Firefox mobile browser is getting closer to final release - Version RC1 for Maemo

Monday, January 4, 2010

The company introduced the Mozilla version RC1 (Release Candidate 1) mobile web browser Firefox (code name - Fennec) for the platform Maemo, its already available for free download on the site developer. Firefox for Maemo is suitable for the Internet Tablet from Nokia on the platform and, as indicated at Mozilla, is optimized for the newest series devices - Nokia N900.

According to the developers, to create a mobile Firefox goal was to provide a full browser approximate functionality to desktop. At the same time, it must be compact enough to succeed on your mobile device. In versions of Firefox for Maemo RC1 has a number of improvements on it Nokia N900, for example, improved word processing, a number of specific edits and so on. If your device already has a beta version of the browser, it can simply upgrade to RC1. The application is available on more than 30 languages, including Russian.