JVC introduced a new series of headphones at CES

Monday, January 11, 2010

Last week the company JVC mark the launch of four new models of headphones and four updated models for the players of the fifth-generation iPod Nano. The most complex and expensive model of the presented steel HA-NC260 headphones with built-in noise reduction. According to the manufacturer, this model is able to protect listeners from 90% of ambient noise. The hull is double-layered, and the pillows have a memory effect, which also contributes to obstruction of the penetration of extraneous noise. The diameter of the membrane of neodymium is 40 mm. One AAA battery will suffice for the system noise for 50 hours. In the supplied headphones HA-NC260 also includes carrying case, 4-foot cord, and 0.25-inch adapter. Cost of kit is $ 200, and expected to be received in the sale - March 2010.

For athletes and people leading an active lifestyle JVC offers a secure model HA-EB75, has distinguished and the presence of removable clips. This clip can be removed if not required rigid fixation headset, and has five positions, allowing it to fit under the size of the ear. Membrane diameter of 13.5 mm made of neodymium and has a Mega Bass. The clip can be accomplished in one of three colors (black, blue and silver), the respective colors of iPod. In the sale of headphones JVC HA-EB75 arrive in February, and their cost will be $ 13.

Series of products of class hi-end model also replenished JVC HA-FXC80. These headphones are equipped with driver JVC Micro-HD and have built-in protection from extraneous noise. The body and the membrane made of carbon fiber, and the plug - of gold. The principle difference from other models of hi-end series will be the fact that this is the first JVC headphones in this class are the liners. In the sale of this model will do later this month at a price of $ 60.

Also among the company's products will image model JVC HA-FXP3. These headphones are designed for women, will be different so that their rear side of the insert will be imitating the skin of a wild animal. In the claimed colors present dalmatian, leopard, zebra and pink zebra. The model is equipped with a 8.5-mm membrane of neodymium, which resulted from a general decrease in size - for the comfort of their placement in a woman's ear. Cost headphones JVC HA-FXP3 be 20 dollars, and he will go on sale in February.

Updates touched and all four series of headphones for players iPod Nano. To comply with players of the fifth generation of JVC released a series of HA-FX35 Marshmallow, HA-F240 Gumy Air, HA-F140 New Gumy and HA-S150 Flats in new colors. In this final series will be produced in six different colors, and the rest - in nine. In the sale of all of them arrive in February.