Pioneer XW-NAS5 - Speaker System for iPod for sophisticated users

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tabletop certified speaker system is configured and calibrated for optimal sound reproduction in a compact format. Equipped with a 2.1 digital amplifier Model XW-NAS5 guarantee the accuracy of reproduction and the softness of the sound, and long-excursion subwoofer attaches to and extends the power dynamics of the bass. iPod Digital Direct Connection provides direct access to digital music in exactly the capacity, as it retained in the iPod. Unlike most other speaker systems for your iPod or docking stations, these systems eliminated intermediate stage conversion of digital audio to analog in order to ensure quality playback. Solid construction reduces any unwanted vibrations or resonance during playback. Dual hermetically sealed package to prevent any external influence on the process.

With the optional Bluetooth adapter, the device can download music files wirelessly with phones equipped with a Bluetooth, or computers. It provides an opportunity to charge the device connected iPod while playing music, and is equipped with a remote control the size of a credit card. The new system uses an acoustic component and composite video output for playback from a connected system of iPod. In the model XW-NAS5 also includes our proprietary design features to optimize the sound, including a system to improve the quality of compressed audio signal processing Advanced Sound Retriever, as well as an automatic volume control Auto Level Control. It also features an FM radio and digital alarm clock with repeated signal, a function of wake and sleep.