Toshiba is preparing a mobile trilingual translator

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Toshiba is developing a new translation technology for mobile phones. In fact, it is somewhat abridged version of the software that Toshiba already sells in Japan. It is able to translate between three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. The new mobile application will also support three languages, speech recognition technology and will fully perform processing on the phone, without connecting to a remote server. This will save bandwidth, but also confronts the developers aim to make the program so compact that it can properly function on your mobile device.

Mobile Translator Toshiba will work as follows: said the words will be recognized, analyzed and translated, and then the speech synthesizer will give the phrase already in another language. Moreover, it is expected to use two methods: an analysis of each word and their order in a sentence, and reconciliation with the already existing database of hundreds of proposals and expressions. At the moment this software is tested. It already works quite well on your device Toshiba TG01, although still a number of problem points. Toshiba TG01 - a productive model based on 1 GHz processor and operating system, Windows Mobile, it is fully capable to cope with such an application. Version translators for other mobile platforms, the company also prepare, but so far nothing concrete about the timing of its release are not reported. Most likely, the output of the program - not far off.

Apple Tablet PC will become a "killer Amazon Kindle"

The network has regular rumors of a Tablet PC Apple, fragmentary information which is not the first month are cause for intense discussions in blogs and forums. A well-known journalist and founder of the resource Digg's Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose), at one time is enough to accurately predict the characteristics of some "apple" products in the latest issue of This Week in Tech said that he knows the source, which describes the future planshetnik Apple as the killer e-book Amazon Kindle.

Although no additional characteristics of the device's Kevin Rose has failed, according to rumors, planshetnik Apple has enough functionality to undermine the development of the market of electronic books. According to the journalist, it is likely that after the announcement of the Tablet PC Apple many owners Amazon Kindle will sell them through an Internet auction site eBay as became unnecessary thing.

At the same time another party to show This Week in Tech tehnoblogger Robert Scoble (Robert Scoble) said, citing its own sources that the coin will be one of the first devices to really use the additional support for working with text, realized in the interface of Quartz Composer . Recall under Quartz Composer understood windowing system used in Mac OS X, and is responsible for providing rasterized and are drawn graphics.

According to Robert Scoble, a tablet computer Apple is one of the most important projects CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) for the last time. In addition, this project is long and in this respect is very similar to a project to create the communicator iPhone. According to recent rumors, Apple may get planshetnik name iSlate, and its release will take place in late January.

Manli presented a dual-chip graphics card HD5970

Manli Technology Company introduced a graphics card HD5970. Manli HD5970 created on 40-nanometer process technology and is equipped with GDDR5 memory for gamers and enthusiasts. Video consists of two GPUs HD5870 and is equipped with 3200 pokovymi processors and 2048 MB of memory GDDR5. It shows good results when working with 3D-graphics, fully supports Microsoft DirectX 11 with Shader 5.0 and OpenGL 3.2, and, of course, fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system 7. DirectX 11 uses stream processors and directly accesses the CPU and graphics core - multi-threaded applications faster and more efficiently. In addition, Manli HD5970 supports dynamic rendering ATI HDR, creates 3D effects

Using 40-nanometer processors and GDDR5 memory has not only increase productivity Manli HD5870, HD5850 and HD5770, but also to reduce power consumption. According to the manufacturer, Manli HD5970 is perfect for a home theater. Technology ATI stream and AVIVIO HD will see a clear Full HD image, video with high detail, excellent color reproduction and provide full support for the format of Blu-ray. In addition, Manli HD5970 supports ATI Eyefinity - a novelty, you can connect three monitors at once. Manli HD5970 will be available soon.

Manli HD5970 Features:

* The stream processors - 3200
* Core / Memory - 725 / 4000 MHz
* Type of memory - 2048 MB DDR5
* Memory Bus - 2 * 256 bits
* Cooling - Heatsink with fan
* Interface - 1 mini DisplayPort, 2 DVI

Release Firefox 4.0 delayed until at least the end of 2010

The disappointing news came from the company Mozilla, known as the creator of the popular browser Firefox. Despite the best efforts of developers, release the final version of Firefox 4.0, is the next major upgrade of time within the browser, has been postponed to the end of 2010 or even 2011.

Earlier release the final version of Firefox 4.0 was scheduled for the third or fourth quarter of next year. At the same time until it appears we will have release versions of Firefox 3.6, codenamed Namoroka, Issue which has also been previously transferred to the first quarter of 2010, as well as versions of Firefox 3.7.

