Foxconn TXM-355 - bamboo housing microATX

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Taiwanese company Foxconn introduced computer case TXM-355 or the Bamboo Forest 2 in the vertical form factor microATX. First Foxconn Bamboo Forest 1 ATX was announced not long ago. Box dimensions are 450h265h140 mm, and weight - 5,4 kg, it is possible to place the motherboard microATX, video card, hard drive, optical drive and so on. In addition, in case you can install 12-cm fan. But the most interesting feature of Foxconn TXM-355, is perhaps its design. It is easy to guess from the name, this case decorated with bamboo. Of bamboo panels made the front cover of the shell, bamboo and framed ventilation grate on the side. This Foxconn TXM-355 looks outside the box and immediately attracts attention.

The cost of bamboo housing Foxconn TXM-355 is $ 54, it is only $ 2 more than its bigger brother Bamboo Forest 1. Such a case may well be used to create a HTPC (home theater personal computer-based). He will look original and stylish and can make the sparkle in the interior room.

New Monitors: ViewSonic VP series are equipped with IPS LCD panel with full HD 1080p resolution

ViewSonic Corp. announced the release VP2365wb and VP2655wb displays based on LCD panels IPS size 23 and 26 inches. Technology Benefits IPS, used in the new monitors, making them suitable for designers, industrial enterprises, medical facilities and movie production. IPS (In Plane Switching) is considered the best LCD technology for image quality, color accuracy and viewing angles.

For simplicity, easy connectivity VP2365wb and VP2655wb monitors are equipped with 4-Port Hub USB, and also equipped with height adjustment, tilt angle and pivot it to the "portrait", which makes these displays with a narrow frame and ergonomically comfortable.

In 23-inch IPS-LCD monitor with accurate color VP2365wb wide viewing angles combined with an optical resolution of Full HD 1920x1080.
Thanks to technology OptiColor 26-inch IPS-VP2655wb monitor delivers broad color gamut 118% NTSC, which eliminates the uncertainty and the need for corrections when working with sensitive to color applications. VP2655wb with high contrast, wide viewing angle 178/178, and 1920x1200 resolution is suitable for medical institutions, scientific research, digital design, video production, architectural and other applications where true color is important, and a full review of the screen. Both new monitors ViewSonic accompanied by a high level of protection from the "broken" pixels and a three-year warranty. About the beginning of sales and cost of recommended monitors VP2365wb and VP2655wb will be announced.

Windows Mobile 7 will not appear until the end of 2010

At the event in London, head of the British unit of mobile development Microsoft Phil Moore (Phil Moore) confirmed that the new operating system Windows Mobile 7 will appear on the market until late 2010. It was reported earlier that the Redmond company could submit a new version of its mobile software platform in March next year.

In consolation to all fans of Windows Mobile can only say that such a long wait, obviously, will not be in vain. According to Phil Moore, the new operating system will be flexible and will get an updated user interface is much easier to manage. In this case, Microsoft will focus on the sensory capabilities. In addition, Windows Mobile 7 will be many new features aimed at both the corporate users, and on ordinary consumers.

Interestingly, one of the leaders of Microsoft was generous with compliments to their competitors from Apple. According to him, when Apple only entered the market of mobile software platforms, it immediately set aside all existing rules and traditions, and began to create a completely new product. The result is a platform that has already become a cult iPhone with a beautiful user interface.

Onkyo NX707A4 - 7-inch netbook-transformer with GPS and two cameras

Company Onkyo introduced the compact netbook-transformer NX707A4, equipped with swivel touch screen. Diagonal screen is 7 inches. This netbook is based an Intel Atom processor and runs under Windows operating system Windows 7 Starter Edition. It should be noted that the characteristics of this netbook is not very common for devices of its class. For example, the Onkyo NX707A4 has a GPS receiver and the entire two cameras: 3 megapixel auto-focus (on the rear panel) and 0.3 megapixel (front). The device is quite compact and light, which, however, not surprising in such a screen diagonal: it weighs only 720 grams. Onkyo NX707A4 will go on sale to the end of the year and will cost about $ 680.

Onkyo NX707A4 Features:

* Operating System - Windows 7 Starter Edition
* Processor - Intel Atom Z520 (1,33 GHz)
* 1 GB of DDR2
* 80 GB hard drive
* 7-inch touchscreen display with a resolution 1024h600 pixels
* Graphics - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
* Camera - 3 megapixel, 0.3 megapixel
* Wireless - Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
* Support for memory cards microSD, SD / SDHC, Memory Stick / Memory Stick PRO, MMC
* Ports - ExpressCard, headphone, USB 2.0h2, D-sub
* Time of battery life - up to 3,1 hours
* Dimensions - 193h132h22-30 mm
* Weight - 720 grams

Motherboard MSI P55-GD85 interfaces USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gbps

As already reported about the announcement of motherboards Gigabyte and ASUS with support for USB 3.0 interface and SATA 6.0 Gbps. And now we'll discuss a similar product of another Taiwanese company MSI. Network sources have published pictures and details about the motherboard MSI P55-GD85, also implements support for two new high-speed interfaces.

