MSI introduced a series of video cards N240GT with overclocking utility Afterburner

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MSI has introduced a new series of graphics cards N240GT, which are positioned as the world's first graphics accelerator with support function of excess voltage. Adapters N240GT-MD512-OC/D5 and N240GT-MD1G, as you may imagine, is a version of the model just announced GeForce GT 240 and executed on the basis of 40-nm GT215 GPU with 96 stream processors. Supported technologies DirectX 10.1, OpenGL, NVIDIA CUDA and PhysX, and a set of interfaces of the two cards the same and includes the ports D-Sub, DVI and HDMI.

Grafikkort N240GT-MD512-OC/D5 and N240GT-MD1G have the same memory interface - 128-bit, and the same frequency of the GPU and shader unit - 550 and 1340 MHz respectively. In fact, the only difference between these two models (with the exception of a few different designs of coolers) is the amount, type and frequency of "on-board" memory. If N240GT-MD1G has 1 GB of GDDR3 memory with a frequency of 1580 MHz, the model N240GT-MD512-OC/D5 equipped than 512 MB of memory GDDR5, operating at high frequency of 3600 MHz.

Included with the video cards N240GT-MD512-OC/D5 and N240GT-MD1G includes overclocker utility MSI Afterburner, enabling to increase the graphics chip by 30 percent. In addition, the new MSI graphics cards have traditionally equipped with military grade components with high degree of reliability, such as - Capacitors Hi-c CAP, solid capacitors and solid state chokes. All this increases the overclocking potential of these products.

Menq EasyPC E790 - netbook for $ 80 will be with Android

The Chinese company Menq presented netbook Menq EasyPC E790. It has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. The device runs under Windows operating system Windows CE 5.0. The heart of the gadget is the ARM processor Samsung ARM926EJ-S3C2450, which allows you to view video with a resolution of DivX. The manufacturer promises that the version of netbook with an installed operating system Android will appear in the next month, while deliveries are carried out with a Windows CE 5.0.

We netbook is wireless module and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, Ethernet port and 3 port USB. Also has a solid-state drive and 2 GB RAM, which amount to 128 MB and a slot for memory cards format SD (supports up to 32 GB). Dimensions gadget reach 213,5 x145x32 mm, and weight - 0,8 kg. Capacity of the battery - 4000 mAh. Price version Menq EasyPC E790 with operating system Windows CE 5.0 is $ 80.

Manli adds 3D glasses for GeForce video cards

Company Manli Technology, manufacturer of video cards, motherboards and the netbook, began to invest free 3D glasses in boxes with graphics cards from NVIDIA.

Thanks to the software NVIDIA 3D glasses make more than 350 fully three-dimensional computer games without installing additional patches. New features available in the Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista with video cards Manli NVIDIA. As the company, all you need to do the user - including 3D graphics card settings.

3D-glasses Manli will be supplied with video cards Manli GTX295, GTX285, GTX275, GTX260, GTS250, GeForce 9800, GeForce 9600, GeForce 9500, and GT220, starting in December. The boxes of glasses can be identified by a special sticker.

Video Cards ECS GeForce GT 240 received in the amount of GDDR5 memory of 512 MB and 1 GB

Company Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has released two versions of their own has just announced adapter GeForce GT 240. These graphics cards are based on 40-nm GT215 GPU with 96 stream processors and equipped with GDDR5 memory with 128-bit memory interface, amount of which depends on the model is 512 MB or 1 GB.

In addition, the video card ECS GeForce GT 240 supports DirectX 10.1 technology and are equipped with dual-slot cooling system from Arctic Cooling, and their system interfaces includes ports D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Clock speeds of the two boosters are identical and are 550, 1340 and 3400 MHz for the GPU, shader, and memory, respectively, and in the sale of these new items should appear in the near future.

Motherboard ASUS Maximus III Extreme - a new standard for overclockers

At the annual LAN Tournament DreamHack Winter, which will be held in late November in Sweden, and gather under its banner many gamers from around the world, ASUSTeK Computer Company intends to present its new development - motherboard ASUS Maximus III Extreme, created specifically for overclockers and PC enthusiasts and possessing improved overclocking performance.