Note that for the browser Firefox 4.0, built on the engine Gecko 1.9.4, Mozilla's plan many improvements, including a completely redesigned user interface and improvements in engine Tracemonkey. In addition, we plan to implement the ability to run tabs as separate processes that increase the security of the browser. So Firefox 4.0, is probably worth waiting so long.

Samsung Corby POP - now in detail

We have already mentioned in the news about the mobile phone Samsung Corby POP (code - C3510). Rumors about it have already appeared on the Internet, in addition, the manufacturer has posted on its website its image. Now resource Samsung Hub has published a full list of features new items. Samsung Corby POP model is similar to Samsung Corby (code - 3650), presented earlier. This one-piece with a touch screen in almost the entire front panel and no hardware keyboard, it works only in the second-generation cellular networks. But he, unlike Corby, not 2-megapixel and 1.3 megapixel camera. It is known that the cost of Samsung Corby POP is about $ 150, is less than that of Corby. It is not clear when the device goes on sale.

Samsung Corby POP Features:

* 2.8-inch touch screen (240x320 pixels, 262K colors)
* Networks GSM / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
* 30 MB internal memory
* 1.3 megapixel camera
* Support for Bluetooth 2.1
* FM-radio with RDS Slot for microSD memory cards
* Music player with support for formats MP3/AMR/AAC/AAC + / e-AAC + / WMA
* The battery capacity of 960 mAh
* Time running conversation - up to 10 hours
* Opening hours of standby time - up to 700 hours
* Dimensions - 103,9 x55, 4x12, 9 mm
* Weight - 92 grams

NorhTech Gecko netbook loaded up with AAs and booted - Video

In the sale went netbook NorhTech Gecko Edubook with 8.9-inch display. We have already mentioned in the news about this unusual decision. Netbook is interesting because it can run on conventional batteries or batteries AA, and costs only $ 199 in the base configuration. True, and integration model is very simple. Netbook NorhTech Gecko Edubook Xcore86 based on the processor with 1 GHz and is equipped with 512 MB of RAM (maximum - 1 GB) and the SD card to 8 GB. Although the role of the drive can play and 2.5-inch hard disk. The device runs the Windows operating system or Linux.

Interestingly, NorhTech Gecko Edubook be staffed at its discretion. You can replace it with the processor and RAM, install a regular lithium-polymer battery instead of "finger" batteries or a device to complement the various wireless adapters, for example, Wi-Fi or 3G. According to journalists resource Liliputing, the size of the keyboard and touchpad of the netbook small for an adult user, and soon will approach the child. Resource also posted a couple of videos demonstrating NorhTec Gecko Edubook.

Sony renounces the Cell processor in PlayStation 4 in favor of its multi-core counterpart

According to information published by PC Watch, a Japanese corporation Sony is considering the replacement of the new gaming console PlayStation 4 Cell processor on a massive multicore analogue. As we have chips with Cell architecture successfully in the PlayStation 3 console, ensuring it is very good performance in a challenging modern games.

This decision, according to available data, angering developers of video games, face considerable difficulties in writing and optimizing software applications for existing console PlayStation 3. In addition, previously from Japan came to rumors that Sony has considered the option of using a PlayStation 4 combinations Cell chips and Intel Larrabee, but later abandoned this scheme because of fears that such a symbiosis will not have enough power.

Among other things, put forward the idea of using a new gaming console PlayStation 4 a modified version of the synergistic processing unit (Synergistic Processor Unit, SPU), but this thought and later abandoned. Projected to PC Watch, Sony PS4 console may appear in late 2012 or early 2013.

In the Christmas season iPod touch ahead of iPhone in the number of downloads from the App Store

According to analyst firm Flurry, in the current Christmas season media player iPod touch is far ahead of the communicator iPhone on the number of downloads from the online store App Store. It recorded a significant increase in downloads of applications from the App Store is on the iPod touch. It should be noted that the acquisition of iPod touch very often a user first step to buying "apple" of the communicator. So Apple can expect significant additions to the family of iPhone owners at the end of this festive season. In addition, analysts from these Flurry of information we can conclude that the iPod touch has become a very popular Christmas gift.

According to Flurry, the growth in the number of downloads from the App Store on iPod touch media player is particularly manifested itself in the celebration of Christmas, celebrated in the Western countries on December 25. According to statistics, the number of applications downloaded to the iPod touch, ahead of similar figures for the iPhone by 172 percent and was significantly higher than the average recorded during November-December.

