Aluratek Libre eBook Reader PRO - e-book with a monochrome LCD display

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The company introduced Aluratek eBook Libre eBook Reader PRO. It is interesting that this model differs from other similar solutions that uses the display is not on the basis of electronic paper (E-Ink), and the usual monochrome reflective LCD. Aluratek Libre eBook Reader PRO, thus, differs quite a long battery life, especially given the fact that is equipped with LCD display. Before the device required charging, it can be used continuously for 24 hours. E-book is equipped with 5-inch display, which can read files formats ePub, PDF, TXT, Mobi, PRC, and RTF. Libre eBook Reader PRO, incidentally, comes with 100 free books to 2 GB memory card format SD.

Besides books, the decision of Aluratek supports playback of audio in MP3 format and can display photos, though they will be black and white. The following image formats: BMP, JPG, GIF and animated GIF. Electronic Book Aluratek Libre eBook Reader PRO is available now in black and white colors, its recommended retail price is $ 179.

Pulsar - the first SSD drive from Seagate

Seagate is known primarily for its quality and reliable hard drives. However, in light of the continued growth in popularity of solid-state drives in Seagate decided to keep a profitable trend and introduced its first SSD called Pulsar.

Drive Seagate Pulsar has a capacity of up to 200 GB in different versions and implemented in the form factor of 2.5 inches. It is built on NAND memory chips with a one-level cell (SLC) and refers to enterprise-class solutions, which indicates its high reliability. The latter figure indicates at least low acceptable failure rate (average failure rate, AFR), accounting for only 0.44 per cent.

In addition, the manufacturer was not afraid to provide their five-year product warranty. Add that the claimed speed sequential read and write data to the SSD drive, Seagate Pulsar reaches 240 and 200 Mb / s, respectively, and connect the device to the system occurs through the SATA interface. Date of sale in different versions of the SSD drive Pulsar and their value has not been announced.

Pentium E6600 processor with a frequency of 3.06 GHz, will be Jan. 17

The fastest dual-core processor family Pentium, which you can buy now is a model Pentium E6500. This chip belongs to a generation Wolfdale and built on the 45 nm process technology, and its clock speed of 2.93 GHz. Addition, this CPU supports FSB 1066 MHz, has a 2 MB cache, TDP of 65 watts and costs $ 84.

However, Intel is already preparing this record-worthy successor. The new 45-nanometer chip called Pentium E6600, and its clock frequency is equal to 3,06 GHz. Thus, it is the first family of CPU Pentium, belongs to a generation of Wolfdale, who managed to overcome trehgigagertsevy barrier.

Other characteristics of the same Pentium E6600, including the FSB at 1066 MHz, 2 MB cache and a TDP of 65 watts, are the same as its predecessor. Release of the chip is expected on January 17, and the price it will be the same $ 84, while the cost of Pentium E6500 should fall to $ 74.

Thus, despite the upcoming release of a completely new 32 nm processors with integrated graphics, Intel does not forget about the decisions by a socket LGA 775. This platform must retain its relevance for the whole year, at least in the lower price segment.

Christmas presents from Google - a beta version of Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux

The New Year we all become little children. We have a feeling of celebration, expectation of miracles and gifts of the coming of the long-standing desires. Google has also decided to please computer users, "putting a Christmas tree" dreamboat many of them - the long-awaited beta version of its browser Chrome for software platforms, Mac OS X and Linux.

Recall version browser Chrome for the Windows operating system came in autumn last year and since then has continually refined and improved. On the contrary, "makovody and linuksoidy" feel disadvantaged because they could not try to develop a forward-looking Google and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. World Internet giant has long promised to correct this misunderstanding and, as we see now, kept his word.

While Chrome browser for Mac OS X and Linux is available only in a preliminary beta versions. Thus, users of these operating systems can participate in refining and improving the brainchild of Google, informing the developers of the identified errors. Note that the version of Google Chrome for Linux is available as packages for various distributions, and the Chrome browser for Mac OS X will support work in 64-bit software environment, as well as auto sync bookmarks, view PDF documents, and full-screen mode.