Motherboard ASUS Maximus III Extreme is based on the P55 chipset and supports interaction with the new Intel processors in the performance of LGA 1156. In addition, it is equipped with an innovative power system with the function of the digital pulse-width modulation and the support of at least 11 phases. Among other things, ASUS Maximus III Extreme Overclocking appeared adjustment function via Bluetooth connection. Thus, to manage the process of overclocking the system components can be from any mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth module.

Motherboard ASUS Maximus III Extreme also received a new unique feature LN2 Mode Header, which allows to optimize the performance of the device when used for cooling the liquid nitrogen. The board is equipped with five expansion slots PCI Express x16 with support for Quad SLI mode and CrossFireX, as well as ports SATA 6Gb / s, USB 3.0 and integrated 9.1-channel audiochipom.

Ultraportable notebook-transformer Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PT seen in Australia

11.6-inch notebook-transformer Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PT appeared in the online stores Australia, in addition, the corresponding page is available on the Australian website. The device has not sold, it only can be ordered. Recall about a month ago about this model, told the Italian website. Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PT running the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium and is based on energy-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. For the schedule meets the built-in adapter Intel GMA X4500MHD, and a display resolution of 1366x768 pixels, it can display HD video. 11.6-inch touch screen can be deployed and put on the keyboard, using a laptop as a tablet computer.

RAM notebook-transformer is 2 or 4 GB, and the hard drive - 250 GB. There are also modules wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, HDMI output and a card reader 5-in-1. Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PT delivers long battery life: up to 8 hours on one battery charge. By the way, as the touch screen and touchpad of the laptop support the management of multi-touch. New available in black and blue colors. On the official website of Acer Australia cost model is not specified, but in one of the online stores for its request from 1599 to 1354 Australian dollars, is about 1263 - 1492 U.S. dollars.

The new version of Google Earth for iPhone

In the mobile developers Google blog has reported release of a new version of Google Earth for the iPhone. Google Earth 2.0 for iPhone is available in 31 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian and others. Whereas previously the application supports only 18 languages. In addition, the new mobile Google Earth appeared highlight selected icon when pressed, it is convenient for tactile control. Moreover, in case of contact immediately for a few elements on the screen will display the entire list.

And finally, a more important feature is the ability to view in Google Earth for iPhone collection of maps My Maps, which were created on a desktop computer in Google Maps by the user or anyone else. Download the new version of Google Earth 2.0 for the iPhone already be in the App Store.

New generation of wireless tablets SMART Slate

The company SMART Technologies introduced a wireless tablet SMART Slate WS200. It allows teachers and students involved in the implementation of digital jobs, projected on a screen to work with an interactive whiteboard, interactive display, or interactive pen display from anywhere in the classroom. SMART Slate designed taking into account feedback from users, resulting in the addition of several additional features such as improved ergonomics, convenient charging through the USB cable and support for 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Castilian Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Model WS200 replace WS100 (formerly wireless tablet AirLiner WS100) and product delivery to customers in North America will begin November 23, 2009, as global supplies - 23 December.

Each point on the tablet active area SMART Slate (17,3 X10, 8 cm) corresponds to a point on the connected computer screen. Wireless Protocol allows teachers and students learning to control applications on the screen, write and draw, or to open and view files on the computer, or SMART Board interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom. Ergonomic improvements made tablet SMART Slate smaller, lighter and more comfortable. Adding a third programmable button allows you to customize the work of the tablet, and the eraser function, and add notes using the included digital pen without the battery does work with tablet better understood than it was with a model WS100. SMART Slate tablet integrated with a wide range of products SMART, including an interactive display for pens SMART Podium and interactive whiteboard SMART Board, but also can be used only with a computer and a projector.

Wireless technology - Bluetooth 2.1 offers wireless connectivity at a distance of 9,1 m and low power consumption. The device weighs 612 grams and dimensions - 26,6 cm X 21,6 cm X 2,6 cm with an active area to handle 17,3 cm X 10,8 cm There are three programmable buttons that can be customized depending on the wishes of the user for easy work.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0 Betas Released

Adobe has officially announced the release of two new products: fleshpleera Flash Player 10.1 Beta and AIR 2. Before the release of 11-th version fleshpleera this year there will be another beta version, which, like the current 10.1, will focus on a more successful work on mobile platforms. AIR 2.0 Beta announced at the Adobe 2009 will receive the implementation P2P does not require a server to UDP-compounds, 60 new classes and API.

