Komstar start selling ColibriComstar netbook

Friday, December 25, 2009

Operator Comstar UTS announced the commencement of sales of netbooks ColibriComstar at retail Comstar in Moscow. On 25 December 2009 netbook ColibriComstar, equipped with a set of technologies of wireless broadband Internet access of several standards (WiMAX, 3G, HSDPA / GPRS / EDGE and Wi-F), appears in a network of sales offices and service Comstar (STREAM). First sales will start in the flagship salon Comstar at ul. Novy Arbat, 2, and then ColibriComstar appear in the other offices of service. In the future netbooks ColibriComstar planned to sell and at a shop retail MTS.

Also netbook ColibriComstar available through the site services Comstar-WiMAX », leaving the online-application. After processing the requests, the company's representatives will contact the customer and at a convenient time to deliver netbook "Comstar".

In addition, Comstar-UTS expanded line of external devices to connect to its network of WiMAX. In the sales will go to the new USB-modems BM325 produced by Huawei, with a built-in flash memory, which is written the necessary software to work in the WiMAX-network "Comstar". This enables the customer to get started on the Internet: software installation takes place automatically when you connect to your computer. VM325 USB WiMAX modem is compatible with operating system Windows 7.

The new modem can be purchased as connecting to the network, Comstar-WiMAX », and in addition to an existing contract. Recall that now, thanks to a change in the authorization system in the network, under a single contract with Comstar-UTS subscribers can use several subscriber devices.

Sunno S880 - Chinese communicator with claims

Company Sunno released another Chinese communicator "with claims to leadership» - Sunno S880. Filling communicator, of course, allows you to put S880 on a par with the leaders, but here the quality of Chinese technology still has a 100% no one can guarantee.

Earlier rumors that the S880 will run on two operating systems - Android and Windws Mobile, not confirmed. Communicator runs on only one Windows Mobile 6.5. Sunno S880 is equipped with a Marvell PXA310 processor with a frequency 806MGts, 3.6-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, 5 megapixel camera, 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM, modules WI-FI and GPS. Information about prices, dates and places out Sunno S880 on sale yet.

First embedded drive Samsung Blu-ray Combo Drive at a speed of reading BD-R and BD-ROM 8X

Samsung Electronics Co., will present its first drive Blu-ray COMBO SH-B083. The new Samsung drive to use in a PC capable of working with single-layer discs up to 25 GB and dual-layer up to 50 GB. Read Speed BD-R discs and BD-ROM is up to 8X, CD read up to 48X, and DVD to 16X.

By using a new algorithm of reading dual layer discs, the drive SH-B083 shows the average access speed of 350 ms. According to the manufacturer, it is significantly higher than in any other device, presented in the market. This Blu-ray drive also reads and writes CD and DVD discs.

Drive SH-B083 is equipped with two lenses for a more stable reading and writing: one lens is responsible for reading Blu-ray, and the second - for reading and writing CD and DVD. Compensation technology of spherical aberration (SACT) improves the quality of reading Blu-ray discs, the protective layer which is not the same thickness on the area of the disk. For better reading of Blu-ray disc drive in the new angle is governed by four points, not three, as in the DVD-drive. Also to improve the quality of the cooling system used lenses.

With software package Cyberlink TrueTheater users can make an upscaling DVD-resolution content to full HD. Like other drives Samsung, SH-B083 oversees the release of firmware updates through the system Firmware Live Update. Drive SH-B083 will appear in retail sales in January 2010.

Multifunction webcam Apacer V211 with an ergonomic design

Apacer Technology Company introduced a new product - a webcam Apacer V211 USB 2.0 with built-in microphone. Compact, multifunction device has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels in the matrix and the ability to interpolate up to 5.2 megapixels. As the company from similar devices webcam V211 features ergonomic design. In addition, the novelty has a mirrored surface and the snapshot button.

Webcam V211 meets the requirements of the standard UVC (USB Video Class). This means that immediately after connecting the device is fully operational. In addition, the webcam comes with features preview images when working with Skype, MSN, QQ, and Yahoo.

