Buffalo prepares ExpressCard Adapter with two USB 3.0 ports

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Company Buffalo Technology is considered one of the leaders in the development of high-speed interface USB 3.0. Recently, we reported about the announcement of an external hard drive and expansion cards supporting this latest standard. And we now know that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to submit to ExpressCard adapter is equipped with two ports USB 3.0.

Device was called IFC-EC2U3/UC and enables support for USB 3.0 interface any notebook equipped with a slot ExpressCard. New Buffalo adapter weighs 31 grams and is able to work both in 34 mm and 54 mm in the expansion slot. Controller from NEC provides support for two ports USB 3.0, as well as backward compatibility with interfaces, USB 2.0/1.1.

It remains to add that the supply ExpressCard Adapter Buffalo IFC-EC2U3/UC to the Japanese market should start before the end of this month, and the cost of this interesting device will be about $ 60.

Track Ball Mouse Numeric Keypad Hub

The market for computer accessories, a new device - Track Ball Mouse Numeric Keypad Hub. The product combines, perhaps, all the most necessary for the user of portable notebook: computer mouse with a scroll wheel, trackball, numeric keypad and two-port USB 2.0. Connecting to a computer is carried out by interface USB.

It is compatible with operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Mac OS X 10.1 ~ / Mac OS 9.0 ~ 9.2.2. Dimensions mice are 20 × 16 cm, so it is easy to get out in any case for a laptop and be able to replace other peripheral devices while traveling. The device is already available for purchase. Cost Track Ball Mouse Numeric Keypad Hub is 5290 yen (about $ 58).

Solid State Drive A-DATA XPG SX95 and S592 with the new software for WINDOWS 7 TRIM

The new software extends the life of storage devices for solid state drives (SSD) and ensures their stable operation. Taiwanese company A-DATA Technology announced the immediate availability of solid-state drives SSD XPG SX95 and S592 with a SATA II interface and form factor 2.5-inch, comes with the latest version of software optimized for Windows 7 TRIM. Device SSD XPG SX95 and S592 SATA II 2.5 "features a new architecture and design controller, equipped with a built-in DRAM cache buffer, to ensure high reliability and performance of notebooks and computers.

Features of the new software - optimized for use with Windows 7 TRIM, SSD helps check for bad blocks and bad blocks in the presence of replacing them from the free blocks, ensures the stability of the SSD. Solid State Drive SSD XPG SX95 and S592 SATA II 2.5 "complete with the latest version of software available for sale through authorized distributors and partners of the company A-DATA.

Interead COOL-ER 3G e-reader announced, adds wireless to the mix

Company Interead and American operator AT & T stated that in the middle of next year will be released eBook COOL-ER 3G, which will work over cellular networks, third generation of the operator. The first generation e-reader Interead COOL-ER was released in May this year. This device is available in 8 bright colors - classic black and gray, and bright green, blue, purple, pink, crimson and red. Interead COOL-ER supports books in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese languages.

Perhaps the advantages of electronic books first-generation Interead persist and have COOL-ER 3G. But besides this, the new product will be supported by wireless networks Wi-Fi connection, and the third generation. A company NewspaperDirect provides for a new e-reader more than 1300 kinds of magazines and newspapers. While the company did not disclose details about the characteristics of the new Interead COOL-ER 3G. It is not clear what will be its diagonal display, memory, and so on. By the way, the first COOL-ER 6-inch display, display 8 shades of gray, and for storing files available 1 GB of internal memory and card SD. It is likely that the main features Interead COOL-ER 3G will be the same as that of the first e-reader company, plus a cordless function.

LG GS200 - a new music phone

Company LG Electronics presented on the Ukrainian market a new phone LG GS200 in the classical form factor. Elegant new differs quite powerful battery (1100 mAh) and good for its class functionality. The device with built-in FM radio, MP3 player, voice recorder and camera supports multiple formats of audio and video, JAVA games, as well as GPRS (Class 10) and WAP-access (2.0) to the Internet. The battery allows the player to listen to music on the phone up to 14 hours and supports up to 6.5 hours of phone talk time.