New Flash runtime graphics acceleration supports H.264, but so far only for Windows. Versions for Mac OS and Linux will be available later. About the versions for Google Android not reported, but Adobe have confirmed information about the plans to release a beta version of webOS until the end of the year. In general, for smartphones and communicators Adobe plans to update its software in early 2010. At the moment it is more about laptops and netbooks. Regarding the last point is worth noting that thanks to cooperation with Nvidia, the device with a graphics adapter ION received support H.264 codec. Previously, there was a number of problems, particularly with viewing YouTube videos in full screen mode.

Among other improvements - the introduction of support for multitouch and the local microphone. Program Flash Player 10.1 Beta and AIR 2 available for download on the official site of Adobe.

Acer Aspire 5738DG: laptop for viewing 3D content

Acer is submitted to Russia's notebook market with the ability to display 3D content - Acer Aspire 5738DG. Display Acer Aspire 5738DG equipped with a special polarization coating, allowing for a three-dimensional visual effect. Included with the laptop are glasses with polarizing lenses, which are essentially a filter to see three-dimensional image. Another necessary to obtain three-dimensional image element is preloaded in the Aspire 5738DG software TriDef 3D Experience.

Acer Aspire 5738DG can be used as a standard laptop to surf the Internet, work with office applications, email and other applications, as well as in 3D mode - for viewing videos, photos and games. It is equipped with 15.6-inch display (1366x768) Acer CineCrystal, a system optimized Dolby Home Theater and third-generation True 5.1, provides a "live" sound for 3D games and video. Aspire 5738DG equipped with a universal drive DVD Super-Multi double-layer discs for enabling playback sound and image in high resolution. HDMI connector provides the image quality Full HD.

Aspire 5738DG, using technology Intel Centrino 2 (Intel Core 2 Duo T6400/T6500/T6600), is able to work quickly with demanding applications, the efficient execution of multiple tasks simultaneously provides dual-channel DDR2 memory up to 4 GB. Hard Disk Drives (160/250/320/500 GB) provide ample storage capacity. For fast connection to the LAN notebook Aspire 5738DG is equipped with a network connection Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g) and Gigabit Ethernet. Built-in webcam Acer Crystal Eye allows you to keep in touch with friends and carry out video calls and video conferencing.

For the safety of individual models Aspire 5738DG equipped with built-in user identification by fingerprints Acer Bio-Protection, which not only protects the notebook from unauthorized access, but also provides an easy way to launch frequently used applications. Aspire 5738DG comes pre-installed operating system Microsoft Windows 7.

Portable and high-speed external hard disk Apacer AC601

Company Apacer Technology has introduced a new series of portable external hard drives, AC601. Winchester has a high-speed eSATA interface for data transfer and carried out in 2.5-inch form factor. AS601 is compatible with Windows 7 and comes with software TurboHDD, which means faster data transfer. Of the device derived separate button "One Touch Backup" to automatically create a backup disk. Accompanying software Secure Drive EX2 Lite enables you to split the data on disk to public and password-protected zone.

Shock resistant design of portable media protects against mechanical damage and provides data reliability, even if dropped hard disk from a height of 120 cm new portable external hard drive from Apacer AC601 produced 320 GB and 500 GB. Housing AS601 presented in two colors: silver and black. The package includes a leather cover for additional protection devices.

MSI Wind L2100 - 12,1-inch notebook based on AMD Athlon Neo

MSI has released a compact notebook Wind L2100 (L2100-036US). According to the specifications it is similar to the already released model Wind12 U210. The main difference between the difference between them is what operating system is installed - for Wind12 U210 is Windows Vista Home Premium, and Wind L2100 comes with a Windows 7 Home Premium.

MSI Wind L2100 has the following characteristics: a widescreen 12.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, the processor AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM, HDD 250 GB, Graphics ATI Radeon X1250. There is a wireless module and Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n) and a webcam. Communication possibilities include also 3 USB ports and multi-format (4-in-1) card reader. There are VGA and HDMI outputs. Dimensions notebook are 297h190h30 mm, and weight - 1,45 kg. MSI Wind L2100 has already appeared on sale for $ 459.

