ASUS DR-570 - E-book with a color OLED display

Monday, January 18, 2010

The network has information about e-book produced by ASUSTeK Computer. Resource Times Online InGear reported that this unit had told him the company itself ASUSTeK. The model will be called ASUS DR-570, it will have 6-inch display. But what is most interesting, the screen will be carried out not by technology "electronic paper" that is traditional for such devices, but will be a color OLED panel. The network is already available a small image in which the screen ASUS DR-570 is visible color magazine ELLE.

However, despite the fact that the e-book display at the ASUS is not on the basis of E-ink, yet it provides enough battery life - 122 hours on one battery charge. The device is also equipped with wireless adapters Wi-Fi and 3G and can play Flash videos. While there are no data about its characteristics. Issue e-book ASUS DR-570 with OLED display is obviously closer to the end of this year.


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Plenty of people were expecting Asus to show off some kind of ebook reader during CES, but unfortunately those people went away disappointed—but as of now there may still be a little hope.