Another advantage of the LG GS200 - speaker, through which you can listen to music or radio without headphones. Liked the radio can immediately write to the phone memory. Additional convenience is possible to connect a wireless headset via Bluetooth.

Phone LG GS200 supports formats MP3, AMR, MIDI; WAV, AAC, and a memory card microSD (up to 8 GB) is enough to keep the phone all liked to write, including radio and video. The USB connector allows you to connect your phone to your PC (supports data synchronization with PC). Novelty has a convenient interface with the possibility of placing icons (eg, photos) to personal contacts. In the Ukrainian retail chains phone LG GS200 will be available as early as January next year.

Opera Mobile - a single interface for all mobile phones

The company Opera Software released the Opera Mobile browser 10 for cellular operators and handset manufacturers. This version is available for Symbian/S60, Windows Mobile, Android and BREW, and includes a new cross-platform shell interface. As part of an overall program of unification of appearance and user experience across browsers Opera, this jacket will help operators and handset manufacturers to offer its users the same opportunities to work on the Internet, regardless of the brand and platform of mobile devices.

Cross-platform shell is a superset of the core browser. It gives her the opportunity to work on all platforms in the Opera Mobile and Opera Mini and allows you to create dynamic user interfaces. Thus, mobile operators and phone manufacturers can deploy a single browser interface for all distributed their phones with minimal integration, saving both time and money on implementation. End users receive a single, familiar tool for access to the Internet, which increases loyalty to the operators and handset makers.

Opera Mobile 10 - a browser for smartphones and high-end mobile phones, set more than 135 million devices worldwide. The browser has all the capabilities to do the work in the mobile Internet easier and easier. The feature set includes tabs, Express-Quick access to your favorite resources and Password Manager. As the developer, Opera Mobile 10 for phones based on BREW and Android are only available for mobile operators and device manufacturers. Currently, these platforms have a number of constraints on the dissemination of Opera Mobile 10 for end-users.

Acer H5360, X1130P, and X1261 - trio 3D projectors support nVidia 3D Vision

Corporation Acer introduced a trio of projectors, targeted at 3D. Acer H5360 projector with a resolution of HD-ready technology and nVidia 3D Vision, which gives realistic home entertainment and can immerse themselves in three-dimensional world. Acer H5360 is an intelligent solution for working with digital images, providing high-quality video in high definition home theater at the expense of the native resolution of 720p (1280x720). It has a brightness of 2,500 ANSI lumens and 3200:1 contrast ratio that allows you to project sharp images with high accuracy of detail on the big screen. Acer H5360 goes on sale in Russia in January 2010. Proposed price for Acer H5360 will be 35 990 rubles.

Video projector X1130P technology NVIDIA 3D Vision ready suitable for home, office and educational institutions, as well as for games. X1130P provides 2500 ANSI lumen brightness and contrast level of 3000:1, which provides a bright and high-quality image. 800x600 SVGA resolution provides a clear picture and allows for professional presentations. Acer X1130P go on sale in Russia in January 2010. Proposed price for Acer X1130P be 20 990 rubles.

Acer is also expanding its range of 3D products X1261 projector technology nVIDIA 3D Vision ready, providing high performance for three-dimensional games and movies on the big screen, as well as the possibility of holding a presentation with a demonstration of three-dimensional images, even in rooms with bright lighting. Projector Acer X1261 provides high accuracy and detailing of the text and images at the expense of brightness 2500 lumens ANSI, 3700:1 contrast ratio, native resolution of XGA (1024x768). Acer X1261 goes on sale in Russia in January 2010. Offer price for Acer X1261 will be 28 490 rubles.