Developers selected a combination of optics and sensor, allows you to shoot videos with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels and photos with resolution up to 2560h2048 pixels. The webcam comes bundled with software to overlay the image special effects, such as relief, an imitation of mosaic, etc. Among the features new items also worth noting snapshot button. Apacer V211 is easily mounted on any surface. This mechanism provides a fastening device to rotate 360 degrees horizontally and tilt at 120 degrees vertically.

Sony Ericsson U5i passes FCC muster

The site of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has appeared documentation model Sony Ericsson U5i. However, the files have only a few reports about the tests, the requirement for non-disclosure agreements and other documents and manuals, which could draw conclusions about the characteristics of the device, and photographs - no. One can assume that Sony Ericsson U5i - is a more simple version U10i (Aino).

Although, judging by this User Agent Profile Sony Ericsson U5i, who found the resource Cellpassion, it is not just a phone and smartphone operating system Symbian, apparently, 5th edition. It is equipped with touch screen with a resolution 640h360 pixels and, presumably, 2-megapixel camera. In addition, there is pointed out that Sony Ericsson U5i not work in third-generation cellular networks. Judging by the characteristics, the model will be not expensive. It is not clear when this novelty will go on sale, but in all likelihood, this will happen in the next year.

Philips D908 - Dual-Mode CDMA / GSM communicator with Windows Mobile

On the Chinese website of Microsoft found a description of the new communicator Philips D908, which has not yet been formally presented. It runs Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional and is designed to work in cellular networks, CDMA and GSM. The model is made in the form factor besklaviaturnogo monobloc and has a fairly good functionality. On the other hand, some features still controversial, such as it is not clear what exactly a model of memory - 1 GB RAM, 2 GB ROM, or, more plausibly - 1 Gb RAM, 2 Gb ROM. Apparently, Philips D908 is designed for the Chinese market, the site stated that he will go on sale in December. It is not clear, applies whether the new (or changed) in other regions, particularly in Russia, where inexpensive Philips models are popular.

Philips D908 Specifications :

* Operating System - Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
* Networks - CDMA 1X/EV-DO REV. A (800 MHz), GSM (900/1800 MHz),
* 3.2-inch display with a resolution 480h800 pixels, 262K colors
* MicroSD memory card
* 5 megapixel camera
* FM radio
* Wireless - Bluetooth 2.1, WAPI
* Support for GPS
* Time running conversation - up to 360 minutes
* Opening hours of standby time - up to 240 hours
* Dimensions - 108h56h14, 5 mm

Foxconn D41S and D51S - couple of motherboards in the format Mini-ITX platform for Pine Trail

Well-known manufacturer of computer components, Foxconn introduced two compact mainboard form-factor Mini-ITX. New items are named "D41S and D51S and are designed to interact with the new" atom "processors, Intel Pineview, comprising the newly announced platform Pine Trail and equipped with integrated GMA 3150 video chip and memory controller.

Motherboard Foxconn D41S and D51S are designed to create nettop and other energy-efficient computer systems. They are equipped with integrated processors Pineview with the same frequency 1,66 GHz. This fee D41S has received the single-core chip Atom D410, and the model D51S - dual core Atom D510.

In addition, both boards have two slots for memory modules DDR2 800 support up to 4 GB of memory, PCI slot and dual port SATA 3.0 Gbps. Models D41S and D51S using respectively the passive and active cooling system, equipped with an integrated 5.1-channel audiochipom, Gigabit Ethernet jack and video output D-Sub. In the two new motherboards from Foxconn, probably arrive in the coming weeks.

The new gaming system with the effect of the presence connects virtual and real world

For those gamers who prefer to play than using a traditional computer mouse and keyboard, but with Wii-like consoles, sure to be interesting new gaming system, invented by a team of developers, National University of Singapore (National University of Singapore).

Singapore researchers have developed an immersive multiplayer gaming system with so strong a spectacular presence that erases the boundaries between gamers real and virtual world. This system includes a display worn on the head, as well as motion-sensing controller, which recorded movement ad tracking system.

Thus, gamers can move, bend, jump, aim and perform many other actions, dictated by the game, within which they virtually are. In this game avatar repeats all actions and movements of the user in real time.

