Apple tries to block sales of Nokia in the USA

Monday, January 18, 2010

The war between Apple and Nokia continues. At this time active "combat operations" took up the Americans, who want to block all imports of Finnish phones in the U.S.. The move is a response to similar action by the Finns, who in turn, back in December last year tried to ban the import of products of series iPhone, iPod and MacBook. In this case, both companies rely on the facts of infringement of patent agreements and intellectual property protection.

«Nokia will examine the charges, when the materials are received, and will continue to defend themselves. However, this does not contradict the fact that Apple did not agree to these terms of use technology from Nokia and tried to use the innovation for free Nokia, since the moment when, in 2007 was put on the market first phone iPhone, »- said the representative of Nokia, Mark Durrant (Mark Durrant).

The "account" in confronting the companies are still not open. All applications so far only taken or not taken into consideration, after which will be investigated, which will take at least 15 months.