Bright wireless laser mouse SVEN NRML-01

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Company SVEN introduced in Russia a new wireless laser mouse SVEN NRML-01 USB for notebooks with a resolution of 800 dots per inch. SVEN NRML-01 USB is made of smooth plastic with side inserts with inlaid. Mouse easily connects to any PC or laptop using a wireless adapter through a USB port. Communication range of up to 10 meters. Above set indicator that signals the batteries discharge.

As the producer, ergonomic body fits comfortably in the manipulator arm, and high-frequency sensor with a resolution of 800 dots per inch and illuminated with infrared laser provides a more accurate positioning, which ensures easy operation in all applications - from spreadsheets to dynamic games.

OLED TV Sony KDL-ZX can be presented at CES 2010

There was fresh information about new OLED TVs, Sony, a Japanese corporation which plans to launch next year. According to slides posted on the site HDTVLounge, Sony is preparing to add OLED TV in its proprietary line of ZX, which is already represented LED TV Sony KDL-40ZX1 40-inch, is the slimmest in its class.

At the present time, we recall, in its portfolio of Japanese companies have only one TV with a screen based on organic light-emitting diodes - a thin 11-inch Sony XEL-1, which is worth over 2000 dollars. At the same time the South Korean corporation LG recently released its OLED TV, the screen diagonal of which is 15 inches. Thus, the development of LG became the largest OLED TV, available on the market today.

Probably, Sony and other players will not disregard the progress of South Korean companies and also prepare their OLED products. Nearest convenient excuse to demonstrate their achievements in this regard be presented in January at CES, the traditional 2010.

A beta version of Chrome browser for Mac will be in December

It looks like those of computer users to Mac, who stare at the browser Google Chrome, a short time left to suffer in anticipation. Project Chrome Nick Baum (Nick Baum) brought good news: Google has finally release a public version of its Internet browser designed for Mac-systems. Moreover, it will happen, he said, already in early December.

Although the official Google representative declined to name the exact date of release Chrome for Mac, he noted that the time frame, called Baum, coincide with promises to provide a beta version of the browser before the end of the year. Note that although the version of Chrome for Mac, designed for developers, have been available in June, they are not recommended for ordinary users because of problems with stability.

Recall, Windows-version of your browser Chrome became available for mass use in September 2008, but the Mac-version has so far not actually created. Initially it was expected in the first half of 2009, but the process of its development is clearly delayed. Note, incidentally, that Firefox and most other browsers long enough and successfully ported to Mac OS X, and Apple Safari, in turn, has its own Windows-version.

Hikari iFrame from NTT - Tablet PC based on Android in Japanese

Japanese telecommunications company NTT has announced a new Tablet PC Hikari iFrame, working on the software platform Android. The device is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen and is positioned as a digital photo frame and at the same time as an Internet tablet. Access to the Internet with Hikari iFrame is made using the Wi-Fi module, and various widgets to allow its owner to check the weather, news, and even recipes.

Tablet PC Hikari iFrame is equipped with a memory card slot for SD, speaker, USB port and built-in battery, though battery life manufacturer not specified. It is expected that this planshetnik will be popular among young Japanese women, and its release in the Land of the Rising Sun may be held in the period from April to September next year. Cost Tablet PC Hikari iFrame will be from 220 to 330 dollars. At the same time NTT claims that the use Android operating system will reduce the cost of the device by approximately 20 - 30 percent.

RIM develops tachfon-slider BlackBerry and the browser engine to WebKit

To earlier rumors about the ongoing efforts in the bowels of the company work RIM to establish the new BlackBerry 9900 smartphone and a Web browser based on WebKit engine received a confirmation through analytical article published by an expert firm Kaufman Bros Shaw Wu (Shaw Wu). Citing sources in the industry and among suppliers of components analyst reports that RIM is really developing a smartphone in slider form factor, equipped with touch screen.

It is noted that the device is now in the prototype stage, but its design is something between a smartphone BlackBerry Storm2 (9520) and one of RIM mobile devices without a touchscreen, but with a QWERTY keyboard. Release of tachfona-slider is likely to be held next year. Shaw Wu believes that the issuance of such a device would combine the reputation RIM handset manufacturer with convenient hardware keyboards with modern trends relating to the movement toward touchscreen.

As for the new browser, it is to replace an aging proprietary formulation RIM modern technology based on WebKit engine with support for current HTML standards. By the way, the engine WebKit successfully used in their development, companies such as Apple, Google and Palm. In addition, according to rumors, RIM may even allow the installation of alternative browsers from Google or Microsoft.

Philips GoGear RaGa - lightweight and compact MP3 players

Philips has introduced to Russia's market two elegant MP3 player series GoGear RaGa: SA1922 and the SA1942 with a memory 2 and 4 GB. As the producer, lightweight and compact GoGear Players provide high quality sound and suitable to music on the go. In GoGear player with equalizer technology is used to automatically adjust the optimum sound frequency balance for a chosen music style. Preset EQ enables you to enjoy optimum sound depending on the chosen style - Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Techno or Classic.

Voice Recording Function converts your player GoGear in voice recorder. In addition to playing music and listening to the radio player allows you to record notes and reminders, shopping lists and phone numbers, as well as lyrics. Just press the record button and begin speaking into the built-in microphone. Voice messages are compressed and stored in the built-in internal memory.

Three-line display not only shows the names of songs, past the playing time and battery status, but also allows you to navigate your music library and view details of a musical composition, such as album title and artist name. Digital Audio Players RaGa offer listeners audio MP3 and WMA 27 hours in a row.

G-Monster V4 - new line of SSD drives from PhotoFast

PhotoFast company announced a new line of SSD drives G-Monster V4. This series included three versions of the 1.8-inch flash drive with the following interface connections - 40-pin ZIF, 44-pin IDE and 50-pin IDE. In addition, SSD drives G-Monster V4 differ in capacity, which varies from 32 to 256 GB in various versions.

New SSD Drives G-Monster V4 implemented based on NAND flash memory with multilevel cell (MLC) and a 64 MB cache and a special function Garbage Collection, allows you to remove the newly labeled data when the drive is idle. Thus, even after prolonged use of SSD write speed of information on it remains high.

New 1.8-inch SSD Drives G-Monster V4 able to demonstrate the speed of reading and writing data to 128 Mb / s and 90 Mb / s, respectively. They are fitted with an annual guarantee and will be available next month.

Cooltek K4 - case mid-tower for the thrifty

PC-Cooling Company announced a new K-series enclosures for desktop computers under its own brand Cooltek. Kopus Cooltek K4 black has the dimensions 430 x 190 x 480 mm, and weighs approximately 5.2 kg. It has three 5.25-inch bays, the front panel are two USB 2.0 ports and two HD audio ports.

In general, K4 has the opportunity to install the 120 mm fans, but the kit they are not included. The fan can be installed in the front, right in front of a slot for a hard disk, another - on the back panel below the power supply and two - in the sidebar, which can adequately warmed air from the processor and graphics card. The fan on the front panel is behind bars, mesh, while the risk of suction dust markedly reduced.

Rotating 90 degrees to the bay for hard disk with locks can significantly simplify its installation. Also, all three 5.25-inch and two 3.5-inch bays are equipped with the same locks. Cooltek K4 suitable for both ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. Housing for desktops Cooltek K4 already available. Its cost is 44,90 euro.