Even more remarkable is that such augmented reality is integrated into the overall gaming system. This allows gamers to play in any open environment. This headband is equipped with a display built-in camera, fixing visual data, and a special system synchronizes the real world with gaming a reality. Thus, players have the ability to simultaneously move in the real world and destroy their opponents with the help of a virtual sword or firearms

Sapphire HD 5770 BIOS Botchup Leaves Users with Just 720 Stream Processors

In the network there were reports that can be pretty upsetting the owners of video Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X. According to the information they contain, as a result of errors in the system BIOS of the graphics cards will be deactivated 80 stream processors. Thus, remain productive only 720 processing cores, that is the same as in the accelerator lower Radeon HD 5750.

Thus, despite the marked decrease in the number of active streaming processors, clock speeds and other parameters remain the same video. According to the resource Techpowerup, the affected adapters use BIOS version Experts advise owners to change the BIOS version on, allowing the full potential of video. If you are sufficiently experienced user, you can do it yourself, or contact support company Sapphire.

MSI VN240GT-MD1G - more cheaper version of GeForce GT 240

Despite the fact that the video card GeForce GT 240 refers to the entry-level, some manufacturers equip it with high-quality components that increase the reliability and functionality of the adapter, but at the same time and increases cost. Similarly, the company received and MSI, in mid-November, presented a series of video cards N240GT, based on the model GeForce GT 240 and equipped with military-grade components of the Military Class and overclocking utility Afterburner. However, many users do not need such high functionality of an ordinary accelerator and do not want to overpay for the different "chips" and "thingies".

Given this, MSI has developed another version of the GeForce GT 240 - card VN240GT-MD1G. Unlike previous models Taiwanese manufacturer, this accelerator does not contain many components of the Military Class, including capacitors Hi-c CAP and solid state chokes. In addition, it is mainly used conventional, rather than solid-state capacitors.

The rest, graphics card VN240GT-MD1G very similar to their predecessors. It is based on the GT215 chip and has 96 stream processors, 1 GB of GDDR3 memory with 128-bit interface, as well as technology to support DirectX 10.1 and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Clock speeds are equal to the accelerator 550/1340/1580 MHz for GPU, shader, and memory, respectively, and its value should be around 70 euros.

Haier H-U8W - Chinese WM Communicator middle class

In Chinese Microsoft site appeared the description of the communicator Haier H-U8W. It is logical to assume that he will soon be available in the Chinese market, and then, perhaps, in other regions. Haier H-U8W running Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, equipped with a touch screen and an optical touchpad under him, but the hardware keyboard with him, obviously, no. Characteristics communicator average, although all that is necessary, including the touchscreen, camera, wireless adapters, support for 3G and so on - available. It is not clear when the novelty will go on sale and how much it will cost.

Haier H-U8W Features:

* Operating System - Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
* Networks - GSM / WCDMA
* Processor clock speed 624 MHz
* 256 MB ROM, 128 MB RAM
* 3.2-inch display with a resolution of 240?400 pixels and supports 260 K colors
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* GPS receiver
* Wireless - Bluetooth, WAPI
* MiniUSB port
Slot for microSD memory cards
* Time running conversation - 360/190 minutes (GSM / WCDMA)
* Opening hours in standby mode - 200/240 hours (GSM / WCDMA)
* Dimensions - 118h58, 5x12, 7 mm
* Weight - 140 grams

Suvil IT Click Click 2.0 - narrow and long with non-standard mouse buttons

The Spanish company Suvil Technologies introduced the unusual optical mouse IT Click Click 2.0. First, it has a non-standard elongated and curved design and the method of control: it is not expected to do the index and middle fingers, as usual, and the thumb and index. Accordingly, and buttons for IT Click Click 2.0 are different: the button for the thumb on his left side, and the wheel for the index finger - on the right. Several unusual and, at first glance, quite uncomfortable. Although, if you get used to, quite possibly, a way to control the mouse would be more optimal.

Size of IT Click Click 2.0 are 112h35 mm, it is large enough. Mouse is already on sale and available in several bright colors, its cost is 9,95 euros.