In addition, versions of Chrome for Windows and Linux came official support for the so-called extensions, similar addon used in the browser Mozilla Firefox. They can improve the functionality of your browser and increase its competitiveness. Now for Chrome uzhu available over 300 different extensions. Moreover, as stressed by the developers, their use does not affect the performance of the browser and its stability, since all these extensions run as isolated processes.

Squibble portable Braille interface is clever, beautiful

Designer Andrew Mitchell (Andrew Mitchell) presented an interesting concept called Squibble. This is a portable device with a Braille interface - for the visually impaired. It can be connected, for example, to a mobile phone by wireless Bluetooth and report on incoming calls or messages in an understandable manner - using sound, Braille (the points that you can feel with your fingers) or high-contrast images.

According to the plan designer, compact Squibble easily fits in your pocket, the device is enclosed in a metal casing and is equipped with 779 ultrasonic motors, which provide tactile feedback. Besides, the point is also highlighted. Thus, the user can read the message or to recognize the incoming number. A comfortable handle allows you to keep Squibble on weight, that is, not necessarily look for a suitable surface to put the device. Perhaps the solution convenient and useful, it remains only to realize it.

Thunderbird 3.0 - final release

Final release e-mail client Thunderbird 3. As the developers, the new Thunderbird 3 is a fast, flexible and secure. In the new version of the program there are such possibilities as tabs, improved search and archiving mail. With Thunderbird 3 user can download messages in separate tabs and switch quickly from one letter to another. Also in a new tab opens the search results. When you exit Thunderbird, the visible tabs will be saved and will be restored when you open Thunderbird the next time. New tools, such as the scale of time and filters that help refine your search e-mail, whether it was yesterday, last month or a few years ago.

Archiving messages will be useful when the user thinks that this letter will need in the future, but wants to remove it from the Inbox without deleting it. Archiving helps manage folder for incoming messages and place the mail into a new system of archival folders.

Flexible configuration allows you to work with the mail, for example, to make work more productive, or choose a more cheerful appearance. To set up you can use hundreds of add-ons, such as the Lightning calendar to manage schedules and Personas to change the appearance of Thunderbird. Search and installation of new additions can be directly from the manager add-ons.

You can also note the ease of initial setup. Previously, it was necessary to know the setup IMAP, SMTP, SSL / TLS, but now all you have to give it a name, e-mail address and password, and a new setup wizard for your email account will find these settings for you. Thunderbird 3.0 is available for platforms on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

PowerColor unveils the factory-overclocked PCS+ HD5770

Company TUL Corporation, owns the brand PowerColor, preparing to renew its line of graphics processor supporting DirectX 11, another model. Novelty called PowerColor PCS + HD5770 and, as you may imagine, is another version of the Radeon HD 5770 accelerator.

Graphics Card PowerColor PCS + HD5770 is equipped with non-reference cooling system, presumably, the production of Arctic Cooling, which occupies two expansion slots and comprising 92 mm fan. In addition, this adapter is the solution with a factory overclocked, and its clock speeds equal to 875 and 4900 MHz for the GPU and memory, respectively (inflow discharges values are 850 and 4800 MHz).

Thus, to the level of productivity and quality of cooling PowerColor PCS + HD5770 may well claim the title of gaming solutions. The rest of the specification cards include 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and support for the regime CrossFireX, as well as ports of Dual-DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Included with the accelerator is playing Dirt 2, and its delivery should start on 18 December.

Start selling the first smartphone based on Acer Android - Liquid

In the UK, began selling the first smartphone from Acer on the basis of the operating system Android - Liquid (A1). Recall, this device is a candybar with a 3.5-inch touch screen in almost the entire front panel and no hardware keyboard. During the announcement it was reported that Acer Liquid based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform with a frequency of 1 GHz processor, but now in the lists of characteristics specified clock speed of only 768 MHz processor. The model is also equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and traditional to modern smartphones and communicators 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and microSD.

