New model of corporate Scanner Fujitsu fi-6800

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Company PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited (formerly Fujitsu Europe Limited) presented a corporate scanner fi-6800 to mid-volume. As the producer, in this price category, this model is the Fujitsu brand productive scanner A3 size with a significant improvement in the level of automation, which in turn helps reduce production costs. With the new automatic functions daily scan with this device becomes even faster, easier and more energy efficient.

fi-6800 ckaniruet speeds up to 130 pages and 260 images per minute. It is universal in application, as well as processes the format from A8 to A3, as well as non-standard documents up to 3048 mm. The compact design of the scanner combines all the advantages of technology uninterrupted supply of paper, which guarantees the optimal scanning results.

Return time ultra-bright LED light source at rest in the working mode is not more than six seconds, and power consumption of the scanner does not exceed 4W in "sleep" mode (Sleep mode). Thus, power consumption is minimized. New technology of ultra-bright LED light source helps to reduce energy use, reducing the time "warming up" the scanner.

The fi-6800 can handle an array of mixed documents in assembly-line mode. It can handle sheets of paper weights from 20 g / m ² to 209 g / m ² with updated material rubber rollers, which helps in the capture, separation and transportation of each sheet from the pile of documents. In EMEA scanner fi-6800 is available from mid December 2009 for a suggested retail price of 15,995.00 euros (plus VAT).

Fujitsu fi-6130 Duplex Scanner (PA03540-B055)

Gboard - Mini-keyboard for Gmail

In the market for gadgets, a new device for users of the service Gmail - specialized mini-keyboard Gboard. Curiously, the keyboard was not released by Google, a film producer Charlie Mason (Charlie Mason).

Gboard consists of 19 keys of standard size, they are actually shortcuts to the functions of service Gmail, including letters marked with an asterisk, the beginning of search and the transition between the branches of messages. Outside service Gmail keyboard acts as normal and will dial the letters or numbers corresponding to these shortcuts. The device connects to the USB, before its application to activate the use of shortcuts in the settings of Gmail.

Given the fact that in total there are 69 shortcuts Gmail, Gboard may be only a first step towards establishing a full-size version of the keyboard. At the same time, the emergence Gboard on sale in December, and low cost can be a good addition to Gmail and a great gift. Gboard price is $ 19.99.

LG GH24 - New DVD burner drive

Company LG Electronics unveiled its new DVD burner drive GH24 Super Multi with maximum write speed DVD drive 24x, quiet playing (Silent Play) technology and eliminate errors for non-stop playback of video content (Jamless Play). Jamless Play automatically prevents stop video playback in case of infirmity disc, such as scratches or fingerprints. The drive itself is undamaged next fragment and jumps through the erroneous data or damaged areas on the disks in just one second or less. Thus, the video stream is transmitted continuously, which eliminates stop playback, unlike most other optical drives.

New technology allows the drive Silent Play GH24 work quite quietly, without sacrificing system performance. GH24 delivers 2 400 KB of data per second, producing 32 decibels, almost as quiet as 30 decibels of background noise in a typical library. This is particularly important when the GH24 is used to listen to music or watch video.

The new drive supports the well-known technology GH24 SecurDisc, which protects confidential data from unauthorized access. This technology allows you to password-protect data, and create CD and DVD with a personal digital signature, which will allow recipients to verify their authenticity drives. In addition, the disk is stored checksums to verify the integrity and readability of data, and backup system to ensure maximum safety of files even in case of damage to the disk. If necessary, you can restrict the copying of documents in PDF, recorded on DVD SecurDisc. To take advantage of this technology requires special software with the option Nero SecurDisc, supplied only in certain models of drive.

Additional software for GH24, includes a licensed version YouCam 1.0 and a trial version of Norton Internet Security 2009 with a 60-day license to receive updates. YouCam software provides an easy interface to get pictures, create movies and communicate via webcam, enabling users to add special effects. LG GH24 go on sale in December 2009.


Thermaltake reveals updated TR2 RX series power supplies

Company Thermaltake, known as a manufacturer of quality computer components, has confirmed that he plans to submit updated versions of power supplies in a series of TR2 RX. Upgrading should be subject to a model with a capacity of 450 and 550 watt PSU that will make these more effective and reliable.

Updated PSU TR2 RX are modular circuit wiring and bi-directional converter voltage, which increases their efficiency, in addition, they meet the specifications ATX 12V V2.3, and to improve the productivity and stability of these power units are equipped with high-quality Japanese capacitors.

