Navigation on Nokia smartphones will be free

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Company Nokia announces its plans to release a new version of the service Ovi Maps, which will be available for owners of smartphones the company. This service will include a turn-based navigation for both motorists and pedestrians. According to representatives of Nokia, this move will allow the market to double in the future of mobile navigation. Updated version of Ovi Maps, with built-in voice control, covers 74 countries and available in 46 languages, and detailed maps are available in 180 countries. More than a dozen countries around the world can obtain information about traffic conditions in real time. However, the most important, that this version of the Nokia navigation service will be free.

Such a move by Nokia is dictated by the desire to promptly expand its subscriber base of users of their services. Announcement of the same free navigation - quite logically act as the company sees future in social services and the Internet, because people are paying more attention to this. According to research agency Canalys, at the end of last year's worldwide user navigation Nokia phones, there were about 27 million. With free access to the service number of users may increase to 50 million or more.