Canon LV-7280 and LV-8215 - low-cost environmentally friendly projectors

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anticipating the entry into force in 2010 the European directive for products that use electricity (EuP), Canon has updated line of low-cost projectors based on technology LCD, the addition of two new models. Canon LV-7280 is a low-cost projector with XGA resolution and a brightness of 2,200 lumens, created with the needs of schools and staff offices. As the producer, the appearance of LV-8215, the second low-cost WXGA models from Canon, increases the choices available to consumers who need a projector, a truly cost-effective in all respects: in terms of cost, operating cost and environmental impact.

In full accordance with European legislation range from Canon LV equipped with a lamp with an increased term of life - 4000 hours in normal mode (5000 hours in Quiet mode) without sacrificing brightness, which helps to reduce waste volumes. Models of this line also consume less than 0.7 watts of electricity in standby mode. For those who wish to better control the so-called "carbon footprint" (greenhouse gases) in a line of LV function provides Carbon Meter ( «Uglerodometr"), which calculates the difference in the amount of electricity consumed in silent mode on normal mode, and then displays on how much a result of decreased amount of CO2.