MSI shows a tablet with Tegra 2 and netbook with two screens

Monday, January 11, 2010

MSI has at CES 2010 show a number of devices that can give an idea of its future plans. In this case, apparently, this computer maker plans to make inroads in the class of tablet devices. It already held a demonstration of 10-inch tablet-based dual-core chipset Tegra 250. Although the sample shown by a rather cumbersome it is substantially superior in speed is less than similar models. Although detailed specifications were not called, it is expected that the model will be able to play HD video with 1080p resolution. Works 10-inch plate running Android.

Also shown was a mini-netbook, with two touch screens. Diagonal of each of them is 7 inches. Design netbook in something like MacBook, but it's just a passing fad. The model runs the operating system Windows 7. Also may be a modified version of the same operating system for a model with a docking station larger size. As in the case of the exact characteristics of the tablet is not called, but it is likely that the model is based on the processor Intel Pine Trail.

In addition to demonstrating concepts that have yet to realize the serial device, MSI introduced and a number of upgraded notebook, built on the basis of processor Intel Core i5 and i7. Models GX640, GX740, GE600 and GE700 have 17.3-inch screen, i7 processor and built-in graphics adapter Mobility Radeon HD 5000. More budgetary CR420, CR620 and CR720 also got a new processor and screens from 14 to 17 inches. Graphics card with them easier - built from the company Intel, made the scheme processor-on-chip.