Acer Liquid Room in the British online store Expansys is 339.99 pounds, about $ 557. Clove, in turn, sells the device for 328.9 pounds (about $ 538). Both stores are still in the presence of only the white version. As for other UK online stores, the Amazon UK promise to get Acer Liquid within 1-3 months, and it can be ordered with a term of delivery on December 21.

Pandigital Portable Photo Printer - a portable photo printer without ink

Company Zink Imaging, and presented a joint development Pandigital - Pandigital Portable Photo Printer. According to them, the world's first printer, capable of running on Zero Ink technology and print photos size 10x15 cm Limited edition Portable Photo Printer will be held in the fourth quarter of 2009, and the massive sales start in the first quarter of 2010. Special Zero Ink technology does not require ink cartridges, for its use requires only a special paper - Zink Paper. It is covered with crystals of blue, yellow and purple (magenta). But before you print it plain, white. And as a result of heating in the printer ink show through and form a full color image.

Portable Photo Printer does not require a computer, it can print photos from USB drives or memory cards MS, MS Pro, SD, MMC and xD. In addition, the printer has a small LCD display for previewing photos. Details about the characteristics of this device the company has not yet reported. But already known to the recommended retail price of the printer, it is $ 149.99 (cost of paper - $ 39.99).

Microsoft plugs zero-day Internet Explorer hole

Microsoft has released a package of solutions designed to eliminate the 12 identified vulnerabilities in its software products. The list of these products includes the Internet Explorer browser in versions of IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 as well as operating systems Windows, Windows Server and software packages Office.

The main package, presented by Microsoft, are the solutions for critical vulnerabilities identified in the browser Internet Explorer. It is reported that there is a solution for the program "hole", which we recently reported. Recall, the network reported the establishment of virus-free and can be implemented via Internet Explorer and allows attackers to take control of the system.

Also, solved the problem of the vulnerability discovered in the implementation of the library template classes Microsoft (Active Template Library, ATL), used in the ActiveX technology to create controls. This vulnerability could also allow hackers to introduce a user's computer code and distance to seek his execution.

Note also that produced solutions to vulnerabilities in the functions of Internet Authentication Service, a built-in operating system Windows, as well as for various office suites and applications, including Microsoft Office Project, WordPad and Office Text Converters. All hotfixes are addressed to users of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Office XP, Office 2003, Project 2000, Project 2002, Office Project 2003, Works 8.5 and Office Converter Pack.

Thermalright to Replace U120E with Venomous X

The official website of Thermalright some time ago appeared a mysterious image. It shows a vague silhouette of a certain processor cooling system and the inscription, heralding the imminent appearance of Venomous X. Obviously, Venomous X is the name of the CPU cooler, but nothing more to say on this image was impossible.

However, the resources ExPreview has learned from its own sources, that it really is a new CPU cooler from Thermalright, first shown in June at Computex 2009 and has since largely redesigned. It is reported that the CPU cooler Venomous X to replace the Ultra 120E model and is equipped with a universal mounting kit for installation in the socket LGA775/1156/1366.

In addition, according to rumors, CPU cooler from Thermalright Venomous X gets a few new features, though details are still unknown, and the announcement of this device can take place before the Christmas holidays.

GeForce GT 220 turns into a GeForce GT 315

It seems that NVIDIA have invented a new and very "productive" way to update their line of graphics cards. Recently, we described the appearance of the first representative of the GeForce 300, turned out to be just a renamed version of the GeForce 210, designed for OEM manufacturers.

And now the Turkish resource DonanimHaber found on the official HP website a reference to another "new" - graphics card GeForce 315. As it was established, this accelerator is an OEM version of the recently released maps of the entry-level GeForce GT 220.

The GeForce 315 actually differs from his "father" only twice as large memory - 1 GB DDR3 instead of 512 MB of DDR3 of stock option GeForce GT 220 (although some of the AIB partners are also equipped with the latest model of gigabyte of memory). All other characteristics of the two cards, including 128-bit memory bus, 48 stream processors and 8 raster blocks, identical.