ITG xpPhone - now with Windows 7 and display up to 7 inches

We have already mentioned in the news about MID-phone ITG xpPhone based operating system Windows XP. This is a slider with touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard, which has, moreover, there is a separate block of buttons. It was reported earlier that the model will be equipped with 4.8-inch display and include a broad set of options: the hard drive and SSD of different capacity, modules of different standards for cellular communications, wireless adapters on the Wi-Fi to WiMax, and so on. But we now know, that will see a whole line of ITG xpPhone different sizes.

Thus, the diagonal of the display devices range from 4.3 to 7 inches, the clock speed of the processor - both below and above 1 GHz. In addition, the ITG xpPhone can be built-in camera with a resolution of 0.3 to 5 megapixel, but the number of available operating systems other than Windows XP, and Windows 7. Thus, you can order the device of various configurations, can come as a communicator, and MID, with phone functionality or without it. Cost ITG xpPhone range of $ 500 to $ 700, depending on the configuration. Presumably, release of new products scheduled for December.

ATI Radeon HD 5970 will be presented Nov. 18

AMD has brought to the end of the development of its powerful two-chip graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5970. Release of the accelerator is scheduled for November 18, and, thus, Radeon HD 5970 will be the fastest graphics card the consumer level in the coming Advent season.

Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 5970 is based on two RV870 graphics chips with a frequency of 725 MHz and is equipped with 3200 stream processors and 2 GB of memory GDDR5. In this case its maximum a TDP of 294 watts, and the total computational power of the graphics accelerator achieves 4.64 teraflops.

In addition, previously reported that the graphics adapter ATI Radeon HD 5970 is present 160 texture units and support for DirectX 11 technology and CrossFireX, a set of interfaces includes two ports, DVI video output and mini-DisplayPort. As expected, the price of this model will be 499 euros.

NVIDIA Tegra 2 will form the basis of a new generation of Nintendo DS

Digital Foundry Company, with reference to insayderkie reliable sources reported that the new portable game console Nintendo DS will be based on NVIDIA Tegra platform 2. We have already mentioned in the news that the Nintendo DS will use the new generation of NVIDIA Tegra, but now sources said that this will be the second version of the platform. She, according to preliminary data released in February next year. A console is expected to go on sale towards the end of 2010.

Recall NVIDIA Tegra platform provides processing 3D graphics and high-definition video on mobile devices, and, with low power consumption. It is assumed that Tegra 2 will be 4 times more efficient than the first version of the platform and may be able to support video 1080p, and not just 720p. Unfortunately, nothing is yet known about what will be the new console Nintendo DS, only mentions the possibility of installing built-in 3G module.

Lenovo prepares Netbook IdeaPad FL5-B3 platform Pine Trail

The site of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), known as a good source of information about the upcoming products, has information on Lenovo's new netbook, called the IdeaPad FL5-B3. The main feature of this mobile computer is that it is built on has not yet provided the hardware platform Intel Pine Trail.

According to available information, netbook, Lenovo IdeaPad FL5-B3 is equipped with 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and, judging from photographs, has a glossy black design. In addition, there Pineview processor with a frequency of 1.66 GHz and the integrated graphics (most likely model Atom N450) and the motherboard chipset based NM10 Express.

Netbook Lenovo IdeaPad FL5-B3 module is equipped with Wi-Fi, built-in webcam and trekpalom, and 2 GB of DDR2 667 memory in the module by Samsung and Seagate hard drives of 250 GB. Concerning the timing of release of the device is no information, but since the release of the platform Pine Trail should take place only in January, Lenovo, probably also will not rush things.

Two new Casio camera: EX-FH25 and EX-FC150

Company Casio did not wait for the start of the exhibition CES 2010 and announced the release of two new cameras today. Both models include a series of Exilim, which points to their compactness. In this apparatus Casio EX-FH25 is a development model EX-FH20 and is positioned as a "superfast HD camera. While the Casio EX-FC150 fairly normal Consumer Digicam in something resembling the recently announced Casio EX-FS10S, but without targeting golfers.

