error in the installation, which include "dumping" system in the endless reboot.

However, the Redmond company is not going to rest on its laurels and is already thinking of the continuation of Windows 7. In any case, the list of vacancies, which appeared in the network, contains the first mention of the Window 8 and leaves no doubt - Microsoft is seriously working on the next version of the operating system. In particular, corporations need a specialist to Senior Project Manager (Senior Program Manager). The second vacancy is for a set of integrated Web applications and programs from Microsoft's Windows Live.

This position leads to believe that the service is Windows Live Mail can be further integrated into Windows 7 and future Windows operating system 8. In addition, it became known number of users of this service at present - 40 million people, which Microsoft could easily add to the half of users Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. Two vacancies are software developers.

Of course, it's great that Microsoft is already beginning to develop a new version of Windows. We hope, however, that this does not prevent the corporation to continue work on the Windows 7 and promptly address revealed its shortcomings.

Thermaltake Element V - the fifth element for gamers and enthusiasts

Company Thermaltake introduced its line of updating computer cases Element. Novelty called Element V, designed for gamers and enthusiasts, and combines good functionality and elegant memorable look.

Computer case Thermaltake Element V has dimensions of 532 x 220 x 537 mm and weighs around 14.13 kg. It has five external 5.25 "bays and is located above the interface panel with one connector eSATA, four USB ports, as well as an audio output. In addition, there are special holes for pipes water cooling system.

However, even if you do not want to use expensive water cooling, you do not have to worry about a possible overheating of system components. Housing Element V comes with five pre-installed fans. Two of them have a diameter of 120 mm and are located on the front, one rear, one 200 mm fan is located on top, and another 230 mm - on the side face. By the way, the last two fan equipped with a beautiful illuminated with changing colors (three colors / patterns, six switching).

Among other things, computer case Thermaltake Element V has barred windows on the front, top and side panels, which not only improve the ventilation, but allow to admire the "life" inside the system. Sales Corps will soon priced at $ 169/139 euros.

Nintendo Wii 2 with Full-HD video - in 2010

Resource MaxConsole released fresh details about the second generation gaming console Nintendo Wii, allegedly received from an unnamed source at Nintendo France. This information suggests that the Nintendo Wii console 2 will be equipped with a built-in Blu-ray drive, which seemed to be partially aimed at preventing piracy. In addition, the new console should support movies and games in the resolution of Full-HD (the quality of 1080p). Incidentally, the latter confirms earlier rumors about the support of Nintendo Wii 2 high-definition video.

It is also reported that the new gaming console Nintendo Wii 2 should be represented in the third quarter of 2010 (previously it was about the year 2011) and will be released simultaneously around the world. Since the original version, we recall the scheme is implemented barter transactions by trading in the value of surrendered items, therefore it is assumed that in contrast to some models of Sony PS3, the Wii 2 will fully backward compatible.

So far, however, is not quite clear that Nintendo is going to do with the functions of traffic management, as well as what other possibilities will game console Wii 2. It would be foolish to assume that the Japanese company hopes to compete, for example, with Project Natal for the Microsoft Xbox 360, confined itself to introducing a new version of the console support HD video.

Android smartphone Sony Ericsson Rachael official video

Sony Ericsson is placed tizernoe video of its first Android smartphone, known as Rachael or XPERIA X3/X10. As at What's next, in this video said that announcement of new items will be held on November 3. Videoclip very short, and yet there it is possible to discern a stylish white and silver device. It is assumed that the new representative of the line Sony Ericsson XPERIA based on the Android 2.0 platform with additional interface developed by the company.

Recall at the moment there is information on some characteristics of Android smartphone Sony Ericsson Rachael, although it is informal. Apparently, the exact specification will be revealed tomorrow. In the meantime, reported that the apparatus is equipped with 4-inch touch screen, 8 megapixel camera, GPS modules and Wi-Fi, as well as the hardware platform is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon with 1 GHz processor. Release of this model on sale is not expected until early next year, although the exact dates may be announced tomorrow.

100-inch multi-touch table Ideum MT-50 supports 50 simultaneous touches

Remember the fantastic 50-inch multitouch table Ideum MT-50, which we described in August? So, the company Ideum, has developed this miracle, decided not to rest on our laurels, and announced the availability of new versions of its device. The difference from the prototype mainly consists in size - now Ideum MT-50 has a diagonal of 100 inches and supports more than 50 simultaneous touches. This means that it can simultaneously operate fifty users.