In addition, fixed, and a significant increase in downloads from the online store Android Market, sells applications for the mobile operating system Android. In the period from November to December, sales of programs from Android Market, rose by 22 percent. Analysts attribute this growth to the beginning of sales of the communicator Motorola Droid, who became a short time a very popular device

LG introduce at CES cell phones and DVD player with support of digital TV

Company LG Electronics announced its intention to release a new line of portable DVD players and mobile phones with support for digital broadcasting. Devices will be showcased at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held in Las Vegas, from 7 to 10 January. According to the company's series will include a DVD player DP570MH and three models of phones. They will watch TV even while moving at speeds up to 290 kilometers per hour. Perhaps, it is very useful for travelers to pass the time in transport.

However, these devices are not meant for the native market of South Korean companies, and for the U.S.. They will maintain the standard of digital broadcast Mobile DTV, U.S. organization approved by the Advanced Television Systems Committee. DVD player LG DP570MH, for example, will watch TV for 4 hours on one battery charge. In all likelihood, soon after the announcement of LG devices with support for digital TV will go on sale.

Leadtek provide professional low-profile graphics card NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 LP

Company Leadtek Research introduced a new graphics card for workstations, NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 LP. This is a professional low profile video card for desktop and compact systems based on graphics processors, NVIDIA Quadro FX and equipped with 16 parallel cores NVIDIA CUDA. As the producer, the rotation model in AutoCAD in 3D Hidden modes and 3D Conceptual occurs 10 times faster than using consumer solutions for graphics acceleration in 3D Studio Max reaches two times. Quadro FX 380 LP is equipped with 512 MB 64-bit ultra-fast DDR3 memory and bandwidth to 12.8 Gbps, it can handle models with complex textures and HD-video in resolutions up to 2560x1600 @ 60 Hz ** on two monitors.

Support for Shader Model 4.1, OpenGL 3.2 and DirectX 10.1, provides Quadro FX 380 LP high performance when working with the leading graphics applications. New meet the standard EnergyStar, its maximum power consumption is only 28 Tues Quadro FX 380 LP also supports Microsoft Windows 7, and is certified to work with leading applications for three-dimensional computer-aided design and digital content creation. Leadtek promises that it provides an optimum balance between price and speed for users of desktop computers and compact, and works 50% faster than previous generation solutions. Quadro FX 380 LP - also positioned as a solution for designers working with professional graphics applications on multiple monitors. Leadtek Quadro FX 380 LP will be available soon.

RoyalTek released his first pico-projector RPJ-2000 and is preparing a model with a TV tuner

RoyalTek Taiwanese company released its first pico-projector called RPJ-2000. New uses LCoS second-generation chipset from 3M and is able to project an image with a diagonal 65-inch and 640 x 480 pixels, with brightness at 14 lumens.

The system interfaces RoyalTek RPJ-2000 includes a VGA port, and NTSC / PAL, but unlike many of its analogues on the market this pico-projector has an integrated media player and on-board "memory. But he has a stereo output 0.5 watts each, and also compatible with the iPod player and communicator iPhone.

Base price of pico-projector RoyalTek RPJ-2000 is $ 315/219 euros. In addition, for connecting mobile devices, Apple is required to purchase an additional set cost $ 43/30 euros. Note that the RoyalTek Company plans to release in the coming year, five pico-projectors, including a model with an integrated digital TV tuner. By the way, release of the last device should be timed for the start of June to the World Cup.

Lenovo 57Y6336 - multimedia remote control keyboard

Well-known manufacturer of computer equipment the Chinese company Lenovo has quietly started selling a very interesting device, combining a multimedia remote control and a miniature computer keyboard with a wireless interface. Novelty has model number 57Y6336, and its dimensions correspond approximately to the size of human hands.

Multimedia Remote Lenovo 57Y6336, as seen in the photographs and is equipped with a compact keyboard and trackball, as well as several additional keys, allowing, for example, start and stop playback and jump to the next song or the video itself. Such devices are usually very popular among owners of home theater PC, as they allow full control over the work of a HTPC system at a distance, without getting up from a comfortable chair or sofa.

Connection to the main computer is carried over the wireless channel with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The radius of action of this compound is about 10 meters, but as a signal receiver uses a miniature USB adapter. It remains to add that the multimedia console Lenovo 57Y6336 with built-in keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, is provided with an annual guarantee and costs $ 60.

