Samsung introduced four new models of netbooks

Monday, January 4, 2010

South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the release of their four new models of netbooks: Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30. The first two models differ in length of time of up to 12 hours, whereas the N150 model is limited to eight, and NB30 - 11 hours of work. These results on time work, as claimed by the manufacturer, was achieved through the use of energy-efficient LED displays and use their own proprietary technology for longer battery life.

All models, as already noted above, are equipped with light-emitting diode (LED) displays with a diagonal of 10.1 ", a resolution of 1024x768 pixels and anti-reflective coating. For the possibility of holding conferences all the new items is also provided with web-cameras LiveCam.

Models N210 and N220 have a stylish case with the "Crystal" design cover, whereas the N150 is progressing as a "sport" model with increased protection of moving parts and their compounds. Samsung NB30 has a robust housing with protection against scratches, hard drive is equipped with acceleration sensor and the park to its head when you fall, protecting the data from the premature loss. In addition, NB30 has a hermetic casing, which can withstand the strait of water volume of 50 ml for 10 seconds.

All new items have a new Intel Atom N450 processor and will go on sale this month at the markets of most countries in EMEA, North and South America and Asia.


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