Fastseller: sales of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7 reached 60 million

Friday, January 29, 2010

Microsoft has summed up the results of the second quarter of its current fiscal year. According to the data, the Redmond company's net profit for the past three months amounted to 6.66 billion dollars, which shows an increase of 60 percent compared with the previous figures.

In Microsoft particularly pay attention that such a jump performed by more than a successful sales of the new operating system Windows 7, which premiered October 22, 2009. We have repeatedly noted in news and the growing popularity of the sale of Windows 7, significantly higher than that of the previous version of Windows Vista.

Microsoft said that sales of Windows 7 for the past quarter reached 60 million copies, making it the most successful and fastest selling operating system ever present in the market. To support such a successful initiative of Windows 7 to the software package Microsoft Office 2010, which will release in June, and other products of the Redmond company.


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