Stylish audio Genius SP-M120 for home and office

In Russia market goes two-component audio Genius SP-M120. These compact, lightweight speaker will be a good complement to your laptop or desktop computer. Speakers device reproduces clear, balanced sound power 2 watts: enough to work in the office, country house or a small room.

Novelty is different from other audio 2.0 its compact dimensions and low weight. Speakers easily fit on a small desk or on a shelf close, indeed, they can take with a laptop on a trip. The developers have paid special attention to ergonomics: the power button and volume control of sound, and headphones socket located on the front side of the right column. At Russia's new market will appear in December 2009, and its estimated retail price of 435 rubles.

Genius SP-M120 Characteristics:

* 2 plastic satellite
* Frequency Response 100 - 20000 Hz
* 2 watts RMS power
* Speakers 50 x 90 mm
* S / N Ratio 72 dB

Biostar TH55 XE motherboard detailed

Company Biostar shared some details about its future motherboard TH55 XE. New made in the form-factor micro-ATX and is designed to work with new Intel processors in the performance of LGA 1156. In addition, this board is more reliable due to technology Dura-MAX, which is based on the use of components of high quality.

Improved reliability and stability in the motherboard Biostar TH55 XE provides the function of IR Direct FET, chokes with ferrite core and Japanese solid capacitors. In addition, the motherboard is equipped with a 7-phase power system, slots for DDR3 memory modules 1333 and one expansion slot PCI-Express x16.

There are also five SATA 3.0 Gbps ports and one port eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet connector and an integrated 7.1-channel audiochip. Since the board is designed to work with 32-nm chips Core i3/i5, having a built-in GPU, a number of its interfaces and video outputs include D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Biostar intends to begin shipping the motherboard TH55 XE in January, the cost of the device is still unknown.

TVR iRU Home AIO - a new iRU direction

Company iRU announced the launch of a new direction in its product line - monoblocks. iRU Home AIO - a series of home PCs compact accommodation, where all the system components (monitor, system unit with connectors and drive for optical drive) are in the same enclosure. TVR iRU have a large screen diagonal of 19 inches with a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.

The system is based on the Intel Atom processor combined with Intel 945GC chispetom for mobile solutions. iRU Home AIO comes pre-installed operating system Microsoft Windows 7, or Linux, depending on the model chosen.

iRU Home AIO Features:

* Form Factor Platform - mini-iTX (170x170 mm)
* Processor - Intel Atom 330 (230), depending on the model
* Memory up to 2 GB
* Hard drive to 320 GB
* Diagonal screen - 19 inches
* Screen resolution, response time - 1280x1024 pixels, 5 ms
* Optical Drive DVD-RW
* Dual USB 2.0 connectivity
* Built-in speakers and a silent fan cooling system
* Dimensions - 426x98x380 mm

Transcend introduced a new Portable writing CD / DVD drive

Due to the success of his first portable CD / DVD drive with recording functionality 8X, a company Transcend Information has introduced a new version of the device in black. With the new glossy case, compact dimensions and a variety of functions, CD / DVD drive perfectly suited for work on laptops and netbooks, will diversify the rest and increase productivity.

As soon as modern notebooks are becoming lighter and thinner, writing CD or DVD drives installed in them less and less. The new slim 8x-speed portable CD / DVD drive with recording functionality for Transcend's designed specifically for use with compact notebooks and ultra-thin and has a smoother design, as a stylish, compact and easily transportable accessory. The drive requires no external power adapter, getting all the necessary energy to work via USB laptop.

CD / DVD drive with a recording feature comes with a fully functional copy of the powerful software package for creating discs and CyberLink Power2Go CyberLink MediaShow with 30-day free version. With easy-to-use software tool, users can not only burn CDs with music, data and video, but even create a bootable CD and DVD discs of various formats, including CD-R/RW, DVD ± R, DVD ± RW, DVD ± R DL and DVD-RAM.