AMD Admits Limited OpenCL Performance on Radeon HD 4000 Series

It is known that, despite the recent releases of several lines in the family of graphics cards ATI Radeon HD 5000 cards of the previous generation Radeon HD 4000 continues to maintain popularity with the mass consumer. Not least, this is due to falling prices of video card series Radeon HD 4000 and the fact that their capacity is often more than enough for the average user.

Among the few shortcomings graphics card series Radeon HD 4000, experts point out the limited capacity in the application of technology OpenCL. Recall, for this technology implies a framework for writing programs related to the implementation of parallel computing using the capabilities of the GPU and CPU.

In this case the company itself AMD, recognizing the limited capacity of technology OpenCL when working with video cards Radeon HD 4000, both stressed that these accelerators were not designed to realize the function of parallel computing. According to the AMD Vilmou Micah (Micah Villmow), in contrast to the new accelerators, ATI Radeon HD 5000 cards the previous generation is not designed to work with technology OpenCL.

According to the representative of AMD, at present the company has no plans to concentrate on improving the performance of video cards Radeon HD 4000 series. But enough with the high rates of parallel computation due to the absence of these adapters, software and hardware support for such technology.

Foxconn SZ901P - netbook Linux-based distribution FoxOS

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has tested and approved netbook SZ901P production Foxconn. His features seem quite ordinary: there are wireless adapters Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WWAN, web camera and card reader supports MMC / SD / MS. Set connector device includes VGA, 3hUSB, RJ-45, microphone input and headphone output. Also has a touchpad with two buttons without the support of multi-touch. Mention of the processor, memory or hard drive documentation, apparently, does not contain.

More interesting, perhaps, the operating system Foxconn SZ901P. This FoxOS kernel-based Linux, apparently, his own development company. It has a launcher that resembles Mac OS X, multimedia player and a browser. Although, and Windows XP on the netbook can also be installed. It is not clear when Foxconn SZ901P go on sale. It is likely that he will be released under the brand name of one of the major suppliers.

MobiFren GBH-S300 - Bluetooth headset and music player in one gadget

Company GT Telecom introduced a stereo headset, which combined headset for phone and music player. As wireless headset, it can operate in two modes: mono (by attaching to the ear) and stereo (through headphones). The device uses a version of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. On the reverse side of the headset are player controls. The headset can be connected to two devices simultaneously, and can store profiles of up to eight devices.

Claimed time in standby mode, the call is up to 200 hours, while in playback mode - up to 6 hours from an external source and up to 10 hours when playing files from USB microSD. Hours of talk time, according to the manufacturer also up to 6 hours.

The headset is equipped with a slot for memory card format microSD, as well as the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Headset Weight is 11.5 grams. Dimensions - 65h18, 5?9, 2 mm. Charging is carried out via USB. Radius retention signal can be up to 10 meters from the source. The headset comes in two colors: silver and pink. The set includes a clip for clothing, headphones, cord and USB cable for recharging. Cost stereo headset MobiFren GBH-S300 is about $ 70.

Nexus is preparing a quiet and efficient power supply NX-6000 R3 for the January release

Company Nexus is going next month to replenish its series of power supplies Real Silent another model. Novelty called NX-6000 R3 and a senior version of the popular PSU NX-5000. The new power unit demonstrates the power of 630 watts, ATX v2.2 complies with the specifications and has a 82 percent efficiency, which enabled him to obtain the certificate of 80Plus Bronze.

Power Supply NX-6000 R3 has a special winding cables, which prevents them abrasion, and is equipped with a single bus 12V, enabling the current of 50 amperes. In addition, there is a function of active power factor compensation (Power Factor Correction, PFC). During cooling device meets the 120 mm fan with ball bearing suspension and the level of the outgoing acoustic noise about 15 decibels. As already mentioned, the release of NX-6000 R3 will be held in January, and the cost of the BP should be less than 90 euros.

New multitouch tactile keyboard from Apple

Apple has patented a new technology that may well find a place in the future, "apple" Tablet PC. The new patent application, Apple describes the dynamic surface that provides tactile response on pressing. Thus, the user when printing on the virtual keyboard will be able to identify the individual keys.