The new 100-inch Ideum MT-50 has widescreen multi-touch display, capable of creating an image with a diagonal of 86 inches, a resolution of 2304 x 800 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16: 5. Thus, he became one of the largest multi-touch tables ever created in the world.

The new 100-inch Ideum MT-50 was designed for the exhibition Space Chase Gallery at Adventure Science Center and was one of several high-tech exhibits, which the company Ideum placed in the Research Center, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Ordinary visitors can enjoy on this multi-touch table is November 7. And though his software-based Flash explicitly designed for the learning process, nothing prevents the further use of this device in other areas.

Features and value of smartphone HTC Droid Eris, almost officially

Resource Engadget published a few pages, taken, apparently, from the internal documents of the American operator Verizon Wireless. They have information on the date of issue, value and characteristics of the smartphone HTC Droid Eris running Android. Basically, all the data confirm what was already known. However, a new source can be considered almost official. The documentation indicated that the HTC Droid Eris is based on the OS Android 1.5 interface Sense and 528 MHz processor Qualcomm MSM7600. The smartphone works over cellular networks, CDMA 1xRTT / 1xEV-DO / 1xEV-DO Rev. A.

Of the other characteristics mentioned 3.2-inch touchscreen display with a resolution HVGA, 5 megapixel camera, adapters, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, GPS receiver and a slot microSD (8 GB card included). As expected, as the date of issue called on November 6. Stoimst Smartphone HTC Droid Eris will be very affordable - only $ 99, although this price is offered with two-year contract and a discount of $ 100.

Creative MediaBook - E-book with a color touch screen

According to the resource EpiZenter, company Creative has demonstrated a working prototype of its first e-book. It's called MediaBook, although the commercial name of the device may be different. The presentation was held at the main annual event Creative in Singapore. Electronic Book MediaBook equipped with color touch screen, a slot for SD memory card and supports text to speech. It is also reported that at the core of the device technology is posited Creative Zii SoC (System-On-Chip). Besides, it will be able to access the Internet.

In this case, vice-president of Creative APG Willie (Willie Png) reported that MediaBook will not just read books in electronic format, but will receive and multimedia functions. Including the ability to view videos, images, and support various services. While the textual content and also paid great attention: it will provide 10 publishing companies. Content will include art books, magazines, teaching materials and so on. While not reported any deadlines for the issuance or device cost.

Intel adds Xeon W3565 to its processor line

Intel has updated its line of processors, adding a new quad-core chip for socket LGA 1366. Novelty called Xeon W3565, has a clock speed of 3.2 GHz and may be sent to the rest is produced by the model Xeon W3540 and Xeon W3550.

The new processor Intel Xeon W3565 is equipped with 8 MB of cache in the third level, has a TDP of 130 watts and supports 8 processing threads, and the performance of its tires QPI is 4.80 GT / s, while the older models Xeon W3570 same period is 6 40 GT / sec.

Obviously, this difference in performance tires QPI and defines a large price gap between the chips Xeon W3570 and Xeon W3565, operating at the same frequency and have similar characteristics. While higher-end model costs $ 999 for the new processor Intel Xeon W3565 asking almost half the price - 562 dollars.

Motorola MILESTONE - GSM smartphone version DROID for Europe

The network has penetrated documentation operator O2, which indicates that the smartphone Motorola DROID will be released in Germany under the name MILESTONE. Sales of the device will begin from November 9, obviously, it is a GSM version of the smartphone. Cost Motorola MILESTONE, judging by the price-list operator, will be 404.2 euros. True, this is without taxes and discounts, perhaps, the final cost will be slightly different, especially in view of the contract with the operator. Published document is aimed primarily at business users, while for ordinary users of the German O2 model, apparently, will also be available.

Recall, Android Smartphone Motorola DROID was presented recently, he soon will be released in the U.S. by Verizon Wireless and, accordingly, operates cellular networks CDMA. Motorola DROID - a QWERTY slider with a 3.7-inch touch screen display, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth, an accelerometer and a GPS receiver. Rumors that coming soon and a GSM version of the device, already appeared. Obviously, it will have the same functionality.