10-inch LCD display Apple Tablet PC - in March-April 2010

Oppenheimer analyst company Dzhair Rainer (Yair Reiner) reported new details about the Tablet PC Apple. Recall, the company has not acknowledged its existence, but the rumors about him periodically renew their circulation in the global network. According to Reiner, Apple will start production of its Tablet PC in February next year. A production unit is scheduled March-April 2010.

Dzhair Reiner also said that the Tablet PC would be Apple 10.1-inch touchscreen LCD display with support for multitouch control. He emphasized that this is LCD, not OLED display, as suggested by a number of sources. Experts also said that Apple will offer cooperation to publishers and they will be able to provide their books in electronic format for its planshetnika. Moreover, the company will receive 70% profit, and Apple - 30%. Reiner suggests that the level of sales tablet computer Apple is about one - half a million, and its average cost - about $ 1000.

Microsoft begins work on Office 15

An interesting article appeared in the blog Microsoft Access Team. While the software package Microsoft Office 2010 (also known as Office 14) continues to be refined and should be released only next summer, the Redmond company specialists, obviously, is to begin planning the next generation office suite.

The report, entitled "Access 15 and SQL Server", expressly states that a planning software package, tentatively called Office 15 have already begun. Specialists Microsoft, in particular, are going to improve in its support of SQL Server, which, according to reports from the user community, is perhaps the most sought-after improvement.

With regard to the timing of the appearance of Office 15, it is so far can only speculate. It is known that the version of Office 2003 was introduced in November 2003, version of Office 2007 - at the end of January 2007, and the release of Office 2010 to be held in June 2010. Therefore, we can assume that the software package, Office 15 might appear in the second half of 2013 or in the first half of 2014.

However, it is possible that Microsoft could combine releases Office 15 and the new operating system, Windows 8 and submit both their development together in 2012. Moreover, such an example already exists - the same way also came into the world of Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Sony Ericsson J10 - durable and eco-phone

Czech resource iDNES talked about mobile phone Sony Ericsson, known as Susan. According to the source, this unit will enter the market, as Sony Ericsson J10. Moreover, this is the phone on the proprietary platform, Sony Ericsson, but not Android smartphone, as previously thought. Sony Ericsson J10 - a piece with a digital keyboard and a QVGA display, and it is equipped with 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi adapter and GPS receiver.

In addition, Sony Ericsson J10 enclosed in a fortified building and supports the initiative GreenHeart. That is, is made from environmentally friendly materials and equipped with energy-efficient charger. It is assumed that Sony Ericsson J10 will be released early next year. The company is also preparing a similar model in a slider form factor. It is known under the code name Sunny, but the market will come under the symbol J20.

Netbooks Samsung based Intel Pineview - in January 2010

Samsung Electronics Company reported Netbook World Summit in Paris that her netbooks on the basis of new generation processors Intel Pineview will be released in late January 2010. Pineview - is following the model of processors for netbook and nettop Intel Atom, they will be used in conjunction with the platform Pine Trail. It is expected that the use of processors Intel Pineview would make netbooks thinner, thanks to its compact dimensions of chips, and should increase battery life.

In addition, Samsung has promised to add to the possibilities of their new netbook special software that would allow access to the Internet within a few seconds. Apparently, these are additional operating system, such software is already using its products for several companies. The company also mentioned the Samsung plans to release a netbook with a touchscreen.

Motorola Motus AT&T rumor gains momentum

Resource Engadget reported that he had received new information on the smartphone Motorola Motus based on Android. This device is already known by hearsay, and, appearing even fairly detailed list of its characteristics. The device is equipped with a 3.1-inch capacitive touch display with a resolution of 320x480 pixels, 5 megapixel camera slot for microSD memory cards and GPS receiver. He also supports the cellular networks of second-and third-generation wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

But one of the most interesting aspects of this device is perhaps its construction. Initially it was thought that this is a slider with a QWERTY keyboard. But now, a source told the unusual form factor, Motorola Motus details. It turns out, folding keyboard, it is expanded back, and the display can be arranged not only horizontally but at an angle to the keyboard. In such a situation is particularly convenient to watch movies on your mobile device or use it as an alarm clock. Engadget also reported that Motorola Motus has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. Moreover, it is placed on the side of the keyboard buttons, so that is convenient to use as a web camera.