With the help of the so-called framework articulates such a surface is able to create a physically tangible convexity or points, allowing the user to feel when it is in the mode of the keyboard. Moreover, all these "convexity" disappear when the device is not used for printing.

Moreover, the articulated frame can be set so that will be clearly marked with "edge" of virtual keys, and also the keys when pressed. Thus, the sensations in the recruitment test on a touch keyboard will remind those who feel, by clicking on conventional mechanical key.

Interestingly, the information about the keyboard with the tactile response was uncovered after the recent publication of the newspaper The New York Times. We recall it with a reference to an anonymous source said that users will be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of interaction with the new interface Tablet PC Apple.

New professional body Antec LanBoy Air

Company Antec has announced a new model of the shell of a professional class LanBoy Air, designed to work in the gaming systems segment of the High-End and platforms with a maximum overclocking potential. Design LanBoy Air has a modular design with an open routing cooling air flows.

Corps LanBoy Air supports the installation of motherboards of most modern standards, including ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX. Housing is equipped with nine compartments to install drives, including three external 5.25 "bays and six internal 3.5" bays. Each internal compartment equipped with special silicone grommets to minimize vibration. The system also supports eight expansion slots, which guarantees the support of modern configurations based on multiple graphics cards, including technology 3-Way SLI.

In order to give additional stability of the whole system, power supply is located in the bottom of the hull. Total cooling system components of the computer is built on the powerful 120 mm fan with blue LED illumination: one rear with intelligent technology and two front TriCool 120 mm with variable speed. Two additional internal 120 mm fan with TriCool technology and blue LED lighting designed specifically for cooling the graphics subsystem. When building the productive power of the system based on housing LanBoy Air are available seven seats for an additional 120 mm fans, two of which can be used for additional cooling of the processor, three are designed to dissipate heat from the drives, and two additional fans on the upper surface of the alignment contribute to the overall temperature balance the system.

Housing LanBoy Air equipped with a universal set of external interfaces, including two ports USB 2.0, port, eSATA, audio input and output with support for technologies AC'97 and HDA. Debut Antec LanBoy Air Corps will be held in the traditional international exhibition of consumer goods CES 2010 in Las Vegas, the beginning of the global supply of new items planned for the I quarter of 2010.

Christmas gift to Xbox 360 fans - Game consoles into laptop-shaped cases

What tricks do not go only to the fans for Xbox 360 to select from the mass of their own kind! Some resort to modding their consoles by enclosing them in body, resembling the laptops. But the visitor forum Ben Heck, hiding under the nickname CollinE, did exactly the opposite, creating a laptop-style Xbox 360.

As you can see from the photographs, Modding conducted quite professionally. Laptop executed in red and black color scheme, and its top cover is decorated with a giant letter X and the inscription Xbox 360. This laptop mimics the console in all - ranging from the control panel with a green indicator lighting up the characteristic "hum in the wind tunnel, generated by five fans.

In addition, this notebook can connect to this Xbox 360 console that allows you to run on his display console video games. However, details about all that can be learned from a video posted on YouTube. It remains to add that the laptop in the style of Xbox 360 put up for auction, all the income from which will go to fund the celebration of Christmas enterprising modders.

MSI show at CES three computers: Wind Top AP1920, Wind Box DE220 and Wind Box DC500

Company Micro-Star International (MSI) announced that it will demonstrate several new models of computers at the upcoming CES, 2010. They will be built on the new platform Intel Pine Trail. Among the new products - Wind Top AP1920, Wind Box DE220 and Wind Box DC500, according to the manufacturer, they are also extremely low power consumption: up to 80% lower than a standard desktop. MSI Wind Top AP1920 - is the computer "all in one", that is - the computer monitor. It is equipped with 18.5-inch display and is based on the processor Intel Atom D410 or D510. The thickness of the device - only 35 mm.

MSI Wind Box DE220 and Wind Box DC500, in turn, constitute a nettop, with the first of them is more compact: the length and width of it, roughly correspond to the sheet of paper A4. It easily can be mounted on the monitor in the back. However, MSI Wind Box DC500 also less of a desktop computer - 60%. Both nettop processors built on Intel Atom D410 or D510. All three new items can be seen at the MSI booth at the January CES.