Apparatus Casio EX-FH25 as well as his predecessor, supports a burst rate of up to 40 frames per second, but the image size was increased from 3072x2304 pixels to 3456 × 2592. This is true video recording has become a bit worse: EX-FH20 is capable of recording 1080/60r, while the EX-FH25 wrote Motion JPEG 720/30p. Among other characteristics must be said about 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, the physical size of which is 1/2.3 inch production Sony. The lens has a focal length of 26 to 520 mm, which provides 20-times optical zoom. ISO value can be in the range 100-32000, supported by the recording mode RAW. Also, the camera has 85.9 MB of internal memory and card slot for SD / SDHC memory format. In addition the model is equipped with 3-inch screen. In the sale of Casio EX-FH25 arrive Nov. 27 and costs about 375 euros.

Model of Casio EX-FC150 - extremely simple entry-level camera. Of the distinctive features of this compact only enhanced by video recording. The camera can record 720p HD video, but it is also possible lapse - up to 1000 frames per second, but only with permission 224h64 point. The matrix of the apparatus was the same as Casio EX-FH25, but more than a simple lens provides only 5-fold optical zoom. There are also 85.9 MB of internal memory, 2.7-inch screen and a slot for an SD memory card format. The camera appears on the Japanese market on November 27 in three colors: red, gold and black. Price will be 40 000 yen (about 300 euros).

Zooomer adds multitouch for HTC HD2

Out now in a week ago communicator HTC HD2 is running OS Windows Mobile 6.5, although a significant part of the NTS software company redesigned, replaced or deleted from the arsenal of its model. Including apparatus was supported input mulititach. But not in full. In the final assembly of this feature is only available in the browser and several other applications. Program Zooomer for the HTC HD2 to correct this "defect".

Annex Zooomer can interact with any executive. Exe file format available on the Windows phone. Basically its function is to add support for multitouch input and the possibility to increase. Of course not all programs can benefit from the introduction of this possibility, but Zooomer can be applied to programs selectively. Also, its potential can be adjusted user settings that allow you to select features of the program involved.

At the same time, it is worth noting that such a program could be established, and Microsoft engineers and HTC, provided they cooperate. However, Microsoft is extremely reluctant to contact with independent developers, though does not preclude the introduction of improvements in their products.

RoverComputers opens a new direction - Stereo RoverMate

RoverComputers company brings to market a series of stereo-branded RoverMate. Product Range headphones RoverMate includes 4 series. Yellow series is represented by a compact and light-ear headphones at an affordable price (recommended retail price - 115 rubles.). They provide a basic level of sound.

Green series are in-ear headphones with enhanced functionality and harmonious sound. Also worth noting removable panel saturated colors in a model HS-710S, and lovers of minimalist design will appreciate the model HS-006MD, whose body is made of unpainted metal.

Blue series is represented by insert earphones with rich, clear and balanced sound for prolonged and comfortable use. Thanks to the improved form of silicon plates they provide protection from external noise and more comfort in the ear canal. For even more convenience when using headphones combined with a strap for carrying the player around the neck.

In crimson series headphones are inserted with an interesting design and a rich range of sound, as well as monitor headphones, which guarantee comfort, enhanced noise insulation, powerful realistic bass and clear treble sound.

LG Shine II - the new "shining" phone, while for AT & T

Company LG Electronics officially introduced mobile phone Shine II. This successor to the first model Shine in the same slider form factor and a similar silver casing. LG Shine II will be sold by U.S. operator AT & T since November 22. While nothing is known about when the device appears to other markets, if at all planned. Features LG Shine II rather simple by today's standards. Phone is equipped with 2.2-inch display, 2-megapixel camera with flash, and also supports the interface Bluetooth, cellular third-generation applications and Java 2.0.

Images obtained using the built-in camera, you can edit directly on your mobile phone: resize, crop, rotate, and so on. Music player, in turn, is equipped with an equalizer, it is also editor of ringtones. It should be noted and support for telephone e-mail and instant messaging. Price LG Shine II from AT & T is $ 119.99 with a two-year contract and rebates.