Samsung is preparing another mobile software platform called Vita OS

Friday, January 22, 2010

It is known that the South Korean company Samsung has registered 22 October 2009 in the Office for Patent and Trademark U.S. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO) new brand called Samsung Vita OS. Commentators have pointed to the one significant fact - the brand Vita OS was registered just a day after the registration of another brand Samsung - Bada OS, which turned out to be the name for its own mobile operating system, the Korean manufacturer.

This brand Samsung Vita OS, as Bada OS, is related to mobile phones. According to the description, Vita OS refers to software operating systems for installation in mobile phones. Thus, it becomes apparent that Samsung is going to (or intended) use this name for its mobile platform. Among other things, Dec. 23, 2009 Samsung has registered resource, although at the moment any content on it is absent.

While it is unclear what lies behind the name Vita OS. Does registration of a trademark that Samsung strives to create another new mobile software platform, in addition to the Bada OS, or this title is simply another name for the new operating system? The first option seems unlikely, since the creation of two full-fledged mobile OS - a problem not only pointless, but a difficult, even for giants such as Samsung.

One could assume that the brand Vita OS can be started up in business in the event of any legal problems with the trademark Bada OS. Incidentally, this conjecture is confirmed by the message in the resource SamsungHub. It argues that there is some German company, which can block the registration of the trademark Bada in Germany and the European Union because of the actual overlap with its own brand, used in the same category. Among other things, in the name of Vita can be seen, and hint at the viability of the product, which it will submit. After all, the word vita translated from Italian means "life".