HP TouchSmart tm2 convertible tablet slims down and spruces up

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced a notebook-transformer HP TouchSmart tm2. It is a model with rotating 12.1-inch touch screen with a resolution of WXGA, which can be deployed and put on the keyboard. Capacitive touch-screen supports both work with the stylus (you can, for example, to write) and management fingers with multi-touch. Notebook built on a new energy efficient Intel Core 2 Duo, as well as cards offered ATI Mobility Radeon (optional). At HP TouchSmart tm2 is also provided special software to more effectively harness the power of touch. This special three-dimensional interface for viewing photos and documents, and an interactive screensaver, and a graphical editor.

Notebook HP TouchSmart tm2 can work from 6-cell battery fully 9 hours without recharging. In addition, it is enclosed in an attractive aluminum housing with an ornament on the lid. Laptop-transformer HP TouchSmart tm2 will go on sale in the U.S. since January 17, it is quite logical, quite expensive and will cost $ 949.


HP Laptop Parts said...

I think that the HP touchsmart will be a strong competitor against the MacBook Touch and the newly developed IdeaPad Hybrid. HP has been able to provide continuous reliability, and rugged support to their notebooks, so I would expect the TouchSmart to be constructed in the same fashion.