Repeated and such specifications as the 40 nm chip GT216 (GT216-200-A2), the presence of the port HDMI, the maximum power consumption of 52 watts, Technology support DirectX 10.1, the physical dimensions and even clock speeds adapter - 625, 1360 and 1800 MHz for the GPU , shader, and memory, respectively. Thus, GeForce 315 is unlikely to ever become available, but when buying a ready-made computer a chance to meet the twin GeForce GT 220 available.

JVC Everio GZ-HD620 - superlight camcorder with Full HD resolution

Company JVC has expanded its line of pre-series of Everio camcorders another model. Novelty called Everio GZ-HD620, and, as stated, is very small and light camcorder with built-in hard drive. Indeed, the camera weighs 270 grams and its dimensions of length and height is only 114 mm and 63 mm respectively. In this capacity internal hard drive is 120 GB.

Despite such small size, Camcorder Everio GZ-HD620 is able to shoot with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and video recording is in a qualitative format AVCHD (H.264). In addition, the compact camera is equipped with a new high-sensitivity CMOS sensor that allows for filming at the level of illumination of only 4 suites.

Among other things, the camcorder Everio GZ-HD620 has a quality lens with aperture f1.8-4.7 and 30-fold zoom, and feature photography. If the volume of built-in hard drive may seem insufficient, at your service slots for SDHC memory cards and microSDHC.

The camcorder can record about 11 hours of video in Full HD resolution with a bitrate of 24 Mbps, but the time of continuous video recording is limited to about 45 minutes due to a weak battery. It remains to add that a compact camcorder JVC Everio GZ-HD620 due to go on sale in Japan next week at a price equivalent to 1,235 dollars.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II to get 60FPS 720p in spring

According to unofficial sources, Canon prepares to upgrade the firmware for its high-end SLR Camera EOS 5D Mark II. With this update camera should be able to capture high-definition video at a speed of 60 frames per second.

Permission for filming at such a speed, unfortunately, does not make it to the indicator of 1920 by 1080 and stop at the level of 1280 x 720 pixels, as in the model Canon EOS 7D. However, when shooting video at a speed of 60 frames per second should look beautiful and show more detail than at half that rate, available on the existing version of firmware Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

According to the commentary in the chat Online Tradeshow, referred to upgrade the firmware to be released next spring. In addition, the five-minute video, the representative of Canon mentioned that this update will be released in the first half of 2010 and, eventually, become available and less expensive brand SLR.

New HP TouchSmart600 - touch PC-class all-in-one

HP has announced the start of Russian sales of a new product with support for touch technology TouchSmart - PC HP TouchSmart600. In the personal computer HP TouchSmart600 with 23-inch Full HD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio used by the software HP TouchSmart 3.0 - a package of new applications with support for touch technology. The package includes a program TouchSmart Canvas for working with photos, allowing to catalog and edit photos flourishes on the touch screen. TouchSmart 3.0 The package also includes a program TouchSmart Live TV, with which you can not only view TV shows, but to record, put the transmission on a break and get detailed information about the program through the EPG.

The new software package to complement our existing applications that support a touch screen: calendar, clock, music player, notes, the program that displays the weather forecast, your browser TouchSmart Browser, TouchSmart DVD players and TouchSmart Blu-ray, the program for reading news TouchSmart RSS and the program to work with the camera TouchSmart Webcam.

PC HP TouchSmart600 can be placed on a table or hang on the wall. Rotating base, tilt, the webcam and the presence of wall mounting, provide additional flexibility and allow you to place your computer in various corners of the house. PC HP TouchSmart600 already on sale in Russia. The recommended price is $ 1600.