This enables them to operate with efficiency over 80 percent, and the average uptime of more than 100 000 hours. Updated PSU TR2 RX have dimensions of 150 x 86 x 160 mm and have a double bus 12V, and is responsible for their cooling 140 mm fan rotating at 1900 rpm (model 450-watt) and 2300 rpm (model 550-watt ).

Updated PSU Thermaltake TR2 RX with a capacity of 450 and 550 watts equipped with three-year warranty, and their value should be $ 60 and $ 70 respectively.

Thermaltake TR2 RX-850 W0319RU 850W ATX 12v 2.91v Modular Cable Management Power Supply

HTC will introduce heir smartphone HTC Hero at MWC in February 2010

The head of the Swedish division of company High Tech Computer (HTC) Patrick Anderson (Patrik Andersson) reported that in February 2010 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be the announcement heir to the popular smartphone HTC Hero. Recall, this model went on sale in July of this year, it refers to the average level and represents a piece besklaviaturnogo touch 3.2-inch display and 5 megapixel camera. The device runs on Android operating system interface Sense.

Unfortunately, Patrick Anderson did not mention that would constitute HTC Hero 2 and what it will be different from the original. It is likely he will be more functional, but whether the new device such as popular and widespread as the first Hero? Perhaps the details of an heir HTC Hero will appear as a result of information leakage before the official announcement, as often happens. But so far remains to be satisfied only by the fact that such a decision is being prepared.

Electronic Book Ambiance Technologies Digibook ADB-106

To exit the market is preparing yet another device for reading electronic books - Digibook ADB-106 from the company Ambiance Technologies. Digibook ADB-106 has a 6-inch display with a resolution of 600x800 pixels produced by the technology of electronic paper, one side of the display is column of control buttons. The device operates on a processor Samsung Arm 9 and the operating system Linux 2.6, he has 64 MB of RAM. Connectivity to e-books include a USB 2.0 port and card slot for SD memory and MMC.

However, there is still something that makes getting attention - the wireless icon on the display. If not for this icon, then Digibook ADB-106 does not stand out because of the mass of e-books on the market. However, it is not clear, there is Wi-Fi or other wireless standard, or not. Official information on this subject Ambiance has not yet provided.

The device supports image formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF and PNG, as well as quite an impressive list of text formats: TXT, PDF, EPUB, RTF, TCR, PDB, PRC, MOBI, OPF, OEB, HTM, HTML, CHM, FB2 , DJVU, IW44, IW4 and DJV, as well as audio format hours rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity of 900 mAh enough to read up to 7000 pages. Dimensions ADB-106 is 178 x 128,4 x 9,9 mm. Weight -228 grams. In the kit supplied stereo headphones. Make a reservation at Digibook ADB-106 can now. The cost of the device is 229.99 pounds ($ 383).

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 will be released in January 2010

Talo know that Sony Ericsson does not release its Communicator XPERIA X2 until January next year. At least, this is the time indicated on the site operator Vodafone. Recall, the announcement of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 in September this year, but its release was originally scheduled for the fourth quarter, just in time for Christmas season sales, when sales of electronics (and, incidentally, of many other commodities) has traditionally been high. However, the company obviously had problems and had to postpone the release of the communicator.

Recently, increasing reports about problems that arise in devices from Sony Ericsson. They faced, in particular, the model Satio and Aino. Possible, and have XPERIA X2 were also found problems in work, so the new items until the issue can not be held. Recall, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 - is the second communicator of the company that is running Windows Mobile. It is a QWERTY slider with 3.2-inch touch screen and 8 MP camera. By the way, on the January 2010 scheduled release of another device Sony Ericsson - Android smartphone XPERIA X10.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Unlocked Phone

Dock Philips DC350 for iPod and iPhone with the practical functions

Philips has introduced a new market in Russia dock Philips DC350, which allows you to play the radio and music directly from your iPod and phone iPhone. More precise control of the daily routine will feature self-synchronization of files. With this technology, libraries iPod, contacts or reminders on the iPhone can be easily and quickly move to the PC via a direct connection via USB. In addition, the system has a function of playing MP3 files directly from portable devices - MP3 Link.

The model is equipped with a receiver Bluetooth, which allows you to control your mobile phone as soon as he turns on the base. In addition, built-in Hands-Free system provides an opportunity to move around the room and call from your cell phone or transfer music to another device.

The kit includes a cradle for iPod and iPhone at the same time allows to synchronize your player or phone with other devices and to charge them. For a more convenient and comfortable working with DC350, a product also includes a remote control that is suitable for both the management system itself, and your iPod and phone iPhone. The system is also equipped with alarm clock and timer. In the memory system can store up to 20 FM radio stations.