3M Display M2256PW - 22-inch multi-touch display with support for up to 10 touches

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The company 3M has announced a very interesting 22-inch LCD monitor with multi-touch functionality. Novelty was named 3M Display M2256PW and has a sufficiently high resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels. But the most interesting is the fact that due to the proprietary technology Projected Capacitive Technology This monitor supports data input while ten fingers, as well as additional gestures.

In other words, the user can use when working with monitor 3M Display M2256PW all ten fingers of both hands. In addition, the monitor have the opportunity to work and a few users. Note that most of today's multi-touch technology can realize the touch and gestures, only two fingers.

Among other things, a new multi-touch monitor 3M Display M2256PW has a very rapid response time and is compatible with operating system Windows 7, which just realized sensory function. The interface system monitor includes a DVI port and D-Sub, audio jack and a few USB ports. In addition to the multitouch display 3M Display M2256PW, the company intends to demonstrate at CES 2010 several conceptual applications under this platform, currently under development.