Key features of HP TouchSmart600:

* 23-inch widescreen display with 16:9 aspect ratio and support Full HD 1080p
* Intel Core 2 Duo
* Powered by NVIDIA GeForce
* Up to 4 GB of RAM and disk drive capacity of up to 1 TB
* Microsoft Windows 7
* TV-tuner, remote control and Blu-ray drive
* Ability to connect game consoles (PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360)
* Support for Wi-fi, and Bluetooth
* Wireless keyboard and mouse

EVGA P55 V - Mass motherboard chips under Lynnfield

When we pronounce the name of EVGA, we usually envision high-end products designed for gamers and PC enthusiasts. But this time, the American company has decided to please the mass market, releasing quite affordable motherboard for CPU Core i5 and the Core i7 (Lynnfield) in the performance of LGA 1156.

Novelty called P55 V (120-LF-E650) and represents the entry-level model in a long line of motherboards EVGA, based on chipset Intel P55. The cost is its only 120 dollars, but for such a low price the user pays functionality. This motherboard lacks some features available on similar decisions from EVGA or its competitors.

However, all the most necessary on the motherboard, of course, there. EVGA P55 V is equipped with four DIMM slots for memory modules with up to 16 GB of DDR3 1333. Present for the two expansion slots PCI-Express x8 and PCI-Express x1, as well as six SATA II ports and fourteen USB ports (eight located on the motherboard and six external).

In addition, there is a connector for Gigabit Ethernet and an integrated 7.1-channel audiochip. It remains to add that the motherboard EVGA P55 V is made in the form-factor micro-ATX, and its dimensions are 243,8 x 243,8 mm. It seems rather interesting choice for those who have decided to radically upgrade its system, but do not want to spend money on unnecessary overclocking options.

New firmware for Sony PS3 with support for mini-games and easy transfer of files between the two PS3

As reported in the European blog PlayStation, Sony PS3 game console will soon be updating the firmware to version 3.15. She will be two major innovations. The first of them - is the support of mini-games (PSP Minis), she will be starting from 17 December. Mini-games were originally created for portable game consoles, Sony, they are really small - the size of the file to 100 MB. Such games do not support a multiplayer mode and peripherals, and also allows you to download updates. That is, starting from December 17, purchased from PlayStation Store mini-games will work as a PSP, and on the PS3.

In addition, firmware 3.15 provides a simple process of transferring files between the two PS3. Moreover, it can be as thin and regular version of the game console. To copy games, videos and other content need only connect the device cable LAN, the first of them should also be connected to the TV. Then there will be only in the XMB to select the appropriate menu option and follow the instructions on the screen.

BlueAnt Stereo F4 Interphone - Bluetooth Headset for motorcycles debuts

Australian company BlueAnt Wireless, a well-known in the market as a manufacturer of various Bluetooth-enabled devices, this time presented a Bluetooth headset for motorcyclists - Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit. The device allows the driver to a motorcycle to make telephone calls while driving, as well as hear about the direction of a GPS navigator and communicate with other users F4 Interphone distance to 1640 feet (0.5 kilometers).

Furthermore headset is fully protected from adverse weather conditions. According to the manufacturer, the device is waterproof, exposed to wind and can be used as a helmet or without. The headset will also automatically adjusts the volume, and the company promises to BlueAnt a clear signal even at speeds up to 110 miles per hour (177 km / h). F4 supports Bluetooth A2DP profile for streaming music. Headset is compatible with all mobile phone supports Bluetooth. BlueAnt Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit is available immediately. The cost of the headset is $ 225.

Wind River released commercial Android build

Company Wind River, owned Intel, introduced a commercial version of the operating system, Android, optimized for chipsets OMAP34x and OMAP36x from Texas Instruments. This assembly Android supports technologies such as Adobe Flash and PacketVideo OpenCORE (multimedia for mobile devices) and updates OTA. According to Wind River, its commercial version of Android differs completely redesigned user interface, optimized function of energy and support, optimization of operators and equipment manufacturers.

Company Wind River asserts that its Android platform combines the flexibility and predictability in commercial operating systems. This assembly can be ordered from the developer now. Apparently, there will be, and mobile devices based on it. Apparently, it can be smartphones, MID, Internet tablets and the like. It is not clear which suppliers wish to use a commercial version of Android, and when they release their decisions based on it.