Also, Engadget has confirmed that the smartphone Motorola Motus is based on Qualcomm MSM7201A processor with a clock frequency of 528 MHz and running interface MOTOBLUR, supplementing the core operating system Android. He also noted that the novelty will be sold to the U.S. operator AT & T, but it will not until April or May 2010. Probably, and in other regions, this model also appear.

Graphics Card Sapphire Radeon HD 4860 - the pictures and details

Despite the general enthusiasm for the decisions in a series of AMD Radeon HD 5000 supports DirectX 11 technology, good old-fashioned line of Radeon HD 4800 has not yet said its last word. For example, it became known that the company produced its version of Sapphire are not officially announced video card Radeon HD 4860.

This graphics card is equipped with 800 stream processors and 256-bit memory bus, supports DirectX 10.1 and mode CrossFireX, and its clock speeds are 700 and 3000 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively. This Radeon HD 4860 is likely to be available in two versions - with 512 MB and 1 GB of "onboard" memory GDDR5.

In the version adapter Sapphire Radeon HD 4860 also received a dual-slot cooler with a big fan, and its system interfaces and video outputs include DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Interestingly, the new video card Sapphire Radeon HD 4860 has already appeared on sale at some Asian markets, but that when it becomes available on a global scale, yet not reported.

CPU Cooler Noctua NH-C12P SE14

Well-known Austrian manufacturer of computer cooling company is Noctua today announced an updated version of its CPU cooler NH-C12P, issued more than two years ago, in May 2008. Novelty called NH-C12P SE14 and has dimensions of 114 x 140 x 152 mm and weighs 730 grams.

CPU Cooler Noctua NH-C12P SE14 consists of a copper base, six copper teplootvodnyh tubes and radiator unit, which is enshrined a new 140 mm fan NF-P14. Its speed of rotation can reach 1200 rpm, and maximum level of noise emanating while representing just less than 20 acoustic decibels.

Included with the cooler Noctua NH-C12P SE14 delivered NT-H1 thermal paste and a set of bindings SecuFirm2, which ensures a compatibility with Intel LGA 775, 1156 and 1366, as well as AMD chips as the structural AM2, AM2 + and AM3. The cooler is equipped with a six-year warranty and will be available soon for $ 70/60 euros.

LG LH8600S - clamshell-reader with voice control

Company LG Electronics unveiled in South Korea mobile phone LG LH8600S. This is a clamshell with a numeric keypad, looking quite ordinary, but the manufacturer is positioning it as a solution for reading books. Although far from the display device screens of electronic books, or at least tachfonov, it is not particularly large. However, an interesting feature in the design of the phone still is: a round external display, which is perfect for displaying the analog clock. The company said little about the characteristics of LG LH8600S. Refers only to the function Text to Speech (Text to Speech) and, conversely, speech recognition for voice control. Such functionality will be useful for users with poor eyesight.

Also at LG LH8600S support is available for GPS navigation and a function for sending SOS messages. Moreover, the message will be specified and the user's location. The company has not announced how much it will cost LG LH8600S. Not clear is whether this model will be outside the Korean market.

Club 3D is preparing another custom-cooled Radeon HD 5770

Club 3D Company is preparing to fill up its line of graphics cards of another model Radeon HD 5770 with non-reference cooler. New graphics card is built on 40 nm chip, Juniper and is equipped with efficient cooling system from Arctic Cooling with one big fan.

In addition, there are 800 stream processors, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit memory interface and support for DirectX 11 technology, and clock speeds of the accelerator are 850 and 4800 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively. Among other things, the video adapter from Club 3D is equipped with ports, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, and perhaps will be available until late December at a price around 130 euros.