BenQ G920WL and G922HDL - environmentally friendly LED screens

Company BenQ announced two new monitors with LED backlight: 19-inch monitor G920WL format 16:10 and 18.5-inch G922HDL 16:9. Use of monitors G920WL (1440 x 900 pixels) and G922HDL (1366 x 768 pixels) allows you to increase the useful working space for viewing multiple documents simultaneously on one screen. According to the manufacturer, G922HDL represents the world's first LED display with a diagonal. The new monitors are manufactured with the use of "green" technologies. They, along with V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco, are the first representatives of an entire line of LED monitors, BenQ, which will be presented in 2010

Through the use of LED backlight displays a series of G-rich and show a clear image that does not tire the eyes at work. Moreover, no leakage of light, allows for high contrast 5000000:1, significantly expand the color palette. As a result, text, graphics and diagrams, as well as computer games and movies with lots of dark scenes are displayed with high precision. Five preset picture modes (Standard, Cinema, Game, Picture, sRGB) will optimally adjust the image by pressing one button.

Through the use of LED backlighting, they consume less power than conventional lamps lighting the cold cathode, and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury. Thus, in Eco mode G920WL monitor consumes 10W, and monitor G922HDL - 11Vt. Monitors G920WL and G922HDL have certificates TCO 5.0, EnergySTAR 4.1, RoHS and EuP. Monitors will be available in Russia in November, the warranty on them is 2 years.

MSI Wind U230 - 12-inch laptop with a dual-core AMD Neo and Windows 7

MSI has developed a new 12.1-inch notebook MSI Wind U230 series U2xx. MSI Wind U230 netbook looks almost identical to U200/U210, which are already sold. This new model has two major changes: it is running an operating system, Windows 7 Home Premium, and not Windows XP, and is equipped with dual-core processor AMD Athlon Neo X2 (AMD Yukon MV40/L335). The alleged manufacturer of the laptop while in standalone mode from a single charge is about 4 hours that means in reality is usually from 3 to 3.5 hours. At present the official announcement of notebook MSI Wind U230 has not yet taken place.

Specifications of MSI Wind U230 include:

* 12.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
* Processor AMD MV40/L335
* Graphics AMD Radeon HD3200
* Up to 4 GB of RAM DDR2 667/800 (2 slots)
* Hard disk capacity 160 GB Gb/250 Gb/320
* Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Ethernet, optional Bluetooth
* HDMI, 3 x USB, microphone port, headphone, VGA, 4-in-1 card reader
* 1.3-megapixel webcam
* 3 or 6 cell battery
* Dimensions - 297 x 190 x 24-31 mm
* Weight - 1.3 kg with 3-cell battery

Cowon W2 Intel Atom Based MID Leaked

Organization Bluetooth SIG approved mobile internet device Cowon W2. Images apparatus contains no documentation, but its characteristics are known a little. Saying only that Cowon W2 is built on the Intel Atom processor and is equipped with a wireless adapter Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. The fact on which operating system will be based MID, no, no.

Basically, the company Cowon is known for its media players, although some of them already can be considered something of a Mobile Internet Devices. Perhaps, Cowon W2 will be similar to one of the players of the manufacturer with a touch screen in the entire front panel. Although there is nothing impossible to say with certainty. It is hoped that the details, though informal, shortly emerge.

Microsoft has a nasty surprise to owners of modified Xbox

Microsoft Corporation continues to aggressively combat piracy on their games consoles Xbox. Many users have previously changed the firmware of their consoles to play pirated video games, recently faced disconnection of their consoles, as well as accounts in Xbox Live. Recall, Xbox Live is integrated into the operating system console, network service, which opens to the user multimedia capabilities.

The exact number of victims in the recent disconnect is not yet known, although experts believe Fudzilla, that their percentage is very insignificant compared to the total number of users. Apparently, Microsoft, have often practiced these measures, users accustomed consoles Xbox, it's better to be law-abiding and not to crack the firmware of their devices.

Although off accounts Xbox Live and Xbox consoles with modified firmware is an ongoing process, this time proved to be particularly "fruitful" for the victims. Thus, Microsoft is trying not only to force the owners to buy Xbox video game license, but also increases the safety of the console. By the way, similar efforts have begun to take and Nintendo with Sony.