LG plans to sell in 2010 140 million mobile phones

Monday, January 18, 2010

Company LG Electronics has unveiled a strategy of development of mobile business, including the sale of 140 million pieces of phones in 2010. These plans also include expansion of the global smart phone market with the goal to become by 2012 one of the two leading manufacturers of mobile devices.

LG plans to sell in 2010 140 million mobile phones, a 20% increase from last year. LG plans to focus on the markets of Korea and North America, where he wants to go to become a leading provider of innovative customized smartphones. LG also plans to expand its product range - from the practical to the expensive devices.

Already we are working to attain the goals by 2012, which should bring the LG share of the smartphone market to double digits. Last year, the company created a special business unit for smartphones and increased the number of labor force employed in scientific, technical and engineering development of smartphones, to a value of 30%. This year, LG plans to announce about 20 models of smartphones based on operating system Android, Windows Mobile and Linux. Special hope the company puts on smartphones based on operating system Android, which would amount, according to expectations, more than half the new smartphone LG. In the first half of 2010 the company will focus on the production of smartphones for novice users, will be launched later in the production apparatus premium segment with trendy designs and advanced features. The result of all these efforts will create a model of smartphone, the level of sales which can reach a mark of 10 million units.

From service "3 Screen Service», whose appearance is scheduled for this year, users can view the same content on their handheld devices, PCs and TV without converting to other formats. In February this year, LG will provide a device that supports the technology tripartite synchronization "3-Way Sync», which will allow easy viewing of mobile, PC and web content through a wireless connection.