Lenovo is preparing an electronic book

It is known that the company Lenovo is preparing to release a new product - the electronic book. Recently, this market is rapidly growing and more companies are releasing in this segment of their decisions. Apparently, Lenovo has decided not to lag behind competitors. However, the company that information is not yet confirmed.

In particular, the Chinese market, the new e-books appear as mushrooms after rain. Similar products in China, sell the company Hanwang, Datang, Founder, EDO, iRiver and others. It is likely that soon join them and Acer. With regard to electronic books Lenovo, then no details about it yet. It is not clear how it will display what will be the amount of memory for storage of content, what types of files the device will support and so on. Also not reported, when the e-book from Lenovo will go on sale, and whether the model is available in the international market. It is hoped that additional information will soon appear.

17-inch LCD-A176GEW-P from IO Data has the protection of the earthquake

In early 2010 the company IO Data is going to expand its line of LCD monitors, new energy efficient model. Novelty called LCD-A176GEW-P and a 17-inch monitor with low power consumption - 16.3 watts in operating mode and 0.7 watts in idle mode.

Interestingly, the 17-inch LCD-A176GEW-P from IO Data has a special protection from earthquakes. It is equipped with a layer of special sealing material, which enhances the stability of the device and to prevent rollover in case of aftershocks.

The new 17-inch LCD-A176GEW-P from IO Data has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixel response time of 5 ms, a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2 and contrast ratio 1000: 1. System interfaces includes D-Sub video output and 3.5 mm audio jack, in addition, there are two dynamics of the power of 1 watt each. The cost of this monitor is unknown.

HP is preparing new notebooks - Envy 17 and 14, Elitebook 2540p and 2740p and others

The network has information about the new notebooks, which are now preparing a production company Hewlett-Packard (HP). Among them are two representative series Elitebook - 2540p and 2740p, a 12-inch laptop and 12-inch notebook-transformer. On these models, we only know that they are running Windows 7 and equipped with displays 16:9. Another novelty, in turn, is the HP Elitebook 8740w - 17-inch laptop, a workstation with a display 16:10.

In addition, HP is preparing two new Envy - 17 and 14, as you may imagine, diagonal display these notebooks are 17 and 14 inches. In older models display resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, while the lowest - only 1600x900 pixels. Also, the source mentions such notebooks as the HP Compaq Presario CQ42, CQ62, G42 and G62, plus the Mini 210, no details about them. And, finally, soon to be released Notebooks HP Probook 6440b and Probook 6540b. They too have virtually nothing is known, it is assumed only that they are based on processors Intel Core i3.

Seidio already preparing accessories for Nexus One

More and more evidence appears on an early release of the long-awaited Google Nexus One. Camera Accessories Seidio reported on its tizernoy page, which will soon release a line of accessories for this smartphone. Recall, this apparatus manufacturing High Tech Computer (HTC), is expected to be sold under its own brand Google. According to unofficial data, it is equipped with 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, 5 megapixel camera and multiple sensors at once. On the other characteristics of the device is also known to almost everything we already wrote about this in the news.

As for accessories Seidio, the situation is opposite: the company did not provide any specific information that for the products will enter the line. Potential users are asked to only sign up for notification of the start of sales. It is worth mentioning that Seidio produces a variety of accessories for mobile devices from many major manufacturers: HTC, Apple, LG, Motorola, Palm, Samsung and so on. Among its products - covers and cases, batteries, chargers, docking stations and the like.

German programmer hacked the primary encryption code calls in GSM networks

At the annual hacker conference Chaos Communication Congress German software developer Carsten Noll (Karsten Nohl) said that he and a group of researchers managed to crack the code and publish the initial negotiated encryption for network GSM. This protocol, we note, is used in most telephone conversations, do not use 3G connection.

According to the team of researchers who carried out this action, to break the standard encryption A5 / 1, hampered by the easy tracking and interception of telephone conversations, use only legal methods. They have opened access to the lists of binary codes, which theoretically could be used to decrypt the contents of telephone conversations. Moreover, such a transcript is made within a few hours or even minutes, whereas previously it went week.

Carsten Noll described the event as an action designed to emphasize the vulnerability of existing communication systems in networks GSM. Development of this protocol, we recall, was completed in 1998. Moreover, in this protocol is still mainly used a relatively simple 64-bit encryption A5 / 1, which is relatively easy to crack. This improved, but rarely used standard A5 / 3, as well as 3G networks use a much more robust 128-bit encryption.