Memory modules Kingmax DDR3 4GB disclose gaming potential

Friday, January 22, 2010

Company Kingmax modules provide high-density DDR3, designed for use in systems with processors Intel Core i5 and i7. As the producer, the new high-speed memory allows you to unleash the full potential of games, in addition, it guarantees a high compatibility for desktop and mobile platforms. These modules are available in one-, two-and three-channel configuration.

DRAM memory modules of high-density effectively enhance performance 64-bit operating systems. The new modules provide higher efficiency in tasks such as video decoding, working with large images and start demanding performance games. Kingmax DRAM modules have passed interoperability tests with most motherboards and have an international lifetime warranty with free technical support.

Kingmax 4GB DRAM Module Specifications:

* DDRIII Long-Dimm 1333/1600
* DDRIII So-Dimm 1066/1333
* Configuration: 256 M * 8