AirMouse - computer mouse that can be worn on the hand

Friday, January 29, 2010

Since the invention of the computer mouse hundreds of designers and engineers worked to ensure that this input device has become as comfortable as possible for the user. Invented dozens of different forms of housing, improve the accuracy of the computer "rodent", changed the principles of his work. The real breakthrough, for example, was the creation of optical and wireless mouse.

One of the most interesting developments in this direction in recent years can be regarded as the invention of professional Canadian company Deanmark. They managed to create a computer mouse, which should be worn on the hand like a glove. As can be seen in the photos, the device under the name of the speaker AirMouse stretched on the index and middle finger and wrist.

Thus, it turns a kind of gloves for work in virtual reality, on display in the science fiction films. To track the movements manipulator AirMouse uses a laser sensor, and the interaction with the computer is wirelessly. This device can operate without recharging for a week, and its activation occurs when finding the hand in a certain position. In addition, AirMouse actually allows the user to print on your keyboard and use the mouse at the same time, and sell this system appear in the next six months or a year and costs $ 129.


ergonomic mouse said...

That's really posh! I love that! it would have been great if you have ergo pointer with this stones on. Thanks a lot! I should start my hunt now :)