G-Series external hard drives, Samsung - a reliable and environmentally friendly

Friday, January 22, 2010

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced the upcoming launch of its new G-series external hard drives. Series developed as part of a new concept of «eco-friendly green», which implies using only environmentally friendly materials. The new G-series is represented by models of external hard drives in the form factors of 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches and is aimed at an adult audience that appreciates in mobile devices, not just style, but also high reliability.

New Samsung G series were presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show CES, held earlier this month in Las Vegas. In line includes 2.5-inch model G2 Portable volume 250/320/500/640 GB and 3.5-inch model G3 Station, presented in 1 -, 1,5 - and 2 - terabyte versions.

External Hard Drives G-series - environmentally friendly: they contain no halogens, they are distinguished by low noise levels and energy consumption, the devices comply with environmental standards ROHS. Power management system in a model G3 Station allows, when required, switch on and off an external hard drive directly from your computer. Samsung G3 Station reduces power consumption by more than 95%, automatically passing through five minutes of inactivity to normal mode power consumption 2.5 watts in standby mode, where energy consumption is reduced to 0.09 watts.

The case design is a multilevel, refracting and reflecting light surface resembling a coating of beads, which protects the body from scratches and abrasions. In addition, the new external drives use USB 2.0 interface with data transfer speeds of 480 megabits per second. Another feature of the G series is the automatic backup Samsung Auto Backup, software to encrypt personal data and SecretZone SafetyKey to protect passwords.

Model G2 Portable uses power from the USB to achieve greater compactness. G3 Station different light construction, for example dvuhterabaytnaya version weighs only 950 grams, approximately 20% less than similar models from other manufacturers. Drives G-series will be available in Russia market in February. All models have a three-year warranty.