Motherboard MSI P55-GD85 is based on the P55 chipset and supports Intel processors in the performance of LGA 1156. In addition, there are 8 +2 phase power supply system with support for energy saving technologies DrMOS, four slots for DDR3 memory modules 2600 and two expansion slots PCI-Express x16 with support for CrossFireX mode and SLI.

In the motherboard MSI P55-GD85 also present PLX module that provides the availability of additional tires PCIe, the function OC Genie, zone V-Check, as well as supporting technologies APS (Active Phase Switching), plus an integrated 7.1-channel audiochip. With regard to interfaces, they are represented by seven ports SATA 3.0 Gbps, two SATA 6.0 Gbps ports and two ports USB 3.0. Present connector eSATA, two slots for Gigabit Ethernet and the Power button and Reset. Release date and price of the motherboard MSI P55-GD85 is still unknown.

Packard Bell: color e-reader and netbook-transformer in 2010

Company Packard Bell announced its plans to release devices in the next year - a device for reading electronic books and convertible netbook. The first planned to launch in February 2010 11.6-inch netbook-transformer. This may be reworked version of Acer 1820PT, which would seem to move together with a special system of distribution of content such as movies, music, books and so on, adapted to the netbook.

A more interesting development is the decision to launch an electronic book with a screen that supports output color image. It is not known any other details, and can only assume what the manufacturer provides the display for e-reader. Company Samsung, Bridgestone, Plastic Logic and PVI are planning to start producing color displays in the next year, so Packard Bell will be a lot of options.

Player iriver B30 is controlled by shaking

Company iriver introduced in Russia market multimedia player iriver B30. When you create a new stereo player iriver implemented technology SRS WOW, which allows to play lively, naturalistic sound. Moreover, through the use of technology SRS CS, the headphones sound, too, will be "juicy" and voluminous. The device supports most popular audio formats. Your player has a function of Shake Play: in order to include music, enough to shake. If you want to switch to the next track or photograph, and simply shake the player again. If desired, this feature can be disabled.

The device is equipped with a LCD display with a diagonal of 2.8 inches, displaying up to 262K colors. Peculiarity of the player - built-in G-Sensor, allows you to change the location of the images when the physical rotation of the device. The player iriver B30 implemented several interesting possibilities, one of them is to support the technology DMB, allowing the transfer of digital signals to mobile devices, allowing them to listen to the radio or watch television.

Among the features of an FM radio transmission from which you can record directly to MP3, voice recorder, and the ability to view images and text files. Player iriver B30 appear on Russia's market in December. Approximate retail value of the player will be 5110 (4 GB), 5694 (8 GB) and 7300 rubles (16 GB).

iriver B30 Specifications:

* 2.8-inch TFT display with a color menu, 262K colors
* 4, 8, 16 GB internal memory
* Support for microSD memory cards
* FM-radio - 76,0 MHz ~ 108.0 MHz
* Recorder
* Audio formats - MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, FLAC, APE
* Video formats - AVI, WMV, MP4
* Lithium-polymer battery 970 mAh
* Time of battery life - about 40 hours of music
* Size - 109,5 x 56,9 x 11,15 mm
* Weight - 90.8 grams (without batteries)

Google still will release its own smartphone - Nexus One on Android 2.1

For quite a long time on the network circling rumors that Google is preparing to release its own smartphone operating system Android. These rumors were refuted that representatives of Google, then find a new confirmation. And now the Internet giant in his blog, finally confessed that he really is going to submit his version of "guglofona.

According to various sources, a new smartphone called Nexus One and is intended (at least in the initial test phase) for employees of Google across the world. This will tell you that this "guglofon will be free from binding to the operators subsidize mobile devices in exchange for long-term subscriptions to their services, while its online sales start in early 2010. In addition, for the production of Google Nexus One responsible company HTC, which gives reason to believe that this device will be a modified version of the HTC Passion or HD2.

Unfortunately, the cost of Google Nexus One still remains unknown. However, reports that this smartphone will be running the new version of the operating system Android 2.1. It is assumed that as the hardware platform of "true guglofona" will be used chipset Snapdragon, and the touch screen will be made on OLED technology. In addition, the display will get 3.5-inch diagonal high resolution.

Among other things, experts believe that Google Nexus One no physical keyboard, which means that all management functions in it can be concentrated on the touch screen. Corps "guglofona" may be thinner than the communicator's iPhone, in addition, according to rumors, in this device has two microphones - at the front and rear.

According to journalists Techcrunch, the second microphone can be used to implement noise reduction that would eliminate the so-called background noise, interfering with the conversation. It is also the presence of Google Nexus One of sufficient quality for a phone camera and functions transform speech into text messages. The latter option allows the user to dictate their emails and notes directly, rather than impose them through the on-screen keyboard.